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  1. Marsha

    I have an avocado that is right on the verge of being unusable. Now, I have a jolly use for it. The skin on my hands is pretty dry. Dry enough. Well….I don’t care if they are dry or not, I’m making this TODAY. Thank you!

  2. Jennifer

    That sounds awesome! I’m going to buy an avacado especially for this purpose. I might double it and do my feet too. Glad to see you back, I’ve missed your posts.

  3. Melissa @ thebluehouseblog

    Well now I HAVE to go buy three avocados. And if you can tell me what to do with that ONE bad banana I always have (we never, ever eat the last one in the bunch) I’d be grateful.

    • Traci

      Freeze the banana in the peel and use it for smoothies!

    • Kellogg2

      Peel the overripe banana, freeze, then wait until you have enough to make banana bread! I keep a freezer bag of frozen bad bananas on hand so I can always make banana bread or smoothies (like Traci mentioned). Just don’t freeze the banana with the peel on! That was gross when it thawed.

      And for beauty, Leslie answered your question in this post!

    • besides the yummy suggestions, i have tried a banana face mask with yoghurt and cinnamon powder… wonderfully aromatic! And i was pleasantly surprised to find it a great zit zapper! Banana is another great hair mask but personally its just too messy to wash away completely ;o well thank goodness for avocado and coconut milk hair boosters ;D

    • If you have light hair, mix it with a little mayo and put it on your hair. Use a shower cap and let it sit 30 min. Rinse out, and then shampoo hair. The mayo helps with the shine, but the Banana’s potassium makes light hair’s color become more vibrant.

  4. When i learnt how rich avocado can be, i posted ‘Who needs botox, when there’s avocado and EVOO!?! ;D
    i use it for hair mask but only sparingly as its tad too rich for my greasy hair, body scrub on those days when i wear bare-back top (my flawless smooth back has drawn more than a few compliments ;)) so yup, tis is a must-have anti-aging smoothener for all crunchy divas ;))

    The only setback, i can’t seem to mash it direct from the fruit. I tried but couldn’t rid of the pit nor sufficiently scrape or mash it well. Thankfully i can get mashed avocado spread in the supermarket. More costly than the fruit but its still much lower than those commercial creams and what not ;p

    • Kellogg2

      To use the fruit itself (because it’s the most fun experience!), make sure you wait to slice it until when you grab the avocado, you feel it’s a bit mushy and has a soft give to the fruit. Then slice from the pointier top to the bottom and back around (not around the equator). To remove the pit (which is impossible to do if it’s not ripe enough), whack it with a sharp knife so the knife sticks in the pit, and then wiggle it until the pit pops out, still attached to the knife, and then carefully remove the slippery pit from the knife. Don’t slice your hand open! :-) You can also use a spoon to scoop the pit out, but the important thing is that the avocado has to be ripe enough to remove it at all.

      Hope that helps save you some money, and you have fun working with avocados!

    • Kaci

      If you don’t mind covering your hands with the avocado (which to me is part of the fun!), you can also peel it and slice around the pit.

  5. Cindy

    Hilarious, well written post! I loved it!

  6. Julie Witt

    Is the patchouli oil essential? (sorry, couldn’t resist) What I mean is, would any oil (i.e. one I already have) work?

    To Melissa – I put that spotty brown banana in the freezer and when I have a collection of them I make banana bread, or something else banana-y. They are gross and slimy when thawed but perfect for baking.

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  8. Sarah

    Is there another natural oil that will have a similar effect? I don’t normally have patchouli on hand.

  9. Miranda

    LOL! I too am guilty of sauerkraut making and non-eating AND buying too many avocados and forgetting about them. Now I have a use for them (and no excuse for crusty hands). Very funny post :)

  10. Molly

    I found that eating avocado for breakfast with fruit,nuts, seeds and yogurt is really good for you and tasty. I use the avo left on the peel for a face scrub and when done with breakfast I wash it off and have wonderfully smooth and clean skin.

  11. Wild Iris Rose

    Another alchemical maestra-piece. Think I’ll use honey & Queen of the Faeries e.o.’s and call it a face mask. Thx. for your Crunchiness. W.I.R.

  12. Wild Iris Rose

    Another alchemical maestra-piece. Think I’ll use honey & Queen of the Faeries e.o.’s and call it a face mask. Thx. for your Crunchiness. W.I.R.

  13. Kari Newsom

    I love laughing when reading about cabbage, hamburger helper and avocados. I live in the Denver Metro area and am amazed at our 72 degree weather. Short and flip flops in December, really? Of course, once 3:30 hits so does the much cooler feeling. Great hand smoothing recipe!

  14. Lisa (Yrlocalmarkets)

    Hey Betty, could we use this on our faces? If it’s good for softening skin is there anything to stop facial scrubbage?? I’m keen to have a face that’s oh so soft and touchable…

  15. Eve

    No, no!!! Don’t throw or throw away that pit. Dry it out, chop it up, then whiz it in a coffee/spice grinder until fine and use for…a GREAT exfoliating scrub for your face. Seriously. I keep it in a small container and put just a bit (like 1/2 tsp) on my damp face, gently massage in and rinse. Great to do while in the shower.

    • Marsha

      Awesome! How do you dry it out? How long does that take? I would totally do this.

      • Eve

        I cut it into very small pieces or chips and put them on some aluminum foil or a plate in a sunny window for several days, maybe a week, until they felt completely dry. It really leaves my face feeling so soft after I use it. Enjoy!

  16. Interesting

    haha, you’re too funny.

  17. Hilary

    Can you suggest another essential oil instead of patchouli? I really dislike that smell.

  18. Oh as luck would have it, I have an overripe avocado half sitting in my fridge browning and dry hands! No pachoulli though, I’ll have to find something else…..

  19. Thumbelina

    Do you buy your lip balm jars from sunburst bottles? Only asking because SOMEONE wiped out all the stock they have, and then I saw speckle n’ smush at your natural market. :D

  20. Pat

    I stopped reading after the idiot wrote that about throwing the avocado pit at an unsuspecting cat. Is that supposed to be funny or something? That was totally unnecessary and sick. I hope your stuff flops completely. You’re soulless and selfish, and think you’re witty, but you’re not, at all.

    • Thumbelina

      Pat, you need a hug.

      Here you go

    • Lin

      Throwing a dried avocado pit towards your own pet cat is not the same as hurling it with intent to harm! It’s a bit of fun, & the cat most likely would investigate it, sniff it & maybe even pat it around the room a bit. Yes the comment was a bit silly at best, but certainly not sick. I think you maybe need to lighten up & learn the difference between humour & being serious!

    • Devin

      Uh oh guys, PETA’s here.

    • frances

      Don’t be silly folks, cats are NEVER unsuspecting :)

  21. Mollykal

    Hey, I know this isn’t really related to this post, but how do I use the vitacost coupon? When I click the link from older posts, it just brings me to the vitacost website but doesn’t say anything about a coupon. I’ve never ordered anything from there before, so I don’t know why it’s not working. Any advice anyone? By the way, I love this blog! I use my tamanu/jojoba moisturizer every night.

  22. Lin

    Have you ever thought about getting a vacuum sealer to prolong the life of your fruit & veg leftovers?

  23. Marsha

    I miss you. That is all. :)

  24. Beth

    I miss you. Where did you go? Come back… please. :)

  25. kp

    Another use for the pit – grow it! Stick a toothpick in each side near the pointy part and suspend it in a cup of water. Place it near a natural light source and wait. Keep the cup filled up to the toothpicks. Eventually, the pit will split and shoot a root, then a sprout from the top. You can leave it in water for a bit longer or plant it in soil so that the pit is nearly completely covered. I have one plan that is nearing the ceiling. Not all are as successful and all look different. Some have huge, broad leaves and other have tiny ones. It’s just a fun way to continue to enjoy the avocado.

  26. SimplyBeautiful

    Any ideas for dry, cracked, painful dishpan hands?? Between having kids and housecleaning and snow Winters my hands take quite a beating.

  27. Judith

    Miss your posts, where are you?

  28. amanda

    I just made this tonight (minus the patchouli because I don’t have any) and it was AWESOME! Thank you for the recipe, Leslie. (And I didn’t toss the pit at the cat but only because he would have eaten it. And then thrown up.)

  29. Kat

    I hope you know that there are people out here thinking of you and wishing you well :)

  30. redd

    Missing out on my doses of crunchy betty :( hope you are well and coming back soon!

  31. Great post – love your style :)

  32. Hi Betty, this isn’t related to this post but I’ve been going no ‘poo for a while now and all was well but for the past few weeks I’ve noticed my hair gets greasy two days later and I’ve got waxy dandruff. I use the baking soda and water solution. Why is this happening now?

  33. Nikz

    Where did you go? I miss you!

  34. Sarah E

    Hope you’re doing ok haven’t heard from you in a while. This recipe inspired me, and I love your sense of humor!

  35. I love your blog! I didn’t know you live in Colorado, I’m living in Denver right now :) Do you ever do events or homemade markets? I’d love to drop by if you did!

  36. Crystal L.

    Now I finally know what to do with that last avocado that is a little past its prime. Wonderfully written post.

  37. frances

    Anything for the half tin of baked beans and the small bowl containing three slices of slightly blackened beetroot?

  38. CJ

    My cat always forgets about the avocado pit in like three minutes (she’s sweet, fluffy, affectionate, talkative and very pretty, but she’s no Stephen Hawking), so we’re good.

  39. Faith

    Okay, gonna go make this right NOW! I have the avo, the dry hands, the evoo, sugar, hmmmm no patchouli or cat. Can I borrow the neighbors’ cat?

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