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  1. Kelly

    Break out the crock pot!

    Takes maybe 20 mins to load up, you can work all day with wonderful smells, and eat like a king at the end of the day! Easy cooking, easy cleanup!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh crud…I was really hoping YOU knew what we’d be talking about today. No worries, I have a few burning questions prepared.

    And I’m in the same boat with Thanksgiving (most likely, it’ll be grilled cheese or some other such gastronomic comfort) so I’ll be reading the comments here today and trying not to drool.

  3. Marsha

    Homemade chicken soup is on the menu, because Hubby has the flu. We were planning on traveling to spend the weekend with family, but now we aren’t going anywhere. :( I am thankful I am not sick yet. <3

  4. You rock! I came to your site to get the link to your Etsy market because I was going to show my mom the deodorant that I’ve been dying to purchase. Then the coupon was a sign that I just need to buy it…so I did. Happy Thanksgiving:)

  5. Isla

    I love the Kokomo deodorant (I don’t stink at all, not even the next day) and use both the maca and chamomile cleansing grains regularly with glowy results. I just bought my sister’s Christmas gifts with the 20% coupon at the crunchybetty market! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Samantha

    Family doesn’t know that everything I am making (other than the turkey, which is provided by someone else) is vegan! So I can’t wait for them to love it all and then me tell them at the end of the meal…oh the sneakiness of it all just makes me squirm with glee!

  7. lola_marigold

    I had no idea you had an etsy store!! Wow, lots of sales. That’s fantastic.I love all this. I have a notebook full of recipes and ideas from here.

  8. Joni Peterson

    I have cultured cranberry chutney fermenting on my table right now in preparation and two roasted pie pumpkins waiting for their guts to be pureed to make my pie. I’ll bake pumpkin and apple pies today and tomorrow I’m also making roast turkey (and gravy of course), pear stuffing (hubs looooves pears), and cinnamon carrots with maple thyme butter. My parents are coming for dinner and bringing mashed potatoes, sweet potato bake, green bean casserole, and fresh, homemade bread. I love a big, home-cooked meal with family and can’t wait for tomorrow!

    I’m so glad you’ve perfected the moisturizing oil for oily, acne-prone skin and will definitely be using the coupon to order some once you post it! Have a great Thanksgiving and don’t work too hard =)

  9. Betty I am so glad you are selling some of your creations and I think its so neat that you share the recipes! I will tell you something, because I know you won’t judge me. I just recently stepped off the antiperspirant, deodorant wagon and I am pretty sure I will never get back on. After a bout of itchy, painful armpits from a deodorant I purchased, only because it was PINK and a portion of its proceeds were going to breast cancer research, I tried a crystal that my lovely, French-Canadian, Peace, Love, and Rock-in-Roll mother in law, so nicely gave me on her last visit. Ok, lets get real, I live in Kansas. Home of the humidity rolling down your back. I was a bit leery of using a little crystal to help me not stink! Just to be on the safe side, she also gave me an all-natural, hocus pocus, non-antiperspirant to use that would make me have a little smell-good. Cuz I like to smell good. So, after a few weeks of itchy, drive me crazy armpits, my hubby so nicely suggested I throw that PINK stuff away. I was convinced to try the natural voodoo method, my ever-loving, hippie peace freak, mother-in-law left me. I should have made a commercial. Arm in the air, smelly goo on my pits…AWWW. I heard violins. Seriously the stuff felt cool and calming. So I tried that a day. Worked great, but we are in November. Still a little bit worried about July, but what the hey. Day 2 I said, what the heck…gonna try the crystal. I felt a bit like I had learned a little secret that only the few, wise, hippie-peace loving freaks knew. This stuff really did work! I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it. But, I don’t stink. And that I believe.
    All that to say…a huge thank you to you for helping me step out of my box, just a little bit. You started me off with washing my face with honey months ago…now look at me!! I am excited that you are expanding your horizons. You feel like a soul sister to me…really. I mean it. TTFN, from Kansas!

  10. Marianne

    I’m Canadian so I’ll tell you about the stuffing I had been most excited to try. It was a bacon apple stuffing, a recipe of my own concocting. I was very pleased with the results and will be tweaking the recipe for our Christmas turkey. I added a grated macintosh apple and two slices cooked and crumbled bacon (we’re a small gathering and our turkey only weighted 8lbs). I know now I can add more of both without overdoing it. Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbours!

  11. Madeleine

    pardon a turkey, go vegetarian!

  12. Holly

    I went vegan a few months ago and this will be my first vegan thanksgiving. I made an unturkey too. I have no idea what that will be like, but I know the sides are great at least.

  13. Jess Wright

    yay! synchronicities at work!!! I am so in love with my previous purchases from you, and have very much been wanting to try the kokomo deodorant, but unfortunately I have been on disability (broken foot + nurse do not = ability to work or gain normal income), and with an unemployed husband (who just started a new job on Monday, YAY!), i haven’t been able to justify anything that isn’t imperative– no wonderful deodorant for me :( I was just thinking on Sunday how cool it would be if you offered another coupon code… lo and behold I hop on for my daily crunchy betty check Wednesday and there is one! that plus hubby working again means justafiability for ordering! yay happy coincidences! thank you so much for offering another discount!! (I remembered to enter the coupon code this time as well) :)

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