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  1. Gray hair is often associated with age, but this is a natural process that can occur at a young age. But do not worry there are natural way to get rid of gray hair, The emergence of gray hair is a symptom of a disturbance in protein synthesis.

  2. Kate

    Hey, Betty!

    I’ve been on the no ‘poo and food beauty for years now. A year ago my mother would be horrified to find that I had gone weeks with only washing my hair with baking soda and ACV, a routine that still lasts now.

    However, something has run amuck. I’m out of Baking Soda! What can clean these tresses now?

    What’s a college girl to do, Betty?


  3. Robin Edwards

    I want to start using Dr. Bronner’s soap instead of shampoo and was wondering how much water to mix with it? Is there a ratio that works best? Thank you!

    • louise

      For a while I was doing 1 TBS castile mixed with 2TBS coconut milk and a drop of my favorite EO. The lather was great. Be sure to get the coconut milk from the dairy section. I got the canned one once and it was mostly coconut oil, which is fine, but not for this recipe! I think it will dry out your hair if you only cut it with water, and I don’t know how much you would have to dilute it, sorry.

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  5. I have recently become OBSESSED with this blog!! Ive done nothing else for the past 3 days but switch a lot of my products to natural homemade ones! Loving it! Question though: Im an elite competitive swimmer… meaning my hair is literally in chlorinated water 4hrs every day. Will the natural no-poo shampoo work? Ive started using it already (but Im on a little needed break from practices!) and my hair feels great. Does the baking soda, and ACV conditioner do enough on swimmers hair?


  6. WookieMonster

    I tried the baking soda and ACV routine and it didn’t work for me at all, my hair was greasy and felt like straw. Not a fan.
    After much experimentation, my no-poo(ish) routine for fine wavy-curly hair:
    I use a light, natural (-cone and – xane free for sure, but finding one that cleans and rinses cleanly takes a lot of trial and error) conditioner to scrub my scalp and squish it through the rest of my hair. I currently alternate Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle sometimes with some honey mixed in or Everyday Shea vanilla mint. I run a wide tooth comb through to detangle and part my hair, then let it sit while I do everything else. Last thing I do before I turn off the water is rinse well, being careful to get it all out while preserving the part.
    Before drying at all, I use aloe to shake my curls to separate them a bit, then more aloe to scrunch the curls up. I use a camping multi-towel (microfiber chamois type of material that absorbs 8x it’s weight) to make sort of a hammock with the curls coiled up inside, then pull it up and tie it on top of my head. I leave that on for 15 minutes or so to pull out as much water as possible. When I take it off, I let it air dry into really nice soft, orderly, clean, shiny curls.
    I do use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo (John Masters Organic zinc & sage) or co-wash (As I Am Coconut Co-wash) every 2 weeks to a month as needed, usually with an oil treatment left on overnight the night before and a heavier conditioner after. I’m trying to ease back slowly.

    I have always hated my hair, and am just now reaching a point where I am somewhat happy with it.

  7. Rebecca

    Any ideas on how to straighten bangs naturally? I little ringlet type curls and some waves right around my brow that make me look 12. Wouldn’t be a problem if I weren’t in my 30’s. Thanks for the great recipes and ideas.

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  9. El

    Hi, just to say after reading lots of advice online I just tried the ‘no-poo’ method and I weirdly like the results! Following tips I made very sure all my Bicarb Soda had totally dissolved first so it felt ‘soapy’and washed my hair in the sink. Tried a rinse with White vinegar (as had no cider vinegar) then diluted Aloe Vera gel with water for a conditioner and rinsed it out. I was so shocked that when I looked at the rinse water from the BSoda wash, it was light brown! Is this residue from my shampoos & conditioners I wonder?

    My hair feels soft and took so little time to dry. I got my kids to smell my hair (as I was sure I didn’t smell but wanted to check), they said ‘It smells nice’ and ‘Mmmnn!’. When I asked what it smelt of my 6 year old daughter said ‘Like a fish and chip shop, yummy!’. I guess its meant to be Cider Vinegar for a reason! I think I’ll keep going though, for the first time in ages my scalp is not hideously itchy…

    Thanks for the wealth of advice and ideas on your blog…much appreciated…

  10. Pam

    I have looked all over this site for natural hairspray…HELP!! Thanks :)

  11. I use vinegar, 100% organic vegetable glycerine, and lavender essential oil for a rinse. I posted my recipe on my blog. Worked fine for my girls who all have different hair types..and one of them has curly hair. Her curls looked the best they’ve ever looked. Soft, clean, and bouncy.

  12. Samantha S

    What are some natural heat protectants?

  13. Deepa

    Hi Betty,

    I was wondering about the oils, how the sweet almond oil and other carrier oils in the beauty section are expensive especially if the natural or organic oils.
    So my question is can we use the oils in the cooking section(which are much cheaper) instead.

  14. Laurie

    Hi everyone I have a couple questions about no poo and shampoo bars. For no poo I started using the baking soda paste then acv rinse and was in the middle of my greasy stage when a friend told me someone from her makeup/hair group said not to use this method because the ph differences in the baking soda vs acv will eventually cause breakage. Is this true? I was skeptical cause of course a hair stylist may not entirely be on board with a natural way of cleaning your hair lol anyways I would like some in put on this from you ladies :)
    For shampoo bars I recently bought one from Chagrin Valley. It’s a marsh mallow & babassu. They said there would be an adjustment period but if you use a lot of product in your hair then do an acv rinse after as their gentle shampoo bars may not be able to handle that sort of buildup. I gotta say it’s really hard to go thro this adjustment stage (we all know how bad greasy hair feels and looks & needless to say I’m wearing a lot of top knots lol) but my question is if I’m still using hair product will this defeat the point of using a natural shampoo bar? I use drug store hair spray now and I’m looking for a safer more natural one. I mean most women use some type of product in their hair so for those of us that do is a shampoo bar the wrong way to go? Sorry for the long post ! I hope you ladies can help :)

  15. Aimee

    I’ve noticed that in the past 5-6 years my hair has been breaking quite often. Every single time i brush my hair there are strands falling out and strands that i need to pull off of my brush. Even a few here and there on my clothing! It is sooo frustrating! I thought maybe it started from a time in my life that was VERY stressful but it hasn’t slowed down with my hair. I have dyed my hair since i was 13 but i have stopped doing that for the last two years and i am also on week 3 of the no poo method. Hoping it works! Any advice?

  16. Smoresy

    I had started washing my hair with honey and rinsing with apple cider vinegar, but after a while, my hair started feeling heavy, so i just switched to using water only and rinsing my head for a long time, followed by apple cider vinegar. I only get to wash my hair once a week at most. I’ve always had a problem with dandruff and used to use head and shoulders shampoo on and off when it would get bad, back when I used shampoo, but I’ve been shampoo-less since November now and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it because it’s the worst it’s ever been now. My hair itself is wonderfully glorious. Couldn’t ask for better hair (which is wonderful because it used to be a frizz-poof-snarly mess…). My scalp, on the other hand is awful. The few times I used coconut oil as a conditioner last summer (before I stopped shampoo), and the time I made a restorative protein mush with eggs, grape seed oil and other things (a few months ago), it took a long time to get it back out again. My hair grabs oil like a sponge and doesn’t let it go, so needless to say I’m leery about using coconut oil in my hair again. My head’s natural oils seem to be the best for my hair (which is why I don’t wash it often). I just can’t figure my scalp. It’s so bad that if I scratch it (even just a little) my fingernails come up with head grud caked under them. Thankfully if I leave my hair in a pony tail and try not to touch my head, the flakes stay down near my scalp where they can’t be seen as easily, but as soon as I stir it up, it’s like my own personal blizzard.. any suggestions? As mentioned, I only rinse my hair with water for a while, followed by apple cider vinegar and more rinsing. I don’t follow the baking soda no’ poo recipe. Seems too harsh to me.
    Thanks for your time :)

    • louise

      Maybe just a really teeny tiny bit of baking soda and water? It has really helped my scalp, then follow with the ACV rinse. Your head does need time to adjust to this, maybe you didn’t give it time? Or have you tried castile and coconut milk?

  17. I have hair that can’t decide if it’s wavy, curly, or just strangely crimped and straight. Often there is a fine line between my hair being too dry and frizzy, and the next day or two being oily and flat. I’ve been using baking soda instead of shampoo hoping it would help, and it has helped a little bit with the dryness/oiliness (but not enough to satisfy me). How can I help my hair from being so indecisive, and maybe help it be as curly as it can be at the same time?

  18. louise

    Someone had mentioned using Xanthan gum to firm up the baking soda/water mix and the ACV/water mix (or did I just dream that up?) Anyway, I mixed some up and tried it and I’m calling it the “No ‘Poo Goo” because it really doesn’t look very attractive, but my hair liked it and it stayed on there pretty well so I could really work it in. My hair hasn’t dried yet, but I expect it will be as lovely as ever! If not I will let you know.

  19. Anne Torres

    I never read about hair that is full of static! I have fine, long, straight, oily hair. It is gray now but still suffered from static when i was younger. I live in the high desert. The water is great. The air is dry. I have tried various shampoos. But i have never seen or heard of this annoying problem and if there is a remedy for it!

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  22. tina

    Hi. I’m trying to formulate my own hair dye, kind of like manic panic. I have this idea that I can make a whipped coconut oil type conditioning base but I have no idea for pigments I haven’t found anything about it because its all about dyeing hair “naturally” but only for the natural colors. I understand I probably wouldn’t be able to get a truly pink based violet color with natural ingredients but I was thinking of using micas or other pigments like that. I just don’t know how much of a percentage to use that would produce some kind of permanent to semipermanent stain on my hair. If anyone knows the answer to this can they please send an email to tina.join our our own gmail.com. I would really appreciate it. I don’t have a computer so the chances are low that I would be able to check back here very often

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  24. I started no poo about a month ago. However, I failed to clarify my hair before starting. I still don’t feel like my hair has fully transitioned. It’s still prone to greasiness and being dry. I don’t use the baking soda paste, I use the water mixture and rinse all my hair with ACV once or twice a week. Do I need to clarify and start from scratch or am I doing something else wrong?

  25. Joanzi

    Tina, when you say your trying to formulate a hair dye, is this make your hair darker? I’ve recently had a great breakthrough using molasses as a wash, and rinsing with ACV. You’ve got to somewhat dilute the molasses and let it sit a bit (maybe 15-20 min.) Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  26. ask

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  27. Sydney

    Hi Betty!

    I am working my way towards a more chemical free life so naturally the shampoo has to go. Last year I tried the BS/AV shampoo but gave up after two months and returned to shampoo. For the last two months I have been trying to go no poo. Instead of the BS/AV method (which I heard is quite damaging because of the extreme ph changes. So I tried Dr. Bronner’s for a while. I found is cleaned my scalp and roots but left my ends greasy and stringing. Then I heard Bronner’s is just as bad in terms of PH.

    Recently (last two weeks) I have been using aloe and vegetable glycerin to wash my hair. Now it seems it is a total mess. Waxy and greasy roots, dry ends, knotting easily and it is hard to run my fingers through it. I have been using a AV rinse on the ends to ‘condition’ but I am finding it is not helping.

    What can I do to deal with these waxy roots? When I use dry shampoo it looks better, but doesn’t feel better. My hair is naturally wavy-ish, if my hair was short it would be curly but it it is really long. It is fine hair but I have a lot of it and it normally doesn’t get too greasy. I can go (even with shampoo) 3-4 days without a shower.

    I really want to stay crunchy, but I will be attending a lot of business meetings over the next few months and I can’t look like a greasy/waxy/frizzy mess.

    Please help!

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  29. Sarah

    Hey! I have a problem with my hair. All through high school I had gorgeous thick, curly (albeit, dry) hair and it seems when I got halfway through college my hair turned on me (traitor!). I now have thin, oily, weirdly unevenly wavy hair with dandruff. What combination of materials and methods should I use to at least keep my hair healthy, if I must make peace with my Gone Curls? After fighting it and going for perms and salon treatments to no avail (and for too much money), I’m ready to try home remedies again! Please help me!

    • Michelle

      You might have build up from multiple products that is weighing your hair down and making it “oily”. You might have to use a sulfate shampoo (which I do t really recommend) or a bentonite clay and/or apple cider vinegar rinse to get rid of the buildup. Make sure you are not using any products with silicones or mineral oil (they can be hidden) which can coat your hair. Salons may also be ruining your hair with heat. Do not use heat if you have curls as that can destroy your curl pattern. Your curls are determined by your hair follicle that never really change so your hair should still grow out curly but it might be damaged by heat or suffocated wi silicones.

      Good luck.


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