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  1. I just want to say…good luck, I love your ethos, and I’ve learned heaps here. Knock ’em dead!

  2. Sara

    Oh, good luck with it! Maybe all your dreams will come true, who knows? But at least your husband will have work to do while looking for a job. It would be awesome to have that situation fall in my lap (not that I have a product).

  3. Hele anderson

    Wonderful! Best of luck on your new endeavor! I have learned so much here and will continue to enjoy reading and learning from you.

  4. Crystal

    I’m a recent CB convert, so I missed out on the opportunity to buy the Activated Charcoal Summer Scrub you sold last year. I’ve been eying the recipe and really want to try it, but so many of the ingredients have to be bought in bulk, and I’m like “what if I don’t like it? Then I have all these ingredients I don’t need now!” So, if you sold that in the new market so people can test drive it, that would rock!

  5. WOW! Good for you, Leslie! This is a much more palatable option for me as I don’t have to track down AND store all the oils, etc :)

  6. Laura

    I wish you (and Skip) all the best in this trial! I also want to tell you HOW MUCH I enjoy your blog!!! So many great blogs out there but I find myself more and ore drawn to those that have topics I will actually have a use for in my daily life. ie; clean eating, smart gardening, diy home, beauty and pet products. I love being crafty and reusing/repurposing things but I’m becoming less about “stuff” and more about spending time making the things that keep my family, home, and pets healthy and happy. Thank you for delivering such continously great topical information, it is making a difference in this families life!

  7. avalonww

    Yea! Good job, and good for you, and good for the universe to enable Skip to handle the part you don’t want to do. This is very good for me, as I really wanted to try the maca scrub, but after research I found that I won’t want to consume it – it may balance hormones, but it can also be an emmenagogue (start periods/make them heavier, if scanty), as is the case with some other herbs which balance hormones, and which is what I absolutely do not need right now, being menopausal and having major difficulty anyway. In any case, I didn’t want to purchase in bulk, because how much can one scrub, anyway? So you have solved my quandry, as you so often do. Thanks for everything, Leslie. BTW I would love to see deodorant in your store!

  8. jen mcveigh

    you rock! how about nutty butt bars? :)

  9. Michelle Skinner

    I would love to see the beeswax furniture polish in your Etsy store. I wanted to make it but can’t find beeswax anywhere.

  10. Andrea G.

    Yay! I’m super excited to get my maca root and tamanu thyme scrubs in soon! How cool for you guys to be able to do this together. One thing I have wanted to use for quite some time, but haven’t had the initiative to deal with the beeswax, is the homemade vapor rub. I’d love to buy some of that , especially with fall right around the corner!

  11. If say, you opened a store in Manitou Springs, I would probably camp at your store (seriously, I live like three seconds from there and I’ve probably run into you before somewhere and just didn’t realize it), barf rainbows on you, and spend my entire paycheck on your awesome creations. In other words, you rock because I am SO getting stuff!

  12. AL

    Good for you! I’ve been wanting to make a a homemade version of lotion bar I use, but have not gotten around to buying all the ingredients because they usually sell them in bulk and it gets expensive for now. So, I would love to buy some lotion bars!

  13. Michi

    Yay for you! I know that’s a hard decision to make, but I think it’s cool. And I think it’s cool in part because maybe some other people want dishwashing detergent just as much as I do and are just as lazy as me and haven’t made it yet. And then maybe we could just buy it from you and remain forever lazy. I like this idea very much!

  14. Colleen

    CB, which product would you recommend for me? I’m 43, with combination skin (slighly oily forhead and nose) but dry cheeks? I just found your blog about a month ago and I’m hooked! Thanks….

    • Hmmmm. I’m definitely thinking You Maca Me Glow. The oats and almond meal and jojoba oil are superbly nourishing for your dry cheeks, and the maca and green tea should gently work on the oiliness, PLUS help soothingly exfoliate any dead skin cells from your dryness. That’s what I’m thinking. :)

  15. Good for you, Leslie! I’m a recent CB convert too and I just love every part of it! And this whole time I’ve been thinking: wow, with all her knowledge, she’s got the potential to market these wonderful products and she’s got the heart to do it right! I love when people have something WORTHY to offer and bring it to life for others… Good luck with everything and maybe, you know, you’ll get (even more) famous for your cosmetic line out of your kitchen!

  16. Jennifer

    Please help! I’m trying to decide between You Maca Me Glow and Milk and Petal. I’m 38 with normal to dry skin, some fine lines and dullness, but no blemishes. Thanks!

  17. Awesome! I have always said that if I ever sell any product I will do the same thing – include a recipe on how to make it at home. Hoorah for empowering people!

  18. Yeah!!!! So excited. I can’t afford to buy all of these spieces indivually and now you’ve made my dream come true by doing it from us! Ordering today!

  19. Crissy

    Thank you! I just want to say a big huge thank you for doing this. and I’m super glad you shared the back story to why you’re starting this litte shop. have fun and I hope it’s a wonderful success in every way you need it to be

  20. Congratulations on your new venture…I am sure it will be a success. I have discovered so many interesteing ingredients since I have been a faithful reader for the last year. I am buying all sorts of new products that are making me happy and my life so much easier. However I am all over the place buying this and that and the other things so I propose a phase 2 to your venture. I would love to give back to you the way you have given to me this past year. I would love to have 1-stop-shopping and buy my coconut oil, maca powder, honey, etc (I could go on but you get the point) and YOU to benefit from my purchases. Just a thought…(one I hope you’ll think about) — Christine

  21. Jessica Cockrum

    Just ordered mine. Excited to be able to try it before splurging for all the ingredients. My skin sucks, so I never know what is going to work or not.

  22. LJ

    Love your blog and love your attitude! Especially your willingness to share your recipes. What if you did some type of survey? You could list the things you like to make and we could mark off the ones we would be most likely to buy within the next 3 months?

  23. Stephanie

    Soooooooo glad you decided to do this! It just feels like the perfect progression of where you were headed. Good luck with it… I know it’s going to be awesomeness itself! :)

  24. Meredith

    Leslie! This is wonderful news! I am so eager to take advantage of you and Skip’s new venture! Is there any way to make nut-allergy friendly versions of these scrubs?? I’d love the maca one but am deathly allergic to nuts of all kinds so the almond meal would have to go : pretty please?

  25. Julila

    That is fabulous!!! Not about the not finding a job part but good on ya to making your own destiny and starting a way to make money. The whole idea of after a door closes, a window opens kind of thing. I wish you luck and I would buy items from your store. Will you ship to Canada or just stick to the US? Either way I might buy stuff from you to send to my SIL as a birthday gift (she lives in the US). Rock on CB!!!!

  26. amanda

    Lotion bars. I have no inclination to buy beeswax, lanolin, etc but would probably pick up a lotion bar that I knew didn’t have yuck in it.

    Also, sunscreen!

    • Amanda @ Easy Peasy Organic

      Cocoa butter! That’s all you need, really … because it melts at body temperature. That’s what I use as the basis of my organic lotion bars :)

  27. alicyn

    i love the activated charcoal scrub and i love supporting you, so i am super stoked about your new market!

    i would definitely buy lotion bars, deodorant, and really anything with more than one non-pantry/kitchen ingredient. oh and infusions. :) sometimes i just don’t have the patience… but i love the rosemary-infused acv toner that i made from your ebook, so maybe i should just suck it up on that front.

    best wishes with your new venture! <3

  28. Debbie

    Congrats and good luck on your new venture! I would be interested in the nutty butt bar or any lotion bar. I can’t seem to get them right. Deodorant because I’m lazy.

  29. Ashley Strachey

    Ugh it’s unnecessarily hard to find beeswax here. I may buy that if you offered it.

    Also, all the funky clays you use. My health food store only carries 2 clays, and I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of them.

    Tamanu oil! I want to try that, and also some of the more obscure essential oils….

    But those probably aren’t really helpful, as I can buy any of those online… Maybe you could sell a CrunchyBetty skincare routine. It would include your daily wash, moisturizing, and any weekly rituals you have.

    All that aside, congratulations on the store! Hopefully Skip takes care of all the annoying aspects.

  30. Kathy

    Woohoo! I am so excited that you are starting this! Please, please don’t worry about commercialism – just add a link at the bottom of you posts that says “or buy it here”. People who arent interested wont buy, but Trust me, I want this! :). Already placed my order! Love your blog!!!

  31. ssvintage

    This is wonderful! I’d love to purchase your deodorant if you were to sell it!

  32. salernch

    Yay! Thank you for making it easier for me to try your recipes! Just ordered the thyme face wash. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  33. Krystle

    love your blog, own your book- soon some grains, love your recipes, love your sarcasm, this is just a comment but i will soon inform you how your book/blog has dramatically changed my skin. U RoCK!!

  34. Janet

    Awesome that you sold out so quickly! Maybe another offer when you catch up for those of us who missed out!

  35. Mychele @ Tasty Hobby

    I appreciate your willingness to try the store again. I’d be interested in deodorant and a natural version of icy/hot.

  36. Shara D

    Congratulations on your new venture!

  37. disqus_4N6OaCWZvW

    Congratulations! I would totally buy a nutty butt bar from your shop! Thank you for the wonderful blog. Just tried a honey mask. I like!

  38. JoJo

    I’m new to the site and i absolutely love it. I tried the Egg mask a few days ago as that’s all i had in at the time. Horrible smell but made my skin feel alright. Just tried the Milk & Nutmeg and OMG. My skin feels like silk. I have red blotches on the apple of my cheeks and it seams to have calmed it down. I can’t wait to have a good gander and try some new things. :D

  39. Posie

    Yey! I want everything on your site. Maybe body butter next? Would love the solid perfumes. Deodorant. I’m bummed that I missed getting the cleansing grains here, but Whoopee!! I’m off to your Etsy store.

  40. Karlita

    I loved that activated charcoal summer scrub. I’ll buy that again and again.

    Also the neosporin alternative salve and the elderberry cough stuff. And I’m sure a million other wonderful things….

    Christmas is coming. I would love to buy my fam homemade beauty stuff from you!

  41. Julie

    Congrats on doing this! Crunchy Betty has been such an inspiring place for me over the past few months– my bathroom now strongly resembles my kitchen :)

  42. Lizzie

    I cannot wait til i get paid. I religiously use your oil cleansing method at night to wash the day off, but this in the morning to give me a circulation boost would be perfect! Hoping you have enough ‘You Maca Me Glow’ left in two weeks for a little trip to sunny old England!!!

  43. alicyn

    my cleansing grains came yesterday! thank you!! :)

  44. marcie

    Where can I find that cool glass jar you use on the etsy shop? btw I received my cleansing grains and I love them!! My skin looks and feels awesome after my morning cleanse.

  45. Marcie

    Quick question. The milk and petals recipe says it has goat milk powder in it but the recipe you sent with product doesn’t have goat milk powder in it? I want to try another version for myself and am wondering how much milk should go I it. Thanks a bunch!

    • Oh crud! I just forgot to type it. Darnit, I proofread that thing twice and had Skip proof it, too. Go figure. ANYWAY, it’s 0.4 oz of powdered goat’s milk. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Changing it now. Ah, wouldn’t it be awesome to be perfect … ha.

  46. Sana A

    Just received your Tamanu Thyme Cleansing Grains in the mail (hello from Canada)! So excited to try it. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful advice and products!

  47. Please make your homemade lip blams to sell on etsy:)

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