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  1. Shannon

    WOW!  This is awesome.  I just happen to have a bag full of dried citrus peels.  I read somewhere you could use them as fire starter.  I haven’t tried it yet…I just ground some up.  I have a mix of orange and grapefruit.  I can’t see any reason why orange wouldn’t work as well.  I unfortunately don’t have the other ingredients.  I used them all up last week when I made my new batch of laundry soap.  Thanks for the Recipe. :)

  2. thecrazyctlady


    I saw this on Pinterest today and remembered that you had asked for suggestions using powdered orange peels. This face mask uses dried orange peels. I’m very curious to try this myself.

  3. MaryLee

    I have been having a blast drying my grapefruit peels and now lemon peels … I’m going to make up some cleanser as soon as I restock my Borax.   I love the smell when they are drying and love to open the jar of ground peels just to smell it!   I’ve made a creative centerpiece for my peel drying and baked a from scratch pumpkin spice mini cake to put on top!   By the way … I Love your Blog and since I’m a “Make do … Use it up … Wear it out …or do Without” kind of gal … I’m finding lots of helpful and entertaining information.

  4. Susan

    Just found this site a few days ago and love it!  I can’t wait to try this on my porcelain sink — it’s impossible to keep clean. I also use citrus peels in the garbage disposal or simmer with a cinnamon stick in a bit of water for a wonderful smelling kitchen. I have also used the ground peels in cold-process soap as a gentle exfoliant.

  5. Catherine Wagner

    I tried this tonight using orange peels… and I LOVE it… read my post about it here:

    Love your blog! :)

  6. pempert

    It’s great! But can you do it without baking soda, so just salt  and peels?

    And lemon is also very good and smell nis too.

    I shoud try it

  7. Imlivinandlovin

    I use baking soda to keep my underarms dry and smelling fresh. I think I might try adding some powdered grapefruit . I wouldn’t reccomend this to any one with hyper sensitive skin though. :-)

  8. I like the way you think and write very much. Thanks for caring, sharing and being so real!

  9. Jolene

    This is actually such good kismit, i am in the process of changing over most of my cleaners to natural ones and comet is one that I love adn havent been able to find a natural version of.

  10. Stephanie

    Hi Betty,
    Have the same coffee stained white porcelain sink and am going to run to the store for a grapefruit!!!

    Thanks so much.

  11. Marion

    Hi can you use powdered grapefruit peels in homemade laundy soap? Is there anybody out there witg an answer? thanks Marion

  12. I know this is an old post, but I just found it, and I’m very excited to try this! And I soak my orange peels in white vinegar in a mason jar on the counter for a couple of weeks, and presto, I have delicious smelling orange vinegar. This is good for cleaning, but not so good for washing windows; it seems to leave a smeary residue. Sure smells better than the regular stuff though.

  13. Joan Wolf

    I was just going to copy the recipe…but so enjoyed your preamble I had to copy the whole thing. Look forward to using grapefruit for all…I have access to a gazzillion of them from neighbor hood trees, never sprayed trees tooo!!

  14. Perry

    I wonder if this could be used in making enzyme cleaner, especially in making one that will last longer than a few months (because enzyme cleaner is usually made with fruit still attached to the peels).


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