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  1. Hara

    I have tried the ocm for almost a year, and had horrendous results with it. I was of course not going to give up so easily, so I experimented with several different oils. I suffer from Atopic dermatitis, making my skin incredibly sensitive and causing me to break out from the smallest of things. I first broke out when I was 19, after a lifetime without a single imperfection on my face – no joke, I was like a bloody porcelain doll throughout my teenage years. So imagine the torture of beginning adult life looking like a thirteen year old. I am now 25, and countless products and “skincare specialists” (worst thing I ever did, going to a dermatologist; the products they gave me was like putting my skin on fire, and I ended up with my skin swelling and turning completely red!), and the following failures, convinced me I would look like this for the rest of my adult life. Then I found the ocm.

    Jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil and so many others were disastrous to my skin and ravaged it, leaving me with even more spots, scarring and deep infections. Now I have been using hempseed oil, and it is a world of difference! No more dry skin, or it feeling uncomfortable, no more gigantic spots or infections, and the small spots I do get disappear in a day or two, or even a few hours. And bonus: it makes my scarring slowly less prominent day by day! :D

    So if you are on the verge of giving up on the ocm, PLEASE DO NOT! At least, not before trying hemseed oil for a while. (It took me about a moth before I noticed a more radical change than just softer and more supple skin – and I try to only do a deep cleanse once a week, and try to avoid makeup BUT IF YOU DO WEAR MAKEUP YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES AS OFTEN AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!)

    And thank you Crunchy Betty for posting this and the other posts about the ocm. I think I would have given up on this method much sooner if I had not come across these posts.

    • B

      Thank you!! In all my research about the oil cleansing method I haven’t been able to find anyone who started it, broke out horribly, but kept going and found a solution. Everyone who ran into trouble seems to have quit. I just started about a month ago and my skin is really enflamed, major breakout and I’ve been thinking about giving up… but now! Going to get some hempseed and see what happens.
      Did you notice your new breakouts stopped when you switched to hempseed, even if it took about a month for it to affect the current breakout?


      • Hara

        The most radical change was generally that my new outbreaks were much smaller and not nearly as inflamed, and that my existing infections drasticly reduced in size. This was the first hint that I might finally be on the right path, and it has slowly but surely improved with time. When I did break out with large new spots, I found that it was only every time I used makeup, so now I wash my makeup brush every time I use it (found that the easiest way was to wash it with the mild cleansing milk I had from before I started the ocm, followed by a round with the hairdryer I never actually use on my hair) and new breakouts are a thing of the past.

    • Holly

      I have used hemp oil at night. Messaging all over my face, wiping off makeup with a cotton ball then applying manuka honey on after for 5 to 30 min. Then I rinse with cold water. In the morning I put manuka honey mGO 250 on my face for 5 min then rinse and put hemp oil on and I’m done. Hemp oil is rated 0 for comogenic which is awesome and it reduces inflammation. Because it has chlorophyll in it it minimizes redness. Manuka honey with a rating over 20 is guaranteed with powerful enzimes to clean and heal wounds.

    • A

      The reaction acne reaction to olive oil is probably due to its high phytoestrogen content. Putting it directly on the skin probably allows some of the hormones to absorb causing a hormone induced breakout like around the time of your period.

    • Ashley

      I’m currently using castor oil and sunflower seed oil but still breaking out. I use morning and night. I’m interested in trying the hemseed. Do you mix it with another oil? And how often do you use it? Hopefully that’s something I can find at the grocery store. Let me know. Thx!

  2. Lauren

    Anything for men?

  3. Meg

    Just bought a bunch of oils today to try this method! Since I turned 30 and my son stopped nursing, my skin has started breaking out worse than when I was a teen. I had been using coconut oil, but I think that made it worse. My only question: what can I use to remove eye makeup including waterproof mascara? The jojoba oil says it can be used to remove makeup, but castor oil says to avoid contact with eyes. Thanks.

    • Leslie W

      I use the OCM method with a face full of make up including mascara (and waterproof mascara). It looks black for a bit, but it all melts off nicely and comes off no problem.

    • Gabrielle

      Jojoba oil works… and it’s high in Vitamin E so it’s a good thing to put around your eyes. It’s pricey, though, so i try to save it to use only as moisturizer. I usually rub the grapeseed oil on my eyes until my mascara is all off, then proceed with my castor-and-grapeseed-oil cleansing.

      • Malorie

        Gabrielle, what kind of grapeseed oil are you using? Organic, cold pressed ? Hm, I just got some today and noticed its just plain grapeseed oil not organic or cold pressed. Wondering if that makes a difference???

        • Gabrielle

          I bought my grape sees oil from the cosmetics section. It says “oil for skin” but doesn’t say whether it is organic or not… This was only about $4 for a 6oz bottle

  4. Luisa

    Straight olive oil has worked wonderfully for me. I have a little pump bottle filled with it in my shower. I use it when I wake and before bed, and really, whenever I feel I want to clean my face. My skin looks great (according to me :) ) My shiny-ness has gone away, my pores are visibly smaller, and my pms acne has been diminished. I love it. I will never go back to using anything else. I may experiment with hemp oil, but that would be the extent of it. Don’t fix what isn’t broken :) Good luck everyone. It’s different for everyone, but worth the experimenting.

  5. Leslie W

    I have been using the OCM for a year now and LOVE it! Before using OCM I had breakouts, and red rashes around nose, irritations from sensitive, aging yet acne prone skin.

    I experimented with all the oils my favourite blend is:
    Tiny bit castor oil (I find it VERY drying)
    Apricot kernel oil (my Fav)
    Grape seed oil
    Almond oil
    essential oils: Lavender, rose or clary sage.

    I don’t measure though I just put it all in the bottle and shake ‘er up!

    I save my jojoba oil and argan oil for my moisturizer because they are more pricey.

  6. lena

    I am just starting to try ocm and was wondering if I could add some hyaluronic acid to my cleansing oil blend. Can’t seem to find any info on it.

  7. Cynthie

    What is the ratio for Tamanu oil? You mention 1 tsp above, but how much oil cleanser are you adding that to? I want to get my ratios right and not overdo the Tamanu

    • Robin

      Cynthie add the 1tsp (5-10 drops) of Tamanu oil to 1-2oz’s of or your OCM blend (re: Add extra bonus ingredients for your skin type). Hope you have good success.

  8. Marie

    Any thoughts on how to or what oils to use for Rosacea prone skin?

    • Bonnie

      Hi Marie, I’ve started oil cleansing because I couldn’t find anything that didn’t trigger my rosacea. I’m very new to it, but I’ve not reacted poorly to grapeseed oil as my base. I’m slowly adding a little bit of castor, and I’ve had good results adding a bit of chamomile oil (it’s anti-inflammatory).

  9. Kahu

    Crunchy Betty was it you who wrote about the impact castor oil production has on the environment and the people who process it, and what castor oil you should go for to ensure it is friendly?? I can’t find that info now anywhere! Thanks!

  10. Miranda

    So I first started the OCM with castor and olive oil (both of course organic and cold pressed) and my skin started clearing up and looking amazing. I also tried coconut oil and it was fine too. I know you don’t recommend those, so I ordered your thamanu theyme cleansing oil and the lucid oil moisturizer. I was so excited to try it but I was horrified when I immediately broke out worse than ever before all over my face the day after I used it so I stopped using it after 3 days and my skin started clearing up again. :( I dont know what to do. I really want to use it but I’m not sure why its breaking out so much and if that is just a beginning stage…but if it is, why it didn’t do that when I used the olive/castor oils and coconut oil?? Please give me any advice because I want to use these products.

  11. Anubhuti

    Use Veet Wax Strips for silky smooth skin! It works like magic leaving behind perfect flawless skin. Its easy to use and convenient! Buy veet products from snapdeal on a special discount offer!!

  12. kayb

    I became obsessed with the coconut oil rave. I made a coffee, sugar, salt, cinnamon, cocnut oil blend body scrub and I use it everywhere. I get in the shower. was my hair with regular shampoo until I run out of it. I then put the cocnut oil in my hair for conditioner. I wash my face with an organic but still 2% saliclyic acid facewash then I shut off the water. I add the scrub on top of the facewash and then all over my body and once I have rubbed all the little exfoliating parts away to nothing I rinse and get out. I made my own concotion of coconut oil and lavender essential oil that I put on any breakout areas and my face (a very thin layer. I tend to breakout under my sports bra since I am an engineer that sweats 10 hours a day then I workout so I just stay filthy most of the time. aka breakouts). I so far have no had any issues. I accredit it to the lavender EO I added in and the scrubby stuff in the scrub I made. This may not work for everyone but I made this for a bunch of my friends and everyone is loving it with no bad reactions so far. The added ingredients may have made the difference between breakouts and glowing healthy skin. That was my tidbit. Might not work for everyone.

  13. Raissomat

    You know why I immediatly knew that oil cleansing was Good for my skin? Aside from the softness Of the skin afterwards; I have always had oily skin, but also really sensitive. Well after the first days Of OCM, my skin stopped looking oily all day long and the pores on my nose looked smaller and clean.
    My problem now after a few weeks is that I get extremely dry.
    The skin is tight, and flaky. I put more almond and jojoba oil in the mix, but I’m still incredibly dry, plus a few cystic zits that really hurt. I have to work on my oil mix, my skin looks so dried out and wrinky.

    • Claire

      That’s exactly what happened to me. I switched the olive oil out for sunflower oil and I’m not sure if it made it worse

      • Raissomat

        Vita told me I was probably overexfoliating. I now oilclense my skin twice a week and the other days I use cotton pad and floral water ( rose or lavender). Whenever I feel dry tight skin I damp my face with a hot cloth and apply a drop Of my oil mix massaging it in with warm hands to make it sink in, before closing my pores again with a spritz ice cold water or a rose water icecube. The irritation is gone, tightness and cysts also, pores back to normal. Overall, the best looking skin in six years. I will have to keep an eye on the mix and my face in general, as my skins’ needs will change in summer or over time. Also whenever I happen to get a blemish, I pop it and then clean it with floral water and then oil mix. It sounds absurd but I assure you it heals much better than with desinfecting! Maybe the ingredients in the desinfectant strips the skin from its portecting layer or something, but it’s much less irritating, and there is no bacteria spreading giving me pimples all over. I never tried olive or sun flower though, I use still 10%castor, 40%iojoba,50% almond and a few drops pomegranate seed oil.

  14. Elisabeth

    Right now I am using 2/3 Castor, 1/3 Sweet Almond, and some essential oils depending on how I’m feeling. Usually Ylang ylang, tea tree, or lavender. My skin has cleared up alot, but after almost a month, I still have some acne that persists! I also have a lot of scars. Any recommendations for new essential oils or ways to get rid of the last of it? I was also wondering where the best place is to get tamanu or tumeric oils?

  15. Carrie

    I tried a blend of 2 ounces of each Castor Oil,Apricot Kernel Oil and Argan Oil, my nose and chin got extremely red and irritated. I am sensitive to cleansers and normally use Dermalogica. When a co-worker told me about OCM, I had some Vitamin E oil laying around and started with it before I ordered my oils. My skin looked so soft and vibrant..I don’t want to give up on this method! I would appreciated any advice you could offer. I am female age 53 fair, sensitive skin. Thanks Crunchy Betty

  16. Renee

    I am just starting OCM. I am 7 days in. I am 39 and have struggled with mild/moderate acne around my chin since my teens. I am so frustrated. My combo is 60-70% castor and the rest is Grapeseed oil. I like the way it feels on my face, but I am noticing a flare up of red pimples on my chin again. I have several questions. 1. is this normal in the first week or so???? My routine is this: AM: wash with all natural honey, rinse, swipe of cotton ball with 100% natural witch hazel, then rub on a very tiny amount of grapeseed oil. PM: OCM, witch hazel and grapeseed oil. Does this sound about right? How long should I wait to see if it is natural purging/detox or if it is just the wrong combo??? If it is wrong, what should be my next plan???? And, What is the best way to wash during the day if you need to wash again, ie after working out etc. Honey? OCM? some other method. I have tried to ditch all my drying chemicals that I used to put all over my face and commit to this new method wholly, but it is difficult and a bit scary honestly. Not that the other chemicals were doing that much either. I read rare reports that the OCM has completely messed up some peoples faces, Just a little worrisome, hoping this is the answer. Thank you for any advice.

    • Jenn

      Witch hazel and lavender oil is good for you skin but I read that if you skin is sensitive, you should avoid anything with strong fragrances including witch hazel and lavender oil so I stopped using those two ingredients in my skincare routine. You can use apple cider vinegar as a toner instead but I use rose water. I basically have the same or similar skin routine as you. I hope this helps~

  17. Laurie

    Please help ! :(
    How long does it take skin to “normalize” I realize this probably varies from person to person but I am getting really frustrated. I posted recently about having a dryness prob and was told to decrease my castor. I did and with a combo of a baking soda scrub in the morning plus a few drops of jojoba as a moisturizer the dryness is virtually gone (THANKS Brittney !) but my face.. cheeks in particular.. are red and blotchy. I’m not breaking out per say but my skin definitely looks a bit bumpy. Since I pre mixed my oils I have no clue what ratio I’m using. The orig mixture was 2/3 castor and 1/3 jojoba so I use a quarter sized amount of that then add about another 1/2 tbsp of jojoba. My skin is fairly slick after I cleanse but soaks most of it up a few mins later. In the morning it feels fairly soft. Am I doing something wrong?? Or do I need to be more patient. Please tell me this will work soon ! With this plus the fact that I’m trying to use less makeup till I find something chem free.. I look and feel compleletly nasty :(
    Thanks :)

  18. I’ve been using OCM for about 4 months now and I couldn’t be happier with it! My skin is so much clearer than it used to be (I’m 29 and for a bit I felt 13). I still have a breakout here and there, but it is nothing like it used to be. Most importantly, I no longer end up with an oil slick on my forehead and flakes on my cheeks at the end of the day. My skin feels balanced and happy! Yay to that!!! I use about 1/2 castor oil, 1/2 grape seed oil, and a hint of tea tree oil. Plus at night I moisturize with Jojoba oil.
    I’m going to be going to Florida for a week, and I’m afraid of the humidity,(I always break out in humidity). I live in Colorado where it is very very dry. Do you have any tips to help reduce this? Is there some kind of oil I might be able to add to help with the climate change? Thanks!!!

  19. Hannah

    Hey folks,
    After doing what I think is a good amount of research on the oil cleansing method, I’ve decided to give it a try. I’m sixteen and have pretty bad acne. I’ve tried various natural remedies to help my skin out, but nothing has worked. I have a feeling this could work well for me, but I want to try and get it right the first time around (or at least the second time around) so I don’t have to face the horrors of the trial and error period. I’ve recently started using African black soap and rice water on my face, which Is helping, but not enough. I don’t want to have to buy lots of oils mainly because of the expense and because my Mum will probably be doing the buying. Also, I just oil-cleansed last night with olive oil, but now I’m hearing that it’s actually bad for your skin, so I’m not sure what to use as a base oil.
    Any advice and tips on how to start this process would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. I was wondering it I could use the rice water as a toner after oil-cleansing?

  20. Amanda

    Hello! Do you have any suggestions for removing makeup mid day?

  21. Hi Betty, your are truly amazing! I had mildly troubling skin growing up and then it went away at around 20, but I have recently moved to the city from a farm and I swear ever since I started living there my skin got worse and worse(I think this is because of the higher level of pollution in the air?. So a while ago I went for a facial and the beautician recommended I use an organic range of products, but as with most products I’ve used over the years, it works amazingly for a month of two and as soon as I get the second lot my skin starts making little bumps everywhere and it just feel irritated in general. It also feels dry despite the fact that I moisturize twice a day and on top of this I usually struggle with oily skin?! Talk about confusing…
    So, last night I stumbled upon your blog and I got really excited as I’m quite keen on going natural with these things, and I tried the Nutmeg and Milk scrub (I added some Turmeric in there) and I was amazed! My skin was sooo smooth and I didn’t feel like I had to moisturize at all! So this morning I made the Tomato and Gelatine peel of mask and I currently have it on and will be taking it off shortly (it really sets!!). All of this has totally inspired me to try the Honey and Bicarb face wash and the ACV toner! I can’t wait! You are amazing and thank you!!!

  22. SK

    I’ve combination skin that is prone to breakout. I think it’s because my skin is sensitive to skin care products. I can’t use most counter moisturizers. After reading good reviews on OCM, I’ve been using pumpkin seed oil and grape seed oil alternatively for the past month. The first week, I saw really good results. My face is clear and my acne scars lightened but the following week, I begin to breakout on first on the forehead, then on the chin & mouth area. Then I read about the benefits of Tamanu oil and blended it with grape seed oil. I am still breaking out, and to add to the problem, the skin along my jawline began to itch. Is there something I’m doing wrong???

    • Gabrielle

      Crunchy Betty is the expert, but could it be because you haven’t stuck with one type of oil for long enough to adjust? I had a horrible time adjusting for the first couple weeks, but now my skin is like porcelain minus just a few zits left over from my last break out… but I also felt itchy all over my jawline at first. Why is that??

      • SK

        Hi Gabrielle,
        Thanks for your response. tt’s very hard not to quit with large pimples breaking out everyday. I’ll stick to grape seed oil & see what happens. Glad to know I’m not the only one who is experiencing itch along the jawline. Hopefully, someone can tell us why. Cheers.

        • Lindsay

          Hey, I have the itchy jawline too! What is that?! I washed my face about an hour ago with an avocado/jojoba mix that I’ve been using for a while (also happen to be the only oils I’ve gotten around to investing in, besides the obvious coconut and olive oils, which I don’t like on my skin). After I washed it off, I was a little itchy and the skin felt a little tight and dry, so I put on a little bit of straight jojoba and didn’t wash it off, and now it feels fine.

          P.S. The oil mix I use has been amaaaazing, and where I used to have a perpetual crop of blackheads on my cheeks, I have fewer than I can count on one hand.

  23. kelly

    I have been using the OCT for about a month now and have broken out in lots of small red pimples. I’m wondering if this is just the gunk coming out of my skin or if I’m using ratios/oil that’s perhaps not right for me? I currently use jojhoba and castor 3/4 quarters to 1/4. Also in the last week I have noted my skin feels ‘rough’ I exfoliate about 2 times a week with cinnamon, honey and nutmeg. Also to top it all off have just come off the contraceptive pill which I have been on since I was 14(I’m 25 now). If anyone has any advice or similar experiences I would love to hear :)

  24. Gabrielle

    I’ve been struggling with acne for over a year… In high school I always had perfect, jealous-rage-invoking skin. Now that everyone else has moved on from that, my skin is just the worst. I actually cried to my doctor about it when I finally decided to go and get a prescription for antibiotics (they actually sort of worked… but not worth 3 months of off-and-on yeast infections)

    When I read Crunchy Betty’s post about the OCM, I was like “A-HA! That makes sense! I started breaking out worse than ever, I freaked out, and I washed my face with harsh, over-drying products… like, constantly… all throughout the day. And now my skin just sucks more because of all the excess fussing.”

    I use 1/2 castor oil and 1/2 grapeseed oil plus 1 drop of tea-tree and 1 drop peppermint. I mix in my hand before use every time, so sometimes I use more or less castor oil depending on how greasy I’m feeling. (I plan to add an extra oil that is more moisturizing next time I wash, because I read today that grapeseed oil is an astringent, so I’m using two drying oils in my OCM) I only cleanse using OCM once a day or every other day. I moisturize with jojoba oil and spread lavender oil (diluted in the jojoba) over problem areas every day or twice a day.

    My skin is MUCH better. The first two weeks were really scary because I got kinda red and bumpy… I had just finished my 3-month-cycle of antibiotics (which still left me pretty broken-out), and I thought maybe all the little bumps were going to turn into big zits. They didn’t. It took two weeks for my skin to adjust and balance out. I’ve been doing OCM for three weeks now, and I’m all porcelainy minus a few zits left over from my last break out.

  25. K

    Not sure whether to persist or not. I have skin peeling off and very red (after about two weeks of OCM) on my nose, chin and centre of the forehead. The last mix was olive oil, avocado oil and jojoba. I have ordered tamanu oil which is yet to arrive. The area where the skin is peeling has been a problem in the past, (with dryness and skin flaking). Not sure if it is a dermatitis problem.

  26. Danea

    I started OCM about a month ago. I started off with jojoba, sweet almond and grape seed, but after about two weeks I cut out the jojoba because I was breaking out badly. If anything, my breakouts are worse now.. I took some pictures before starting this and compared to now and I’m MUCH much worse than before.

    I’m really disappointed because up until a few months ago I had really clear skin but then I had a bad reaction to a new cleanser and finally decided to try this since I was desperate but it’s just not working. I’m thinking of buying an oil based cleanser (a natural one preferably) so I still get the moisturizing benefits without needing to worry I washed it all off (I feel like using a washcloth every time I use the OCM now is too abrasive for my skin, it gets really red, but I can’t just not use it because then I won’t rinse off all the oil..). Does anyone have any good suggestions for cleansers?

  27. alicia

    Hi! So I want to try the oil cleaner method. I have mild rosacea and severely sensitive skin that is combo/dry, I want to try the OCM, but was wondering.. If i do the oil cleanser can I put sea buckthorn oil or rose hip oil on after? Or should I just use one of them to oil cleanse? Im confused! I feel like the castor will be to drying for me.

  28. Breanne

    I’ve been using the oil cleansing method for just over a month now. After the first week I was starting to see some improvement in my skin (I’ve never had very acne prone skin, was just wanting balanced and overall healthy skin) but now my skin is worse than it’s ever been. I have more breakouts now than I have ever had! I don’t want to give up as I know it’s just a matter or tweaking it and customising it to my skin. I’m 21 and have normal/combination skin. I started using 1/4 castor to 3/4 sweet almond oil, and I’ve tried increasing the castor as well to about 1/2 to 1/2, but still haven’t seen any change. After reading this and some of the comments below I’m thinking I may have a nut oil allergy so might try switching to grapeseed or hempseed. Any other suggestions? Should I be using other supplementary oils/essential oils as well? Determined to make OCM work for me, I know it’s just a matter of trial and error so any tips are welcome!

    • Breanne

      Forgot to add I started off doing it every night and then started doing every second night as I thought it may be too much for my skin. Should I be doing it even less? A lot of people say to only do it a couple of times a week, but what should you do the other nights, especially if wearing makeup? (I don’t wear makeup everyday and when I do I use mineral makeup)

  29. afaf

    Dear Crunchy Betty,

    I love your blog and I love that you explain things in a simple way. I need your advice but first let me give you a brief about my skin. I am 26 years old and I suffer from my acne since I was 13, I have an oily skin with lots of blackheads and crazy breakout, since a year and a half I adapted a new facial routine where I steam my face and apply the indian clay mask once or twice a week as well as using my clinique acne line, since then I did not noticed any breakout. However, I felt that I need to even tone my skin as well as give it a healthy radiant, for that reasons I decided to switch to all natural skin care products.
    Currently, I use OCM with a mix of castor, jojoba and grape seed oils twice a week , brown rice scrub 4 times a week, clay mask once a week and I made facial and under eye serums from lavender,lemon,carrot,rosemary essential oils and I apply them every night. I am doing this for almost one month now and I gladly didn’t breakout, However, my skin now is full of blackheads and white tiny pimples even around my eyes, I also feel like there is a lot of heavy layers under my skin, I also noticed that my chin become a little darker and greener now! and the stranger-weirder thing is that deeper lines under my eyes!!!
    I used to clean my blackheads while I am steaming my face and that worked great, but now no mater what I do my nose still have these dirty things.
    Crunchy Betty, I am freaked out, I do not want to give up and go back to all that chemical things I used to use, but I feel like I will wake up one day with an ugly crazy breakout and a sun burns!

    Your advice is sooo much appreciated. and please keep up the good work.

    Thank you!

  30. Katie

    I just completed my first month of oil cleansing and I love it! My acne is clearing up but mostly I love that my face doesn’t look as “old” if that makes any sense. I was drying out and generally abusing it with Proactive for years. It looked irritated and tight. And my face was an oily mess all the time.

    I’ve had success with borage, grapeseed, hemp and some tea tree oil. I’m oil cleansing every night and leaving the warm wash cloth on for awhile to really steam out the nasty stuff. In the morning I wash it with raw honey (it wouldn’t need it if I could keep my hands of my face. I’m a crazy face toucher!) Then I use a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and water as a toner. When I need moisture, I use raw shea butter and lavender essential oil. Everything is organic and unrefined.

    I’ve also cut out A LOT of sugar. I already eat pretty well but I’m a sugar addict. I think that’s really helped clear up my acne. All the fancy oil in the world can be undone by what we put into our bodies. Oil cleansing has helped me kick my sugar habit because it’s more expensive and effort than regular cleansing. It helps me to not want to undo it!

  31. Laurie

    Quick question.. I think I’m ready to add an EO to my mix and I’ve chosen geranium oil. One problem though.. IT’S SO PRICEY ! $32 for 1 oz @ mountain rose herbs. How many drops should I use in my mixture?? I don’t want to have to buy this more than once a month :( (even that is too much). Thanks !

  32. I use 2 parts grapeseed, 1 part evening primrose and about 10 drops of lavender! I LOVE IT for my combination skin (prone to periodic cystic acne breakouts). I’ve been using it every morning for 3 weeks now and I have yet to see a breakout, but I have noticed better texture and smaller pores. Thanks for your advice and this awesome post!

  33. Alex

    I was just wondering what combination of oils you would recommend for dry but acne prone skin? I have had dry and quite sensitive skin all my life and acne caused by hormones

  34. Abby

    I’ve been using the ocm for about a year now. I seem to have been consistently changing ratios the whole time. When I first started with castor and evoo, I broke out everywhere but continued to use it for 2 months in hopes it was just a long purging period. What I noticed amongst the small bumps everywhere was that absolutely all of my blackheads were gone on my nose, but my forehead and jawline were a mess. How could this be. So I gave it a rest for a couple months and went back to my old method (pro active). I hate putting this harsh stuff on my face. I continued to do research, and discovered jojoba oil (organic). So I started using this mixed with castor oil, and started noticing little blackheads everywhere. Then I purchased tea tree oil to add a small amount to my blend… This, I felt kind of dried my skin, and didn’t seem to help with the blackheads or acne. I started trying evoo again, to clear the blackheads jojoba had given me, and that didn’t help.. I’m not switching back to chemicals because my skin looks better now than it has in a long time, I just have these blackheads that only I notice. So from this website, I bought organic tamanu oil. I have been mixing a small amount of this with a small amount if castor, and double the amount if jojoba. My skin seems to be dry, but it has cleared tremendously after only a week of the tamanu oil. I’m excited to see how it is another week from now. I wish I could use jojoba as a moisturizer on my face, as I use it in the rest of my body with no problems… But I don’t want the blackheads.. I’m still trying to figure it out to perfection, which I’m sure takes time.. But any tips on moisturizing??

  35. Bri

    I tried experimenting with the OCM last summer by using raw coconut oil to cleanse and diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner. Initially, I was pleased with the results, but after about 2 weeks I had the usual reaction of a massive breakout. I have fought my skin with an arsenal of products, both natural and not, since puberty (I’m 30) and I’m weary! I’m going to give this a second try and take my skincare products into my own hands. I downloaded some ebooks (including yours!) and have made some recipes.

    My oil blend right now is grapeseed (carrier) and about 1/2 tsp each lavender and rosemary oils. I made a moisturizer with glycerin, jojoba, vitamin e, and tea tree oil. Also two toners: diluted ACV with tea tree (evening) and green tea, aloe, and witch hazel (morning).

    I also use Dr. Woods Black Soap as needed.

    I’m a bit nervous that I’ll have the same breakout reaction, but I’m willing to stick it out because conventional products (even natural ones like LUSH) just don’t work for me. I have a question: is it normal to get small flaky patches? I remember this from my last attempt at the OCM. Right now I have them just under my lips and in the laugh lines near my nose. Do I just need to exfoliate? These are areas where I’m likely to break out so I don’t want risk dead skin accumulating there.

    Also, what type of make-up do you use with the OCM? Can you recommend anything? Thank you so much. I love your site!

  36. jen

    Hi, I’m 45 years old and I’ve been using OCM for almost a year now. My skin has never looked better. I even get compliments from my family at how amazing my skin looks. I cringe when I think about all of the (probably) toxic rubbish I’ve put on my skin over the years, expensive products with who-knows-what in there. It was a lot of trial and error, like you said, I had to cut back on the castor oil! I never use coconut / olive oil on my skin, but I eat it.

    I cleanse with a mixture of avocado and sweet almond oil along with a few drops of jojoba and lavender oil. Before bed I blend a few drops of argan and almond oil into my T zone for moisturizing. It’s wonderful. Thank you for your terrific recommendations, I love your site! All the best, XX

  37. marti

    I’ve been using the OCM for three weeks now. While I have noticed some real improvements I have also began to break out in an area that was once clear. I have since lowered my castor oil dosage and raised the sunflower oil dose. After a small break in cleansing (4 days)I have started a new system where I cleanse every other day. I guess my question is how long should the adjustment period take? Should I try a different oil to end the new breakouts? HELP!!!

  38. B

    I’m in the same situation. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve read that if after a few weeks you’re still reacting badly then maybe try a different oil. I also started on sunflower and it was horrible for me, and since I’ve read a lot of things saying sunflower probably isn’t the best. Try lowering the castor way down to no more than 15% of your mix, and I’ve read great things about hemp seed oil. That’s what I’m going to try next, as well as jojoba. People also say not to do the full steaming deep cleanse more than a couple times a week. Less is more. Good luck!

  39. Sarah

    Hi I used sunflower oil at first too and it made my skin horrible. I switched to jojoba and castor oil at about a 10:1 ratio (I have pretty dry skin and didn’t want the castor oil drying me out) and it made a huge difference. Took a few weeks for my skin to start clearing up once I switched but it’s been great since then so about a year now I guess! Hope this helps :)


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