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  1. Lane

    If I am not going to use the Oil Cleansing Method every night, what should I use on alternate nights? I ask this because I wear sunscreen and blush, and I want to be sure I’ve gotten all of it off my face. I have combination skin with a tendency toward adult acne. I have never put Castor Oil on my face, but I use it for muscle and joint pain. Ideas? Thank you!!!!!

    • Hahn

      I used Cerave foaming facial cleanser. It’s really gentle and I think it doesn’t have as many harsh chemicals as other american brands. Asian cleansers are best though. Skin Food is a pretty cheap korean brand

    • Hahn

      I have really oily skin. I used a blend of castor oil and sunflower seed oil at first and I had a lot of success. The pus would come out of my skin without me having to steam it. After a while it stopped working. I took out castor oil from the blend and only used sunflower seed oil the ocm started to work again. As I didn’t have the right blend while I was traveling, I went sort of crazy when the pure sunflower seed blend started unclogging my pores and did the ocm way too many times. Sometimes I would run the oil on my face two or three times after steaming and I did that every day. It seems when I let my face rest the ocm works like magic. I’m currently in a lull and going to wait a week or two before I start the cleanse again. :\

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  3. Amy

    I use 2 parts castor oil, 5 parts almond oil, 3 parts jojoba oil. Thinking about putting in some tea tree oil just to help fight the breakout I already have. Just started this week and I love it!!

  4. Mel Issa

    I’m considering trying this method. I’ve been wanting to try it since last year but always back out and buy natural face cleansers. I have oily skin, I don’t have acne but my forehead and my cheeks have skin colored pimples. They’re not whiteheads or blackheads, they’re just there…ALL the times. I’m thinking of using grapeseed oil and almond oil, and I have peppermint, rosemary and tea tree oil since I use them on my hair. Can anyone help me? I currently use jojoba oil as a moisturizer after I clean my face, and a toner made of Apple cider vinegar, water, peppermint and tea tree oil.

  5. Robin

    I decided to try this method after weeks of researching. Last night was my first time. I decided to use Castor oil and grapeseed oil as my blend, both cold pressed and organic bought at Whole Foods. (3 parts castor to 1 part grapeseed) I have oily, acne prone skin and from what I have been reading, this sounded like a good blend to start my journey. Hope all goes well and I hope to update on my progress.

  6. Anna

    I’ve just started the OCM and I’m pretty excited. I bought the tamanu thyme cleansing oil and I really like how supple it makes my skin feel. One question though. I use the oil at night before bed to remove my makeup, but I shower in the morning. What would I do in the morning to cleanse my face that won’t strip my face of too many oils? I have oily skin normally so when I wake up, my face is already pretty oily. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thank you!

  7. marti

    I’ve been using the OCM for three weeks now. While I have noticed some real improvements I have also began to break out in an area that was once clear. I have since lowered my castor oil dosage and raised the sunflower oil dose. After a small break in cleansing (4 days)I have started a new system where I cleanse every other day. I guess my question is how long should the adjustment period take? Should I try a different oil to end the new breakouts? HELP!!!

  8. B

    I’m in the same situation. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve read that if after a few weeks you’re still reacting badly then maybe try a different oil. I also started on sunflower and it was horrible for me, and since I’ve read a lot of things saying sunflower probably isn’t the best. Try lowering the castor way down to no more than 15% of your mix, and I’ve read great things about hemp seed oil. That’s what I’m going to try next, as well as jojoba. People also say not to do the full steaming deep cleanse more than a couple times a week. Less is more. Good luck!

  9. Sarah

    Hi I used sunflower oil at first too and it made my skin horrible. I switched to jojoba and castor oil at about a 10:1 ratio (I have pretty dry skin and didn’t want the castor oil drying me out) and it made a huge difference. Took a few weeks for my skin to start clearing up once I switched but it’s been great since then so about a year now I guess! Hope this helps :)

  10. Melissa

    Here’s the answer you don’t want to hear: everyone’s “adjustment period” is different. Some people have no purging period and adjust right away (those tend to be the Evil Mutants Who Have Had Perfect Skin Their Whole Lives, and we don’t like to talk about them). I’m 6 weeks into OCM, and while I don’t think I really had a “purging” period, I’m only just NOW starting to see a gradual improvement in my acne compared to what it was before I started OCM.

    That said, if you’ve been using your blend for a few weeks and your skin is looking “irritated” in addition to still having pimples, you might want to try a different oil. It could be that your skin doesn’t like castor oil, at all – from what I’ve read, it can cause breakouts and irritation in some people. It PROBABLY isn’t the sunflower oil making you break out, since it’s considered completely non-comedogenic, but everyone’s different, so it might be. Add or remove oils from your regimen one at a time so you can figure out what’s causing issues, and give it a week (I know, it’s hard) to notice any effects before changing something else.

    If you’re breaking out in an area that was once clear, well, don’t have an answer, because I’m in the same boat. The only possible explanation I can offer is that, since you’ve been doing OCM for 3 weeks, it could be hormone-related. Sorry, wish I could give you a better hypothesis than blaming it on your period… :-/

  11. maina

    Hey, I’ve been having the same problem. So I just want to ask if you’re still doing the OCM for your skin? I’ve lowered my castor oil amount, and increased the safflower oil. I’ve also started doing the OCM every other day.

  12. Ali

    Your 10:1 ratio is 10(jojoba) and 1(castor oil)?

  13. Diane

    The period theory could be right, most of us tend to break out more here and there, tea tree oil helps without drying my skin out, I found the castor oil to be way too drying for me no matter how little I used so I just use avocado oil and occasionally add a few drops of tea tree oil when I feel I need something more. I also use grapeseed oil instead of avocado when I am not as dry

  14. Elizabeth

    Hi – this seems to be a good and honest post. My friend swears by OCM and I just started today. However, it needs to be noted everywhere that while it takes the outer layers of your skin to clear up in a week or 2, you could have acne developing deeper in the skin that takes a few weeks to come out and that’s what you are seeing now. I sometimes take a month or so to adjust and I have extremely oily and sensitive skin. I’m using sunflower oil (organic, gourmet, cold pressed) and the first time I washed, my skin felt great. I also have slight ezcema on my chest and it stopped itching after I massaged the oil in, so who knows.


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