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  1. Jennifer

    What do I love? Your writing style. Your sense of humor (you are actually hilarious). That you don’t take things you found on the internet at face value, but you actually research them for yourself (like your piece on using borax, for example). I have a degree in biology, and so a strong science leaning, and I LOVE how you question everything, and then ultimately, say “this is what works for me. Try it. It might work for you. Make up your own mind”. I just saw this today, and it fits what I think a crunchy Betty should be to a tee.

    Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
    Willing is not enough, we must do

    Best thing I’ve learned from Crunchy Betty so far? Making my own deodorant (and your brilliant commentary that went with it).

    Best thing I’ve gotten from going natural? CONTROL.

  2. Rachel

    Welcome back, Crunchy Betty! I have always been somewhat crunchy myself, having been raised by wolves and hippies. I had horrible acne as a teenager and I remember driving miles to the 7th Day Adventist natural food store in search of soap and shampoo that wouldn’t break me out. I have been experimenting with what goes on my face and into my hair for many years. The greatest thing about finding your blog was that it was like finding a kitchen-witchy grimoire written just for me, and a soul sister to tell me how to use it. I always have an urge to copy down your recipes into an old, leather bound, parchment filled book and fill it with drawings and pressed herbs…I have been so grateful since I found your blog that someone is taking the time to gather this wisdom, put it in one place, and then inviting the rest of us to come out and play. Thank you.

  3. Creative style

    I’m fascinated with your transformation because I too, have gone through a similar transformation. The reason I was so attracted to natural living, (and my shaped political beliefs) originally was the people I met who lived more naturally seemed almost intrinsically more at peace. They seemed to judge others less, they seemed to have little fear, and they seemed to be so warm, loving and caring and I wanted to be more like them. By emulating them, spending time with them I truly became more like them and I really liked who I was. I was at peace, living life in love, peace and without fear. Then, suddenly I started to notice that I had deep hatred for Monsanto, I looked at others grocery carts with judgement ( thinking they are destroying the earth and themselves). I would pass a mall and grow angry and frustrated about all the cars and the BAG and the stuff!. One day I woke up and realized I had gone full circle and looped back around. I was filled with judgement and fear and no peace. I stopped in my tracks about a year ago and made a choice to only look at others with love, to do what I do from a place filled with love, it’s made all the difference in the world. I also found that I not only love others more but myself more. I’m glad you came back to your roots, it’s a beautiful place to be.

  4. Beth Dodson

    I’m soooo glad you’re back! I have missed you :) I have learned so much from you. The one thing that I can pinpoint that made a change was actually for my teenage daughter. After many months, I finally talked her into “Honey on her face” and her complexion has made a drastic improvement :) Although she thought I was crazy for even suggesting it, now I don’t even have to remind her or ask her about it…. I can visibly tell that she is keeping it up :)
    I want to thank you for freeing me from the beauty aisle! Thank you for showing me how I don’t have to dependent on Wal-mart or any other mass merchandiser. I love making things myself now and don’t plan on ever going back !!!! Thank you Crunchy Betty :D

  5. Femfette

    Hi Crunchy Betty,

    Crunchiness has always been a part of my life. As a young teen I mashed bananas and honey and put it in my hair. I had to spend 30 minutes and a bottle of conditioner trying to comb that out. I have avoided bananas in my hair ever since. It never really put me off of trying out natural beauty remedies.

    I love Chocolate. I mean, really. I also love wine. Years back you posted about a chocolate facial and a red wine one… I mixed the two together and added extra virgin olive oil because my skin is dryer than a horny toad who has been basking in the sun on a rock in the desert. The mask felt great, it was a great diversion from being lonely on an Icelandic horse farm in Denmark where I didn’t really speak the language well enough to get companionship out of the people around me (aside of my then boyfriend and now husband). One of my best friends was doing Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, and she was also a bit lonely. After trying the chocolate-wine- olive oil mix and being really embarrassed about the way my face looked like while wearing this rich brown concoction, I decided it was too hilarious to keep to myself. So I called my friend on video chat and painted my face in front of her. We laughed and laughed. She told me about this amazing Kazakh food–chocolate butter! And then my future mother-in-law knocked on the door, I thought it was my honey coming home so I popped out to surprise him with a muddy wine smelling face… No. All the while my friend’s laughter was filling the house as I awkwardly tried to explain myself in terrible Danish. We had a good laugh, and when I washed my face it felt totally awesome. My future sister-in-law wanted to have the recipe the next day, and I think a lot of lives were improved just a bit with that hilarious chocolate mask.

    Crunchiness has made my face softer and a little less peely, and its been very amusing the whole time. From my impulse to rub the leftover avocado on the skin all over my face, to the times where my husband hands me gross things for my face, like salmon skin, with a s***-eating-grin, its fun. Its good, occasionally dirty, fun that only makes me feel better in my own skin.

  6. Marsha

    I think the most powerful thing I’ve learned since I started making my own “stuff” (mostly from recipes I found here on CB, so thanks bunches) is that YOU DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Sometimes, you DON’T. You get water with a bunch of preservatives, instead of something nourishing you made with your own two hands. Also, that if you keep a small area well-stocked with basics, you can make practically anything you need at a moment’s notice. I could write a novel here, but I won’t. My absolute favorite thing about CB is your willingness to experiment for everyone’s benefit. I wouldn’t have ever put honey or oil on my face if you hadn’t done it first. So glad you have a pioneering nature! I love your blog (LOVE, I tell you!) and it sounds like you’ve learned quite a lot about yourself lately! Thanks for just being….you.

  7. You have definitely changed my life. Yes, seriously. :)
    For the past 18 months I have been no-poo, using honey e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y to wash my face, making my own lip balms and deodorant, experimenting with oils. All of these, thanks to you. And it does not stop here, my family also loves it, even my husband became slowly addicted to the honey face wash! You are an inspiration. Thank you. :)

  8. Gail T

    Doing things natural has made me feel better about what goes on my families skin and in their bodies. Little by little I change.
    I came across your blog not long ago and fell for Crunchy Betty. She is the friend that doesn’t think I’m weird, because she is just like me. I like the way you simplify some recipes. Just from sharing with friends about things I’ve learned over the years about natural living, a friend has encouraged me to consider my own blog. I don’t know, but if I do, you have been one of my inspirations. Thanks!

  9. Gail T

    Forgot to say….Reading this blog post helped me to realize that I shouldn’t be afraid to blog. Reading about why we should go natural has scared me, made me cry, I wanted to burn my house down. (not really) And the fear of rejection. Yikes! Thanks for being your nutty self.

  10. Woodswalker

    I am a massage therapist who practices aromatherapy for my clients. My journey started when I realized that the stuff I put on my skin absorbs just like food does in my body. I started cleansing my body “curvy temple” with food and then I really started realizing through your book and other sources that I can do this on my own instead of buying products. (but I was wrong) I can’t do it by myself because I realize that it’s MUCH more fun to do with friends. :) I live on a small beach side compound in Saudi Arabia. My friends trade Kombucha tips, kale chip recipes, dehydrators, and sour dough cultures. We spend time in our kitchens making facial scrubs, body butters and whispering about the best oils to use for hemorrhoids. :) We do yoga in a class, barefoot on the beach or on a paddle board. It’s all about community and not about fear or judgment. I started feeling the same way about fear, making people change and running my business. Then I had to let that go… I am glad to see that other people are finding that building community is what will save the world. Really it all starts with each of us in our own communities. The thing I LOVE the most about this site is your amazing sense of humor. It’s a little like mine but MUCH better. Cheers!

  11. Wendy

    I found you through the felted dryer balls entry. Simply great, detailed info to follow step by step. But, then I discovered your funny personality that all of your blog is filled with. So, now you sit on my favorites bar, right next to NPR, CNN, PBS and NETFLIX. Are you amazed? I am amazed. I don’t usually go in for individual blogs; I am not a faithful follower of anyone or anything. But, your blog is pretty expansive, covering quite a lot of interesting and important topics . . . . mainly creativity and ingenuity in all areas of life. Plus, darn it, the news is always so depressing, and I need something to lighten my day, and remind me to not get so damned serious about everything. So, thank you for what you do; I hope you won’t stop.

  12. Koubansom

    Hi Crunchy Betty and all that make life so crunchy!
    Wonderful post! I’ve missed you over the past few months- but it seems my patient waiting has been rewarded. I agree that it is very easy to get off track (I seem to do it on a daily basis, but I’m a little nuts anyway), but I think that is my favorite part about Crunchy Betty – when I find myself going a little nuts I do something for myself crunchy style. It gives me time to myself, time to sit and time to get my head back on track with the added bonus of trying to wash banana out of my hair or enjoy a soothing honey-wine face mask. I prefer the latter, banana seems to take about an hour to remove. :D

    I think for me my biggest crunchy life change was no-poo, even if I am still having some major kinks with it. I found Crunchy Betty just this last year when after a really bad, hot and smokey summer, my hair started coming out in clumps. Every day I showered my drain would get so clogged I would have to clean it out again. I was grossed out, and wanting to find cheaper and healthier alternatives to chemical hair-growth/repair boosters I found out about the wonderful benefits of rosemary and tea tree, Even though I still have strange hair days my hair has seemed to have improved, it is finally back to bra length (it hasn’t been this long in two years) and my drain is much cleaner.

    I really love discovering new things to try even when they don’t work well (like banana hair) – I always seem to get some great pictures and a good laugh with my friend who tries crunchy stuff with me. And of course, I love finding something that does work really well, like soaking my feet in garlic water when I have a cold. Thank you Crunchy Betty and contributors for a wonderful crunchy journey.

  13. yuleoolu

    Oh Crunchy Betty, I have missed you. Your readership is an amazing number and I say, “Good for you.” And I also love that you DO write like you’re talking to your friends. I have found so many good ideas and how-tos here. And I really, really appreciate that you, too, have screw ups b/c wow, I know that I do!! That flax seed hair gel did NOT come out right for me the first time. But I will try it, again, when I have a bit more time to pay attention to all the steps. But even though it was a little runny, it smelled good and still seemed to help my fly-away hair. And when I went on to make the “Soothing deodorant,” my three year old thought we were making more hair gel and was she excited to smell my stink-free pits!

    You do a super job here and I look forward to where we’re going, next.

  14. Ash

    Yeah for the authenticity! Thank you Crunchy Betty for coming full circle into a genuine truth :)

  15. Meridith

    I have been using your blog for recipes and I appreciate the giggle I get out of it as well.
    I’m glad you’re back. My favorite thing about your blog is that you write in your own personal quirky voice. It feels honest and it makes it easy to read.
    My other favorite part is simply the recipes. Often times you’ve done the work for me or inspired me to look for myself.

  16. I love love love this whole post. Say no to fear!

  17. Ya know, I think you’re the cat’s PJs ;) And yes, I want more videos, are you kidding me?! The best thing I have learned on your site has definitely been the OCM and I do mine with a calendula infusion. I looove it and so do my goat’s udders – yep, it works on them too :) Everyone needs a little moisturizing love, don’t ya think?

    I completely identify with what you said about the empowerment that a person feels when they realize they can do it for themselves, whatever that “it” is. In my classes, that is probably the most repeated comment. And I love that – showing folks that they had the power within them all the time. You show us the way, girl!

  18. Martha_Yarrow

    Wow! Three years! So, apparently, I started reading your blog somewhere in the first year, but then I had my first child. For the past two crazy years or so I’ve been an occasional visitor and a rare commenter (usually late at night, exhausted, and squeezing in a little personal time before I collapse), but I love Crunchy Betty! I think the biggest improvement for me in being “a little crunchy” has been the sense of freedom. When I’m making my own products I am not overwhelmed by choice, enticed by packaging, or conflicted over price points. I truly love that I can make a ton of different, useful things from a handful of ingredients that I stock in my pantry. I call it “home alchemy”, and my hubby has been wonderful about it. He’s not a “crunchy” guy per se, but he appreciates simplicity, and that’s what being crunchy has brought us. He did raise an eyebrow when I made my own deodorant, but he didn’t poo-poo it. We live a long way from “civilization” (1.5 hours to the grocery store), so it’s great not having to worry about running out of individual things. If I stock all the basics, I can make lots of things that we need. Freedom! Freedom from worry. Freedom from the overwhelming choices on the store shelves. Freedom from ickiness. I love that. It’s tough for me to say what I’ve learned here that I’ll never forget. I guess maybe it’s the same thing that is also my favorite: it’s okay to just experiment. I originally came here looking for recipes to help me test the waters of natural goodness. I was so worried about making something “wrong”. As I read through your posts, I realized that you had done a lot of experimentation and that even if something wasn’t perfect it was still okay, and the next batch might be better. I realized that when using natural ingredients it’s pretty unlikely that something is going to blow up, produce deadly gasses, or melt my face. I am so happy that you have shared the times when things didn’t go perfectly. It has inspired me to create on my own without fear. I do also love your humor. Your writing “voice” is right up my alley. I have had a similar journey in my exploration of crunchiness. Initially I felt a little trepidation, then I scoured the universe for information so that I wouldn’t consume or contribute to the consumption of anything “wrong”, then I began to feel that everything and everyone was just hopeless. Then I got over it. I’ve given myself permission not to be completely crunchy, and I’m okay with it. I still buy shampoo (you should have seen the disaster that was my no-poo foray – my hair was like play-doh), but I figure that I’m worlds away from where I started. I can always move forward from here. Overall, I am so glad that I found this new/old way of thinking and I’m excited about where we’ll go from here. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Crunchy Betty!

  19. africanstardust

    I started reading your blog (and may have used it for procrastination purposes) about three months ago, and I was intrigued. I’d always wanted to go “crunchy” but I was always so intimidated. Your blog makes this lifestyle accessible, probably because you’re open about being on a journey yourself. I feel like I can take one or two things at a time and change slowly, and your blog helped me realized that. There are two things that I discovered on your blog that have literally changed my life (and my wallet) for the better: the first is using a combination of OCM and honey wash, and using oil to moisturize. My skin has never looked better and things I’ve struggled with for years are just gone, or going. The second thing is the homemade deodorant. I was so scared to try it because I have a serious sweat problem and nothing worked, but this homemade stuff is magical. That and I’m saving loads on expensive, strong deodorant, because the one little batch I made has lasted for 1.5 months already and I still have lots left. As for my favorite thing about Crunchy Betty, it’s what I mentioned above – you make all of this real and tangible and accessible, and it doesn’t feel overwhelming anymore. I feel like I might one day be able to be all or mostly Crunchy because you made me realize I can change one thing at a time. So, seriously, thank you.

  20. Samantha Foster Matush

    I love the fearless you that tries insane stuff on her face, but I also love that you make it simple by telling me that if I don’t want to mess with all kinds of oils on my face I can just use jojoba oil…which I have been doing for the past 3 months now and my face has never been softer. I have definitely learned from Crunchy Betty that it’s ok to try and fail. I tried no poo and tried and tried and tried and I just couldn’t make it work for me, but that’s ok I found a shampoo and conditioner that’s vegan and no added crap so that works too. You make me laugh and you let us see the real you and I really appreciate that, because in a world of fakes you are brave enough to show yourself. Oh and I also switched my kitty litter to the Sweat stuff (I know that’s not what it’s called, but I can’t remember how to spell it and it’s not worth the time to look up) and I also rub the box in oil before I put the litter in and it has never been easier to clean out!

  21. The fall of 2011 I decided I would make spa gift baskets for Christmas. I made Lip Balm, sugar scrub, diffuser, vanilla extract, salve and bath salts. I had extra supplies and researched what I could make next.

    I am not sure what came next but I swore I would never make my own deodorant. Ewww Yet 1.5 years later and I love your coconut oil deodorant. I tried with beeswax and shea butter but it stained my shirts. I don’t mind if it liquifies during the summer. I will add beeswax for a travel size though.

    I know I started with the flaxseed gel. It made my curls so soft and lively. Mine is super curly and the gel kept my curls together. Otherwise I have a frizz mess. I was tired of the wet and crunchy look of commercial products.

    The product didn’t keep as long as I needed. I now use Xanthan Gum, water and preservative.

    I am a scientist at heart and if I can make it myself I will. I balance between natural and some ingredients you wouldn’t use. I researched the good and bad and chose what was best for me.

    I have made the Not Your Mother’s Neosporin without infused herbs twice. My husband finally gave up the neosporin! Vapor rub and thieves oil kept me from getting the flu this year. THANK YOU!

    My family once thought I was nuts but they are trying and accepting the new beauty care items I create.

    I started the toothpaste last month. Another product I thought I would never replace. I can’t wait to see the dentist. I did add the glycerin and peroxide. 36+ and no cavities so I didn’t see the point skipping them. I love the feel of the glycerin on my teeth. I also added menthol crystals.

    I also switched my cleaning supplies. I make laundry soap, all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, wood polish and air/carpet freshener. I own two sets of wool dryer balls and recently tried soap nuts.

    Last night I started the honey wash. What a sticky mess and kinda stinky. I have two brands of raw and they are very strong scented. I am not a honey scented fan. My skin was so soft. I noticed white heads appearing. I added a dab on honey on them and lavender oil on the rest of my face. My skin was reacting nicely to my sugar scrub and suddenly the break outs came back. Our bodies change and we have to change too.

    I love your humor! I love your advice. Thanks for everything. However I still don’t like the word crunchy.

  22. Jaz

    I first met Crunchy Betty last year. I have adult acne and had just moved to China, and the local facial cleansers were playing merry hell with my skin. So I searched for alternative measures for relief, and happened to stumble across this website.

    At first I was perplexed. Honey and oil, on my face? But I had some honey so I tried it. It felt lovely, so I did it again and again, and when I went home for a family visit I bought some oil at the local natural foods store and tried the oil wash as well.

    My skin has never looked better. It’s happy and healthy, and it never would have gotten that way if you hadn’t told me to stop torturing it with soap. Never stop discovering :)

  23. Victoria

    I’ll keep this short (and sweet!) – I turned to Crunchy Betty because I wasn’t finding products in the stores that I could use that were not tested on animals. And discovered all these wonderful natural products I could make myself and share with others. I know that crushing feeling knowing that you can’t change the world, I have had to come up with my own ways of dealing with it (essentially the same as you; come full circle,
    re-balance, move forward, and don’t give up!).
    But what I get out of the Crunchy Betty experience is being linked into
    a wonderful group of people who are like-minded, and the cherry on top? I think you are really funny! I come to your blog now when I need a smile
    (and a new natural recipe to try!).
    Thank you for everything that you do!

  24. Gin

    I ran into your blog when I was just about to spend a ridiculous amount of money on yet another facial cleansing system due to a sudden struggle at 35 yrs old with severe adult acne. I figured there had to be another way and followed Pinterest to Crunchy Betty. I started with the “If you change on thing…” post and tried exfoiliating with baking soda, with spectacular results. Next the post on OCM which I was too scared to try, but the Honey Challenge sounded like something I could do, after a week my skin was the best it had been in years. After two weeks I was ready to try OCM and the best thing about going natural is that I feel like I’m not fighting with my face anymore. I can go out without make up, I was in a photo recently with smooth, blemish free, glowing skin, amazing and for a fraction of the price. I’ve learned tea tree oil and my skin are not destined to be friends but that tea tree oil has other fantastic crunchy uses (bug repellent, curing ingrown hairs). I have also run into the natural vs. other conflict and for a time was crazily mad about how everybody is being poisoned by “safe” products. I have learned in life that you can only light your corner of the world, and do my best to lead by example in my uses of natural products instead of crusading. My favorite thing about your blog is your humor. Keep it up!

  25. Sonia

    I just wanted to say that you pushed me over the ledge when I was thinking about the oil cleansing method but I’m so glad I did because it works so well for my skin! Also, the one time I did have the wrong proportion of oils and got a zit that wouldn’t budge for like 3 days, I used the clay and thyme recipe and it shrank right down! These are just 2 of the many things I have learned and benefited from being crunchy. Thank you!

    • Sonia

      Oh and I can’t believe I forgot this, but when I was trying to switch over from harsh facial cleansers, I used honey based on your article. I remember the idea being so strange to me at the time! Eventually when my skin adjusted and then even honey seemed like it was making my skin a little taut and dry, I took the leap to OCM. Now I do OCM in the shower and just rinse my face with water in the morning, put on my sunblock and go. I love my skin again!

  26. Jamie Schultz

    I found you in a roundabout way, via a couple of other blogs about DIY home cleaning and health stuff. It’s ironic. In my 20s, I worked for a naturalist and could recite what herbs/homeopathy/EOs/etc could be used for almost any ailment (comes with the territory of helping customers lol). But along came life and a lot of things changed. A few yrs ago, I left my old life behind and started a new one – completely terrified at first. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my fear was based on what a lot of other people had been saying to me for yrs instead of what I really knew inside. That was my first taste of empowerment after many yrs of the exact opposite. After having been told that I could never have children, I met a wonderful man and got pregnant. That was really the next step for me in feeling more empowered. It showed me yet again that the things I had been told were not prophecies. The next step I took was exclusive breastfeeding, then cloth diapering. And now I have discovered that I can make useful things that WORK (well, most of them) and I know what I’m using to make my house a home. As a person who has always struggled with sensitive skin, Crunchy Betty has helped me find ways to make my beauty routine more fun and natural to boot. I have already shared many of my creations with family and friends, and plan to continue doing so. I love my life now, and you are a part of it. (like it or not – lol) Thank you for what you do and for sharing your WHY. You are truly helping to empower people as they struggle to find a foothold in the empowerment process. Keep it up and know that we are not simply blindly following you (which would be scary), but we are cheering you on and standing nearby with a friendly hand should you ever need it. Thank you.

  27. chelsa

    I think I am the #85th commenteer here, so I would hate to be repetitive, but I want to show my support right this second. I also don’t know how to shorten thoughts for writing, so prepare for a paragraph(you should see my texts!), apologies in advance…
    So I have been reading your blog for over a year now, and it has changed my life. period. Granted, my life is so uneventful that a seagull pooping in china might possibly induce “change” for me, but understand that in my little world your site has been a huge part of my personal growth this year, therefore effecting my entire life. It could be compared to a dinosaur directly pooping on my head. Sorry, I like analogies too much. What I’m saying is this: I’ve had tough travels these last few years, and stumbling upon your page was the kickstart to a new era. I get excited to read your blogs because it feels like I’m reading something out of my own head, but alot more organized…. I don’t think of Crunchy Betty as a website to read, I think of it as a woman and friend whom I visit for an interesting chat, enlightenment, like-mindedness, and a “chuckle out loud” without fail every time.
    Regarding the most helpful way I’ve applied the crunchiness, it would have to be the energizing inspiration it gave me to keep searching for wellness despite circumstance, and finding methods to make me feel pretty again. Ive been struggling with adult breakouts and scarring for years, on top of other hormone related issues. (a long road, many methods later… for another discussion) it all really brought me down. But I dare say this week marks the first time in years my skin has been clear and almost completely healed!! A way I measure this is by the fact that I finally feel semi comfortable letting my boyfriend see my freshly washed face without the usual paint job covering the marks. That excites me like you wouldn’t believe(I hope that doesn’t sound lame)! Between you and the others who share their experiences in these pages, I feel like I have a silent support group, who I’ve learned SO much from! I have changed drastically since I was old enough to have an opinion about anything, daily becoming more conscious and educated about wellness, and I love every ounce of it. I can’t get enough of…. of what? knowledge? More of less? I’m losing my old self, the one given and taught to me by society, I’m simplifying and naturalizing, yet it feels like I’m gaining the whole planet. Thank you, Crunchy Betty, for being here to inadvertently help me and 35000 others find what they’re looking for and be a part of our lives. I’m glad you stopped the worry and fear. No negative pressure! Got it? I’ve noticed you do a great job at being awesome without consciously trying anyways!! We’re just glad you share! =)

  28. Hi there! I discovered your blog only a couple weeks before your hiatus and I am so glad you are back! I’m a start and stop beginner on the path to natural products and have really enjoyed all the things you’ve explore on your blog. And I truly enjoy your sense of humor and writing style. Thanks for sharing so much information with us! Keep having fun! Blessings, Laura

  29. Crunchy Betty was what I found when I first fell in love with creating. When at 18 I was already tired of coating my body with chemical junk. Within a week I had smeared honey on my face and oil on my hair and a thin layer of baking soda covered the whole bathroom. And it. was. FUN. Crunchy Betty is what gave me the inspiration to start my own blog. To share my own creation. To have my own voice in the blogging world. Right now it’s only a tiny whisper, and if that’s all it ever is I’m perfectly okay with that because I am having FUN and I’m able to share it with the occasional passerby that stumbles across my site.
    Crunchy Betty is a hilarious but inspiring take at a better way of life.

  30. Joc

    I was an avid Crunchy Betty disciple and followed you faithfully until your hiatus, mostly via my email subscription, and then I waited faithfully for that prompt to arrive and tell me you were back… but it never came. And so I sadly stopped cruising the internet in the evenings (this also has something to do with the fact that I have a toddler and am often snoring a half hour after he goes to bed, so really not your fault). Imagine my surprise this evening when I decided to come and read over some of your old posts to find that you were BACK! I`m SO excited!
    Crunchy Betty kindles that little fire under my butt which actually gets me off the couch and I couldn`t be happier that you are writing again. You are an absolute inspiration in your musings, your experiments, your writing and your passion. Love, love, love to you.

  31. Kai

    I was looking for make-it-yourself dry shampoo recipes a couple of months ago when I stumbled on…and I when I emerged from Teh Interwebs three days later, my life was changed for good! I stashed all my commercial beauty products in a closet in case my Grand Experiment didn’t work out, and the rest is history. No ‘poo for two months, I’ve converted my fiancee to the OCM, I’ve learned to make soap and laundry detergent, and I regularly put new foods on my face…So much fun! A couple of weeks ago I gave away the big bag of beauty products I “couldn’t live without”, and when I ran out of toothpaste yesterday, I ran to my kitchen and whipped up a tooth powder. Thanks, Crunchy Betty and Crunchy Community! These folks are right, there is a powerful freedom in knowing that you can make just about anything you need, and have fun doing it.

  32. Caro

    I have followed your blog for a while and love your free-spirited way of sharing.
    In terms of fear, I have only one thing to say: Stop standing in your own way!
    All of these folk support and uphold you — believe it is true! Shine!!

  33. Jenn

    I’m a new reader, and love every aspect of your blog. How you share wonderful beauty recipes, and make it so fun with your humorous writing skills. I used to use proactive which dried out my face, occasionally causing gross blotchy chemical reactions while the skin was flaking off. Now that I put food on my face, that has changed. The honey method works wonders. My skin looks great and I have a sense of self confidence I’ve never had before. Thank you, Crunchy Betty.

  34. Jess

    CrunchyBetty led to so many personal discoveries that culminated into one really important understanding: I am just fine. Before this website, my skin was covered in acne or dry, and my hair was unreasonably oily; I seemed to be going bald. I tried so many different products with limited success. I wanted to live by the restriction of only purchasing beauty products that were vegan and organic, with even less success and more pain in the pocketbook.
    Through all the years of trying, and failing, to look and feel better, I believed I was the problem. My skin was wrong, my hair was wrong. All of this stuff worked for other people, so clearly my body was beyond help. I was destined to be ugly and disgusting and uncomfortable.
    A year and a half ago I saw a link to this site on Pinterest; I don’t even remember what it was for. I followed the rabbit and dug into the extensive community you founded here. Your voice was so normal; you talked about my skin and my hair without shame or disgust. You brought humor to the problems I had deemed beyond hope. You told me I was okay, that trying a little of this or that may be helpful, and empowered me with the tools to experiment until I found the formulas that worked for me.
    The first month of going no ‘poo was a little rough– I thought my hair was greasy before!– but it began an amazing thought: this isn’t so bad. I’m not so bad. So what if my hair looks gross for a few days? What does that have to do with who I am? I’m still me, and I’m trying to be kind to the body I wear. It isn’t a catastrophe not to look my best all the time, especially when the not-so-hot time is a product of the pursuit to doing something real and better for myself.
    My friends still give me funny faces when I tell them about the newest, most awesome thing I just rubbed on my face (heavy cream and honey, oh!), but it doesn’t matter. I am just fine. My body is physically more comfortable. The pressure to look like something else has lifted. The shame of not looking like something else is gone. I’m doing okay, and you opened that door for me. Thank you, CrunchyBetty.

  35. Wendy Ahmad

    Thank you for sharing your humanity with us. We all go through these changes, cycles, or however you want to word it. The important thing is to learn and return to center. I’ve tried to change it all at once and accomplished nothing, so using ideas, recipes, and guides like yours can keep me on point to focus on the biggest good, changing what goes in and on the bodies of myself and my family. Maybe that’s not taking down Monsanto, maybe it doesn’t change the WHOLE world, but it changes MY world and I needed it!

  36. Carrin

    I stumbled across your blog yesterday and I am ready to go no poo and I already made my own deodorant! You are talking about all of the things I have wondered about. My family is vegan and I have been eating 90% raw but you address the things I can make naturally that I have been running to the store for! I love that you have a personal account for each thing you share it is really encouraging! I have been learning a lot about myself spiritually as well as physically and that has given me an unprecedented sense of peace! I am wondering if you do yoga or meditate and if you would be willing to comment things in that arena?

    • Judy H

      Came across hour blog. Have not read much, but I can tell you seem like my kind of gal. I am 73 and still learning. I now make my own liquid washing detergent and am ready to learn more from you.

  37. Rachel

    Hi Crunchy Betty! After stumbling across your site a mere few weeks ago, I have turned my kitchen into my work space. I have created hand salve. I have created dishwasher detergent. I have made sugar scrubs and facial oil moisturizers and aromatherapy bath salts. Any I have only just begun. Finding your site has reminded me that I need to endeavor on my own to make PERSONAL care products. My crunchy journey started about 8 years ago and it has been slow going. The transition away from processed foods. The transition away from commercial care products. The transition away from traditional home cleansers. The leaving behind of toxic chemicals, the search for natural, wholesome, and nourishing. I am healthier. I am leaner. I am mentally sharper since my transition to a crunchy lifestyle. Crunchy Betty has taught me that I CAN make my own products and that they are even better than anything I can buy in a store. It has reminded me of my own internal power and my passion for creating. I am almost acne-free for the first time in my adult life thanks to the 3 ingredient facial moisturizer and the thyme-infused witch hazel. Keep it crunchy, Betty, you are inspiring lives for the better! Next I will be trying out soap nuts for the very first time!

  38. Jules Eix

    It’s wonderful to find community…like minded people gathered together by a granola guru….

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  47. Rachel

    I definitely can sympathise with the slippery slope of anxiety that goes with wishing and hoping that we could make things better in this world – can feel like the world’s on your shoulders sometimes. However, having people like the Crunchy Betty(ies) of the world to laugh with (at?!!) makes it just that much easier to keep on trying :)

    What one (or two) things about going “crunchy” (or natural) has changed your life for the better? It’s reminded me of what’s important and helped me remember to stop and see the wonders around me every day. Ok maybe it’s really my dog stopping to sniff every nasty thing buried over the winter that’s causing me to pause, but it works out the same in the end.
    What have you learned on Crunchy Betty that you’ll never forget? That it`s ok to walk around with food smeared on my face because it’s “skincare” :)
    What’s your favorite thing about Crunchy Betty? You make me laugh – a lot.

  48. Can Vitamin B5 Cure Acne For Quite Some Time? and feromony opinie.
    Can Vitamin B5 Cure Acne For Quite Some Time?

  49. You change my life, my mothers life & my bf’s life with your deodorant recipe, with the noo poo articles, with the 3 oil moisturizer & the cream with Shea Butter.
    They are damn damn damn awesome.

    What I love is your humor, that you are very chilled, is everything for fun.

    What I don’t like… The hater readers… the stupid people that comes to your website to fight just because of, they just have lust to ruin the harmony & the fun of this cool blog.

    Long time ago that I was very aware of my consumer behaviour, I don’t buy any brand that experiment with animals but now thanks to your blog I’m one step forward & I don’t buy anything from beauty that is not organic & I buy it as an ingredient to make my own things. I make my shampoo, my cream, my deodorant, my toothpaste, my salve, everything I can… ohh !! & the Yummy face masks.

    Thnks !!

  50. Rippley Alien inside

    I went thru 6 rounds of chemo for stage 4 non-hodgkins Lymphom. That was entertaining. I also have HIV, which sucks. Came home in a wheel chair, with atrophied muscles, wearing an adult diaper and a pee bag strapped to my thigh. Sexy! Took me 1.5 months to learn to walk again. I mentally started rejecting what my oncologist told me to do as she never knew about diet, vitamins etc. Xanax and Ambien triggered a suicidal event. spent 1 night in psych ward because apparently I had called 911 and said I was going to kill myself. I don’t really recall much of that night and was surprised to wake up in a hospital. Quit ALL prescription medications cold turkey and went thru 3 days of horrible withdrawals. Thanks Doc! Another Oncologist looked at my pet scan and said I could quit the last 2 chemos. The radiologist said the same. So then I shatter my tibial plateu. 10 days in the hospital, plates and screws and back in a wheelchair. I went straight back to work and the Ortho said “You wont be able to work or drive your car for 3 months and you might have a permanent drop foot”. Yeah right! I was back at work 2 days after I got out, in a wheelchair and would spend hours yelling at my toes and ankle to move. So I really suck at being a patient, since I have a mind of my own, and “won’t be able” does not apply to me. I clawed my way out of a black hole and then I climbed a mountain. I became a vegetarian, built my business back up, made a website, networked and started Project Shine On a support group for women going through chemo. I give the women free wigs, a makeover, advice on nutrition, advice on what to watch for with doctors, supportive calls to get them thru a bad chemo or radiation day. Survivors talk to newly diagnosed and share their experience with them. Just had a very successful Breast Cancer Party. So 2012-2014 Cancer, nervous breakdown, HIV, broken leg and 4 months in a wheel chair. Became a vegan, educated myself about nutrition and fell in love with the Law of attraction.
    Question is: Can i fix neuropathy in in my right leg from surgery? Can I naturally strengthen my compromised immune system? Can I naturally make my body a hostile environment for cancer cells? I think I still have remnants of the chemo stored up and can I do detox to help with that. I also have adrenal gland fatigue thanks to being such an Uber empathetic that sacrfice most of my energy for good causes and pro bono work. Why did I stop prioritizing me, my rest, stressing way to much, embarking on trying to save the whole damn world. My guess is an overwhelming sense of gratitude, with a Super woman tendency and touch of Hero complex. No natural remedies for an overactive/creative mind and insane compassion/drive who makes my body juggling many balls and pretty much exhausted. I think I may be insane.


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