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  1. Pls I based in lagos in nigeria how I get coconut oil,

  2. Alessandra

    I’ve noticed that a lot of folks seem to be using the same oil mix over and over and over again. I tend to look at my skin on cleansing day and see what it needs. If I’m close to my period and starting to break out, I use hazelnut oil with a couple of drops of tea tree oil. If I’m feeling particularly dry, I use coconut oil with a couple of drops of argan oil. Castor oil always seems to be a no-no for me.

    The beauty of these natural treatments is to be able to give one’s skin exactly what it needs exactly when it needs it. I no longer break out like I did when I tried to use the same oil blend for different skin conditions. Every day I wake up, I’m a whole new person (inside and out), so that requires a whole new oil blend.

    I’ve even been oil cleansing my whole body for the past few months. I feel like my skin is a coating of satin and I never break out; of course, I mix my oils the day of my shower and try to use what my skin is asking for.

    Don’t expect your skin to react the same way to the same mixture all the time. Your skin changes daily.

    • Brandy

      Great idea! The day of your shower, so does that mean you don’t do daily showers. I’ve never heard of whole body oil cleansing, are there times when you would use a soap? I have very dry skin and eczema and trying to figure out a beneficial regimen. Thanks.

    • Linsey M

      My trouble shoot is no matter what oil I use (co, jojoba, avocado oil), my face starts to really dry out. Mainly on the brow of my nose, under my eyes, and eye kids. What am I doing wrong?

      • Cassie

        i have the same thing, except my dryness is pretty much everywhere, mainly on the nose, forehead and eyebrow area(i cant even do my eyebrows without flaking) i thought it might be due to the apple cider vinegar toner i was using but my skin is still crazy dry! granted, it has always been crazy dry but i was hoping for some improvement :(

      • Liz

        Are you using castor oil? If so you might want to stop because that’s the same thing that happened to me. I am also a rare someone that uses olive oil because it’s very moisturizing and has never broken me out. Like ever. It scares me.

  3. SouthernBlackGal

    This actually works for me! I was surprised because everything out there tells you not to use oil on your face, especially for black folks. Thanks to your advice, I selected *real* virgin oil (Lucini) and did a 70/30 mixture with Castor. My skin has never been this beautiful. My acne is completely gone. Sometimes it does get a little dry though, so I started using Rose Hemp Seed Oil,and that seems to do the trick. Thanks so much for saving me tons of money and making me feel better about my face.

  4. Alexius

    Well, just started the ocm, bought your products form your website! :) I have an oily face along with the glorius acne prone skin to follow. blah! Ive only been using the ocm at night and the Tamanu oil cleanse in the am but ive noticed a few breakouts on my lower chin area along with some white heads :( Maybe and hopefully its just my face adapting to these products.
    Discouraging a bit, but these are organic so its best, right?

    • Dee

      I believe this method and steaming the face attracts and pulls out oil/impurities from the skin hang in there for a while. Read more articles about the benefits and effects.

      One ounce of Castor oil with a few drop of tea tree oil is a good spot treatments.

  5. Dee

    I have been using the OCM for two weeks. I have oily skin and use castor oil, extra virgin olive and jojoba oil in my first batch (eventually added lavender). My face seemed a little dry the first couple to uses until my face adjusted. I was surprised to have that effect using oils, but it proves the castor oil is working. I used tea tree oil directly on a pimple and it reduced the size by the end of the day.

    I will continue to use different oils for oily/acne prone skin. My skin is looking better and my pores are too.

  6. Karen

    yI am 50 yrs old and was still getting zits and having to buy pimple cream for my teenager and for myself. I was picturing having pimples into my old age. Crazy. Then i discovered the joys of OCM!! Now my skin looks and acts like it should. My blend is 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 avocado/flaxseed/evoo organic blend. I do not go to all the trouble of steaming my face, then wiping some oil off and then repeating. I simply wash my face with the oil, leave it on for a minute while using oil to remove eye makeup, then i remove the oil from my face with microfiber dish cloths dipped in almost-hot water. I just cannot believe the difference OCM makes! I haven’t had one single zit in the 6 months I’ve been using it. I do this at night only; in the morning when getting ready i simply run a damp washcloth over my face and I’m good to go! If you’ve been looking for something new to try for your skin OCM can’t be beat.

    • Kristin

      Ok I’m totally with you, but I’m 34 and getting acne. Never had it has a teen or in my 20’s…. this is so frustrating. I’ve used coconut oil to moisturize for the past month or two and still breakout after breakout. Just cut out the coconut. Tonight I just washed with Jojoba and Argan…keeping my fingers crossed. Here’s my question, do you use an oil blend to moisturize? If so, what? And, have you ever tried jojoba for your acne?

    • Joann

      just wondering what brand of oils you use.

  7. Cristie

    HELP!!! My teenaged daughters (13 and 15) and I all started using OCM about 3 months ago. My eldest and I were using a 50/50% sunflower/castor blend, and my younger daughter, who has terrible acne, was using a 30/70% blend. For the first several weeks, we loved it! All 3 of us found our faces weren’t oily in the morning anymore, and never got terribly oily even by night time. We used OCM every evining because we all wear makeup (natural mineral, although if anyone has recommendations on that, I’d love it!). After about a month, and this was after the initial breakouts from changing methods, we all found our skin was getting worse. My eldest and I now have bumps and clogged pores all over our face and onto our chins and necks, and my 13 year old’s acne is worse than ever! I also found my face was getting oily in the afternoon, and in the morning again. For the last several weeks, we’ve been using homemade colloidal oatmeal and milk, and um, not good! Breakouts as bad as ever, and dry skin. I’m trying so hard to find something that is good for us, that is financially viable (have you SEEN the price of organic skincare?!), and that works. At the moment I am seriously considering going back to Dermalogica to clear my skin to start again (gasp! I can’t believe I’ve admitted that!) Help, help, help! Please! Btw, the oils we used were organic and cold pressed. I look forward to all the wonderful advice you all may be able to give me. I’m not sure how much longer my girls will buy the, “honestly, this is better for you” school of thought!

    • Erin

      Have you tried Manuka honey or apple cider vinegar? I use Braggs apple cider vinegar with water as a toner on my face and have found Manuka honey to be a great facial cleanser and mask. Both help fight bacteria and are a natural antiseptic.

      • Cristie

        No, I haven’t. I have some raw local honey that I could try, I just find that if I use anything on my face, even just water, without some sort of moisturizer afterwards, I get very dry. As I’m in my 40’s, I can’t afford to have dry skin!

        • Katie

          I have terrible skin and I use 1/2 castor oil, 1/4 tamanu oil, 1/4 argan oil. The argan oil helps with dryness and the tamanu oil helps with the spots and scars! If you’re used to using a scrub you can add sugar a couple of times a week. Hope that helps!

    • michelle

      My initial thought when I heard this was a food allergy. Maybe try cutting dairy out for a month and see if it improves. :)

    • m

      I really believe the reason why this occurred to you and your daughters is because of your mixture. You used castor oil too much i suppose,1/2 castor oil? 3/4 castol oil?! That is just too much! If you’re the oily skin type the maximum measurement of castor oil youre goin to mix with your carrier oils should be 20-30% because CASTOR OIL DRIES OUT YOUR SKIN if taken advabtage of.I think the reason why your daugher’s acne got even worse than before is because the skin was dried too much because of the castor oil, stripping away all the natural oils which in case, made the skin produce more oil than it usually does which causes acne. Ive been there too, and i made a lot of research about it thats why im sayin this. Hope you find a solution

    • Katie

      Hi Cristie,

      I’ve been having the same weird reaction as you and I’m desperate for answers. I’m in my early 30’s and started using the OCM about 2.5 months ago. I’ve gone through weeks of the best skin of my life, to some of the worst – but the thing that caught my attention about your post was the “bumps and clogged pores”. This is a kind of acne that I never experienced until I was doing the OCM – what gives!?!?! I’m really glad to be “off chemicals” and not be spending so much money on products – but I’m really frustrated and don’t understand. I think I’ve read every article on the matter that is out there- tried so many different oils, used clay masks, honey masks, apple cider vinegar… I’m also Paleo so I don’t eat any sugar or grains, or any dairy, so it’s not anything I’m eating that’s causing it….

      Just wondering if you have an update to share? Have you discovered anything in the last month?

      Maybe Crunchy Betty has some more ideas for us?


      • Sarah

        Katie! I am in the exact same boat! I have been using the method for about 2.5 months now. I am Paleo, use ACV, and use a local organic product (jojoba oil and REAL salt with Sandalwood) and am having more breakouts than I have ever had. I have also added Baking soda and clay masks and tried grapeseed oil and teatree oil mixed to try to get rid of the acne. It seems to be getting worse! Especially during my period. Did you ever find a solution? If so, please share :)

      • Nikki

        I am also having the same issue! I started out with OCM and everything was fine for the first month besides being a little too dry. I have always had very dry skin and at 35 have never had acne or breakouts in my life (besides a small blemish on the rare occasion)-until now. I cut out sugar, dairy, gluten and corn thinking that was the problem. Been using ACV/water mix as a toner, baking soda scrubs, honey masks, clay masks, tea tree oil and various other essential oils-you name it. Have tried so many different mixes and finally gave up on OCM. Started using a diy natural moisturizer and foaming face wash (found the recipes on other blogs) and still not any better. I too am about to go back to my chemical laden products. :( I have been scouring the internet looking for any advice about this issue and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone else have this problem. Have had the worst skin of my life for two months and no one seems to have answers. Please, if anyone has advice, share!

    • C.M.


      I know this all was a while ago but hopefully you read this…

      I have the driest and most sensitive skin. I have tried every beauty product out there…well almost. I watch what I eat, workout and all that good stuff. I am a mom with 3 kids and a teenage son with acne. I hate to tell you this but my son started using the acne line from Dermalogica and he loves it! He has oily prone and dry skin.

      I however, use 3 things on my face and I swear by it. I wash with Philosophy face wash “Purity Made Simple”. After that, I uses Mario Bedascu Rose Water, but the one product which changed my skin and I have been using it for 6 months now, is Peter Thomas Roth, Squalane Oil. Squalene comes from shark livers but PTR (Squalane) comes from sugar cane. Cold pressed. I use it in the AM and PM after I wash. Sometimes I emulsify with rose water depending on the dryness of my skin It even helps clear up break outs which have erupted. For whatever reason, they heal much faster.

      Why or how all of this works I have no idea but it does. A simple trip to Ulta and the lady there told me about PTR and I’ve never been so happy with my skin in my entire life. I’ve used Dermalogica, Proactive, you name it….

      I also use the Loreal face brush every couple days and an defoliator from Loreal as well.
      GOOD LUCK!!!

  8. Heather

    I need help with my oil combinations and help in genera please!! I bought CB’s tamanu thyme. It was leaving my skin dry so I bought argan oil to moisturize… my skin was still dry so I bought jojoba oil like her directions say and added it to the Tamanu oil. After almost a month, I am still breaking out (more so than when I used face wash) and my skin is still a little dry. I don’t want to give up on OCM but I am not sure what to do. A lot of people say you have to get the right oil combination, but that seems expensive considering the 3 oils I have already bought, especially if they don’t work. I would say I have an oily t-zone, but overall dry and sensitive skin and prone to break-outs and blemishes. Does anyone have any suggestions on oil combinations I could try and the ratios to use?

    Also, can I do OCM every night? I have just been washing with water in the morning but can’t imagine not cleansing with something every night as I wear makeup everyday and more so to cover my many breakouts now! Also I have read you do OCM on a dry face and a wet face. Which one is it? I start with a dry face but is that right?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

    • ShivaD

      Hi Heath! I have a suggestion – try oils with a higher linoleic to oleic acid profile. Apparently acne proned skin responds well because our sebum is higher in oleic and the linoleic oil balances it out. All 3 oils you named are higher in oleic acid. Some that might work are safflower, grapeseed, hemp, pumpkin seed, castor, and rosehip. I’m going to start trying with hemp and castor. Hope this helps!!

    • Kristin

      Hey Heather, like you I have purchased Argan and Jojoba. Jojoba to clean out sebum and Argan to moisturize, but I don’t have Tamanu…. since you’re still breaking out when adding the Argan and Jojoba, have you considered removing the Tamanu? Caster is really drying, so if you’re already dry you may not want to incorporate that, but I did read that both Jojoba and Argan can be used as your base oil, so maybe just using those two and see what your skin does? This is the combo I’m trying right now…. It hasn’t been long so I can’t give feedback on it yet. Stay away from Coconut and Olive Oil if your prone to breakouts – Coconut gave me small hard pimples all over; very frustrating. This too shall pass. ;)

  9. oil-lover!

    Truly, I was skeptical! At 50-yrs. old with oily/acne-prone skin, I’d heard about the OCM but was not a believer. Read so many opinions against this…but stumbling across Crunchy Betty, I decided to give this a real try. Purchased her Tamanu Thyme Cleansing Oil for oily/acne-prone skin (she really DOES provide the recipe!). SUCCESS!!! After only a week, the congestion on my forehead, cheeks and chin is already better…much better! Not only am I religious about using this cleansing product and method, I am also adding a drop each of Tamanu, Tumeric and Thyme essentials oils into my daytime and nighttime facial moisturizers! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am really blown away!

  10. Danielle

    So I’ve been doing the oil cleansing method for almost a year now and it was doing pretty great. When summer came around I had to switch oil composition due to the warmer weather. But recently I switched back to my fall combo and it just wasn’t working for me and I’ve still been breaking out so I changed to a whole different combo I found and my face has gotten REALLY bad. I’m trying to figure out if this is one of those “it’ll get worse before it gets better” things or if this combo just is not working for my skin at all.

  11. jessilynn

    I use the oil cleansong method and I love it but I want to know what type of oil to add if I’m prone to black black heads

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  13. Sara

    I have read your blog post “the nitty gritty on OCM” and then came to this post. I am going to be giving this a try! I had a question.. On another post you talk about using honey as a mask. Have you done the OCM and also used a honey mask? Maybe not on the same day, but perhaps sometime in the week? This question may have been asked already, I just did not find it yet. Thanks! love your blog btw!

  14. Lena

    I’ve been using extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil and it has been working perfectly and I’m really glad I read this post because I was about to try olive oil with the pine nut oil. I’m really glad I didn’t because my skin is very acne prone.

  15. Deb

    I use a blend of 80% Pure Avocado Oil, 20% Castor Oil and Lavender. I have been using this for two years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I got my recipe from your site and have spread the word.

    I haven’t had to use moisturizer at all during that time nor have I had to buy any commercial products. I have even been asked if I use Mary Kay or other products and have been happy to say “No”.

    I have added a natural bristle face brush to my regimen. It’s amazing how it makes my skin feel! I highly recommend it (although it shouldn’t be used everyday).

  16. varsha

    I have oily skin having acne problems n acne scars. I use almond oil before bed it good for face?

  17. varsha

    I have sensitive skin n acne problems n scars too.i use almond oil before bed it good for skin?

  18. Clare

    I’ve been using the OCM for 4 weeks now and my skin is worse! I used a combo of castor oil and jojoba, and was really frustrated it wasn’t working. I have oily, acne prone skin. Thanks for this post! I’m going to try sunflower seed oil instead of jojoba now.

  19. Nicole

    Im a Unicorn! lol… I use EVOO with lavendar and tea tree. I have been thinking of trying Avacodo Oil, and after reading this I definitely will.

  20. Linsey M

    My trouble shoot is no matter what oil I use (co, jojoba, avocado oil), my face starts to really dry out. Mainly on the brow of my nose, under my eyes, and eye kids. What am I doing wrong?

  21. Jessica

    Plain organic coconut oil has been working for me for about 6 months. I use it every night. I steam my skin several times before wiping off the excess oil. I typically have dry skin, especially now that winter is approaching. I apply a tiny bit of regular Aveeno lotion on dry spots in the morning to keep flaky skin at bay all day.

  22. Brianna

    I think I made the mistake of mixing too many oils together at first. I think it is wise to start with castor and just one other oil at first, and then remove/add one oil until you find what works. I have combination acne prone sensitive skin, and I cannot use grapeseed oil. I have tried it with castor oil and as a moisturizer. It made my skin too dry and gave me a lot of pimples. Jojoba oil was decent, it made my skin really smooth and soft but it didn’t really get rid of my pimples/bumps. I am now using Hemp oil and it is my favorite so far. It is the only oil that is getting rid of my acne (slowly, but still). I also added a few drops of Frankincense oil and I think that is helping a lot also (supposed to be great for acne scars). I always finish with Sweet Almond Oil as a moisturizer as it seems to work best for my skin–super light and absorbent. I have just ordered Safflower oil from Mountain Rose Herbs and will give that a try soon.

  23. Niella

    What type of washcloth do you recommend we use? What does the fabric have to be and does it have to be a natural/an organic fiber?

  24. rhart

    I have been using the OCM method of cleansing for a little over a month. I am experiencing great results, however, within the past week, am getting little red spots on the tender area below the eye. I am trying to not get oils in this area, but proves impossible when washing my face. Any thoughts or suggestions? – My current blend consists of jojoba and castor oil and jojoba with essential lemon oil as moisturizer.

  25. Savannah

    I recently started the oil cleansing method, about a month ago, and originally loved it. I started out with a 1:3 ratio of castor to sunflower oil. The castor dried my skin out, even though I’m oily, so I eliminated it and have continued the sunflower oil alone. However, recently I’ve been getting small red pimples, not whiteheads or blackheads. Could it be the oil itself? Or something else? Any help or tips? Thanks!

    • Jessie

      If I were you I would stop! I tried this whole thing and it destroyed my face. Ended up having to take 3 months worth of antibiotics which created the most horrible side effects, but my face was completely broke out and painful. I stayed on OCM for 3 months hoping things would get better, but they never did. This method does not work for everyone.

  26. Sarah

    I’ve been using the OCM for a little over a week. I’ve been using 1/3 each of castor, tamanu, avocado for my skin that has moderate (but persistent) acne, dryness, redness, scarring, and really dirty visible pores. My skin was really damaged from using BareMinerals (allergy) and I had been using Cerave, which helped somewhat. My skin is still purging a bit on OCM, but I’m loving the results. The pores on my nose are starting to look smaller, and my skin is looking more even. I bought a little steamer to use instead of the warm washcloth which feels cleaner to me. I’m wondering though if I need to splash my face with cold water to close my pores once I wipe the oil off. This seems normal to me, but I just want to make sure that’s what I should be doing. Anyone? Thanks!

    • Tony

      Hello, Sarah! I consider buying a steamer as well. May I ask what you use to wipe the oil off (as you said – and I agree – the washcloth can be problematic) afterwards? Cotton? Paper?
      I once read you didn’t have to close pores by using a toner before going to bed, so I suppose that goes for cold water as well.

  27. corin

    So I started OCM a year ago with coconut oil and after visiting your website decided to switch my oil because of breakouts. Im currently using 70% avocado and 30% jojoba oil. Its working great for the breakouts! But my face is extremely dry now! U should know too that I usually take a hot shower and then soak a flat cotton ball pad with the oil and remove any makeup that way, and then leave any oil thats left on my skin to soak in. Any suggestions? Was thinking of adding another oil such as argan?

  28. Stacy

    I have been using oil to cleanse and it has been working great. (Im one of the lucky few who have no skin issues with olive oil) I do have an issue with my eyes burning. I am very careful about keeping the oil away, but they still burn. Have you heard of any one else having this issue?

  29. Mieken

    I first started OCM a little over a year ago and used strictly organic extra virgin coconut oil. I also used it as an all over moisturizer for face and body. My skin looked and felt fantastic, with just an occasional breakout here and there. Then after a year, I inexplicably started breaking out all over (face and body) really badly. I have always been prone to body acne (chest, back, shoulders) but have always had a clear face (weird, I know). But I started to get blackheads and pustules EVERYWHERE, even my thighs and stomach. I did research and discovered how coconut oil is comodegenic, so I switched to jojoba oil. My skin felt better at first and stopped breaking out as much. Recently I have added sweet almond oil and use a combination of the two (I dont measure out just eyeball in my hand), but over the past few weeks I have been experiencing severely dry, flaking skin on my face. It also looks very dull and I have little red bumps around my eyes and mouth. I was told using a lot of oil on your skin can cause it to stop producing its own natural oil and dry up. Am I using too much oil by oil cleansing every day and using it as a moisturizer as well? Does anyone have suggestions for what to do to restore my skin’s natural moisture?

  30. charlotte

    Hi there I am truly converted. and few months back I started a “cleanse” removed all chemical based cleansers, soaps, shampoos, conditioners. You name it, all natural now. Even my make-up. And your recommendations for OCM are great. I have sensitive combo skin and I live near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and winter is COLD and dry. My holy grail mix in a 4oz pump is about 50/50 castor oil to sweet almond oil with about 15 drops to Tea tree EO. And I dont usually need facial moisturizer, which is a miracle for me. Thanks So much. I’ve even converted my bestie!

  31. Excellent blog you have got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays. I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  32. Carolyn

    I’ve been doing the OCM for about 3 weeks now and I think I finally have my ratio/method for my skin figured out. I have combination skin with a particularly oily nose and chin and drier around my hairline. My ratio is 60% grapeseed, 30% castor and 10% avocado. After cleansing with this mixture, I made a toner with 25% raw apple cider vinegar, 75% water and a few drops of tea tree oil. When my skin is feeling a little drier than normal, I use a bit of avocado oil as moisturizer.

    I cannot recommend this method enough!! My skin used to go through phases of extreme oiliness to extreme dryness, and I could never predict when it would do what. Now my skin is consistently moisturized, and it just looks better all around.

  33. Beecee

    Has anyone tried using a facial steamer instead of the washcloth? It takes so long for my tap water to heat up and I don’t like the idea of all that wasted water. A steamer also seems like it would be more convenient and relaxing. They’re about $20 online but before I buy I wanted to see if anyone else had tried it. I think I’d still want to put a warm washcloth over my face during steaming. Any thoughts?

  34. Holly

    Ok here is my question. I am so excited to try the oil cleanse but I am confused. If I wash at night do I need to wash again in the morning? Also if I put oils on at night to moisturize do I need to repeat in the morning before applying makeup?

  35. gail

    I have combination skin and sometimes my skin breaks out in acne. I used to use bar soap to wash my face (yes, I know – my girlfriend has told me thats bad”. . I now use her Citrus Clear Face Wash which smells great and and it takes off so much dirt and oil off my face and leaves it not too dry-not too oily.

  36. suzie

    hi crunchy betty,
    thought i’d go in the bath and try this as i’ve been meaning to for some time now. what i mixed was: 1T castor ~ 1T apricot kernel ~ 1T evoo. just wanted to keep it simple because it is my 1st formula { so i’ll be making changes from here if needed }. after i used my rosehip seed oil and my aloe based matrixol syrum that i’ve made. My skin feels calm and like it wants to be a “good girl” ~ so i’m happy i ran into your space and made the time to do this. LOVE your crunchy style!

  37. Tony

    Hello! Does anyone have experiences from using sweet almond oil in OCM even though you have mild allergy when eating uncooked almonds? My throat itches badly if I eat almonds, but I love the smell of almond perfumed products, and like what I’m reading about the oil.

    Second question: Concerning the wash cloths… – I admit that I’m a bit lazy when it comes to for example laundry. I don’t want to make too much fuzz like a unique wash for the cloths. I want every advice you have that can ease the cloth business! I use the same cloth for about three days, but wash it a bit with regular handsoap before using it.

    I have oily, acne-prone skin with beginning fine lines. I use a blend of castor oil, jojoba oil and either pomegranate or rose hip seed oil. I also used coconut oil for a while and had no bad issues with that before I read it was comedogenic and freaked.
    I can’t breathe right when I hold the washcloth over my face, so I use it more to wipe off with lots of warm water. So in other words, I don’t really respect the steaming process :( I feel like the world’s naughtiest OCM-usernow.

    Bye!! :D

    • Lisa

      Do not use any oil on your face from anything you’re allergic to, you will eventually break out or worse! As for the steaming, you could always use it before showering, then wash your face a the end of your shower.

  38. Darlene

    See a full list of comedogenic ratings of oils on

  39. Lindsay

    I’ve been trying the oil-cleansing method for a couple of weeks now. I never really cleaned my face with proactive or store bought cleansers, so my skin did not have a transition time.

    I’m having a hard time figuring out how to manage my acne. At 23, I should have outgrown it. I’ve been using castor + sunflower, and the acne has just exploded. Whiteheads, everywhere, like little white daisies.

    I transitioned out of Tea Tree Oil as an additive for a repairitive, in case that was causing anything. So far, no change. It is only making it worse.

    ATM, I am going back to just castor oil to see if that helps to clear the acne. It became worse when I added sunflower, though my face is far dryer (coconut and olive obviously do not help). What will help? Is this an allergy? Sunflower was supposed to help with acne. Also I have a severe budget as a recent grad…..

  40. April

    I use a Grapeseed and Jojoba oil OCM. I also put a few drops of tea tree oil in it. I have acne prone skin but it’s dry, not oily, so I have to be very particular with what oils I use. Grapeseed oil is wonderful for acne prone skin. Jojoba oil has a Comedogenic Rating of “2”, but is great as a moisturizer, so I do a 2:1 ratio so that I have more Grapeseed oil than Jojoba oil. I really love the way this combination makes my skin feel and my acne is clearing up and I actually like my skin now.

  41. Janine

    I have been using oil cleansing for a couple of months. I wasn’t liking how my skin looked with the olive oil/caster oil blend I was using (it was much better on the olive oil/coconut oil blend I started with, actually). I felt that I looked dried out and much older. After reading this post, I decided to try a more dry skin combination. I went with 1 1/2 tsps each avocado and apricot kernal oil, half a teaspoon of castor oil, an eyedropper full of argan oil, and about ten drops of essential oils. I’ve been using this blend since Sunday, and my skin looks much better overall. That old look is definitely going away, but I have about 7 pimples under the surface of my skin that weren’t there before. Could this just be transition, or is this mixture too rich for my skin? Any thoughts?

  42. Nic

    I have been using my own homemade foaming face wash (based on filtered water and liquid Castile soap) and homemade serum (based on a combination of 85% argan oil and 15% sweet almond oil) to great success. I am interested in switching to oil cleansing. Does this mean my serum will now not be necessary as the OCM is oil based, like my serum?? Would using both mean oil overload?

  43. marti

    I’ve been using the OCM for three weeks now. While I have noticed some real improvements I have also began to break out in an area that was once clear. I have since lowered my castor oil dosage and raised the sunflower oil dose. After a small break in cleansing (4 days)I have started a new system where I cleanse every other day. I guess my question is how long should the adjustment period take? Should I try a different oil to end the new breakouts? HELP!!!

  44. B

    I’m in the same situation. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve read that if after a few weeks you’re still reacting badly then maybe try a different oil. I also started on sunflower and it was horrible for me, and since I’ve read a lot of things saying sunflower probably isn’t the best. Try lowering the castor way down to no more than 15% of your mix, and I’ve read great things about hemp seed oil. That’s what I’m going to try next, as well as jojoba. People also say not to do the full steaming deep cleanse more than a couple times a week. Less is more. Good luck!

  45. Sarah

    Hi I used sunflower oil at first too and it made my skin horrible. I switched to jojoba and castor oil at about a 10:1 ratio (I have pretty dry skin and didn’t want the castor oil drying me out) and it made a huge difference. Took a few weeks for my skin to start clearing up once I switched but it’s been great since then so about a year now I guess! Hope this helps :)

  46. Melissa

    Here’s the answer you don’t want to hear: everyone’s “adjustment period” is different. Some people have no purging period and adjust right away (those tend to be the Evil Mutants Who Have Had Perfect Skin Their Whole Lives, and we don’t like to talk about them). I’m 6 weeks into OCM, and while I don’t think I really had a “purging” period, I’m only just NOW starting to see a gradual improvement in my acne compared to what it was before I started OCM.

    That said, if you’ve been using your blend for a few weeks and your skin is looking “irritated” in addition to still having pimples, you might want to try a different oil. It could be that your skin doesn’t like castor oil, at all – from what I’ve read, it can cause breakouts and irritation in some people. It PROBABLY isn’t the sunflower oil making you break out, since it’s considered completely non-comedogenic, but everyone’s different, so it might be. Add or remove oils from your regimen one at a time so you can figure out what’s causing issues, and give it a week (I know, it’s hard) to notice any effects before changing something else.

    If you’re breaking out in an area that was once clear, well, don’t have an answer, because I’m in the same boat. The only possible explanation I can offer is that, since you’ve been doing OCM for 3 weeks, it could be hormone-related. Sorry, wish I could give you a better hypothesis than blaming it on your period… :-/

  47. maina

    Hey, I’ve been having the same problem. So I just want to ask if you’re still doing the OCM for your skin? I’ve lowered my castor oil amount, and increased the safflower oil. I’ve also started doing the OCM every other day.

  48. Ali

    Your 10:1 ratio is 10(jojoba) and 1(castor oil)?

  49. Diane

    The period theory could be right, most of us tend to break out more here and there, tea tree oil helps without drying my skin out, I found the castor oil to be way too drying for me no matter how little I used so I just use avocado oil and occasionally add a few drops of tea tree oil when I feel I need something more. I also use grapeseed oil instead of avocado when I am not as dry


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