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  1. Wendy

    Making this as we speak! Instead, I left out the echinacea and replaced it with 1 tbsp of marshmallow root for an everyday preventative! So excited! Thanks so much for this! With 6 kids this could be my winter lifesaver!

  2. I <3 all this stuff but don't want to actually make any of it. I am always looking for the "right stuff" but can't find it at my local stores. So I resolve to make it myself, discover Crunchy Betty, and I'm thinking "finally someone gets it!" Then I read these amazing detailed descriptions and I have no desire to make it myself.

  3. My physician suggested elderberries and echinacea when i told her i did not want a flu shot, she says she uses it herself. (She is a Kaiser doctor and a herbalist.) Rather than buy it i would like to make it, but i am vegan so honey is out and prefer not to use any sweetener but fresh fruit or stevia, will stevia work in this recipe?

  4. T. Bailey

    I have all of the ingredients I need to make this awesome syrup, but instead of dried or fresh elderberries, I purchased some elderberry concentrate (contains 70% juice when reconstituted). It was very difficult for me to find elderberries in my area of southern NJ. I checked my local natural health store, Wegman’s, and Whole Foods…nothing. How much of the concentrate should I use for this recipe? Thanks in advance :-)

  5. Love love love this recipe! It’s SO sweet! I diluted it with some fizzy water and my son LOVES drinking it – which is awesome since it seems to really be taking down his cold. I highly recommend this! I am also taking it as a preventative, since my son has that cold.

  6. Wild Iris Rose

    You are a H.A. (no, not headache…Helping Angel!) Exactly what I needed, when I needed it. BTW…added some local, this season bee pollen into the mix. No more hacking for moi! Blissings from the Gold (as in pine pollen) Country.

  7. Sarah

    Has anyone tried freezing this? I’m going to try and fob off my not very sick son with some honey and lemon ‘medicine’ tonight but this sounds way better. If I can freeze this it’ll definitely be worth my making some. Even though I’m 99.9% sure I won’t be able to get elderberries here (New Zealand) I’m going to try.

  8. Dody

    Good Morning!
    I just came across this site and am planning on making some elderberry syrup. Could you please tell me if it is the dried/fresh Echinacea flowers, petals or roots that is being used? It appears it’s the flowers. (the flowers are pretty well done in our area for the season). However, there may be a few around. Any reply is really appreciated.

  9. Jeffrey

    Hi, thanks for the tips. but can i use the same method to prepare a Ganoderma extract or liquid?

  10. Gavin James Crowther

    Can i simply use fresh picked Elder Berries? Thank’s.

  11. Miriam

    Making this for my brother who has the flu. Have made it before without the echinacea and he loved it. Hopefully he won’t taste the echinacea in it. My house smells amazing with this simmering. Wish I could have it, but I am somewhat allergic to dark berries :(

  12. Cathy

    Thanks for the French Press idea! I’ve had great success with Sambucol. I can’t wait to make my own

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  14. Peter

    Just made the syrup and the house smells wonderful. I was wondering whether I can make a second less concentrated batch of elderberry syrup from the strained elderberries. I am sure there is still a lot of goodness in them. Don’t feel like tossing them out. Please advise. Thanks for the recipe.

  15. Suzanne

    What echinacea do you use? Purpea? Augustifolia? The root? Herb?

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