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  1. Tawny

    if you are in Colorado Springs area, I have some water kefir grains.
    email me tawsill(at)

    • Eva brown

      Oh yes! I have been trying to find a kefir friend on our Swop shop radio program. I have several friends I am trying to get healthy lol and me too. I only have phone internet and don’t really do internet purchasing but really wanted a kefir from a loving home. Good luck to me! :)
      Thank you,

      • Eva brown

        Betty I failed to say I am interested in water kefir. may I try next week of I am not sevres
        This tiny screen is very difficult for me would try to get worrier but tiny screen on phone
        Is hard on my eyes maybe kefir juice will help thanks Eva part two

  2. Dan

    I love this post – your explanation of water kefir is clear, funny and really well-written! My girlfriend and I have been making milk kefir for a couple of months now and absolutely love it – we got our first batch of water kefir grains yesterday… there’s no turning back!

  3. Krista

    I’ve made milk kefir and kombutcha several times and, while my husband loves the taste, I can’t bring myself to drink either one. Does the water kefir taste similar?

    • Theresa

      No– there’s no vinegar taste to water kefir at all. My daughter has the same issues with kombutcha and loves water kefir.

  4. I would love to receive water kefir grains as I an very gluten soy and dairy intolerant is not my friend. I have been looking at kefir grains for about a month now and came upon your site..I’m excited to try and increase probiotics in my daily diet…I would love to receive some kefir grains…Thank You very much.
    Sincerely, Carol

  5. Hello there, merely realize your blog post through Yahoo, and discovered it is definitely informative. We’re want to be cautious about brussels. I’ll enjoy when you proceed this specific later on. Lots of other men and women be had good results away from your creating. All the best!

  6. Andrea hollan

    I’d live to start making kefir water! Got any grains to spare??

  7. WookieMonster

    I discovered water kefir about a year and a half ago and love it. Sometimes a pain to deal with basically daily, but totally worth it. And I agree the little buggers are almost impossible to kill. Also have been no-poo(ish) for about the same amount of time…which means that I am bewildered that I only just now discovered your blog while looking for natural skin care. I have my oils on the way and can’t wait to try oil cleansing and add it to my current baking soda, honey, and aloe with tea tree oil (separately) regimen.

    My only problem is, the more I read your posts, the more wonderful things I want to make (and more ingredients to buy) lol.

  8. jane gerhardt

    Love this blog! I have a problem with getting my kefir fizzy…I followed the directions, any suggestions?

  9. Kat

    Please choose me!!!! I’m in Michigan and would love to give your cultures a good home. Kat

  10. Angie

    Hello Crunchy Betty,

    I just received water & milk kefir for the first time… ever. I’ve never tried and don’t know anyone else who has. However, I was convinced that this would be a great source of alkaline water and pro-biotics for my new healthy track. I am delighted to try and afraid at the same time. I am preparing them as we speak. I don’t know what to expect of taste; I’m just willing to try everything other than crazy continuous exercise to get this weight off and have a healthier lifestyle. I am following the strictest regimen to grow them & understand how to keep them for life… before trying any flavor experimentation, I gotta know what it normally tastes like & what I’m doing. If you have any other suggestions, do tell! ~smile~


  11. Angie

    Crunch Betty,

    I just read that you can also make it with grape juice and straight grape juice will even get pretty alcoholic. I want to make this? Do you know about it and if so, what other ways that can give me this strong drink? ~smile~

  12. Patti Gibson

    Crunchy Betty, is there a way to make water kefir without the grains? I mean maybe thru some type of fermentation? How are the grains made.?
    I’m new to fermentation and going crazy with it now. Just wondering how it all starts. I live in a rural area and not sure where I’d even find them. Thanks for your info.

  13. ilovemymac

    Where do you find the Kefir grains? Is there some place special you purchase them?

  14. Lecia

    Who is crunchy Betty and how crunchy is she? Can you eat her? I’m in Chicago, the dirty city that everyone wants to linger to. I’m looking to get kefir because my 16yr that I adopted and had since she was a baby has Graves disease and on the border with Cancer as they say. I don’t. They want to remove her thyroids and keep her injected with a low dose of radiation chemo. I said no. She lost her hair, bone loss, memory loss at times, weight gain, eczema and psoriasis. She’s been bullied all through school but maintains top student but she cries a lot. She wants to be in the medical field and she loves science and biology so I think this will help her with her weight and also give her a something to work and take care of just like the microscope we bought her to keep her on top. So I think this is great to get the kefirs

    • MrsW

      My personal experience, I’ve found dairy kefir grains easier to use than water kefir grains. Dairy Kefir Grains also help make pasteurized milk a bit better.

      Lecia, I can understand part of your frustration, trying to help a loved one battling eczema. Saw a few different doctors, but no one could tell us what was causing it. We tried various things to help our child’s skin, some things helped more than other, best moisturizer was from a hard lotion bar (which I make from natural ingredients/recipes found online see ebooks & videos from and and supplies from Soapers Choice located in Chicago & allow you to pickup order/saves on shipping:). Soaking in a bath with dead sea salt, also helped…(various sources online w/free shipping).

      1 of our children battled eczema for about 4 years. We saw our child’s eczema clear up, when we stopped using pasteurized milk and bought raw milk. I’m still amazed at the healing God brought to his skin after making that 1 change.

  15. Tracy

    I am very interested in trying to make water kefir. I have had auto immune issues for years and am researching fermented food and drinks to alleviate the issues such as hair loss, hoshimotos thyroiditis, joint pain to name a few. It sounds from all I’ve read that I may be onto something positive here, so tired of Dr’s telling me I’m fine because my blood work always comes back perfect.

    • Theresa

      My allergies have basically disappeared between eating fermented foods, drinking water kefir and taking vitamin D. But my joint pains didn’t disappear until I stopped eating gluten.

  16. Betty

    I would love to receive your free grains. I have been making kombucha for 5 years now & am very interested in trying kefir. I am a 73 year old very healthy & energetic Vegan & just came across your blog today. You have sold me! I have to try it.


  17. Eva brown

    Betty did you get my second reply the I wanted water kefir this entry showed up again to foil out but Pease put the lady with young girl will health iissues in my place I will check back later thanks

  18. Artsy Mammal

    FYI folks: This was posted in 2011, I have a feeling the give-away is long over (correct me if I’m wrong). Betty… thanks for the informative post! I’ve been looking into water kefir and it helps to hear your tips and experience. Thanks!

  19. Eva brown

    Hey crunchy Betty getting ready for bed praying I might be chosen to adopt two or there hundred of your babies I have a big heart and a wonderful loving home I want to use the drink and share with friends with some health digested I’ve problems never AD access to any kefir. Just dairy package starter thanks for your consideration eva

  20. Eva brown

    Sorry about errors small screen on phone eva

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    • MiaMaria

      a probiotic is a type of cell. all human cells (eukaryote) have mitochondria in them (probiotic cells) and we can not live with out them. some probiotic cells are bad for us; some are symbiotes, which means they work for us and we work for them. the ones in kefir are the type that digest our food. our own body actually does very little in the digestion process. put in plain language, these are helpful, some are harmful. hope this clarifies! (its amazing the things I know off the top of my head)

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  23. Mia Maria

    Oh, wow. I guess the giveaway is long over, but my health food store might have some. Must get some as soon as possible. wow!


    Hi Crunchy Betty,

    I just heard about the water kefir and was directed to your web site. I would like to get my first batch of Kefir Grains.
    Please send to Kerry Anderson, 213 Bonnie Brae, Elmhurst, IL 60126.

  25. I. Sofa

    These comments are funny :) I purchased my water kefir grains through There are lots of choices and the cost with shipping for some is around $12.00 total.

  26. Diana

    Thank you for this post. I have a wonderful friend, Gabrielle Lee Nigmond, who linked to this article on facebook. She has some extra that she will give me tomorrow and now because of your article I know just what to do with it. Yay! I very much need a wonderful boost of probiotic for my gut after taking antibiotics for mastitis. My kids will get to have what I will call ‘soda’ :-)

  27. martha

    After 4 years my kefir grains left this world. It truly was sad to see them getting tired and finally go. You call them your babies, I too considered them my little ones. So let me try my luck at this. Perhaps I’ll be welcoming new babies into my kitchen soon. Yay!

  28. I. Sofa

    A question for Martha (above): I just recently discovered water kefir grains. How did you know that the grains “left this world”? After a number of months, mine have not multiplied, but the results are slightly fizzy, less sweet than when first mixed up, and have a lightly fermented aroma (after a couple of days).


  29. Kay Smith

    I live in New Jersey. I have been very interested in probiotics. This winter has been a little rough. Flu season, etc. I have been researching ways to get healthier. It is not easy when you don’t know where to start. I plan on starting with water kefir. I believe I need a bit more balance in my life. Probiotic supplements are not so great. And I want to share this new found healthy helper with my family and friend. I don’t mind purchasing them from people who actually want to help others get there health on track. Good luck!

  30. Luci Ott

    I would love to get some kefir granules from someone that has extra ones. Thank you!

  31. Marilyn Jones

    I’m soo excited. My little sister has been making water kefir for a while now. She gonna share me some grains and teach me how tomorrow! I’m a very fortunate big sister. Gonna make some of your recipes when I get going good. Thanks for all the good information! Health and happiness to you and your family!

  32. lisa

    Wow what a great read! Thanks so much for taking time out to write about Kefir. I have been drinking water kefir and milk kefir for only 6 weeks and so far I find them both amazing! I’m working my way into kombucha tea making now. Getting my water and dairy kefir grains via FedEx was almost like Christmas day. LOL :)

  33. Michael Budnicki

    I first heard of Kefir about 20 years ago give or take a couple years. I began reading about it and eventually felt a need to learn all I could about. The more I learned the more they began to take on an almost spiritual quality to me and I had to get some of these wonderful grains somehow. I search everywhere for months to find a source who would be willing to sell me some. After a very long search I finally found a terrific gentleman who was more than willing to share some of his grains with me and although I offered him some money he wouldn’t hear of it, all I had to do is to make the 5 hour or so to pick up my new delicate friends. The drive was well worth it, as crazy as it sounds but caring for them and watching how they grow was just something so special. So that is how I came to know about Kefir. It’s funny in a way because I feel as though I’m reliving my whole Kefir journey only now with water Kefir grains; I never knew such a thing existed. If there is someone who might be willing to share I would love to try my hand at raising some water Kefir grains. Best to all.

  34. Laurel Pellerin

    I would love some water kefir grains! I can not find any. I only found the dried freezed milk grains. I promise to love them, take care of them, and pass them on to good homes!!

  35. Jacqueline Samper

    I love the way you introduce people into it,
    My niece in Colombia S.A has been talking to me about it,telling me of how I can benefit of it, the problem is she can’t send them for me,so she talk to me about you and your page hopping for me to get some or as you say the starter kit. I’m having right now allot of issues with my health and I really think it’s going to be real beneficiary for me! As she said it will help you more than all those chemicals they’re giving you.
    I would apreciate if you can give me a hand in my path to a healthy me!
    Thank you
    Jacquie Samper
    237 NE Gum Swamp Rd. Lake City Fl. 32055

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  37. I started to drink water kefir while I live in Washington state. My local co-op was always out of the kefir starters and then unexpectedly I had temporarily move to Carson City, NV where I buy kefir drinks at the grocery store. Well that got to be too expensive so I have done without it for about a month now and I am really noticing the difference in my body. I would love to get some water kefir grains to make my own. I was a big soda pop drinker cause I craved that fizz. Drinking kefir has gotten me off that and I just felt better. If anyone has some extra that they could spare, I would appreciate it. Can pay for postage and handling if not too costly. Thanks for all the info on kefir!

  38. Tee


    If room temperature (about 70-75 degrees F) is the ideal temperature for water kefir, what happens when we drink it where the average body temperature is nearly 100 degrees F? Won’t the probiotics all die off because of the excess heat?

    Thank you for your answer!

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  41. Raini

    my sister introduced me to water kefir last summer and i was super excited. she showed me this website and i read how kefir is hard to kill…i must be super talented. here are things your scoby will NOT like and how to kill it. to date i have managed to kill 4 sets of grains (i am no good with cactus plants either and supposidly no one can kill those, mine deflated and went flat).
    1. kefir grains die when mixed with hot water so don’t disolve your sugar in hot water and add your grains before adding the cold water. that was my first death.
    2. when your roommate brings home sugar from the restaurant they work at, make sure it is in fact sugar and not salt….yep, that was just nasty all around.
    3. letting the first ferment go for 3 days. my grains turned almost sandy and the lemon floating in the jar disintegrated, gross.
    4. mold on fresh fruit floating in the jar. because the condo is cooler, i have been letting the first ferment go for 48 hours. tonight i came home to switch out my batch to find a patch of mold on one of the strawberry quarters in the jar. yuck.

    wish me luck on batch number 5

  42. Erika Moya

    How do I order the crystals from you?


  1. […] I’m not giving up on the water kefir just yet – we’ve been making ours with converted dairy kefir grains – which is supposed to be OK but I think that might be affecting the flavor. Next step is to get some “virgin” water kefir grains and compare. Kelly the Kitchen Kop swears that kefir soda is the only way to go and I’m dying to try Crunchy Betty’s dried apple soda. […]

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