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  1. Chris

    I think for acne-prone people it’s better to watch the comedogenic rating of the oil used. Coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of 4 (over 5, which is pretty high). Olive oil is 2, a bit better. For really sensitive people, there are a few oils that does not clog pores (comedogenic rating of 0), such as sweet almond, argan oil, hemp seed oil, etc.

  2. CK

    I first found OCM on this site,tried with olive oil+castor for few weeks, my skin became greasy&breaking out more+blackheads got worse.I kept doing it cos i know skin (esp. the one used to drying store-bought stuff))needs time to adjust&realize that i’m trying to put it back to work&restore natural balance,since it got confused&lazy cos of years of commercial stuff.But skin got worse, i stopped OCM altogether,tried soaps no sulfates&co,made of some minerals or healing dirt,don’t remember,+cosmetic&essential oils.Didn’t help much with acne&blackheads faded but a bit,it just cleaned without drying out,but erased terrible consequences of Olive+castor OCM, took ab.3 odd months.I couldn’t forget OCM cos i love oils&with them i got my skin to do more of it’s natural work of moisturizing itself(now use only instead of night cream,for day only if ran out of my organic brand moisturizer).I decided to try OCM again,this time I researched more.I have a very dry, acne&blackheads-prone skin(Derm got me isotrexin,it dried out my skin, helped with spots, but acne got back when i stopped using),i’m way past puberty,eat fairly clean,my acne are red pimples w.white heads small&middle sized,rarely get a middle-sized one that’s painful to touch,takes time to be popped or doesn’t,it hurts&takes long to go away.So I found a girl who wrote about how OCM helped her with acne&theory that for acne-prone skin it’s best to use oils with high percent of Linoleic Acid,I also learned about choosing oil(for any skin type)that’s non-comedogenic(rating 0) or comedogenic rating 1-2, the higher the rating the more issues may be with clogging&acne,and no Castor oil.For washing off oil the girl uses a soft microfiber cloth(100% polyester or 80%(70,85) polyester and 20%(30,15)polyamide(nylon)-try different types,see what your skin likes more,mine’s fine with 80:20, make sure it’s microfiber,some brands make microfiber cloth&write “3M”on pack,those are thinner&rough,not the one you need).Microfiber in beauty stores are more expensive(marketing!),buy cheaper in usual stores in aisles with clothes for home/car cleaning,also girl said they take off your make up with no problem(i don’t use make up,esp. skin one,so i wouldn’t know).So i chose an oil(grapeseed-linoleic ab.70%, rating 2, then tried rosehip 44%, rat.1).Drop enough oil for the cleansing (for me 16 drops)in clean(!)palm, massage into face for few minutes (2-3 min.enough,if longer i feel like i’m spreading oil&dirt i picked up all over my skin),then thoroughly wet the cloth under very warm water, put it on face for 15-30 seconds, or until you don’t feel steamy&warm then massage oil off the face in circular motions be gentle,microfiber cloth itself is great for removing dirt so don’t rub hard,extra gentle around eye area.Repeat again-wet cloth, steam, rub off.I don’t use tonic,if after OCM skin feels it needs moisture,take few more drops of same oil used for cleansing&apply to moist (not wet!)face, if you’re fine you can skip moisturizing with anything.Done.Oils are often better than store-bought moisturizers cos oils don’t really moisturize as much as lock the moisture you skin produces,store moisturizers do the work FOR your skin&only on superficial level(derm moisturizers are great though but too expensive,imo).With oils you let your skin do it’s natural work of moisturizing from inner sources.I have a v.dry skin,need moisturizing always,when started OCM was summer, used grapeseed oil which is light&even called dry oil(rosehip too),but after OCM i experimented&didn’t apply more oil to moisturize.My skin felt a bit dry, but after about a week i’ve noticed it was fine after OCM&didn’t crave moisturizing,i assume it’s cos my skin was too used to me helping it with moisturizing&when it realized there’s not gonna be moisturizing started getting back to doing it itself.In winter(cold outside/dry air inside)after OCM i do moisturize a bit-a mix of few drops of oil used for cleansing+few of Vitamin E oil,it’s sold in liquid form&cheap,i use for my body after scrubs&sugaring, better than any lotion out there, imo),if i get a pimple or before my period i add to the moisturizing mix a drop of tea-tree or lavender essential oil.First no result,saw them only after about 2,5 months of this OCM(allow your skin time to get used to new cleaning, esp. if like me you didn’t use other cleansers during OCM and before it,for long used store-bought non-organic stuff, it screws your skin’s natural balance off&takes time to restore it).Having failed with OCM previously i didn’t expect much,hoped at least to combat blackheads&some acne.After few months of grapeseed, now a month after rosehip my skin look clearer, i still have ab.2-3 pimples every month (before period i get more,cos hormones),but my blackheads(esp on chin)clean out after OCM&skin looks clearer,for me it’s huge progress&being a realist not idealist i’m happy with that.I wash cloth with soap&water after OCM&put it to dry,after 2-3 uses&soap washes i take a new one&old add to laundry,so it gets “deeper” wash.Also once in 2 months i see 1-2 black heads that don’t go away&become “bumpy”, i sanitize my hands,pop it(not with nails!),sanitize the spot and/or apply tea-tree or lavender oil&that’s it.I think that happens no matter cleansing method,and that’s the only way to get rid of this type of “bumpy” blackheads, i used to have lots of those before.When i wake up(my skin looks the best then) i wash my face warm water&nothing else(i’ve slept all night on clean pillow so no need for serious cleaning&skin cells rejuvenate during night so using store-bought cleansers strips away all the work your skin has done during the night),or use colloidal oatmeal (i grind oatmeal into powder-ish, they say it’s the same thing,”colloidal” costs more cos marketing!) and add to a glass of warm water,wash face with that instead water,colloidal oatmeal&baths are good for acne prone or skin with dermatological issues.Twice a week i scrub with bit of organic honey+sugar (once a month(!) add-squeeze bit of lemon juice(or grapefruit,but lemon helps with post acne spots) or add a drop of lemon essential oil-it’s v.strong scrub&don’t go outside or use good SPF after it!).So OCM i use 5 times a week as evening cleaning,trying to get less lazy&do masks too.Soon will start mixing oils high in linoleic acid&do OCM. Will soon start taking Zinc,heard for some people deficiency of that can be reason for acne&hair loss,maybe my skin would get even better.Sorry for very long post, but I hope this helps somebody;D

    • Maria-Ligia

      OMG this post helps so much!!! This past year I have tried all sorts of combinations of OCM and my skin doesnt seem to like any!!! I have had acne since I was 18-19 (now 26), and that was at the same time I found out I was gluten Intolerant. I have tried every method out there, changed so many dermatologists and prescriptions all these years, I was under control for some year and in good condition, until 2 years ago that the prescription creams my dermatologist gave me suddenly werent working for me anymore! That was when I decided to no all natural and organic on my skincare. Getting back to OCM, it has made me break out so bad around my jawline and now I seem to be getting those big pimples that hurt right below the jawline on my neck!! I am so frustrated!! I have the suspicion that my face doesnt like castor oil and also that when I do the OCM sometimes my BB cream (with color- which I need to change to organic) doesnt come off properly and notice it after Im done with my OCM. That also made my acne worse. I tried grapeseed at some point (I must have read what you are talking about, just dont remember where- would like to find that article again) but cant remember how it went- dont think very well, but the truth is I might have switched to something else too soon, and maybe my grapeseed oil was not too good?
      Im currently using Crunchy Betty’s Oil Cleanser for Acneic and Oily Skin but has castor oil in it so maybe that might be one problem, or that I havent given it much time (did it for a month). I need to get a microfiber cloth to see better results.
      What is your exact recipe with grapeseed oil?
      Thank you! :)

      • Perry

        Painful acne at the jawline is usually cystic acne, which is caused by irregular hormone fluctuations and is too deep for any acne product to reach.

  3. Eggnog

    I did oil cleansing for a year, several years ago. I started doing it as I couldn’t afford cleanser. I found it softened fine lines around my eyes, especially in the winter. You do need to make sure you remove it properly or it will block your skin. I used to dip a cotton disc into the cup of green tea I drink while cleansing (Too lazy to go to the bathroom to wash it off) and the green tea worked perfectly. It has antioxidants too. Oil cleansing is great for removing makeup without drying your skin. I used Sweet almond oil as that was in the house. When that finished, I moved onto regular vegetable oil and it worked just as well. I found I needed less mosituriser as well as my usually dry skin loved the oil.

  4. Victoria

    Hello, I have been loving the oil cleansing method but I also love the powder cleanser that I use, that contains soy and coconut milk powder with other grains such as Fenugreek Powder and Besan flour.

    My question is can I use them together or would that be to much? or should I alternate? I love both of them but I do not know how to use them correctly. PLEASE HELP! =)


  5. Sarah

    Hi! What does everyone mean by ‘parts?’ A drop, a teaspoon, a tablespoon? Can someone please give the specifics? Thank you!

    • Paige

      Parts can refer to teaspoons, tablespoons, or drops. It depends on how much you want to make. Start with a small amount to see if you like the oil blend and then go from there. If it’s 1 part castor to 3 parts of another oil, try 1 t castor and 3 t of another oil.

  6. Michelle

    I was really hopeful that the OCM might help even out my sensitive, combo skin, but after about a month, I have to say, it’s not for me. I started by cleansing once a day with 1 part almond oil to 1 part jojoba oil to 2 parts castor oil (for a 50/50 overall mixture) + a few drops of tea tree oil. I did have a few breakouts during the first two weeks, but I wrote that off to an adjustment period. By the third week, they’d mostly cleared, but my forehead had become embarrassingly shiny. I read elsewhere that might be due to the jojoba, so I adjusted my mixture to 1 part jojoba to 3 parts almond to 4 parts castor (keeping that 50/50 total ratio), but then my T-zone turned desert dry. After a few days, I tried reducing the castor to two parts (for a 75/25 mixture), but my forehead then turned simultaneously oily and flaky, while my cheeks and chin were breaking out again. Plus, my pores were enlarged, and my complexion was looking very red. Further online sleuthing suggested rosacea could be aggravated by the steam and by traditional (terrycloth, as opposed to muslin) washcloths. I may try the OCM again some time later, with gentler washcloths and oils like hemp or sunflower (which have a 0 comedogenic rating), but at present, the number of variables and the further financial investment just feels too daunting to keep it up, when my skin is being so finicky.

    • Anna

      I would consider dropping the tea tree from the equation and seeing if that works for you. Tea tree can be incredibly drying and irritating if not diluted properly, and I found that my skin was just too sensitive for it. Less is more when it comes to trouble shooting! I’ve been mixing jojoba and castor oil prior to washing, about a quarter size amount in my palm with literally just a DROP of the castor oil and it works wonders. I also found that my skin is sensitive to the temp/approach of wiping. DO NOT SCRUB! It’s inherently engrained in our approach to cleansing, but it really causes more irritation. I usually just wet my washcloth in hot water, let it become lukewarm before I put it on my face. I let it cool on my face and then gently pat/wipe. Hope that helps!

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  8. Tanya

    Good tip on using water heated in an electric kettle! I was starting to do it this way as I am renting a room in a house and my landlady doesn’t like wastage, I have to be careful not to let the water run while brushing my teeth (I like to rinse the toothbrush as I go!) let alone washing my face, which takes even longer!

    At least this way I can make my morning tea with the same hot water I’ve heated up!

  9. Jeni

    Is there an oil that you’ve found that helps with redness in your skin?? Not acne related, just reddish skin tone?? I’m currently using avo and apricot oil as my skin is dry as well. Thanks!!

  10. Wendy

    Hi. I have very sensitive skin and have always considered my face face to be oily. Now my cheeks are so dry they are tight. I have dropped all my products for just jojoba oil cleansing and moisturizing. Have only been doing this for 5 days but my cheeks are still extremely tight. Do I need to change oil or continue for a bit longer? Thks

  11. Alexandra

    How many times a week should I do the oil cleansing meathod? And on days when I’m not doing this meathod, what kind of fave wash should I use?

    • Jess

      If you’re going to do oil cleansing, then you should stop using face wash altogether. All that will do is confuse your skin and possibly damage it over time since they cleanse in completely different ways. I personally only oil cleanse a couple of times a week and that’s it. I don’t do anything else.

  12. Jessica

    I have been trying this for a week and a half using 50:50 Safflower oil and argan oil once at night. In the mornings I use raw honey only to cleanse, and moisturize after with jojoba or argan oil. My skin is combination most of the time. This has left me with Very Dry skin on forhead, cheeks, and chin. What should i do to adjust? Adjust oils used? Adjust how I’m moisturizing? I would love to know if anyone else has had a similar issue.

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  15. Emily

    Hello! I belong to combination skin type.

    Is the oil cleansing method suitable for combination skin type?
    I am tempted to try this method but afraid of putting oil on my skin.

    If I were to try the oil cleansing method, do I have to use soap to remove the oil on my skin?

    What kind of oils are suitable for combination skin type?

    Is it alright to do oil cleansing method on daily basis?

  16. Sarah

    I have been doing the ocm for a while now, no real issues with it and was doing it am and pm. Also was moisturising with jojoba oil after I cleansed by face. I am 42 and wondering should I be adding more anti aging to my routine such as retinol or vit c serum (which I plan to make up myself)
    Any thoughts on retinol?
    Do you just use oil and no other moisturiser, eye cream ?
    Any thoughts much appreciated.


    • Kim

      Hey Sarah,
      I’d recommend what I’ve found to work: cleanse with your oil mixture at night and when needed (every other day for me usually) moisturize in the morning with a suuuuper lightweight face moisturizer that has SPF in it. Mine is an Arbonne one that has SPF 50 in it and is very lightweight that my skin feels soft and dry after using it and I can put make up on over the top with no problem. Eye cream is just an expensive version of exactly the nutrients/moisture/antioxidants/SPF you’d be getting with this method already so it’s not necessary at all.

      Hope that helps!

  17. Carla

    I’m just starting out with using OCM and have found your site really helpful! I am still wondering though, what do you use every other day? I’m going to start using OCM every night, so what should i use in the mornings? Just a splash of water? I’ve read that it’s best not to mix it up with a soap cleanser…i just want to have a better idea of what to be using in between OCM times.
    Thanks so much!

    • Kim

      Mycellar water wipes are good for the morning if you don’t feel clean already. Don’t use soap or scrub your face.

  18. Susanna

    I’ve been doing this, sort of, for a while, but much more simply. In the morning I rinse my face with water and then put a small amount of jojoba oil on my hands and rub it into the skin on my face. No rinsing off. I sometimes massage the facial skin for a couple of minutes with the oil–it’s good for sloughing off dead skin cells, but not harshly like an exfoliator. No need to moisturize afterward, although I do apply facial sunscreen. I don’t know if this would work for everyone, but my skin is great (it’s I guess what would be considered normal-to-dry).

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  21. syeda

    Hi everyone.I have a question and I need your advice.I have normal skin type.I had flawless skin till I was 19.But I started having very bad cystic acne at the age of 19.I’m 21 now and tried switching to all natural diet, my cystic acne is gone now.But I still get breakouts here and there but they aren’t very severe.I have acne marks from my cystic acne,so I wanted to try ocm to clear those and help me with the occasional breakouts.I started off with 70% castor and 30% oil oil.Both oils are cold pressed and extra virgin.At first,my skin was very bright and clean but after 3 days I started getting tiny red bumps on my cheek bone area,maybe It was drying my skin so I decided to lower the amount of caster oil and increase the olive oil.I use 80% castor and 20% olive oil now.I’ve been doing it for a week,every night before bed and just today I noticed a minor breakout on my cheeks and chin.Its not very severe but I’m scared now.is it just purging or do I need to change something?My skin feels soft and bright but I’m scared of a very severe reaction and getting more acne scars :( and I clean the oil completely after washing and I moisturize my face with some olive oil.Please help me ☺

    • Sara

      Frankincense really helps with scars and cystic acne. I will either dab a drop or two right on my face after oil cleansing, or mix a drop or two into a carrier oil to dab all over my face. It really works wonders!

  22. Rebecca

    Hi there,

    I’m new to oil cleansing but have very sensitive, dry, acneic skin.

    I’m thinking I should use Avocado Oil. Tamanu Oil and Teatree oil.

    I’m just looking for some guidance on the ratios, or if I should add some Castor oil in?

    Thank you so much!

  23. deborah

    HI, i have mature very dry sun damaged skin on my face. i wonder what the best oil would be to cleanse my face with? the ones I have used (even with all natural ingredients) feel drying/ In your opinion, Why is olive oil not good for this condition? I am wondering if avacado oil is the most lubricating cleanser for me in your opinion. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Deborah

  24. deborah

    another question for cleansing dry and sun damaged facial skin: how about jojoba oil or pomegranate oil, can i mix the two? thanks Deborah

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  26. Muna Safirudin

    I’m asian and have sensitive/ oily skin. I have occasional hormonal acne on the chin and the sides of my face and I found out about the oil cleansing method and have only started this method for about a month now. From the reviews that I have read, people usually use castor oil and In the beginning I started with just Grapeseed oil cos its supposed to be good for oily and acne skin and I couldn’t find castor oil in my country, I have ordered it online and Im just waiting for it to arrive. All the reviews that I have read has said that in the earlier stages the method will cause your skin to breakout and after a while your skin will get better. I’m starting to get worried cos I have been breaking out a lot more than usual, I have breakouts on the forehead now and more of the sides of my face. These breakouts are not that bad, they’re just little red spots and it makes my skin grainy and rough. I have switched my oil to sunflower oil cos I read its a high linoleic oil and it is not comedogenic. I’ve been reworking with the sunflower oil for about a few days now and my skin still hasn’t gotten better. I dont know what I should do? Should I continue with the method or just stop? Cos people’s reviews have been saying that to just stick it out for a few months. Help! I need advice!

  27. Sadia

    Am I doing something wrong? I’ve been using OCM for almost a month now and I see no difference in my skin since the purging stage. Nothing has changed except for a few pimple of the purging stage have healed. The blackheads, clogged pores, pimples, still there. I use 1/3 castor oil to 2/3 Sweet almond oil since EVOO doesn’t fit well with my skin. I do the method exactly as stated and haven’t used any chemicals since I’ve started this method. I’m really on the verge of giving up but I don’t want to give up because I love this method. But I need it to work for me and decrease the 1000 blackheads I have on my nose and extra large pores on the sides of my nose. Please help and give me any advice.

  28. Celena

    The reason that some/most people may have problems with Olive Oil is because, as I just recently learned on a news program 20/20 I think, is that Olive Oil is a huge Black Market industry and that a lot of so called EV Olive Oil products are cut with cheaper oils and passed off as pure olive Oil. I learned that sometimes canola oil or some other type of oil is used. Please google and learn more.

  29. shannon

    so ive been using just sweet almond oil on its own and have found that i have this initial breakout mainly on my cheeks i feel like all the crap is being purged out of my system the tiny spots i used to get all over my forehead are basically gone, my skin tone is completely glowing, i feel like what i need to do is cleanse just 3 times a week instead of everyday and that will help, im going to just do it at night like i was in the beginning, my skin just absorbs the oil and feels lovely and soft in the morning, i never get big lumps like i used to and now when i get a spot the head appears the day after rather than staying under the skin. i feel like i want to add in a castor oil as i do have some but i feel like constantly changing oils is not good as your skin needs at least a month or 2 to adjust to a new regime, im only on my second week of doing it ad like i said im breaking out just a little atm but that is no big deal, as im sticking to it and i feel it will definitely clear

    hope this helped

  30. Nk

    I have a dry skin,i apply a mixture of argan oil, olive oil and mustard oil. I have been using ocm since last week there r few small white bumps under eye otherwise it’s working. Just want to know whether m using right blend of oils, also suggest me good brands of oils


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