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  1. charlie

    how much water kefir I can drink a day

  2. Katherine Morrow

    My girlfriend told me about your website and how much kefir water is helping her, problem is I can’t find where you get some, she has extra but she lives in northern California and im in Texas,can it be mailed? Loved your article especially the part about giving and recieving so uncommon these days on the internet,where everybody wants 19.95 a month for the rest of you life for anything ordered
    Helping each other is so refreshing. Thank you

  3. Hello… I have been reading about milk and water kefir.. and am getting VERY excited about the process and the health benefits. My searching brought me to your site, which I found to be very informative and easy to understand (which is a super big plus, btw) … I don’t expect to be chosen for the give-away..but it truly would be a nice Christmas surprise… Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas!

  4. I started adding dried Schisandra berries and tumeric to my second fermentation….it’s awesome!! :)

  5. Has anyone experimented with essential oils on the second fermentation? Thanks! :)

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  7. aj

    I would like to purchase some of your undehydrated kefir water grains. I am excited about making kefir water and having the grains multiple to pass on to others. Thanks for the information on this site.

  8. kris

    I am having sugar cravings when I drink water kefir.
    It is not a die off symptom. This diagnostic is overrated and only lasts for few days.
    But as I was looking around I came across your post. What I seem to gather is that the real health benefits are mainly in the milk kefir to which water kefir can’t even begin to compare. Also, there seems to be a lot of people having messed up reactions from water kefir but not from the milk kefir. Truth be told even people swearing by water kefir report annoying side effects, like belching and flatulence.

  9. Gloria

    I’ve been making water kefir for a couple weeks. If I mix the first fermentation with a lemonade half and half, it makes a very nice drink. I’ve tried adding some fresh sliced strawberries and blue berries to a second fermentation and it smelled slightly of over ripe or slightly rotten fruit. I tasted it and it didn’t taste very good, so I dumped it and rinsed my grains and started over with a first fermentation. Now there are things floating in the water like white mold or whispy cotton. Is this normal sometimes? Or are my grains ruined? Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

    • qwertyboi

      Hi Gloria, you asked about a wispy cotton-like growth floating in your water kefir. I’ve got the same issue. FYI – I’ve been using water grains on and off for several years now and this is the first time I’ve encountered wispy cotton in my water kefir.

      I also don’t know what causes it and am similarly worried that it means my kefir product is compromised, perhaps severely.

      PLEASE, PLEASE someone who knows, respond to Gloria’s March 4, 2016 message (above).

      Is the wispy cotton the same as Cotton Wool Disease (http://goldfish2care4.com/goldfish-diseases/cotton-wool.html) that affects fish acquiriums?

      If so, should I stop using the kefir grains in question?


    • Elise

      I know this is an old comment, but it’s my understanding that you take the grains out for the second fermentation. I’ve also only been doing it for a couple weeks, but that’s how I’ve done it, and it continues to ferment without the grains.

  10. brensi

    Hi there!
    I have been undecided on whether to do milk or water kefir! After reading your ‘CREAM SODA” recipe, I will try water kefir. Sounds wonderful! I’ve visited many blogs and pages and I want you to know that your instructions for making water kefir are the most complete and easy to follow. Thank you for a good blog! You made it seem pretty simple and I’m excited about the cream soda!

  11. ryun

    I’m interested in water kefir. Is it good for children and where is the best place to get some?


    hola Crunchy Betty,

    i am so glad i came across your site with sooo many wonderful recipes. i am further encouraged to experiment. i live between nyc and puerto rico. a few months ago a very senior member (my mom’s best friend…mom left us last august) of the valley where i enjoy life at its most natural, called me her home to try a new beverage, kefir water.

    when i stopped by her place i was pleasantly surprised to see her in such great spirits and healthy glow. her energy was intoxicating, her semblance was radiant, younger even. she could not stop talking about the kefir water and the health benefits. apparently the “chinese mushrooms” were brought to her from the dominican republic. this particular batch tasted like an indigenous fermented beverage made from tree bark that we call mavi. she asked me to stop by for a daily visit and kefir water drink. after a week, she asked me to join her in the ritual of harvesting the water, rinsing the grains and starting a new batch.

    in the meantime i had done my internet research and had more information for her and her friends, compiled and printed. we have propagated quite a bit and rejoice in sharing the growing grains population. we also called then “our babies”. i am now in nyc for 6 weeks, but before heading this way i was making close to a half a gallon a day and bringing the water to the elderly neighbors in the morning. i learned how to freeze and store them for my period away. i am happy to say that i also found “baby sitters” during my trip.

    i was able to transport a batch with me, however, they seem to not like the new environment (i don’t blame them, they are from the caribbean paradise and now stuck on the steel and cement of nyc). i desperately want to start making and experimenting with my drinks here, and was about to buy some when i came across your fun offer. the only reason i am hesitant to buy them is because they were introduced to me as a goodwill grain to be shared, passed throughout the world. i have been sharing, and encourage others to share theirs. i am looking in this area to see if i come across similar minded individuals.

    oh, ok, where is the humorous part of these words…and, i am a very funny guy…ahhhh, uhmmm… did you hear the one about…no, no, that got me arrested the last time i shared it…ok, gonna have to ask you to trust me…i AM funny!!!

    i hope i catch your eye, and become a recipient of your kefir grains…

    thank you…


    Julio Rivera

  13. Rebecca

    Can you use tea with kefir?

  14. I was just be bopping around online and found your article and offer. I was hopping that I could become a member of the community and receive a sample of the “babies” for my start-up cycle of enrichment. I did have a question though; are the grains different for milk kefir vs water kefir?

  15. Jane

    So my husband only likes the taste of the kefir if I add vanilla extract. I am wondering though, since its base is alcohol (35%) would that be enough to kill the good bacteria?

  16. Jan Manley

    I would love to have some water grains. I have been making milk kefir for about three months now. I cannot find anyone in my area who does the water kind. Thanks so much! Jan

  17. Darlene

    I would love some of your water Keifer grains. I am new to fermenting and came across your site and you make it sound simple enough for even me to try. Thank you very much!😋Can’t wait to try this


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