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  1. Himself is also prone to cutting himself. And yet, *I’m* the one who get the cautionary, “Be careful!” when I’m doing the chopping. Which, frankly, is most of the time.

    Also FYI – a comment I left…ummm..Saturday maybe? Kept bouncing back to me.

    Darned interwebz.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Hmm. I think it went through fine here, yeah? But my server has been a little iffy lately. Probably what it was.

      I feel like all this talking about knives and cutting is going to invoke the law of attraction here. I’m staying away from the kitchen for the rest of the day, except to get cookies out of the fridge.

      Cuts are gross. Fiance makes me look at his when he comes home. Why do boys think flaunting their injuries is so fun? Mostly it just means I don’t want him to touch me with his gaping flesh wounded hand for a week.

  2. We go through a ridiculous amount of band-aids here. I have Lavendar EO and I will try that trick with a cotton ball. I’ll also try honey, bc if it doesn’t work soothing the ouch, licking the spoon will definitely work!!

  3. Yay! Good stuff. I am so loving my lavender EO, an excellent purchase for sure. I was taught in vet school to use sugar or honey to aid large wounds in healing. It works great.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Sugar, yeah? I haven’t heard that one until now. I wonder what it is about sugar that helps healing. Must research. Neverending research.

  4. The one I need to be convinced of is the cayanne pepper. I’m thinking “you go first”… I’ll watch and see what happens. It sounds about as fun as treating the wound with fire. Does it really work?

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ha. Yeah. I totally know what you mean. It was a leap of faith for me, to be sure. There was a little tiny bit of stinging on contact, but then it went completely away, and so did the pain.

      But! I did due diligence here to make sure Fiance and I weren’t just tougher than most people (neither of us have had pain from it) and on EarthClinic.com, it’s the remedy that got the most “yeas” for cuts (and no one really said it hurt all that much).

      Here it is: http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/cuts.html

      I’ve also used it twice for nosebleeds, and it works really well. I didn’t even sneeze, which surprised the heck out of me.

  5. Perfect timing with this… I’m about to start a canning project today and burns are always a possibility when stirring hot pots of molten goodness. (Bit of a klutz myself.)

    Tons of very cool info here. I had no idea about the cayenne! And i’m curious about the honey… does it need to be raw honey or does that make a difference?

    • Crunchy Betty

      Mmmm. Can your way this way, baby. I want to know what you’re doing? Between you and Kristin, I’m going to have to jump on the canning bandwagon post haste.

      I’m sure raw honey would be better for it, but unraw? unprocessed? honey is just fine, too.

      That reminds me … I need raw honey. You just made my shopping list longer. WTG. Hee.

  6. Eerily, I sliced my finger open this morning using scissors to open mail…I say eerily because as I held a cloth on my finger to stop the bleeding, I began checking out my blog reader and saw your new post. I promptly reached for the cayenne. Hopefully, you won’t write about remedies for anything more tragic that then I might have to try :) Oh, but thanks for the tip – worked great!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Haha. It’s so weird, because I was just saying that I was afraid with all the talk about cuts, I’d invoke the law of attraction and make one happen. Instead, we must’ve done it together. Sorry about that!

      For what it’s worth, right after writing my “puffy face” post, I went out on a photo-walk, found some weird purple berries, split one open with my fingers and ended up with a swollen hand. So I got some of it, too.

  7. I love the sign on the fridge! Classic…aren’t they always hurting themselves, then begging to be babied? OK, I’m getting away from the topic. I love these ideas, and hadn’t heard of most of them! The cayenne pepper sounds scary, but it makes sense what you are saying about it. I will remember that, for the next “incident” in my kitchen!

    • Crunchy Betty

      If you’re hesitant, try just a tiny bit first and make sure it doesn’t make you scream and beg for a quick death. I started out with a tiny little bleeding cut I got on the bottom of my foot (after knocking over my ridiculously large glass jar collection). It didn’t hurt then, so I moved on to the next bleeder with more confidence.

      Also, boys are babies. I blame it on them not having cramps 13 times a year.

  8. ry

    i’m a doctor. what you said about heart attacks is ludicrous. People have heart attacks because of a clot that has formed in one of the major arteries in their heart. more clotting would make things worse. I’m all for natural medicine, but get your story straight my friend.

    I was searching your site because I had heard about an old ER doc using instant potatoes for a guy that had really bad road rash after a motorcycle accident ( to stop the bleeding/oozing) I know instant potatoes aren’t crunchy, but just a thought, I was looking for other anecdotes.

    • ophelianna

      I’ve read that the capsaicin has an anti-coagulant effect on the blood vessels.

    • Naturalhealing

      Actually the reason cayenne pepper works for wounds in general is because it SPEEDS blood to the wound which helps healing. I don’t know all the science behind it, but I have used cayenne powder on a bleeding wound, and it hurts, but it quickly stops the bleeding, and it also helps it heal fast. Being a doctor doesn’t qualify a person to make comment on nutrition anymore than NOT being a doctor does. Now, if one were a nutritionist, maybe that’d have more weight.

  9. jules

    I splashed my arm 2 days ago with boiling hot water and after running it under cold water, blisters started to form almost immediately.  It was very painful but not an open would so didn’t seem like it was worth going to the dr.  Instead, I applied lavender essential oil (NEAT) directly onto the spots that were burned every 15 minutes for an hour and by the end the pain was completely gone and you couldn’t even find the spots that had been burned.  Just in case, like me, you’re caught with no salves ready, it was a great help!

  10. Fell down while cycling yesterday, nothing serious, but I have a large scrap that hurts like hell, especially after taking a bath.

    The lavender oil tip was surprisingly effective, and the relief from pain was immediate. Thanks for that!

  11. I cut the tip of my finger off and it hurts like no tomorrow, took 4 painkillers but they aren’t doing the trick. I need somthing that’s a normal household item to either take orally, or put on the wound. I don’t even care if it’s naturally at the moment, just need some temporary relief!!!


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