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  1. Smurse

    I will have to remember this! Thanks for your lovely, funny posts :)

  2. KarinSDCA

    Such an enjoyable read! thank you!

  3. Bobbie Huddleston

    Thanks for the great tip! Wonder if it would work on a t-shirt?

  4. Marsha

    Thanks! Now I learned my thing for the day! :)

  5. I used this method when I was a teenager – and ended up burning the carpet, making a worst mess than I’d begun with so if you’re intending to do this at home: PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO IRON OVER THE BAG.

    Also, I’m a bit doubtful about the paper towel – I think part of the thing about using brown paper is that it has a shiny side and a matt side, and the matt side is absorbent…

  6. Martha_Yarrow

    I’ve done this with a paper towel covered by aluminum foil, but didn’t know about the paper bag. Good stuff!

  7. Meridith

    Irons and I have a very unhealthy relationship. I have thrown away numerous articles of clothing due repeated burning incidents. But it looks like that paper bag should keep me out of trouble. Great tip!

  8. Marnitski

    I used this trick years ago when we moved into our brand new house and I spilled candle wax on the carpet within the first few days D: Works great. Just be veeeeery careful not to iron over the sides of your paper bag!

  9. chelsa

    Why I didn’t think of this when I moved last year?? It’s common sense, but of course because I put it off until the last hour when I had packed and cleaned for days already, I was delusional and had the bright idea instead to give my carpet a little “haircut”. (Ya know, since my barbie’s hair grew back so vigorously after hacking it into what I thought was the latest style. NOT.) Anyways, the bald spots in my carpet were SO less noticeable than the pink wax. 200 dollars off deposit. Funny now, not then.

  10. Sam Cochran

    this post just made me cry. in a good way. it spoke to my heart and soul and connected with the very same thoughts I have almost every day. thank you. <3

  11. Essi-Maria

    Thanks again, Betty!

    This works well also on a wood floor, as I just found out :)

    I have to thank You – just ordered my first oils for skincare, I have used avocado oil and honey for cleaning my face and removing make up and me and my skin loves it (as do I).

    Your blog is my favorite at the time, and I shared it with my best girlfriends in Facebook recently. (they have small children, so I found the GAK-recipe amusing ;))

    So keep on rockin’ (or should I say crunchyin’)!

    Greetings from Finland,(and excuse my English)

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  13. D. Reed

    I just did the get the candlewax out of carpet with brown paper and an iron. It was so simple and worked great!! I am embarrassed that I waited 3 weeks, but I’m a procrastinator from way back.

  14. Laura

    Wow, this worked perfectly. I had been putting off dealing with this for several weeks now so Thanks! for at least helping me put a stop to this little nagging chore. I also have a spot where I spilled melted cocoa butter into the carpet. It is currently covered with a kitchen towel so that I can’t see it. Out of sight out of mind right? Except that, you know, there’s this kitchen towel on the floor where it doesn’t belong. I will try this technique and see if it works for cocoa butter as well.

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  16. This works like a perfect charm!!!! It does a wonderful job. First of all I was in a doubt to do so. It’s obvious if you are hanging out with an expensive carpet. The most important part of this technique is to control the temperature while using an iron. Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. This works brilliantly with a paper towel. Also if you use the same method with a damp towel/cloth you can take furniture dents out of the carpet

  18. Ang



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