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  1. I am fascinated! What do they smell like? This sounds like a dumb question(especially from someone who likes making soap)but what is washing soda?

    • Crunchy Betty

      They smell kinda like fruity soapy vinegar (the vinegar smell is VERY light, though). I’m pretty neutral on the way they smell – it’s not good, per se, but it’s not horrible. Just … there.

      And! Ugh! I know you asked me about washing soda before. I’m SO sorry I forgot to answer.

      Washing soda is kinda like baking soda (sodium carbonate vs. sodium bicarbonate), but it’s a little more potent than baking soda, so it does a more hearty job at washing things. It’s also nice and softening, too.

      So far, every local regular grocery store I’ve been in sells it. It’s in the laundry aisle, and it’s always located next to the Borax. Usually high up, where people don’t tend to look as much.

      It’s very handy to have around!

  2. I have been using powdered soap nuts (aritha) bought from my local Indian store for a few months now to wash my hair. I make a paste, scrub it in, and rinse. Awesome, awesome hair. More than anything else I have used. I will say that in powdered form it smells like…well, salty barf. I don’t sniff too closely, and my hair never smells like it, not while it’s wet or dry, so I’m alright with it.

    Thanks you so much for compiling a list of other great soap nut recipes, I’m going to have to try all these out!

  3. Thank you for all this awesome info on the soap nuts! You’ve done all the dirty work so we can just waltz over here and say “hmm, I think I’ll use them this way”… you rock, pure and simple.

    A couple of days ago I saw a soap nut-based laundry soap on another site that contained liquified soap nuts plus a few other ingredients. It was packaged in cute little single-use vials and two of these vials were then packaged inside a cute little plastic clam-shell container with a handy chain so you could clip it onto… a belt loop? a laundry basket? dunno. The two-load pack cost $2.00… I was stunned. Over-complicating something so simple.

  4. Charlene

    Thank you for all of the info on soap nuts! I do have a question about the dishwasher detergent – how much of the mixture do you use for one load? How much white vinegar do you add per load? Thanks ahead of time!

  5. Shannon

    I am so excited to try out all of these! <3!

  6. Love the tip about the shaving cream! I should try that when I have proper soap nuts (at the moment I’m using a soap nut powder that dissolves when combined with hot water.. Dunno how that works).
    Did you try shaking the jar when reusing it? When I washed my hair with soapnuts I made one big batch that lasted for about a week, and just shook it each time to get a foam.
    Oh, speaking of which, I had a different way of washing my hair with soap nuts. I found that just pouring a liquid over my head was kinda messy and I would always get it in my eyes and mouth (which as you know hurts/tastes foul). So this is how I did it:

    Boil about 10-15 nuts with two cups of water. Store in a separate jar in the fridge. When washing your hair pour a few tbs of the mixture into a big plastic bottle bottle (you’ll need space as it’s going to foam), add around i teaspoon of lemon or lime juice and shake very well. You will get a foam that you can spread over your head. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

  7. Sassy Stephanie

    Soap Nuts made their debut in our house today in the washer! Next up…dishwasher!

  8. Shruti

    Can we use soapnut instead of soap? I mean can we use it daily on skin?

  9. Deborah here from Nova Scotia Canada. I love your site.I have been selling and using Soapnuts for over 2 years now. Most natural amazing cleaning product on the market today.I experiment and use them for just about all cleaning. Let’s get more people using this wonderful product–if you don’t use them you don’t know what your missing.I think this is the best 100% natural product I have ever come across–I love my soapnuts!!!!

  10. This is all such GREAT information! Thank you so much for sharing this, and for all of the recipes. I am new to using soap nuts, and I have been scouring the internet trying to find more info so I can put these babies to good use. Thank god I found you! And my readers will be thanking you too once I share this info with them as well.

  11. Margie

    Here’s a question, can you use soapnuts to make bar soap? I want to start making my own but buying lye is apparently tricky, and making my own lye is trickier (although I am intrigued by what the neighbors might think of seeing a giant wine barrel in the back yard. “that wannabe hippie’s making moonshine now!”)
    I don’t want to just use a glycerine melt and pour. I’m all about doing it from scratch and thought that perhaps soapnuts would be a good alternative to a lye and oil or glycerine base.

    • Dayna Carlson

      did you ever find out? I’m trying to find out the same thing.

    • nmsht

      I posted the exact same question in many places and I was told that soapnuts aren’t used as the soap base in these soap bars, but as one of the ingredients and that the soap itself is made from the reaction lye/oil. I hope there is a successful way to make soap bars out of soapnuts without the use of lye.

    • I recently started making my own soap and had no problem buying lye – I picked some up at Home Hardware. Lye is necessary in order to make soap, since it saponifies the oils. I doubt that soap nuts could be used to make bar soap, but I could be wrong.

    • Poet

      Could the shell be ground and used as an exfoliant? I am curious as to ths use of soap nuts for bar soap making as well.

  12. Gregoryssklar the best place to get your soapnuts from!  Write them or me an email and we can help you get fair trade ones that have been harvested by leprosy patients that otherwise would not have jobs! Help support the community of our expansive world that respects all beings by buying soapnuts from KRMEF!

  13. Shilpy

    Hi, I really like the idea of using soapnut dishwasher detergent. I do have a question though. I have really hard water where I live, will this detergent leave any white spots on the dishes? Everything else I have tried, has left the spots, even the store bought detergent…

  14. agrosuramerica

    What is the recipe for the Soap Nuts Liquid?

  15. Alli

    I know I’m late to the game on this post, but I’ve been using soap nuts as a cleaner and laundry detergent for months and LOVE it. I do the water/vingear/soapnut liquid/essential oil cleaner for ALL my cleaning and I would never use anything else. I started thinking about other ways I could use them and I’ve been wanting to get rid of shampoo, so I googled soap nuts for shampoo. And here you are. This is the third time in 2 days that I’ve googled something on your blog came up. And I’ve never read your blog before! I love it! Thanks for sharing this! I can’t wait to scour the rest of your posts!

    • valerie

      Hi Alli, what is the recipe you have come up with for laundry detergent? Is it just soap nuts or do you add anything else (boraz, washing soap, castille, EO?)

  16. Hermine

    Please tell me what the c. stands for in the recepies?

  17. nmsht


    I have been experimenting with my own shampoo for a while now. I started with castile soap and herbal tea but noticed the start of a dandruff problem and an itchy scalp, which I didn’t have before using my own homemade shampoo. I tried all kinds of natural anti dandruff treatments, (Rosemary essential oil, coconut oil, lemon juice, etc.) nothing really worked.
    Then I decided to switch to soapnuts, as it is a natural cleaning agent and an anti-dandruff. The recipe I am using right now is: soapnuts + green tea + Rosemary + sage I boiled them together, then I added two capsules of vit E. I wasn’t satisfied with the consistency of the end product, so I added about 2 Tbsp of Castile soap and some Gwar gum to make it less watery. The resulting shampoo was not easy to use, as it didn’t foam or produce suds and it didn’t feel like I was really cleaning my hair. I thought that it was a matter of habit and that the important was the result. The result was: itchy scalp, dandruff and no feeling of clean hair.
    I use all these recipes on my child’s hair and they produce the same results. She doesn’t complain of itchiness but she has dandruff in her hair.
    I really hate to go back using the harmful commercial shampoos and still hopeful that one of these recipes will work out for us. Can you please help me find where I went wrong?Thank you

  18. Tipsywitch

    Margie – without lye you can’t produce bar soap. Soapnuts can be added in addition to the other ingredients, but you still need lye as it’s the chemical reaction between that and the oils which causes the saponification required to turn it into soap.

  19. Anonymous

    I would like to see you become obsessed with soapwort. :) Soap nuts are exotic, and imported from far away. You can grow soapwort in your backyard. They do the same kind of thing.

  20. Leila

    Why couldn’t you just take an old shampoo bottle and put a soap nut in it and add hot water from your shower each time to make sudsy water? I’m gonna try it. Less fuss and no worries about it going rancid.

  21. Adrienne

    How to you separate the shell from the flesh. I noticed in the liquid recipe that boiling you can separate the flesh and seed, but it the pictures it looks like the shell sort of dissolved away.

    • 24

      well thts easy. I take a hammer and place the soapnut on a hard surface and 1 hit, the nut will break open and u can separate the seed, In order to speed up i take a clear plastic bag put the soap nuts inside, and hit here and there. take out the nuts and separate the seeds.

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    • kari

      I am interested in getting soap nuts for my daughter to make products from and sell at craft fairs. what is your price per pound?

      • kari

        I got your reply to me email and would like to contact you direct. Can you clarify the price as it looks too good to be true once I looked at the exchange rate. We would like a box of 100 pounds if I understand the price correctly. How do we work out the shipping? How long does it take to get to WV?
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    • Kapt Klaus

      How can I get in touch with Naidu to order soapnuts
      thanx K.Klaus

      • 24

        can u let me knw the quantity u need, i might be able to help.But ull hve to give the shipping/courier charges etc.

  23. sandy

    Can you make solid bares of soap using soap nuts without lye?

  24. frjpct The Mother of All Soap Nuts Recipe Resources | Crunchy Betty frjpct frjpct frjpct

  25. Riz

    Hey – Quick question: has anyone tried the paste as an oven cleaner? Just curious.

  26. Sophie

    OOOhhh my goodness! For anyone trying soap nuts as a shampoo, Don’t,I mean DON’T get it in your eyes!!! I got a drop in one eye.I didn’t catch it in time. I’ve never had anything burn and hurt so much! My eye lid swelled up. I rinsed it with cool water. Cold water feels the best. Now 45 min. later it still hurts. As I type this, I’m only using one eye to see. My husband has gone to the store for eye drops. Please learn from my careless mistake. Keep YOUR EYES SHUT UNTIL YOUR WET HAIR IS SAFELY SECURED IN A TOWEL AND YOU’VE DRIED YOUR FACE.

  27. sophieandmomma

    OKay so last time I made homemade dishwasher detergent it turned into jelly. Do you get that with your Soapnut Dishwasher Detergent recipe?

    I have no idea why, because i put everything in a jar and then after a few hours it turns into a weird jelly gelatin glob?

    Please let me know if I am doing somethign wrong or if that is what it’s supposed to be.

  28. kari

    thank you for all your recipes. i cant wait to get started.

  29. we supply muslin bags in size 100x150mm
    at GBP 0.15/PC

  30. JP

    I just got my first batch of soapnuts. I put 5 in about 4 c. boiling water with some lavendar essential oil and swished them around a while. Is this going to be too weak a solution to use in anything? Can I use it straight or does it need dilution?

  31. LaTrice

    I’m wondering if you can just use a few berries in the muslin bag as a kind of shampoo bar? Seems so much simpler, anyone tried this?

  32. Kelly Hughes

    After reading CB about soap nuts, I ordered them right away! I made every recipe on here and loved them all. Grinding them in a blender was a bad idea. And sticking my nosy nose in the blender to see if it smelled like anything was a REALLY bad idea. As the fine dust made its way into my nostrils and sinus cavities. (And yes, later that night, as I was daydreaming about my new “no-poo” lifestyle, it did hit me, tonight will NOT be poo free :-))
    I have since settled on just the liquid. I make large batches and fill old vinegar jugs and freeze them so I don’t have to boil too often.
    Since I started using the liquid in my bath water every night, I have yet to have any other type of soap touch my body. My skin is 16 again! And clean…and not stinky.
    I also clean my bath tub and shower walls with it. I just stick some in a squirt bottle and squirt it all down then wipe away.
    I have tile floors. I use a little liquid in my mop water and some vinegar. NO STREAKS! No filmy residue, just really clean floors.
    Soap Nuts are by far, my favorite to clean with. My favorite is cleaning ME with it…who doesn’t want skin that feels 16 again?!

    Oh, and CB, I can’t stand microfiber cloth either. They stick to my fingers no matter how much lotion I have on. BUT I found some that do NOT do that. The blue ones in the automotive section at wally world. AND I also have some thick microfiber cloth diaper liner inserts. They are my favorite cleaning “pads”. Those things are great if you can get your hands on some. I have a couple dozen from when we had our boy in cloth diapers. They do a lot of the elbow grease for you.

  33. Dae

    how do you make the soapnut liquid? did I miss something?

  34. Great job putting this vast resource for soap nuts on the web. We need to get the whole world educated about this wonderful product!

  35. Kimber

    I am actually attempting to grow my own soap nut tree. You can buy seeds on eBay.

  36. Muqia

    Hey, love this idea of using soap nuts, but was disappointed after purchasing a bag at the local farmers market that there weren’t any black seeds in the center of any of them. I was thinking of the idea of a necklace or bracelet as well. When you purchase on line , do they come whole or cut open? I can’t wait to try the recipes, boiling the nuts as I type.

  37. Goh Lee Lee


    I’m found Singapore, would like to inquire the cost of 20lb of soap nuts and it shipping cost.

  38. Hello! This post could not be written aany better!
    Reading throuh this post reminds me of my old room mate!
    He always kept chattjng about this. I will forward this poset to him.
    Pretty sure hhe will have a glod read. Thank yoou for sharing!

  39. I’m noot surre why butt this weblog is loading
    extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem
    or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back
    later and see if the problem still exists.

  40. Janely

    How did the shaving cream that you held overnight work the next day?

  41. Viggo

    I don’t perspire a lot, and have a very quiet job, so I’ve normally been wearing my t-shirts at work for two days without any trouble. BUT then I started using the soap nuts because I like being an organic human being, and that’s when it started: All of a sudden I was smelling of sweat even after the first day. Fresh sweat doesn’t smell, so this tells me that the t-shirt I put on wasn’t clean after having been washed using the nuts.
    Anyone with a solution to this? I’ve typically been using 6 nuts in a bag to wash a machine almost full of t-shirts, underwear and socks.

  42. Cleaning home glass windows can really be a headache. Aside from maintaining its cleanliness, removing streaks are another story. I’m glad you posted this amazing recipe that isn’t just for cleaning windows, but for various household chores, as well. Indeed, these are very worthwhile tips. This is a must share.

  43. Sabine

    I’ve been using soap nut liquid to wash my hair for about three weeks now but each time my hair looks greasy at the roots, even after using an APV rinse afterwards. I’ve tried with and without the rinse and each time here is a waxy feel to it on the scalp no matter how much I rinse with water. I’ve used varying concentrations but it’s always the same. I have waist length, naturally blonde hair. It’s definitely become much less tangled (it’s thick but very fine) and all the dandruff/build-up I always got from conventional (including “chemical-free”) shampoos has gone, which is great, but it’s just not quite right…Is this an “adjustment” period for my hair or are soap nuts simply not working for my hair type? It tends towards dryness but does get greasy at the roots about four or five days after washing. I usually wash twice a week at the most…I really, really want this to work as I am using soap nuts SO successfully with many other things like face/body/hand wash, washing-up liquid and for all my laundry. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

  44. valerie

    Hi CC, I am really late to this post but had a quick question about making a laundry detergent liquid, and a laundry detergent powdered formula using soap nuts, borax/castille/soda? Any suggestions on amnts? Could I try your recipe for dishwashing liquid “as is” as a laundry detergent? If not, what would you suggest?


  45. Brian Guo

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  46. Nicole

    What brands of soapnuts do you all use or recommend? I love Eco Nuts but know there are less expensive, less commercial-oriented brands online that are also great. Naturoli’s shipping is too pricey to Canada: any tips, anyone?

  47. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something which helped me.

  48. Ashlyn Gay

    Im sill not understanding why u have to have lye if you mix the soap berry as the l athering effect and the oils ads a base why do you need lye. If u have a end product thats solid and leathers?

  49. mbcrunch

    Thank you so much for the fantastic info!!

  50. kari

    What about shipping? We are in WV in the USA. We are interested in 100 lb to start with and would like to feel out the market and make a decision on regular shipments after our initial marketing campaign.


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