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  1. Bob Ryan

    Sorry, but your article does not clear up the confusion at all. Your blanket statement that baking soda does not contain aluminium is not a proven fact; it is just your unsubstantiated opinion. Without having samples analysed by a certified trace elements laboratory, one cannot be certain that any particular batch of baking soda does or does not contain aluminium.

    • Trish

      Well, Arm & Hammer has debunked that, and if you know chemistry at all or are familiar with the Solay process, it confirms that there is no aluminum.

      • Adam

        No they haven’t debunked anything. They responded in their own defense. I can tell you first hand, having a mutation in both phases of Detoxification, that I get immediate ill side effects from arm and hammer baking soda that is the same as I react to aluminum exposure. Bob’s Red Mill is good.
        Keep in mind that baking soda absorbs toxins and Arm and Hammer may be exposing their baking soda to their other products which contain LOADS of aluminum!!! It’s very dangerous for me. If I was stuck in a room with their carpet products for too long, I wouldn’t make it out. That same reaction I get from their baking soda.
        So, yes, Sodium Bicarbonate does not contain aluminum “in its purest form”. However, contaminated Sodium Bicarbonate is contaminated.
        Summary: Don’t touch Arm and Hammer. They’re full of it.

  2. red

    All baking soda’s are aluminum free, They are raw sodium bicarbonate,
    it’s the baking POWDERS that can carry aluminum. They used to put aluminum in banking POWDERS to help in the rising process but most brands have eliminated the aluminum.
    , buy the cheapest baking SODA (raw sodium bicarbonate) you can.!!

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  5. Judy Gerber

    I don’t know about the other brands, but Arm and Hammer tests on animals. I don’t know about you, but I won’t buy those products.

    • Janet Bowden

      Thanks for this info, have bought A&H before and so glad I came across your comment, as I won’t be buying this again, due to being tested on animals!

      • anonymous

        Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Someone could have a bad experience and choose something like this to get people like you to stop buying the product. A&H does not test on animals. If you ever have questions why go to the internet and get answers from people that don’t know anything. Why don’t you just call the company directly?? UGH some people.

    • Rob

      … I keep picturing a bunch of lab mice at the base of an erupting baking soda volcano.

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  7. TheAntiFox

    Shop Rite(USA) “Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix” barcode 0 4119001614 3 – Ingredients panel on back of box, lower left-hand corner:


    So precisely, based upon how it is worded, what does that “SODIUM ALUMINUM PHOSPHATE” refer to? Baking Powder?

    Just want to make sure.

    • Becky

      Based on how this is worded, “sodium aluminum phosphate” is just an ingredient in “leavening.” When an ingredient list includes parentheses like that, it means there are ingredients within ingredients. So, for another example from above, the ingredient “enriched bleach flour” is made up of bleached flour, malted barley, and everything else in that set of parentheses. So in conclusion, sodium aluminum phosphate is neither baking soda nor baking powder, it is an added ingredient that happens to be used in the “leavening” of choice for shop rite.

      • Ed P.

        Aluminum is added to SOME Baking POWDERs as an acidifying agent (others use Cream of Tartar) . The Acidifying agent (Aluminum in the above ingredients list) is to counter the alkaline taste that just Baking SODA will have.
        Baking SODA is Ph = 8.1 hence the alkaline taste.
        If you have ever tried to bake or make something and left out the Baking POWDER or the Cream of Tartar, you will soon see the difference in taste and texture.

        BTW…awesome article Betty!

    • Trish

      Yes. You have to have an additional acid if you use baking soda alone, hence why baked goods either call for baking POWDER (which contains an acid, most likely aluminum) or a combo of both soda and powder. Baking Soda is aluminum free.

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  10. Connie

    Its not the baking powder that contains aluminum, its the baking soda.

    • Connie

      You can reference to the book “Healing with Wholefoods” from Paul Pitchford, page 112. “Aluminum is picked from aluminum cookware and from drinking water (aluminum sulfate is frecuently used to filter municipal water and often is not completely removed). Baking powder and antiacid tablets are two other common sources.”

    • Trish

      You contradicted yourself. Your first statement (that its the soda) is erroneous. The second statement/quote (that its the powder) is correct.

  11. Connie

    Sorry, backwards, its the baking powder that contains the aluminum.

  12. makerekam

    You’ve used the terms “Baking Powder” and “Baking Soda” as if they are synonyms. However, they are not. Baking Soda is is the base sodium bicardonate. Baking Powder contains both an acid and a base. The base is typically Sodium Bicarbonate. The acid constituent sometimes contains aluminum.

    • Memma

      Good point. The ingredients list for Bob’s brand of baking powder is: Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch and Monocalcium Phosphate. Isn’t it curious that the first item happens to be an acid? What is it, anyway?

      • Jayme

        Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate is a common inorganic industrial chemical. It is often used as an emulsifier, thickening agent and for water treatment in your municipal water plants. Monocalcium Phosphate is produced by treating calcium hydroxide with phosphoric acid. It’s an inorganic chemical as well. It is used as a fertilizer and leavening agent.

  13. Ya

    Thanks for an extremely informative article.

  14. Beware… We do need to look at the ingredients to see of Aluminum is in the baking soda… I have purchased BS with Aluminum before I knew to read labels.

    • Trish

      Really? Where exactly did you purchase this aluminum (self-rising) baking SODA? Again, for people who skim and don’t read, its the baking POWDER that has aluminum, not the soda. This is why baked goods either call for both (because soda doesn’t have it!) Or solely baking powder. SMH

  15. jane

    ofcourse here in the UK there is no confusion because baking soda is named bicarbonate of soda, and baking powder is baking powder, though the info is good because I did not know baking powder could have aluminium in it. thankyou for that

  16. Erin

    Thanks so much. Very informative article!!!

  17. Baking soda is a common household product that can be used as an effective cleaner. It can be used to clean hard to remove stains, clear drains, and it can act as a deodorizer to remove any foul odor.

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  18. Hugh Whitmore

    With all due respect, If you believe an email from a large food company, you’re completely stupid.
    Big companies lie all the time. I’ve contacted many of them and I know for a fact they’ve lied to me.
    If you want to know for sure if baking soda, or any other product, contains aluminum, you have to test it yourself or find a lab you can trust.

  19. Christophrer

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  20. Baking soda does contain aluminum and bobs removed the label and will tell you theirs have it. They will also tell you ir cannot be removed.

    • chemmy

      Please state reffrences for your info and contacts/ links

      • Tristan

        From Bob’s Red Mill website Faqs section:
        “Are your baking soda and baking powder aluminum free?

        Bob’s Red Mill packages baking soda mined from the earth. Like most products that we sell, our baking soda is minimally processed and a product of nature with nothing added and nothing taken out. There may be naturally occurring traces of aluminum in our baking soda. While the amount of aluminum in our baking soda (if any), we feel omitting the term “aluminum free” from our packaging will avoid any confusion with our customers.”


      • Trish

        Right? Actually, also show me the organic chemistry model for Na+HCO3 with aluminum in it.

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  22. Ken Wolkoff MD

    You are completely out of touch. The problem is with BAKING POWDER not baking SODA. You are completely confused and are misleading people. Baking powder needs to be aluminum free and aluminum is a serious metal toxin in the body. Those with an MTHFR1298 polymorphism in their genome have increased difficulty detoxing aluminum and that is a significant segment of the population. DO YOUR RESEARCH next time. You are welcome…

    • Trish

      Exactly! Finally… someone who gets it!

      But who are you responding to? The author or the sheeple? The author got it right. The SODA is simple Na+HCO3 and the POWDER has aluminum, as an acid, added to make baked goods rise.

  23. debra andersohn

    I am thankful for this blog post. You have brought up a HUGE point here. There is a lot of misinformation out on the internet. Because of my own research regarding this subject about baking soda and aluminum, I ran into this post. While it may not be THE BEST option, it is my only option as the stores where I live only carry this brand. I’d rather just use it than pay for shipping for something else.

    Thank you again!

  24. Three Pipe Problem

    This post is just wrong and it’s irresponsible to leave up. MOST double acting baking powder absolutely contains aluminum — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baking_powder#Single_vs_double_acting_baking_powders

    In the beginning of the article you ask if baking powder has aluminum. Your argument that it doesn’t seems to be that baking SODA doesn’t have aluminum. The concept of double vs single acting baking powder isn’t even mentioned.

    Nice blog, but this post is a butchery of the subject matter. The best thing would be to remove it, or at an update at the top, to explain errors made.

  25. Rob

    RE ;;;;;The Great Baking Soda Anti-Hoax, sounds like a Movie !

    HI Crunchy Betty,
    Thank you for a GREAT ARTICLE, I called Arm & Hammer and asked the Aluminum question, and they lady said ABSOLUTELY NOT, NO HEAVY METALS or Aluminum in Their Baking Soda. I as well as my Ancestors have used this product to clean, wash cloths, brush teeth, deodorant and for UP set stomach as well as the old man in Canada who mixes it with Maple Syrup and cured his Prostate Cancer. The Italian Doctor in Italy who discovered this cure did not specify any Brand,Just good old baking soda. So after all the B,S, is said and done, ITS ALL GOOD !

  26. Nitza

    Many thanks for your time spent researching this most useful information! I love your site…
    Best 🌷

  27. Eno

    This article was too long and it repeated itself so often that I got bored. Thanks for the info, but it’s a long way with the writing skills.
    … The best was the comments! Enjoyed some of the hillarious kind :)

  28. Trish

    Wow, don’t listen to the naysayers. Anyone actually educated didn’t think it was too long, that you were rambling, et. Actually, I found this article delightful. Love your sarcastic bent, your cute story, and your explanation was solid. It’s your reading (and I use that term very loosely, indeed!) public that has issues. Keep on, Betty! 👍👍👍

  29. Sofia

    Dear Crunchy Betty,
    You are very mistaken when you say that Baking Soda is not processed with aluminium, and that it is a great hoax. In the USA it is not processed with aluminium but in many countries it is still processed with aluminium.

    In Australia, up until recently, Baking Soda was processed using aluminium. I rang the company and they told me their Australian supplier used aluminium and recently their supplier went out of business so they now source their Baking Soda from the USA.

    According to Dr Hulda Clark, who has tested hundreds of products, she states that Baking Soda usually contains Benzene, except for a few she has tested that do not have Benzene. Benzene free Baking Soda is sold by:
    1. Bob’s Red Mill
    2. Karlin Foods Corp
    3. Spectrum Chemical Co.
    4. Self Health Resource Centre

    These are all companies in the USA.

    I emailed Bob’s Red Mill asking if their Baking Soda contains Benzene and they replied within the hour to say that there is no Benzene in their Baking Soda.

    • Sofia

      ….. continuing on,
      I would like to correct something. Even though the company rep told me they used to use aluminium in their Baking Soda, I think she may have meant Baking Powder. But my comments re Benzene in the Baking Soda still stands.

      • Sofia

        According to Dr Hulda Clark, who has tested Baking Powder, this does contain aluminium. If you want a Baking Powder reaction just add something acidic to the Baking Soda.


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