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  1. John Williams

    What is proven about commercial tallowates to be negative just because the cattle may have been injected with antibiotics and so forth? Do these animal drugs find their way into commercial tallowates? What is the refining process for animal tallow? I would like to know more before I can justify $3.25 for a bar of Dr. Bronners. In any case, there are “white label” brands such as Dr. Organics that are far cheaper than Dr. Bronners and equally as pure and effective.

  2. David

    I am vegetarian but seriously the bar soaps are that are tallow-free are far too expensive! Who but the upper middle class professional with a great job can afford $3 a bar soaps? What we need is a good mass produced vegie/vegan soap that’s affordable.

  3. Carol Cameo

    I had used dove for years but it became WAY TOO PRICEY so i went back to the OLD bar soap Jergens …which is a mild soap gentle enough for a baby. But of course if U are a vegetarian AND the thought of soap containing animal products scares u then u might have to stick to some other soap……and BTW i used Kirks Castile soap and it burned and tingled my skin so bad i stopped using it.

  4. Julie

    People…we don’t put garbage in our body, why put it on your body?

  5. I just discovered the EWG website and this makes me very glad I make my own laundry detergent. I am with you concerning the production of these inexpensive bath bars containing all the mystery ingredients. I’m wondering about health and sanitation regarding the collection of the animal fats in question too. Sure it’s on a super gigantic scale so I dare not think of all this fat being processed! Anyway bottom line, I’m trying to find a new bar soap to use to replace Zote and Fels Naptha in my laundry detergent . I’ve thought of using Zum,Toms, or the round soaps thatare that come in bulk without packaging, these can be purchased at Whole Foods or Natural Grocers. I’m willing to pay a little more to protect the health of my family. Also Kirks Castile is another option. I’m going to continue my research in the meantime.

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