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  1. Erin

    Tell me more of this covert operation! Meanwhile, I will do the other things you listed.

  2. Sign me up for the covert op, especially if there are jet packs involved. And tweeting. It is seriously the best glass cleaner ever, ever, ever. I lick my mirrors just so I can use it again.

  3. I am so in. Obviously. Please make us a button, “I am an Ambassador of Crunch”

  4. I have already been preaching the Crunchy Gospel all over my blog, but I will redouble my efforts to spread the Good News :-)!

  5. I am an ambassador of crunch. Is there a crown? Or a tiara?

  6. lingual_panda

    Hahaha I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog! I’m telling all my friends about putting honey on my face and drinking vinegar in water every day and they think I’m weird, but I like sticking it to the man and I like common sense. Thanks for being awesome, Crunchy Betty.

  7. Oh you know, I’m so in on this one…and on the covert one..which I suspect I know what it is…and I already did a “sort of” type by putting a note in a couple of store’s dropbox (suggestion box)…heehee