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  1. Love this glass cleaner, and as a glass artist I clean a lot of glass. I just call it Crunchy Betty glass cleaner. Glad to see you still have the recipe up on your site. This is the best and it is non-toxic to boot.
    Keep on inspiring people with your crunchiness. You rock!


  1. […] voor dit recept het liefst gedestilleerd of gedemineraliseerd water. Dit recept vond ik op internet en heeft als zogenaamd ‘geheim ingrediënt’ maïzena. Vraag me niet hoe het werkt, maar […]

  2. […] saw this blog post on Crunchy Betty explaining how to make your own homemade glass […]

  3. […] When I first had my daughter I set out to make all of my own cleaning products so I didn’t have to stress as much about her getting into them.  Obviously I still keep her away from my products, but if she did happen to get into them they wouldn’t hurt her.  They definitely wouldn’t taste good….but they wouldn’t hurt her.  I found this recipe for homemade glass cleaner. […]

  4. […] Shake. Then add 1/8 cup alcohol and 1/8 cup vinegar. Shake. Spray. Clean! Thank you Crunchy Betty! Here is her post and recipe. I was amazed when I tried this the first time, but I did notice that for the windows facing a busy […]

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