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  1. Eastern

    Hello Betty,

    I have one weird question. I applied coconut oil to my hair and to my surprise, I am experiencing hair loss and hair breakage. And after the oil trip my hair is very dry and brittle and when i comb it with my hand my follicle hurts. Why is this happening to me? Has anyone experiences hair loss from coconut oil. [yes coconut oil does make m hair look smooth, shiny, and beautiful but not worth it with the amount of hair loss].


  2. It has high tolerance even for those who suffer rashes and other allergies.
    This may bring to mind the question “is this an ethical product choice. There is a wide variety of organic skin care products for both women and men available online, but before purchasing anything make sure that the product is not dedicated to one specific type of skin, unless you know what that is.

  3. sofia

    this is really amazing. I love it

  4. I had some bad side effects from a diluted down argan oil.

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