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  1. I’d like to note that most of the folk around here say that the best way to avoid a hangover is to keep drinking, not to abstain. (They also say other things very similar to TFLN, so credibility may or may not be shot, here.) :)

    If you can’t (or won’t) drink coffee, I’d recommend Midol. Pamprin, whatever. The caffeine-painkiller combo has worked for me and others in the past. Even the manliest man with a killer hangover can get over the teasing he’ll get for taking menstrual reliever when his head doesn’t feel like it’s coming apart anymore. My own personal favorite cure for a hangover is WAFFLE HOUSE. There’s nothing better than Wa-Ho at two or three in the morning when you’re drunk. Or coming off a drunk. All the grease will ‘soak up’ the alcohol, or so college wisdom dictates.

    • Alex

      Um, bad idea with the pamprin or midol. most midol formulations have acetaminophen and so does pamprin. this is a very bad combo with alcohol.

  2. Katie

    What a perfect time for this post to appear! I’m definitely feeling yesterday’s vodka ;)

    I usually go for some dark chocolate on hangover mornings – Coffee dehydrates me more, but I get a good boost from some lovely dark chocolate. And then, because I normally feel REALLY gross, I find any reason to sniff some fresh-smelling scents like Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil. It perks my foggy brain up and also makes me feel a little less… clogged. Are there other aromatherapy methods that seem to help?

  3. Sassy Stephanie

    Just stay drunk! Ha ha! But really, I actually LUV pickle juice and will often drink it and water before bed.

    My former boss used to SWEAR by a ritual of ibu, potassium caps and vit B taken every 2-3 hours during indulgence.

  4. what a great post , and i really like this blog layout!

  5. Wow, I don’t think you missed a thing! You added quite a few that I’ve never heard. I mean, not that I NEED them….well, OK, it can’t hurt to be educated, right Betty?

    Thank you for posting these in advance of Halloween, which we all know is touted as a kid holiday but adults just do it differently.

  6. Pixie

    I don’t celebrate Hallowen, living in Australia and all. BUT given I have a game of cards and drinking planned this post was very helpful. I will defintely try one of them. I used to never get hangovers but now I do. It’s strange.

  7. I read this before bed Friday night. I took some B vitamins to be safe, with lots of water. Chocolate milk is my favorite hangover treat. I have no idea if it really helps but it makes me feel better.

  8. What a great list! I always swore by the B-complex and a big glass of water before bed. Later I learned to alternate booze/water/booze/water. Now I mostly just stay away from champagne with big bubbles (big bubbles=big headaches) and really cheap wines (they make me cranky).

  9. Mshanai

    Tums. A must if you’ve been drinking beer.

  10. Great ideas! As a former bartender, I can attest to the hair of the dog. There were a few there though that I’d never heard of.

  11. Liana

    You really don’t need to drink the pickle juice. Just eating pickles would cure my hangovers. That and grapefruit juice were my livesavers. I can’t drink anymore because of a medical condition, but it would’ve been interesting to try some of these out…

  12. Sarah

    This is great! So many things I’d never heard of! My friend always said that taking one of those complete daily vitamins before bed helped him, which kind of makes sense in light of some of your suggestions!

    This is probably TMI, but if I’m hungover in the morning, drinking water first thing is my mortal enemy! I will, in almost exactly a half an hour, get sick. Always. And it’s not pleasant because by that point, my stomach is empty (see? TMI! sorry!). I don’t know what it is about water, but it doesn’t settle at ALL right out of the gate. So I start with coffee. Once that’s settled THEN I can move on to water!

    And I absolutely agree – sitting around in your funk is one of the worst things to do! Getting up and making my self move around really helps snap my body out of it!

  13. I totally agree about the potassium tablet being used in the Gatorade drink, as well as drinking lots of fruit juice. What always helped me the day after was to drink lots of Gatorade or Powerade. Recently I’ve read that coconut juice is a good remedy for the next day- turns out it’s the electrolytes in those drinks that help out. So I started researching electrolytes- what are they exactly, and how do I increase my concentration of them? Potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride are some common ones, all available in the vitamin aisle of just about every store in America. So my remedy is to take a Potassium/Magnesium/Calcium tablet the night before, and drink it with some fruit juice with a pinch of salt (for the chloride) and a couple glasses of water. In my somewhat limited experience in using this remedy, I’m still sluggish and tired the next day, but have virtually no headache or nausea!

  14. I swear by coconut water! A thousand times better than gatorade, chug it the night before and as soon as you wake up. Yummy!

  15. Ravenhaze

     One of my favorite hangover beverages is coconut water. It has tons of potassium, antioxidants, and sugars that help with many hangover symptoms!

  16. zenobia

    Hard boiled eggs- or at the very least, cooked eggs (including the yolk). I don’t know what it is, but this helps. throw a banana in your mouth after your egg and the combination seems to help the greasy food cravings that often (for me) come the next morning as well. yay potassium!


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