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  1. Christin

    I pulled this recipe last summer from a google search on cleaning windows. Yes, I searched it. Anyway, this stuff works and it’s the ONLY thing that’s EVER worked on my windows. And my mirrors. And my bathroom fixtures. I even passed it on to my mom and she can’t live without it now. I forgot the recipe so I just googled Alvin Corn and voila, here it is. I hope your name for it doesn’t change – it’s quirky and easy to remember. I LOVE this stuff!!!

  2. Jackie

    Wow! Just made up a batch today and have done several windows, inside and out. It works great – as good or better than store-bought. I added a few drops each of lavender and peppermint essential oils to maximize my window cleaning enjoyment. My windows were super grimy, since I have a toddler at home with me all day. Sure enough, my fourteen month old was lurking nearby all along and licking the windows before they were barely dry, making me extra glad that I chose to wait on cleaning the windows until I could use something completely nontoxic. Thanks so much!

  3. Love this glass cleaner, and as a glass artist I clean a lot of glass. I just call it Crunchy Betty glass cleaner. Glad to see you still have the recipe up on your site. This is the best and it is non-toxic to boot.
    Keep on inspiring people with your crunchiness. You rock!

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  17. Excellent write-up! There isn’t a great deal of available info on window
    vacs so I really found this definitely valuable.
    So is this model good when it comes to cleaning up porcelain tiles, were you aware?

  18. Jody

    I call it Coral Vine, using the same idea you had of combining parts of the ingredient names.

    I think I it could also be called something more descriptive of its amazing results!

    Diamond Shine
    Magic Mirror
    Natural Shine
    Shine On
    Diamond Glass

  19. I hate when the time for cleaning windows comes. It’s so annoying. I need to move furniture often and if I’m alone it’s boring as well. Thanks to you at least I won’t have to worry for the cleaners next time. I’m saving your post to my favourites. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Terri

    I have a question….
    do you know the purpose of the corn starch in this recipe?

    PS It works great if I use an old t-shirt not paper towels.

  21. Christine

    Have been looking for an all natural glass cleaner for a long time. Tried this and will never use anything else! Even a cloudy antique mirror got its’ old shine back!
    Would love to throw out the windex, but DH loves using it to clean off counters.

  22. Blair Elizabeth

    I’ve named mine “Crunchy Betty’s Magic Glass Cleaner! In honor of you! Great recipie!


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