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  1. So true! All of it! I try to do new things often but I’m not doing it every day. Need to though. Exercising your brain is as important in staving off the effects of aging as exercising any other muscle in the bod… probably more so.

    Running out of stuff is such a great opportunity to make better choices. I totally look forward to things running out! That could be the new nike slogan you know… “Just Run Out”… or “Just Run Out And Do It”. This could be big! I think you need to make t-shirts for us.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Haha. Just run out and do it. I love it! (Wonder how Nike would feel about it, though.)

      Um, can I just tell you the title of that blog post “Men Who Stare at Goat Cheeses” is genius. You’re genius.


  2. So true, I knew I was smarter :) (and thanks for the link!)

  3. I do a lot of teaching about this subject, the keep your brain active subject, that is.

    The whole thing about the nuns.

    Learning may not FIGHT the disease, but it fights the effects of the disease.

    Learn learn learn.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Have you ever thought about offering your services online?

      I know someone who’d be interested.

      If that’s even possible.

      (Learn, learn, learn. That’s a simple but effective motto. I’m going to obsess over it for a few weeks. Thank you.)

  4. Wow! Great advice! Many people want to make a change but get overwhelmed thinking how can I do all this at once? This is exactly what I tell people….use stuff up…change one little thing at a time. Before you know it, you will get there! This is what I did in my quest to go organic and it works well.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Right? When I think about how I changed my eating habits, it really was just by not buying anything bad anymore. Now, I’m never even tempted by things like Doritos and other processed foods. In fact, when faced with a choice of eating them, even considering it makes me feel a little icky.

      But it was all small steps to get there.

      Goodbye to the need for instant gratification! That was so last decade.

  5. Jen @ Lita's World

    So true and so perfectly said! Running out has absolutely worked for me (and my hubby by default). I’ve found that once I started identifying with being green, it grew from there as I felt so good about my choices I wanted to expand upon them more and more. Kinda like making one of your homemade recipes- I just wanna make more now!

    • Crunchy Betty

      It’s fun how boys just seem to go along with things when they’re left with no other option. When Fiance and I moved in together, I told him there would be no more fast food. He whined for a couple of days (having been a Taco Bell addict) and then he just accepted it. Once in a blue moon, I’ll see a charge to Taco Bell on the debit card … but it’s so rare, I can’t bring myself to lecture. Heh.

  6. And I’d like to add that ‘just run out’ is in itself a green philosophy, because buying new things (even if they are green/organic/homemade) isn’t as green as using up what you already have. Nice post!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Oooh. So true. I hadn’t even thought of that particular point. Thanks for bringing it up! (Now I want to rewrite the post … heh.)

      Although I am having a hard time with using up things that I have from “before” I made the change over to organics/naturals – like cleaning products and stuff from Bath & Body Works. I wish I knew how to do that, greenly and efficiently, without actually “using” them. Have any ideas?

      • Krista

        I’ve been having that same issue. So far, I’ve used the B&BW body washes as toilet cleaner a la FlyLady (“soap is soap” and “swish everyday”), and I’ve about decided to sell the cleaners next time I have a garage sale. At 5-10 cents a bottle, they should go quickly. Also, the shampoo/conditioner I had stock-piled in my closet is getting donated to our local food pantry/assitance ministry because they are always looking for things like that. I’d welcome any ideas anyone else has.

  7. lola_marigold

    This is serendipitous. A couple of weeks ago I heard an interview on CBC radio with the guy who wrote “the power of habit”..Thats was the catalyst for me, someone who always delved into this stuff and made plans for but never stuck to…Now I am in the right headspace..