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  1. LMAO…! Dear Crunchy Betty, so glad that I had found your tips page about henna…and yes MaidMerawyn henna is like a “gateway drug” I just love the stuff. I was using a brand called Colora but have been unable to find it online recently, so I started to use the brand, and so far its been good. I really got a lot of useful tips here, before, I was making a right turn at wrong and only leaving on my hair for only an hour. This time I left it on for 4 and had great results! Next time I am going to brew up some coffee and try that out.

  2. Cat

    I have been flirting with the idea of henna and I’m so glad I came to you first, mainly because that story will likely end up as the highlight of my day (see what I did there?) I’m naturally a honey-reddish-but-more-honey blonde and I want a really light red to push me over into ginger territory and keep me there most of the time. I’ve seen “hennas” in that color range, but I’ve been a little scared. Hearing your description of its effect on texture I am now determined. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m almost done laughing now.

  3. Lori J

    enjoyed reading your post. Very funny. I have used henna for several years and really like it.. : )) thank you for your story and aides in using henna. lol L

  4. Reading this was like a comic version of watching Intervention. I’m definitely going to try henna and do it PREPARED–and still screw something up. Thanks for the laughter and the information.

  5. Bunny Rabbit

    Am using henna with water for my hair every week since the past couple of years. My hair is short / curly and dry. Henna makes it thick and gives a reddish tint . Last time a few months back I used la Oreal hair colour which cost me a neat 20.00 Euros and half my hair was on the floor in a few days time . I have vowed never to use artificial colouring again. Back to my henna. I mix it with just water and apply it at 09 00 when the family goes out and wash it off with water at 15 00 when its T time . That night , oil it ( even if its half dry ) , wash it with a shampoo as normal the next day morning . This has been my rewarding routine for the past few years.

  6. I am looking forward to try this tips

  7. Laura

    Thank you for your article. I also thought if I followed the directions that came with my first henna, but panicked as I saw the black little spatters all over! Once I had the rug, counters and sink cleaned I thought I better go see if any ideas. So I second the tub idea, because this isn’t near as easy to apply as bottled dye.

  8. Karie

    I’m so sorry for your adventure. I like Jamila henna the best. I have used henna for more than 20 years with wonderful auburn results. For new users I suggest harvesting the hair from your brush to test the color. Have a friend help you the first time you apply it. And do lots of research before you take the plunge. I like the Henna for Hair website.

  9. mommabear

    I am dying laughing because I am reading this AFTER I did exactly like you did.

  10. Maggy

    Great article! I’ve dyed my hair myself for way too many years and am now covering gray. I use a medium brown color, permanent, Clairol dye with a #20 developer that I buy at Sally’s. Can I use henna over this or do I need to do something with the permanent color, like get rid of it somehow, first? I’d like to stay with a medium brown color that could have a touch of red in it so what color would you suggest? Thank you.

  11. “The first thing NOT to do while dying your hair with henna: Read only one brochure that accompanies the henna preparation.” This is WHY I found your article. Thank you for writing such valuable information!

  12. Cyberkrinn

    When I was in my 20s, long before I needed to, I used Henna to give my naturally Auburn hair some shine and to tame my curls. I loved it. It was messy, but nothing like what you describe. LOL I started going gray a few years ago and started coloring my hair. I’ve decided to stop using commercial hair color, even though my stylist uses a plant-based colorant by Schwartzkopft. I’ll be going back to using Henna as soon as I’m sure it won’t react poorly with what’s left of the professionally colored hair. Your post made me laugh, though. My boyfriend used to apply the Henna for me. He really was pretty awesome like that. :-)

  13. m33r44

    I agree – the style is foul


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