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  1. Helen

    This is making me smile so much, such a lovely thing to read at the end of a frustrating day at work. My lips are happier already! :)

  2. How long will this scrub keep? It doesn’t look like there’s too much in there that will spoil really fast, like, say, in less than a week. It would be nice to make a handful of applications. And how often is TOO often? {That’s a lot of questions! LOL}

  3. Denice

    I love how I can use my lips to blow raspberries on the tummies of all the babies I love and to kiss the fat folds of their cheeks and nuzzle their sweet necks! Fun post!

  4. Melissa King

    A wonderful reminder to reconnect with the experience of our bodies rather than focusing on how they appear! I love this.

  5. I love a good lip scrub…and this one is pretty “no mess” cuz you can just lick it right off. ;)

  6. Marsha

    Moments after giving birth to our son, as I started feeding him, my hubs leaned over and gave me a kiss… our first kiss as members of a trio instead of a duo. Thanks, lips. That was an amazing moment. I shall go scrub and pamper them in gratitude right this instant.

  7. Two best kisses of my life: when they handed my daughter to me for the first time, I instinctively bent down and kissed her forehead – she hadn’t been cleaned off at all, and I absolutely didn’t care. A minute later, my husband told me how beautiful we both were and kissed me. I’m not even a mushy type person, but yeah, that was a good one.

  8. Judy

    My lips have sweetly kissed my dearest husband as we got a “do-over” and found each other after both having had 20 years of first marriages end and its the most awesome relationship! They have kissed my fabulous children at birth and throughout their lives. They have given kisses to my wonderful daughters gained by marriage. They have kissed and nuggled our beautiful and oh so sweet grandchildren. They have offered prayers in behalf of my father who passed away from cancer 1 1/2 years ago. My lips have cried in sadness as I said “goodbye daddy; and they have whispered lovingly as I still talk to him. They kissed my mother on the cheek as she buried him. The 51 years that my lips have helped me voice what is in my heart have been such a ride of so many emotions and experiences. Thank you for helping me realize their importance to my daily life experiences and how blessed i am for having the ability to speak.

  9. naturemummy

    I love it when my heart is warmed! Thanks, Crunchy Betty. I want to thank my lips for smiling at my 6 month old daughter, because whenever they do, she gives me the biggest smile in return

  10. Jennifer

    You’re quoting Star Trek! I knew you were my kinda gal…

  11. Kiss'n'Tell

    I take a heaping tsp of coconut oil in a hot cup of either green tea or coffee every day. What floats on top goes on my lips and I rub it in…before applying my make-up. Daily nourishment. Makes a lot of difference! My first kiss was so hesitant and frightened….Kenny was his name. A drummer. Of course. The best kiss I’ve ever seen was when Shemar Moore guested on Ellen….which is available on YouTube. Yummy!!

  12. krystle

    i cant wait to try this!

  13. I love this article! A very easy recipe, meditation and thought provoking! Thank you

    My story: I nearly cry thinking about it. It was this year, my first valentines day married to my husband. I had to work and came home really late. He had for me on the table, a beautiful glass swan with small roses in it, a little lemur like stuffed animal with big eyes and a purple tail, and a very cute heartshaped bowl filled wth Raspberries drizzrled in chocolate and his attempt at making chocolate dipped strawberries. I don’t care if they were fancy, they were the most delisious things of my life so far! Then I made spagehtti for him and we watched lady and the tramp while sipping our favorite wine :-)

  14. Julie

    What a great post to read this morning to start my day. I use my lips to kiss my two beautiful children every day and tell my husband that I love him – how blessed am I!

  15. Shawna

    I want to thank my lips because when I look at my 8 month old daughter and smack my lips together she smiles at me and smacks her lips together too. Makes my whole day better! Great post!!

  16. “I’d be so sad, I’d call my dad…” Now I’m singing Veggie Tales. This is a heavenly lip treatment. And what a great exercise to remind us to be thankful. Thank you!

    • Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Hahahaha! We are a Veggie Tales saturated household.

      Tonight I had a ball playing with boats with my 13 month old son in his bath. He recently started making motor boat sounds (thank to his lips!) and it was such a delight to do it with him and play together. The cuteness of it all made my lips stretch into a huge grin I could barely contain.

  17. KarinSDCA

    I love the blog write-up! I made a half-batch and still have leftovers. I’ll share with my neighbor when she gets home.

    My 11 year old DD joined me in the scrub action. I was on my own for the walk down memory lane and affirmations. ;)

    My lips are amazing and awesome and I am so grateful to have them! <3

  18. Christie

    You know the phrase ‘fake it til you make it’? When I am upset or in pain (I have fibro, pain is an everyday occurrence…) I smile. The worse I feel the bigger my grin. It is true btw that the smile eventually changes your mood. If you know me well you can tell if I am annoyed or if I am in pain or if I am really happy but most people just think I am super perky. So my smile is how I keep my mood in check. And I am a far happier person for all my forcing smiles.

    That being said activated charcoal and oil pulling are what I use for whitening and now all winter I will have super soft lips. Thanks crunchy Betty!

  19. Amanda @ Easy Peasy Organic

    Recently, my husband’s treasured mum died. Soon before she stopped breathing, and then again after, I leaned over her quiet face and kissed her cool forehead. It felt like the right thing to do, when words just didn’t suit.

  20. Emmy

    Mmmm… tasty! I just did this and have left some olive oil on my lips for a bit of extra self lovin! Made my fiance do it too. He was less than impressed but I’m sure it’ll make us both extra kissable! So grateful to my lips for all the things they can and have done for me.

  21. LornaS

    Excellent timing: I’m excited about the paralympic opening ceremony due to start in four hours. There’s something truely empowering about the whole world watching these extraordinary people who have not only overcome so much but achieved so much too. If I don’t love my own body and all it’s foibles (lips included) after that, then there’s something wrong!

  22. Lissa

    I love my lips because I sing through them, and they are the easiest part of my vocal mechanism for me to manipulate. Although I have to say, considering how long I’ve been waiting for my first kiss, it had better be a darn good one.

    I really love this post, and if it’s going to be a series (it kind of sounds like it is?) I know I will really love to read them!

  23. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate our bodies, right down to smallest details like our lips. The Bible says, “For you fashioned my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I thank you (God) because I am awesomely made, wonderfully; your works are wonders – I know this very well.” (Psalm 139:13-14) God doesn’t make mistakes. If He thinks I’m wonderful, who am I to say differently!

  24. Pressed together, they
    are a powerful weapon,
    but far better gift.

  25. Great story! I use my lips to kiss “boo-boos” and help them feel better. It’s a magic trick my mother taught me years ago and I use it on my family to this day. Works every time. :)

  26. Glory

    My 16-month-old niece to me she loved me for the first time last week. I’m thankful for her tiny, baby lips!

  27. I have a raging great cold sore right now, so it’s hard to love my lips. Still, it’s on the way out so another few days (god, it’s been a WEEK!!) and I might be able to smooch my girl again.

    My lip story is about braces. I was an awkward-looking, plain teenager, and then my parents saw some sort of wisdom in the idea of inflicting braces on me (they did absolutely no good for my teeth’s alignment) and I became even plainer and more awkward-looking. I had dull skin, dull, thin hair of a particularly displeasing, drab mission-brown equivalent colour, I was the very definition of average height and ever-so-slightly over-average-weight. My eyes were the colour of mud, and I had a sticky-outy-nose.

    I hated everything about having braces, but I bore it with good grace. And then came the wondrous day when I could finally get them off. I tell ya, I couldn’t stop smiling!!! Mostly because of the delicious feeling of the inside of my lips and cheeks sliding over those gloriously smooth teeth surfaces! But the strange, unexpected, and ultimately lone result of nearly two years of braces was…my lips were suddenly fuller, and shapely, and womanly. My cupid’s bow was pronounced and downright precocious! For the first time in my adult-ish life, I had something about my face to like.

    I still love my lips. I think they’re one of my best features. (And my teeth are still one of my worst!)

    • MiaMaria

      I just got my braces off too! man, does it feel great.
      I was probably twelve when I realized that the lips I hated had grown into exactly what everyone is getting plastic surgery for. that and the development of a roman nose definitely made my pre-teen years more confident. I now have three features I really like. (the third is my hair).

  28. Ashley Strachey

    I currently have this delicious mixture sitting on my lips. Apparently I am an odd one, because I had neither sugar nor olive oil…. but I used brown sugar and almond oil instead.

    As I massaged my lips, I thought about all the things they make me grateful for. They used to kiss my beagle on the forehead every night, right up until the recent evening that she passed away. They’ve kissed my boyfriend every morning (and many other times) for the past three years. They let smile and laugh at said boyfriend’s terrible sense of humour. My lips even let me eat the most delicious of all foods…. stir-fry!

    Without my lips, life would be so hollow and sad.

    I know I have abusing my poor lips lately… I chew them when I am upset or stressed, and with my beagle’s passing, they have taken to bleeding lately. But I’ve been making an attempt to be nicer, and this scrub was a good idea. I just rinsed it off, and while my lips still have tooth grooves, they are definitely smoother and happier! Plus, they now taste delicious…Must…not….lick and chew……

  29. I had to have wisdom teeth pulled before spending a year abroad in college. There was a risk of facial paralysis if something went wrong. It was a long ordeal and the anesthetic didn’t account for the emergency the doctor attended to. At the end, I paid my bill, drooling, and gleefully telling the receptionist ” I GOEE OO FANS! I KA SPEE FWEN- SEE? ZJE PEU PAHLAY! MA FES I A OA!”

    I think that’s what she heard. I meant to express my gleeful anticipation of going to France and my utter joy at my continued ability to speak French and that my face, was, indeed, not paralyzed. My friend picked me up and drove me to get ice cream, cheerfully tolerating my gibberish.

  30. Amanda Adkinson

    A sad but, very important kiss was to my mother right before she passed. I was 23 at the time, 27 now…and, it’s something I’ll never forget. She was my rock….She delighted my daughter….she was a wonderful friend as well. I kissed her hand and her cheek, and seconds later she was gone. While that serves to be one of the saddest days in my life, I treasure that moment with her dearly; it’s always close to heart. And how many times these lips of mine say, “I miss you”…I’ve lost count…..

  31. Snap! great great tips and recipe! i want to go home now and try it out. and i feel like i also have to talk to myself with all those affirmations too :D

  32. Chaitra

    I use this on my lips, face and body. I substitute dark brown sugar for granulated – a bit easier on the face. My husband is convinced I am the softest woman on earth.

  33. Akuti

    My lips have recently (my tongue came along for the ride, too) experienced my first french kiss. Something shared with the man I am ridiculously in love with. They’ve also kissed his hands and fingers. They’ve felt the tears of having to leave him drip down them, and said the words ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ enough times for a whole lifetime.

    They’ve also gently pressed against my baby sister’s own tiny pink lips, and sang soft lullabies as she fussed and cried.

    Wow. Thank you so much for this article. I am determined to use my lips more as the gentle, healing things they are.

  34. I think i just fell in love with you….and i mean that in the least creepiest way ever.

  35. africanstardust

    Yeah, I kind of got over excited and now my lips feel somewhat raw, but it’s my own fault lol. It’s the thought that counts, right? I’m sure they feel how much I love and appreciate them. Loved the taste and next time I’ll go easy haha.

  36. krista

    Crunchy Betty, I have noticed some people post questions to you that I am wondering myself, but I do not see replies from you. Am I missing something? Am I not seeing the posts clearly? I am very curious to know your answers.

  37. Emily Mae

    Thank you lips for helping me eat peanut butter and give love to my friends and drink coffee and kiss cats and smile❤️

  38. Annie

    Hi would love to make one but can you please tell me what is the shelf life on it? I am looking for a lip scrub recipie which has at least a month or two shelf life. can you please help?

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