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  1. Katie

    Ohhhhhhhh my goodness. Thisissowonderful. SO wonderful! My favourite part of autumn is the return of my yen for chai.

  2. I love chai! Drinking cup of chai is so relaxing and warming during cold season.

  3. Christine

    I fell in love with chai after my neighbors from India started inviting me over for tea every afternoon. She made it from scratch with garlic included and I’ve never had such a good cup of chai. I can’t wait to try this, I’ve been using store bought masala spices from the Indian grocery store ever since they moved to Texas and it just hasn’t been the same, so I have a feeling this will be quite a treat!! : )

  4. SOMETHING in Chai tea makes me ravenously hungry.

    It’s probably not real hunger, it’s probably creating a digestive reaction that feels the same as hunger, but…I’ve avoided chai tea for years because I totally don’t need anything that makes me feel hungrier than I typically already feel.

    And ideas?

    • Crunchy Betty

      I wonder if it doesn’t rev your metabolism. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, after all.

      This is kind of off-topic, but my friend and I have been having a lot of conversations about eating lately, and how the more (healthy, of course) we eat, the easier it is to lose weight. Except I’ve totally wrecked my metabolism with years of anorexia and bulimia. But I can still tell the difference in my body when I eat more (healthy) and WAY less. And eating more is better.

      My point: Maybe you’re supposed to eat more anyway?

      That is all.

      • Hey Leslie, I am SO glad to see this chai recipe! (By the way, I am a new subscriber, so, hi!) I am also a bit of a chai snob (having it freshly made one time ruined the boxed stuff for me forever – which is the only thing available from coffee shops/stores where I live) and I have been thinking lately that I need to search for a recipe to make it fresh, but you did it for me! Thanks so much!

        As a follow-up to Lori’s comment, I wanted to share something a friend told me recently, this friend being a food microbiologist. In layman’s terms, she told me that coffee has a particular chemical in it that inhibits the body’s ability to tell if the stomach is full (which in my own experience explains a lot in relation to drinking coffee and consuming food). I’m not sure if this chemical would be caffeine or just a chemical common to both coffee and black tea? In any case, maybe subbing out black tea for something else might help, if that’s possible… I’m no tea afficionado so unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions. :)

        • Very interesting…

          I don’t have the same sensation when I drink coffee, but I DO have the same sensation when I drink some other teas. Tannins? No, wait, that’s wine.

          I DO have the same sensation when I eat high cellulose foods – apples, oranges, celery.

          I think I’m broken.


          • Katie

            I find the same thing, but I’ve always reasoned that it’s because I’ve been drinking coffee regularly (like 3 cups a day) for years, but I rarely have tea. So these funny hungry cravings that I get with coffee are just worked into my regular schedule or my body has learned to adapt.

            And then there are the years that I’m drinking only tea with the occasional cup of coffee. The exact opposite happens! I’m not hungry / craving food after drinking tea, but a cup of coffee and I’m ravenous.

            And I have the same feeling with high cellulose foods also.

            I try to pair them with a small protein ALWAYS. So an apple will be accompanied by a few almonds, celery with peanut butter. Chai will be accompanied with some roasted peanuts or one of my tiny almond-flour muffins. It helps a bunch!!

            Good luck figuring this all out1

  5. I love chai! I just ran out of my favorite Red Rooibos chai and decided to make my own this time a round. Thanks for posting!

  6. This sounds amazing! I’ve long wanted to make my own masala chai. Don’t forget about all the antioxidants found in black tea… though I’d drink it just for the taste and caffeine content, it delivers on the health front too!

    You’ll have to forgive if I wait until cooler weather to make this (94 in the shade yesterday). Just by reading it though, I know it will be fabulous and I can’t wait to make some.

  7. Sarah

    Hiya Ms. Crunch! First I need to say i didn’t read this post, well except for the very first part, I have to go back and do that after I leave this message.
    Maybe your Kitty should be named Chai… thats what I thought when I opened this and read those first few lines and made me drop everything to get it out asap!
    Also I just love your writing style, I sit here day after day reading your posts and they just crack me up. “don’t use soap on your face”
    You remind me of a fabulous friend I used to have. So anyhow, thanks for being you, keep posting so I can have something to look forward to brightening my day!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Ha! My other kitty should REALLY be named chai. He’s a siamese/ragdoll mix and he’s very brown. I’ll have to have a talk with Fiance about that when he gets out of the shower.

      And some day, I’m going to have to meet that fabulous former friend and learn a new trick or two. Heh.

      Thanks so much for the comment, and for being here, and for … you know … everything! Mwah!

  8. Sounds so yummy!! Even though it’s supposedly 103 out today, which is strange for this area and time of year, I’m literally a popsicle sitting here in my office (cube). I haven’t made chai in so long…no excuses or reasons why, but this post is now my motivation to brew me up some! WOOHOO thanks for sharing all your favorites.

  9. I’ve always adored the chai latte from Starbucks until I realized it ws full of icky sugar! Then I bought Tazo chai….I adore the smell and taste of it and have recently come to love stevia in my teas too! Chai is warm and comforting…..I think your recipe is awesome as well as your blog post…so well written, entertaining, witty….forgive me for drooling….keep up the great work!

  10. LOVE this! First of all, I have loved chai for a very long time. Before my life with kids, I had a weekly ritual with a dear friend of enjoying a cup of chai at our local Indian restaurant. Yet, I have never made it myself and I am soooo excited to try this. Plus, it is a lovely post. Thanks so much! THis is a keeper!

  11. Sue

    I love your blog, love your wit, and love chai! I can’t wait to try your recipe! Many thanks for posting it!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Mwah! I love that you love my wit (especially) and everything else.

      Let me know if you find a chai mix/recipe that you really, really love. I have a thing for ginger, so I go really heavy on it … but it may be time to branch out again. I’ve been making the same brew for a year now. Funny how habits work like that.

      Come back soon!

  12. I love your recipe! Next time, I’ll have to try using marshmallow root, as I like my chai pretty spicy myself. I’ve posted my own recipe for chai online here: http://www.growandmake.com/make-chai-tea. Feel free to check it out!

  13. I ALWAYS boil my fennel! LOL! But not for long.

    You don’t mention what kind of tea to use. I tried for years to make masala chai using the best Assam and Darjeeling teas, and every attempt was a miserable failure. It takes a STRONG tea to stand up to the spices and milk in masala chai.

    You want the mamri-style (CTC, cut-tear-curl, basically this is how they process the tea leaves). In India this is common knowledge, but here in the USA, people equate loose tea to the “good stuff”, expensive teas that, while they brew an excellent cup of tea, do not have the body or strength of character to make it as the base for masala chai. “Mamri” style tea is what goes into tea bags. If you can’t find mamri style tea (commonly available at any Indian grocery, some common brands are Brooke Bond Red Label, Taj Mahal, and Tea India), you can use cheap unflavored tea bags instead.

    My version of masala chai is pretty simple. I make my masala chai in 4 easy steps, using whole spices – fennel seed, cloves, and cardamom.

    1) boil water and spices for 3 mins
    2) add milk and return to a rolling boil
    3) add tea and simmer on low for no more than 3 mins
    4) strain, serve, add sugar to taste

    The full recipe is on my blog.


  14. Miranda

    This looks delicous! I love chai tea, and although I love to make things, I have never concidered to make my own! I am making mine right now, it is boiling away. Just in time for a good Christmas drink to share for the family. Thanks for posting this!

  15. Wolfy

    I love the idea of making my own!  I don’t like “normal teas”, so I can leave out the black tea!  It’s on the stove right now as we speak… I went to check on it and when I got a whiff, I had a sudden urge to toss in some apple slices, but I’m not so sure how long that would keep.  I think perhaps for my first attempt I’ll abstain from the apples, but next time I’ll try it for sure!  I was introduced to chai tea by a friend, and she taught me to make the tea and then to use the tea to make my hot chocolate as I would normally do.  Soooooo delicious!

  16. Wolfy

    I forgot to mention that there are two kinds of cardamom that I know of… green cardamom, and black cardamom.  I recommend people get the green variety for their tea

  17. Yamizuma

    Wow this is SO good.  The smell alone is spectacular.  I made this my own by mixing the chilled concentrate with unsweetened coconut water for a healthy, spicy, fragrant and different summer iced tea.  Yowza – it’s super good and crazy healthy too!

  18. jan

    Can’t wait to try this! I’ve just tasted chai tea for the first time. I know. You’re like “Where have YOU been?” Was just wondering how long this concentrate would stay fresh in the fridge?

  19. Stig

    How can I not be interested after reading this! I`m on my way to the store…


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