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  1. Fausto! Be still my beating heart.

    Salve sounds good too ;)

  2. Lilly

    Hi! This is my first comment ever on your blog, but I’ve been reading for over a year now. You have helped me with many, many things – I can’t even list how helpful your blog is for me. The oil cleansing method for my face and the non-shampoo for my hair are the two biggest ones. I’m getting over my shyness to ask a simple (probably stupid) question: where do you buy your droppers for your essential oils? I’ve been using a teaspoon handle to count out drops of tea tree oil, because the bottle I bought it in did not come with a dropper. And my local stores don’t sell droppers individually… they are usually found inside medicine bottles (that are full of medicine). Thank you for any advice you can offer.

    • Hi, Lilly! So the dropper that you see there came with the bottle. I don’t usually buy separate droppers, but I know places like Sunburst carry them (

      Most essential oils you buy won’t come with actual pull-out droppers. They’ll have reducers on the top, which look like a little plug with a small hole in it. This allows the EOs to come out drop by drop.

      I’m curious what oils you’re using that don’t come with reducers in them, at least. I know there are some brands of tea tree oil that don’t have them, but other than that I don’t think I’ve ever seen an EO come without one.

      (Hope that helps!)

      • lookitsatree

        21st Century brand tea tree oil, available on lacks a reducer. I use a simple dropper that came in a two-pack from the pet department of a big box store, though you might find them for sale in the pharmacy dept/store by the ear medications. Failing that, you might beg, plead, con, or hypnotically suggest that your local pharmacist needs to provide you with a measured syringe (don’t cringe: it comes without the scary metal part!), lest you fear you may be incorrectly dosing your young child’s medications with a common piece of silverware…

    • Kate

      If you have a Whole Foods near you, they sell empty dark-tinted dropper bottles and salve/balm containers in their ‘Whole Body’ section!

  3. Erin

    Crunchy Betty, you’re my hero!!!! Can’t wait to make this – and yes!!! for Father’s Day. It’s perfect for my construction daddy. Thank you! :)

  4. Seanna Curler

    Does anyone have any suggestions for essential oils that I could add that would make it extra soothing/healing for eczema? My poor mom’s hands are a mess right now.

    • Laura

      My daughter had bad eczema on her hands and face. I made lotion bars (similar to salve, but with more beeswax– really stays on and protects your skin) with coconut and almond oils infused with chamomile, calendula, lemon balm, and marshmallow root. I’ve heard that comfrey and St. Johns wort are also good for eczema, but I was hesitant to use them on a child. Chickweed is supposed to be good for itching. My daughter’s eczema was almost non-existent this winter, so it’s worth trying!!

      • Melissa

        Coconut and lemon balm is what we use for my daughter’s eczema – and I swap my homemade jam at our local farmers market during the summer for organic goatsmilk and coconut oil soap – we haven’t had any problem with any of the scents that we have gotten from our swap =) I think my daughter (4years old) loves the bayberry the best. – Btw – new to this site and I am LOVING this although my hubby thinks I am crazy. Ever since we found my daughter cannot digest refined sugars (think high fructose corn syrup) I have been looking into a more natural lifestyle and am loving it =D

        • Cathy

          Your daughter is not alone…no one can digest high fructose corn syrup..some just know it sooner than others. I love this site too!

  5. Laura

    Love this!! I infused oils for the first time to make your soothing deodorant (which is super amazingly awesome, and I’ve gotten my mom hooked on it too!). So incredibly easy! Why was I so intimidated?? My daughter gathered up rose petals yesterday, so we’re infusing almond oil this morning. I’m thinking we could use some to make salve! Thanks!! I’d be really interested to learn which herbs are best for healing boo-boos. It’d be great to be able to replace our petroleum-based neosporin with a healing salve.

  6. Karen Reznek

    On hot days I like to put any butters and waxes I am melting into a glass jar and leave them in my car for 30-60 minutes. A little solar-powered melting.

  7. Bethany

    I figured out that if I place my jars on paper plates before I fill them, the mess is much easier to clean up. I suppose I could set the jars on a regular plate, then just stick the plate in the freezer and pop the oil off!

  8. Rob

    Hi Betty

    For any vegans reading this you can sub candelilla wax for the beeswax using half the amount of candelilla than beeswax e.g. if the recipe calls for 1oz of beeswax then just use 1/2 oz of candelilla wax for the same firmness.
    Love the site Betty and so glad that you’re back!

    • Summer

      Thanks so much for the conversions! I’ve been using candelilla and finding it MUCH harder when solid than beeswax…

  9. Jess Wright

    Just made this! so wonderful! I tweaked it a little, and combined it with your whipped shea butter recipe (and added cocoa butter and replaced the olive oil with almond oil and vitamin E oil). So now I have a whipped shea butter, cocoa butter, healing body butter :D it’s amazing.

  10. Ms. Daisy

    Hi Leslie,
    I totally love this. I’ve used your other salve recipe too, and the little-ins use it all the time for boo-boos. (It has honey in it and steeped chamomile, you know the one. I just forgot it’s name.)

    I think a good manly-man scent is hands down: patchouli. I know it reminds some people of hippies (and I love hippies), but straight up patchouli is so wonderful and with the whole man-chemistry thing, it’s phermone-licious. (Perhaps we should think up another scent for Dads and save this one for the significant others? Dads can smell like…um…clove. Clove is nice, too.)

    And that’s my $0.02.

  11. Fausto is my Mr.

    man scent = cypress

  12. Teresa

    For those that do not like cleaning up beeswax or being careful for that matter. I found that old (clean of course) tin cans work great as a double boiler pan. Large batches large cans, small batches small cans. I always keep a few around for things like this. You can let it harden wipe and go onto the next thing instead of trying to scrub it out of you good pans because you were not paying attention and grabbed your good pan by accident. Ok maybe that only happens to me.

    • Gloria B

      Wow…thanks for that suggestion!! I gave my daughter my double boiler and was going to try to rig one up with a couple of my other pans. Using a ti can is a great idea….don’t even have to worry about scrubbing out my pan afterwards. Thanks!

  13. ls

    Oh, cool. I made a slightly different version for my little girls tea party to make lip glosses with, less beeswax and equal parts coconut and olive oils. It made a ton, so I have a big jar leftover. I’ve been using on my arms and lips.

  14. Thanks for sharing these. I’m looking forward to trying yours out soon – think I actually have everything at home now. My hands seem dry year round.

  15. Meridith

    This is the second coconut recipe for skin I have seen today. A salve, ok, i’m up for it!


    I think manly a good manly scent for this salve or any personal care product for men would be:
    -sandalwood (or amyris if watching your budget)
    -a little of eucalyptus, fir, or spruce to give it a “medicinal” kick to the scent…agreed that he’s more likely to use it if it’s not all flowery or all the most pleasant scents??
    -vetiver is always a safe-smelling addition
    -If he doesn’t mind the smell, rosewood is a great middle note to hit and excellent for the skin. My handcrafted deodorant recipe includes rosewood because it’s a more subtle scent that blends well with my body’s chemistry and not lavender, ylang ylang or something overly floral.

  17. Gah. Could’ve used this on my last trip to Santa Fe, when the severe lack of humidity threatened to peel my face off my face … :)

  18. Rushem

    Hi this sounds wonderful but I am allergic to coconuts. What other oil could I use instead? Love your blog – just found it.

    • Volcanic Ash

      I’m not CB but I thought perhaps I could help. Coconut oil is used specifically for its consistency and antibacterial properties. So with that in mind, the only thing I can think for you to do is to use rendered leaf lard (scentless, you won’t smell like bacon), and add antibacterial essential oils such as tea tree and lavender. Leaf lard can be purchased from most specialty meat markets and/or you can ask the butcher at your grocery store, and to render it all you do is cook it on low for a very long time, until all the pieces of skin (known as cracklins to Southerners :)) have sunk to the bottom. Once refrigerated you should be left with a creamy white odor-free lard, suitable for any coconut oil recipe or making pie crusts.
      I have not tried this. It’s just a guess. (Except the pie crust part, that works well.) Good luck!

      • rushem

        Hi, thanks for replying to my query. Sorry I’ve not replied but haven’t logged on for a while. You’ve given me a great idea. Here in Ireland you can get a vegetable version of rendered lard (and yes it makes wonderful pie crusts)that is odourless. I will try to make the cream with this and see how it goes. Thanks again and I will keep you posted.

      • kathryn

        Although wouldn’t a man WANT to smell like bacon??

    • Summer

      Try shea butter or cocoa butter? I don’t know the consistency of cocoa butter well, but for shea I would use a little bit less than the coconut oil because it is a bit thicker/melts a little bit slower with body temperature.

      • rushem

        Thanks Summer, I will look into the shea butter. But Volcanic ash gave me an idea to try as well. Thanks a million.

  19. Alexandra

    To me the ultimate man scent is bay rum. So that’s bay, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and orange.

    Otherwise anything cedar-based smells pretty manly to me.

    I love sandalwood but as I understand it’s getting badly endangered, as are frankincense and myrrh, so I don’t use those.

  20. Beth Baker

    You will love it with the infused oils……I have made this for years and add a little lavender and tea tree at the end – I usually use olive, apricot and emu for my oils…great on sun burns too!

  21. deb in sc

    my manly honey loves patchouli scent!

  22. Nicole C

    I literally was just looking for a replacement recipe to my Lemony Flutter just to try something new, so I was going to search your site, and look what’s at the top of the home page. FATE.

  23. Dyan

    I’m pretty certain that the ultimate “man scent” would be bacon.

  24. Stephanie U

    I made this two days ago and it is awesome. I had been thinking for the last few weeks I needed to see if you had a recipe for a thicker longer lasting hand moisturizer, and when I search you had just posted it, Yea!

    I want to thank you for all the help you offer on your site. I stumbled across it almost 3 months ago while I was looking for a more natural way to wash my face. I have rosacea and the product I used was chemical heavy and expensive. I saw your post about the OCM and said “what do I have to lose?” I altered it to suit my needs and it has worked beautifully. I have since made your facial moisturizer, deodorant, wood wax, grapefruit cleaning scrub, and cleaned out most of the plastic in my kitchen and the unnecessary chemicals cleaners in my house. You have inspired me and made me even more conscious of what I have on me as well as in my home. Thank you.

  25. MzTallulah

    Thank you for one more great recipe!

    I made a small quantity because I wanted to use a glass jar I had. I eyeballed it a bit, melted the oils directly in the jar, and added a few drops of palmarosa essential oil, but it seems to be working fine :)

    I was thinking this would work great to moisturize heels as well (mine are always very dry & cracking), maybe with some peppermint / tea tree oils?

  26. Betty Morelli

    Where do you find beeswax?

  27. Elishea

    Hi! So.. I dont have coconut oil currently, but I have grapeseed and jojoba. Are either of these decent for salve and eczema friendly? My man’s feet are killing him. Any help would be great!

    • Amber

      The coconut oil is solid at room temperature. If you don’t have coconut oil on hand, use some other oil that is solid at room temperature instead. Very few of these kinds of recipes require you to use exactly the same things. Switch it up and use the stuff you like/have on hand. Just remember, if you want lotion/salve/whatever to be thick and not runny, you should use some kind of ‘solid’ oil as one of your ingredients.

      • lookitsatree

        Or use the oil available to you and add thickening agents: increase the beeswax, candellila wax, palm waxy-stuff, etc; add cornstarch, xanthan gum, or whatever solid stuff you’d trust as both edible and shelf-stable for at least a couple months. Start with a smaller amount of the latter and add as seems necessary, just like when cooking. One thought for skin-soothingness to try: oatmeal. Grind it into oatmeal dust to better incorporate it.

        One other quick note on the two oils you’ve mentioned: as I understand it, grapeseed is toning (has pore-shrinking qualities), while jojoba is supposed to very closely mimic our own bodily oils–look it up yourself to be sure, but I’d opt for the jojoba or a blend with the greater portion as jojoba so that the stuff better soaks in and moisturizes.

  28. Lauren

    I’m wanting to make this this evening but how do you measure the beeswax? I can buy it from my local honey producer in a 1 lb block, do i then chop it up and measure out a 1/4 cup? Do you know if a 1 lb block will amount to 1/4 cup when chopped?

  29. Paul

    Roof-Farm. Ooooooooohhhh.
    In Australia it’s a Roo-Farm.

  30. veedeepee

    In addition to being an awesome moisturizer, this salve is a great base for Crunchy Betty’s homemade vapor rub! I took one tablespoon of this salve and put it in a separate tiny bowl, microwaved it a little bit to re-melt it, then added 7 drops peppermint oil, 4 drops eucalyptus, and 4 drops rosemary (to keep the proportions pretty much the same as the original recipe). Boom. Quick vapor rub for my sick kiddos.

  31. I started reading your blog when I was looking for something for my face. The oil cleaning method did not work for me but I am going to try the gardener’s salve because my hands and heels get super dry.

  32. lookitsatree

    Man smell: switch out some/all of the olive oil with a dark sesame oil. Deep, near-musky, manly.

    Ooh, or a nut oil (though they are more volatile–would the bacteriostatic properties of the other oils be enough to prevent the salve from going rancid without refrigeration?). Yum, walnut oil… Hazelnut oil. And vanilla. Men tend to like edible aromas, especially vanilla. Mmm, but then, he might be smelling a little too good… Then again, husband wouldn’t mind becoming a veritable salt block…

  33. Hello!
    I just discovered your blog, and not only are your tips and recipes creative and useful, your blog is so well written; not to mention very, very funny. Thank you for making my night, healing my zit, soothing my gardner rough hands, and folding my laundry! Oh, wait.. My laundry is still in a heap.
    Keep on keepin’ on, CB! You’re terrific.

  34. hayley

    how about sandalwood?

  35. Karin

    Hi there

    Thanks for this great idea. I’d like to try it out for my boyfriend who has awful hands due to his work. But unfortunately I don’t really get the measures (I’m swiss).

    So how much is (I’m not sure what the c. stands for):
    1/4 c. coconut oil
    1/4 c. beeswax
    1/2 c. olive oil

    Would really appreciate your answer.

    Thanks a lot

    • Ozlie


      Same problem here. I live in Belgium and am looking forward to trying this recipe, but unfortunately I’m not familier with the measuring used. I know you can convert cups into grams, but i always get some ‘off’ result because of the fact that cups aren’t always the same amount of grams, it depends on what you’re measuring I guess.
      Anyone who could help us, Europeans , out?:-) Pretty Please. :-p

      • Veronika

        The easiest way is to convert to ml (milliliters) as 1 cup = 200 ml. Cups usually hold a bit more than that, but since the key is getting the right ratio (1:2, 2:3, etc.), 200 ml works fine and is the easiest to convert and measure.

        So for this particular recipe you would need 50 ml coconut oil, 50 ml beeswax, and 100 ml olive oil.

        Hope that helps!

        • Ozlie

          Thanks a buch! It was really helpful.
          Last question, do you measure the beeswax when it’s allready melted? I’m looking forward to trying almost everything ‘Crunchy Betty’-style :-)

          • Veronika

            Glad to help. :) You measure all the ingredients (including beeswax) before you melt them.

            I’d love to hear how your salve turns out. :) I tried making mine with jojoba wax instead of beeswax, and it turned out pretty runny, more like a lotion. Still works great, though.

  36. Jennifer Neddo

    Just a note about a easy way to clean up beeswax, I work using a quilters self-healing cutting mat on my work surface and then use a Pampered Chef pan scraper (for stoneware)to scrape any spills up,works great!!!

  37. Frozen Tundras Formerly Known as Indiana

    I love this site! You keep my attention and I am constantly digging for more information and ways to be, what we call here in Indiana, a not-so-dirty hippie chick.

    I also read your piece on Farm eggs and want to thank you! I have chickens, and yes, they are some quirky ladies. You have given me so many ideas on what to do with their eggs.

    Peace to you Crunchy Betty, and keep the ideas coming! I love how you put your own twist and your articles and recipes.

  38. I like the blend mentioned above because it looks refreshing and reminds me of the Defense Salve, which I love.

  39. Colleen

    I love this salve. I have found it to quickly stop an itch! Any itch! Poison ivy/oak/sumac; insect bites. It also keeps the bugs away! OH, I must say though that I used calendula infused Olive Oil in this and only added the lavender EO. Thanks Crunch!

  40. Michael

    Made this last fall/early winter, and can say this is the best stuff EVER! Every winter, the back of my hands always crack, and I use this cream to get relief. It’s AWESOME!!!

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  45. Mikita

    A good “man” scent that I also love is neroli oil.

  46. I love everything from coconuts! I am going to make this. My husbands hands are so dry, even without gardening!:( Great addition to my diy skincare cabinet :)


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