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  1. Rijn

    Great article! Thanks for sorting things out. Because several times I tried Xilitol as it was supposed to be natural. Although I could not imagin that it would be so pure white…has to chemicals that bleach it somehow, but heh, it’s natural.
    Consistently when I ate it I felt worse in my energy, i felt my nerve pathways blocked, and they hurted a little bit. Nah…can’t be Xilitol, it’s natural. But today again this dip in energy after eating the stuff. So I there must be something wrong with this stuff. Internet does wonders, found your blog, saved me a lot of work. Thanks, I threw the Xilitol remainder away. It is NOT natural and I can feel it in my energy…and that has never lied to me. Thanks, thanks again.

  2. Susan Rothman

    Xylitol is definitely not sugar. It is a sugar alcohol.
    Xylitol can be derived by non-gmo corn. Check labels.
    Xylitol can be purchased as derived from birch. It is not rare. Just find the form of Xylitol source you prefer.

    Organic Chemistry is different from Inorganic Chemistry. Neither is Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, or Nutrition. An Organic chemist is expert on carbon and hydrogen-carbon compounds. All other compounare Inorganic. An Organic chemist would not be expected ti be an expert in Inorganic Chemistry, but this chemist did attempt an opinion. Also concerning Biology.

    Hydrochloric Acid is not an Organic compound. But it is natural.

    Phosphoric Acid is not an Organic compound. But it is natural.

    Calcium Oxide is not an Organic compound. But it comprises of one part of calcium, a natural element, with two parts of oxygen. Who can dispute that this is natural?

    The raw birch bark or corn husk is unusable and unpalatable without being reduced by these natural substances. Many of our healthy foods need help from humans, and human work is natural.

    An excess of anything is no good of course. And trying something once is perhaps inspirational but is not definitive. This substance is not one that increases energy like sugar does, so if you expect high energy levels you are needing to seek these through other sources. If you think you may react poorly from alcohol this is not for you. And do more research.

    Wishing good health and happy eating.

    • Paul Brand, DDS

      Good post, Susan – it’s obvious you have more science background than many other posters (sorry, folks, internet research is just not the same as a science education). Thanks for shedding light on xylitol, which we have used in dentistry for years, safely, I might add, to reduce dental decay and improve periodontal health (it takes very small quantities to do this, 1/4 tsp doses 4x/day, or about 15g of xylitol). There is some good Scandanavian research done years ago that showed not only reduced dental decay, but decreased incidence of sinus infections in the (low-dose) xylitol group compared to controls. There was almost no incidence of untoward effects in the xylitol group, which included children, and the beneficial effects of lower decay rates and sinusitis continued even after subjects were not using xylitol, likely from the different oro-nasal pharynx flora present in the individuals who used xylitol. We do recommend using non-corn-derived xylitol (we use birch-derived), and the patients who use it correctly, show reduced amounts of periodontal inflammation and less decay incidence. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – it was refreshing amongst all the negative drama.

    • Thank you very much for the simple facts, SR. Beautiful to see.

  3. Anita

    So glad I clicked on this link. I just came across a recipe calling for quite a lot of xylitol and thought ‘hmmmm…what the heck is that? The name sounds rather chemical-ish so I’m not convinced this recipe is worth making ‘ . Glad to know I can still trust my gut to ultimately save it!

  4. Watts

    Just the info I was looking for and really enjoyed the engaging way you presented your thoughts. I have a new cookbook with several dinner recipes which include birch xylitol. As I avoid artificial sweeteners and try to eat more savory than sweet foods to keep my desire for sweets in check, I did not know xylitol was a sweetener and do not need it now that I do know. Thank you!

  5. Craig

    Thank you for your article. I was about to put in a big order, but you made me think again. I have been using a product available in Australia called Natvia, which is a Stevia-derived sweetener that looks like sugar and doesn’t have the unpleasant after-taste of Stevia. I was also worried about the corn syrup aspect. The one made from birch may be safer, but at this stage I think I’ll hold off and stick to the Natvia until I learn more.

    • Hi Craig,

      I just checked out Natvia because I am always on the lookout for alternatives to sugar. From what I can see, like a lot of those “stevia” derived products, Natvia has Erythritol, which is just another alcohol sugar (and not very different from xylitol). Erythritol has been studied more than xylitol, however if you are talking about not wanting to use alcohol sugars, the only real option I have found is straight up stevia, which definitely has that really special “Stevia” aftertaste :)

  6. Heath conscious

    I’m very glad to see someone say what a lot of us feel & think but may not be able to say so eloquently or with some humor like you did. Not enough people rock the boat. Too many people believe everything they hear & don’t do any research of there own. My friend & I were talking at the bus stop how we have managed to pack on 20+ lbs between the 2 of us in 2 yrs. We are NOT lazy by any means! Not only do we run chasing 3 & 4 kids under 7 all day but all our daily chores plus an hr workout per day 5 days a week. We should weigh 100lbs. Now I grab a cookie here or there but I can’t even LOOK @ sweets or chips anymore without packing on 10lbs! We starting talking & looking into maybe it’s not our little cookie or chip but maybe it’s the antibiotic filled, steroid pumped high fructose induced bread, chicken & beef!!!!!! What the heck do we need high fructose syrup in bread??? Or xylitol in my deodorant for heaven sake!!!! EVERYTHING we ingest is genetically modified somehow. I can’t even buy A LOT of brands of cereal, cookies or crackers without BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole) BHA (butylated hydroxytolunene) TBHQ (tertiary butlhydroquinone)added to our foods to preserve freshness… does anyone else look at the labels & say what the heck is any of this stuff?! Those 3 ingredients added to our food to “preserve freshness” are actually butane!!! TBHQ is regulated by the FDA to 0.02% of the total oils in food. If it’s SAFE why regulate its consumption?
    “BHA & BHT are phenolic compounds that are often added to foods to preserve fats. The FDA says the same chemical properties which make BHA and BHT preservatives may also be implicated in health effects. The oxidative characteristics and/or metabolites of BHA and BHT may contribute to carcinogenicity or tumorigenicity; however the same reactions may combat oxidative stress. There is evidence that certain persons may have difficulty metabolizing BHA and BHT, resulting in health and behavior changes.”( look them up
    HELLO!!!!!!! That’s all the proof I need! The same reason we actually laugh at the commercials for anti depressant meds where the side effects not only include thoughts of suicide(aren’t you taking that meds to make you NOT have suicidal tendencies?) they have 10X more horrible side effects than depression alone! So now you are depressed thinking more about suicide, have anal seepage, heart murmurs, trouble sleeping, diarrhea, nose bleeds & drowsiness. What the HELL!!!
    Oh well I digress…time for bed. Don’t get all mad at me people just food for thought & totally my opinion other than the facts of the compounds these chemicals are made of.
    Healthy living ;) oh ya and PLEASE for your own safety and well being read the labels & investigate what you are putting into your body.

  7. Great article,

    Thanks for putting this to ‘paper’. I’m a chocolate maker. We only use raw cacao and us only coconut nectar, so we can call our products 100%. I find it funny when other raw chocolate makers use Xylitol as a sweetener. I found one yesterday that said on it’s package that more than 120 grams could cause a laxative effect…… Thanks for connecting the dots. The use of Xylitol is one experiment we can do without.

  8. Mrs.B

    Thank-you!!!! for an eye-opening article. My husband was diagnosed with cancer almost three years ago, quit smoking and is still having problems with cravings. I was going to buy him candies sweetened with Xylitol as a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer was told by her naturopath to get off all sugar and use Xylitol.
    Guess I’ll be looking for a more “natural” healthy substitute. Right now he uses Stevia in his coffee and tea and we use coconut palm sugar for anything else.

  9. Lillie Barnes

    Dear Betty:

    THANK YOU for putting this info where I, average consumer, could find it! Xylitol in minute portions rips my tummy and digestion to shreds AND, contra to literature found on the web, it causes my muscles to weaken so much so that I can barely lift my arms to brush my hair. That cannot be good for the heart! I noticed also that the effects are worse with continued use. “Real sugar” in usual amounts (tsp.) leaves me a bit weak, but I don’t have to take to my bed for several hours to get past it.

    So, call it a dental cavity preventative and limit it to he teeth and gums, NOT for ingestion. No, in my opinion, it is NOT “natural”.

    • Kalle Kantola

      Speaking of not being able to lift your arms, botulinum toxin is fully natural. Have you ever tried ingesting it?

  10. Damon

    I was looking for gum without sugar, without asperkill and without other crap. I say this one with xylitol and saw it in a few places that claim to be all natural stores. So I grabbed a pack. Taste ok, but I had not seen anything from a trusted source I use… that source is The Peoples Chemist… So imagine my smile when I saw that you got some questions answered from him and that was all I needed. Great Post and great info. Thanks for taking the time to help spread the info on the crap that is being put out there. Cheers!

  11. Kalle Kantola

    “But just because our bodies produce something doesn’t mean it’s prudent to extract it en masse from living organisms (using questionable synthetic processes) and then ingest it willy nilly.”

    Yeah, think this carefully the next time you buy your organic/herbal supplements.

  12. Kathy Taylor

    Thanks for doing even this bit of research. I bought Zylitol recently as a sugar alternative from my local health food shop. I was surprised at how little nutritional substances were in it. Also the appearance didn’t look natural. How is this produced was my first question. Thanks for answering that. I tried very small amounts on two days running and had deffinite distress feelings in my guts – all too sensitive these days. I usually give things I can’t eat to my neighbours but this one?…..

  13. Katherine

    Thank you very much for this article. I just starting thinking about using xylitol and think I’ll stick to my honey and maple syrup. I don’t use sweeteners very often anyway. This sounds even worse than the highly processed “natural” guava nectar.

  14. Jenna H

    Thanks for doing this research and sharing. I was suspicious about just how ‘natural’ this product could be despite all the positive press, and I’m feeling justified now.

    • Anti-TOXINS & "NATURAL"

      NOTE: “NATURAL is now code word for either GMO’s or FAKE DANGEROUS FOODS, it does not mean what it used to and we have monsatno and the corrupt fda to thank for that, these days unless it is organic, it is not natural, no matter how much they write it on the product, that should be your cue to run from it..FACT!

  15. Xylitol has been used in Finland since the 30′s I think, so it has a long record of safety. Given that, and the known and certain dangers of cane sugar, I made the switch in an effort to really be sugar free…bingo…no digestive issues at all, and I eat a lot! Not only that, but I FINALLY GOT OVER a stubborn bloom of candida after about 9 months fighting it…

    • Paul Brand, DDS

      Thank you for sharing some more truthful comments about xylitol, since there seems to be a ton of largely scare-tactics out there right now about something that needs clarifying. The earlier post by Susan Rothman was excellent, obviously coming from a knowledge perspective rather than an anecdotal one. We have been using xylitol in dentistry professionally for decades to reduce dental decay. It is NOT used in large quantities (1/4 tsp at a time, several times a day), nor does it cause ANY of the issues that have been proffered multiple times here on this blog, such as GI distress, muscle issues, etc, in 99% of our patients who use it CORRECTLY. That is the operative word, since many, many people use medicine and therapeutic agents in incorrect doses (it happens daily), leading to some of the untoward effects described in these blog entries. I have used it personally in recipes which call for 1-2 TBL, and had not one issue of the problems people have said they experienced, but, again, it is very strongly dose-related, as are many compounds that would never be questioned for their safety, natural-ness, etc. One of my early lectures in human anatomy & physiology referenced a woman who died of overhydration – that’s right, drinking too much water in one day, caused dilution of her electrolyte balance, and she died from cardiac arrest – her potassium levels plummeted from the huge amount of water she drank. Does that mean we should impugn water because it caused her death? Should it be submitted to all the (false) claims that it isn’t “natural” because it can kill? I think you see my point, that it’s too easy to participate in the junk science that exists now because of the internet. Xylitol is not a sugar substitute, and it is not a panacea for the problems that some would like to suggest – it is simply a completely safe sugar ALTERNATIVE to the sucrose, dextrose, fructose and other toxic sugars that cause heart disease, cancers, obesity and other diseases. It is NOT to be taken (nor should any sugar) in quantities larger than a teaspoon (which, by the way is hard for the sugar-addicted folks), or a tablespoon if using in a recipe. The reason it is toxic to dogs, rats, and bacteria, is that it is a 5-carbon sugar, which cannot be metabolized by these organisms, vs a 6-carbon sugar, which is more-universally metabolized by humans, dogs, and bacteria. It is that simple – use small quantities to control decay (if your oral hygiene efforts aren’t optimal), but don’t use unlimited quantities of it for anything. And do buy the type that isn’t made from corn, which is almost all GMO-corn. Enjoy.

      • Anti-TOXINS & "NATURAL"

        Let me guess, you also think fluoride is good for the teeth and body, sicne it is also in mosts drinking water, right?!! Go research a KNOWN ATOMIC POISON your kind (morons), think is good for the teeth/bones (same matter)! TRy explaining to us now, how it is that a POISON taken from the Atoms bomb can possibly be healthy..go ahead give it ago LIAR who knows nothing about xylitol or TRUE HEALTH! Also be aware that a medical journal has FINALLY put out the MAJOR warning about fluoride and just how bad it is for our teeth, bones and brain! SO to listen to someone like yourself go on with her lies or stupidity, would be nauseating, but soon the time willcoem when all know how damaging fluoride really is and your kind will have LOTS OF QUESTIONS TO ANSWER and alot of explaining to do to the few who will still listen to anything your kind have to say,and by your kind I mean uneducated idiots, who don;t even know half of what they think they know! GO drink some fluoride and a pile of xylitol, both of which are HIGHLY TOXIC AND POISONOUS TO THE BODY. NOTE: when your body reacts negatively to ANYTHING, it is not waht theylike to call an allergy, it is a reaction your body has to eh poison you put in it, your body is telling you that this should not go inoto your body..listen to your body and not money making fake “docs”

        • eh? Xylitol is a sugar alcohol. IT HAPPENS IN NATURE! XYLITOL is produce non-gmo and non-corn. Not all Xylitol are the same, there are corrupt companies but there are good ones as well.

          You better do some more research since you are the MORON.

          The ONLY thing you are right about is Fluoride. Fluoride is bad and causes all kinds of crap. It is not even near what Xylitol is.

          dumb fuck! And no, Im not working for some pharmaceutical company. But I bet you label folks that disagree with you.

        • Ptrac

          I ignored your point after you referred to the person you were responding to as a ‘moron’. I would never listen to anything someone like you has to say.

  16. Gailschneider

    I am so very glad i ran across this blog . I bought xylitol to make my own toothpaste. I’ve decided to leave it out of the recipe.

    Hmmmmm how to sweeten toothpaste without sugar is challenging.Any real good ideas out there?

    • LIV

      I add wintergreen essential oil to my toothpaste. It doesn’t really sweeten it but it does give it a fresh taste. You can use any high quality essential oil you want if you don’t like wintergreen.

  17. ME

    That’s it, I’m quitting xylitol. I think they are also putting something in it to make it addictive. I have had this hunch that it is bad for you for some time. Besides, what a lot of packaging does NOT tell you is that it is produced in the same place that made baby formula out of melamine. Babies died, but they made money. That would be China.

  18. Anti-TOXINS & "NATURAL"

    First of all,thank you for attempting to educate some morons that come here and post ludicrous comments and know NOTHING about what is good for your body and what is not. Too make it clear for some obvious morons who post here,IF IT HAS CHEMCIALS IN IT IS IS UNHEALTHY FOR YOUR BODY…GET THAT MORONS? IF your body CAN”T DIGEST IT, IT IS NOT AT ALL HEALTHY FOR YOUR BODY,a nd infact can and will cause problems in your gigestive tracts, get that norons? If the FDA approves it…..woopie doo, they are a unreliable and criminal organization that fired and hired those who would not approve MSG (POISONOUS TO THE BODY AND BRAIN, aspartame (POISON for the BRAIN), GMO cancer causing poisons to destroy our bodies health, fluroide in our water to damage our bodies, BONES (fluoride is the MAIN contributing factor of arthritis and bone problems), with those crooks who would…NOTHING RELIABLE COMING FROM THE CORRUPT FDA, so because their stamp of approval is on something….woopie sh*t, for me it usally means RESEARCH IT YOURSELF! hell these crooks approve pharmaceuticals and vaccines…that says it all!! And that brings me to these morons who post sh*t here, pay no mind, they are either stupid and beyond educating or they are reps from the xylitol manufacturer’s and distributor’s or from Danisco or Dupont, being sales rep’s who most would sell their own mothers to make a dime, or sell their soul to sell poison to others…PERIOD! So, you see how these morons do not matter, nor do those who say this products is healthy in some way or another, by saying well atleast it …bla,bla,bla!! Let people eat crap, most do and evenmost dieticians are as moronic as some of your commenters here, most haven’t a clue as to real health, infac most still suggest wheat, soya, dairy, herbicaidal 7 pesticidal produce is good for you!! STOP LISTENING TO those who call themselves educated in the field, they are liike Doctor’s in the conventional or what I like to call the hi-jacked medical field….there to make a buck, and stupid as hell! They can’t even figure out that a body with cancer needs oxygen, needs baking soda, to get rid of the FUNGUS! Cancer is simply a way your body tells you to CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING IN IT, like crap like xylitol, wheat, dairy, soya (all spoy is GMo unless organic, asorbic acid (which is commonly used in organic foods but is always GMO), corn (all corn is now GMO, without a doubt unless organic). So to those xylitol sales scum that come here…go away and choke on your xylitol and feed it to your loved ones and stop disinforming ours LIARS! Infact why don’t you go mingle with the other morons in the hi-jacked medical field that claim their barbaric chemo- or radiation therapies are actually helpful, rather than MORE DAMAGING to ones health,killing off white blood cells, destroying organs and hormoens and everything else it can, and NOT allowing the body to properly heal, thehn don;’t even get me started on yoiur diabetes causing meals you so love to force down peoples throats! Why don’t these morons who come here and deny the negative health affects crap like xylitol have on the body,go hang out with your counterparts the glorified drug pushing moronic so-called “doc’s” and pop each others pills, because whether it be highly damaging pharmaceutical poisons or xylitol, both WILL DAMAGE THE HEALTH OF THE BODY and even more so with yur children! STAY AWAY FROM THESE PROCESSED and REFINED TYPES OF SUGAR SUBSTITUTES they are ALL DANGEROUS TO YOUR BODY, use organic raw sugar (make sure it is brown and organic)), use coconut palm sugar (organic), and the best one of all unpateurized and organic raw honey, which has medicinal traits, UNLIKE THE HONEY YOU BUY IN A REGUALR GROCERY STORE, which I can assure you has NO medicinal traits whatsoever, they have destroyed the honey through processing, just like any product that says it has honey, it’s destroyed, the only thing left is the taste, and nothing more. For those who eat diabetes in a box…otherwise known as cereal, throw it in tht garbage, I contribute cereal, cereal or wheat, oat, granola bars to be a main contributor to child diabetes, and so many parents beleive the false advertising and lies that cereal is healthy, cereal is the worst breakfast you could eat or feed your kids! WHEAT is not for human consumption, hence whyso many have gluten intolerance, those who can ea it only means your body can take it, but it is also doing damage that your doctor will NEVER Link it to, like dairy, it too is a poison to eh body, hence lactose intolerance or milk sugars, meant for calves and only for their young lives, never after that, it too is not meant for human consumption, regardless of what they have brainwashed people to think. here is a fact, in china the women do not drink cow milk, they hardly have breast cancer, which I beleive cow milk to be a main contributor to cancer, not only that, we’ve been lied to about milk being good for your bones, liek they say fluoride is fo ryour teetha nd IS NOT, what comes from the nuclear bomb and we digest…fluoride…look it up, not tomention that janst just put a study put proving just how damaging fluoride has been to our teeth and bones and brain matter! back to milk, it is not meant for humans and has the opposite affect on your bones the “doc’s” say it does. The calcium caused platelets to form on your bones, commonly on joints, trapping nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed for the bones, therefore your bones are deprived of all of these becasue of the calcium! I know many are saying what, is this person crazy, and my response, NO JUST EDUCATED more than the modern lying medical field who wants to give us sh*t that is bad for us, because you see, how do they make money if we have no problems, just like xylitol, how do they make money off the product if their scum bag representatives don’t come here and LIE, call names like the moronic children and immoral idiots they are and now a message to one of the most health damaging companies out there and needs to sued over and over and over again, until finally out of business…the GERMAN NAZI company DUPONT poisons…go to hell and choke on our products..all fo them!

    • Dustin

      Honestly, clearly, you are attempting to raise awareness and share information. I’m sure often you do share accurate valuable information, I wouldn’t doubt that. I just want to suggest that you are more consciously aware of how you deliver you’re message when doing so. Honestly, you’ve turned me off from even wanting to read you’re post. The way you speak screams “I’m immature and hostile”. I’m not trying to cause any problems, clearly you’re passionate about your responses. I am merely suggesting that if you were to harness you’re wisdom in a way that would allow you to deliver you’re message in an acceptable manner that you may reach more people. Clearly you care to share you’re insights, so why wouldn’t you want to share the knowledge you have in a way that more people are going to be open to listening to you? Because honestly, you’re over the top in a very strong way that steers people away from reading you’re posts. This is constructive criticism, that’s all.

  19. Christine

    Thank you so much for this information! I just bought a product that the main ingredient is birchwood xylitol. I really thought I struck gold as I’m trying to reduce unnatural sugar from my diet. I truly appreciate all the hard work you put into this blog post.

  20. Virginie

    The only point I would like to make is that one’s initial use of xylitol may cause the gastrointestinal problems mentioned in the article, but they are temporary. I have had serious Candida overgrowth for many years. The first time I used Xylitol in lemonade, I thought I was going to die. I was running at both ends. However, it is well known that xylitol kills Candida. As I understand it, it kills positively and also negatively by the withdrawal of sugar. And as we know, when any detox is done, there will be herx effects. I use xylitol daily now without any ill effect. I used I used to have kidney stones years ago and I need to drink lemonade now (and also use hydrangea) as a preventative. But because of the Candida, I am not able to get away with much sugar, so I use xylitol. After all, there are many natural substances whose names do not roll off the tongue.

  21. bananapoo

    Btw, dogs are allergic to grapes and onions which are both natural. Hamburgers aren’t natural and dogs can eat them completely fine. This sounds like a silly rant to me. Maybe you have a sensitive tummy because I used it to replace all the sugar in a recipe, and nothing happened to me at all. If something can kill your pet, it doesn’t mean it’s immediately some unsafe chemical food. Dogs can’t eat chocolate because of the caffeine naturally occurring in cacao

    • Crob

      I just wanted to correct you regarding chocolate being toxic due to caffeine. While in some ways similar to caffeine it is Theobromine that makes chocolate toxic to dogs. Dogs are also not ALLERGIC to grapes and onions. It has nothing to do with an allergy. Onions contain thiosulphate which in large amounts lead to red blood cell destruction. Grapes and raisins can lead to kidney failure however the actual reason for this has yet to be found.
      Do you know what xylitol does to a dog? First it causes hypoglycemia and then kidney failure this is in very very small doses. It has long been understood that the use of Tylenol in dogs can result in liver failure. Funny we are only now finding out that it has the same effect on humans it just takes longer.

      Just saying if you are going to correct someone regarding their comments on how things effect animals then you should be sure you know what the real answer is

  22. Sharon

    Thanks so much for this! My Dental office gave my 4 yr old a Xylitol lollipop today and said it was good for the teeth and natural etc. I happen to know that when something says “natural” that’s a good indicator that it is not! Anyways, so glad she’s only had half the lollipop. I don’t think she’ll be finishing it.

  23. Caroline Miller

    Oh My Goodness, I just read your articles on Xylitol, and GOOD FOR YOU for sticking up for yourself (and graciously)!!!
    Absolutely No One should get away with calling you names of belittling you for trying to inform us (through legitimate research) of a products’ “questionable” origin! I’ve just started to do research on this Xylitol product as I do not even like artificial sweeteners, but am feeling the need to cut back on sugars. Needless to say, I will not be trying Xylitol! I do not understand how people believe that something can be natural if it’s bleached white, in perfect little granules and has a shelf life of Years!!! In my opinion, there’s Definitely brain washing of consumers going on!!!

  24. george

    everyone must be suspicious to all food additives that almost ‘scream’ NATURAL although they are industrial products, and we can think a little about laws, all laws for food industry preserve an acceptable limit for consumers health, but their main think is PROFIT. for sure xylitol is very useful for dental care and for people who have diabetes, but we can’t say ok feed the whole population with no reason at all. We must see that the western world has major problem with its nutrition (sugar based, too much meat products) the whole plan is wrong. e.g. if we didn’t consume that large quantities of sugar, ta-dah, no need for additives like xylitol. (sorry for my bad english) George Nal food engineer

  25. Highergoodintuitivewellness

    Thank you for the article! Don’t worry about the negative comments it is the fear talking. They will slowly be awakening to the corporate deception on our food industry. Keep up the good work!

  26. De

    Hi Crunchy Betty! What happened to your blog and where did it go? I do have to say I love and miss reading your blogs and I think you are such a strong willed person and GO Betty!!! I love your wit and and sense of humor. Its hard to make everyone happy but if I were them I just simply would not read anymore instead of going on rants and attack mode. Keep up with what you do and there are those out there like me, who loves your blog!! So please hurry back to writing!! =)

    Ps. I also agree that companies should NOT advertise their products as all natural when clearly its man made. Real is better ans always but always in moderation.

  27. Thanks for your blog on this though I will have to do more research because I think there may be more to this story. I am not convinced that xylitol is bad for the body.

    I have read articles in Life Extension magazine and other legitimate sources that say it’s good for the body as well as the teeth.

    I have used it for over a year and have:
    1) never had a problem with diarrhea or anything close to it; I tend to use 1-3 teaspoons at a time, mostly in coffee and tea
    2) used it to stop using sugar and honey which ultimately may be much worse for the body than any small amount of chemicals that come from the manufacturing/processing (I say MAY BE, and as I said I will do more research on this issue and will report back here or on my facebook page on my findings)
    3) never read anything bad about xylitol other than here (except for the fact that you want to get xylitol made from organic corn or other source material because otherwise it will probably be GMO

  28. p.s. stevia is probably a good alternative, they say it’s good for blood pressure.
    However I pretty much hate the taste or after-taste of stevia and have tried about 6 different brands. The best I’ve found is the Stevita brand vanilla flavor but I hate it in my coffee

  29. Alison

    Thanks so much for posting the info on xylitol. I found a recipe to make home made toothpaste and it called for xylitol (quite a bit of it in fact) but since I didn’t have any I sub’d stevia for it. Recipe came out quite great. Needed to make more toothpaste (everyone wants some) and thought I would try to get ingredients for the original recipe and just happened to google xylitol. Sure glad I did. I DON’T WANT IT!!!! Thank you for doing our homework for us.


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  3. […] it may be pulled from a natural source, when highly concentrated and eaten in larger amounts, can we really call it a natural substance? One thing about xylitol is that it is not converted into harmful acids in the mouth that cause […]

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  5. […] it may be pulled from a natural source, when highly concentrated and eaten in larger amounts, can we really call it a natural substance? One thing about xylitol is that it is not converted into harmful acids in the mouth that cause […]

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