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  1. I don’t take baths for many reasons. But the main one is the same as yours – being cold. And I’m even short (5’3”). There are other things I’d rather do to relax.

  2. Emily (eakelp)

    WOW! I already loved you before and now even more. I got my name mentioned in a post. YAY for me. I NEVER take baths. Maybe it is the cold factor, I am not sure but it has never been very appealing to me except in my sore, really athletic days where i took epsom salt baths. I have, however, started to just drop a combination of tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender and it smells great.

  3. I have to agree, despite my advantage (being that we have a whirlpool bath in our house, so bubbles are not necessarily in short supply). That being said, bubbles are overrated. I refuse to use bubble bath in our tub because of the damage it can do to the whirlpool system. I’ll stick with Lush products for now – fizz, maybe some bubble, but really good scents and a nice feeling when you get out. Also all-natural, so no damage to the tub!

    • Amanda J.

      Which Lush products are all-natural? I don’t think I’ve never seen one completely all-natural. I’m pretty sure all of the ones I’ve seen have the very broad term “Perfume” in the ingredients.

      • Perhaps I’m not reading my labels clearly enough, or just misrepresented some of them. Claiming a vegan label and reading through the ingredients is clean enough for me unless you have evidence to the contrary. ‘Fragrance’ or ‘perfume’, while broad, doesn’t strike me as necessarily non-natural.

        • Amanda J.

          That is just the most recent article I’ve read about it. I tend to be more cautious about things that can mess with hormones. I’ve had ovarian cysts. They’re very painful and debilitating. While no one claims to know exactly what causes them, doctors know hormones play a large role.

          • I can definitely understand your cause for concern – my aunt is recovering from an ovarian abscess after a week in the hospital, the cause of which is still unexplained. My mother is extremely sensitive to perfumes and fragrances because of the reasons explained in the blog post you linked. The information in that post makes sense, given functions of hormones and the creation of false hormones over generations – after all, isn’t perfume just a way to attract a mate, the original function to which was the production of pheromones within the body, which has now been diminished by synthetic means over time?

            I have sent a message to the folks at Lush, who have always been upfront and helpful about questions I’ve asked them in the past, regarding the origin and extraction process of the broad terms ‘perfume,’ ‘fragrance’ and ‘flavor.’ Hopefully I will hear back from them soon.

          • Hey Amanda! :)
            You might be interested in the book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” by Christian Northrup. I’m reading it right now and she has a whole chapter about Ovaries and ovarian cysts. I found it extremely enlightening! The copy I’m reading I got at the library, so you can probably find it at your local library, as well. ;) Just wanted to throw that in, as it’s a superb resource for info on hormones and all things female. :)

          • Ooops! That’s Christiane Northrup (with an E). ;)

        • Crunchy Betty

          Unfortunately, as a general rule, if a product says it contains either “fragrance” or “perfume,” they’re talking about synthetic. If they were talking natural, it would be FAR more likely that they’d list an essential oil or the natural product (as that would be more appealing on a list of ingredients).

          Personally, I’m not a fan of Lush. The more I studied their ingredients lists, the more incensed I got. Many of their products use parabens, nearly all of them list “perfume” or “fragrance” as an ingredient, and several more of their products contain decidedly NOT natural ingredients otherwise.

          My beef isn’t that they sell products with these ingredients in them (though, no matter what, I wouldn’t use their products). My beef is that they say they’re all natural and fresh, and they try to lure customers in by convincing them they’re getting healthier personal care products, and they’re lying. They are lying. Their products are no more healthy than the majority you can buy at the discount store. (Though they often do use super fun essential oils that many products don’t use.)

          Anyway. Specifically on fragrance/perfume. From a personal standpoint, I can honestly say that my ability to smell things has increased after completely ditching them. I get fewer headaches. And, while this is purely subjective, my PMS seems less severe since avoiding them. (They potentially mess with hormones.)

          • Nicole

            Hey Crunchy Betty,

            I too try to find the most natural products I can find. Too me, if its not ALL natural, then I don’t see the point in buying it (since there are so many homemade alternatives).

            Have you heard of, or tried, 100% Pure products before? I order them online all the time and I love them. They have a few stores in the U.S, but I live in Canada.

            I haven’t researched all their products, but from what I have seen they are actually 100% natural. (Except for their deodorant and nail polishes…but they state that those are not 100% pure of chemicals).

            Check them out and please let me know what you think about their stuff :) you seem to be a much better researcher than me when it comes to this kind of stuff haha

            I also haven’t heard any bad news about the company either (about them lying etc). And they seem to care about the environment and animals <3 in fact they usually have donation events for different animal rescue organizations…yay :)

          • Giz

            There are a select few lush products that are all natural, like the ultrabalm for example (rose wax, jojoba oil and candelilia wax – not sure I spelled that correctly).

            With lush you need to have the website or the lush times to know what you are getting – they used to colour code the ingredients by what was natural and what wasn’t..

            Would prefer if they didn’t use parabens myself, I like the stuff – just have some issues with a few ingredients!

  4. Heather

    I don’t take baths either, but it’s partially because I only have a shower! Granted, it is a huge shower that five people could fit in, but still! My parents have a HUGE tub. I’m talkin huge. I’m 5’5, and you can run enough water in that puppy to cover my shoulders. It’s deep! Other than the occasional bath if I’m visiting them, I just shower, and that’s fine with me. I have a history of dropping books into the bath tub anyway!

  5. Salix

    I love taking baths,and never have to decide which bit of me is cold because I have a huge whirlpool tub. The only disadvantage is that it uses SO much hot water to fill it properly.

    I don’t tend to use anything much in my baths actually (maybe just a bit of essential oil), just sit and soak with a good book and a glass of wine.

  6. Bubble baths are one of my all-time favorite ways to relax! I’ve always said I could live without a lot of things, but a bathtub isn’t one of them. I’ve actually used the first recipe several times – I put it in gift baskets for friends and my mom at Christmas, along with body oil, scrub, and salts – and I love how moisturized my skin is afterward. It certainly doesn’t create hours and hours of bubbles, but I agree that bubbles are overrated anyway. Other bubble baths I’ve used (commercial ones) always left my skin feeling dry, but the first recipe leaves skin feeling soft and super-moisturized.

    Now I think I need to make some more!!

  7. I ADORE my baths, but really don’t care about bubbles in them. I can take ‘em or leave ‘em – and usually leave ‘em. ;)

    My recent favorite for my bath has been coconut oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, and has such a lovely, relaxing scent! :)

  8. I can do without bubbles, I’m happy with Epsom salts and recently some almond oil and EO’s thrown in. But my kids need bubbles, keeps them happy in the tub.
    We get our bubble bath from a Canadian company called Olivier, ingredients are water, surfonic, sea salt and essential oils. I’m not sure what surfonic is however. I shall google.

  9. Lissa

    I love the photos with the rose candles.

    I am also too long for my bathtub, but recently I’ve been giving baths a try with a variation on the first recipe (I added lavender and sandalwood). I’ve been starting the bath with too-hot water and letting it sit and cool off for a while before I get in. Since my bathroom is tiny and my poor ventilation fan tries and tries but never quite clears out all of the steam, my knees stick out but aren’t chilly.

    I like the idea of baths for bathing regularly, since they use less water than showers no matter how long you stay in them. They do take a little more time, but with planning… yay lower water bill!

    • Lissa, I had no idea that baths take less water than showers! I always assumed it was the opposite. One of the reasons I stopped soaking was the guilt I felt over all the water I was using! Wow…

      • Lissa

        Well, my thing is that no matter how long you spend soaking you use the same amount of water. I like looong baths or showers, and a half an hour in my five foot tub vs. a half-hour shower? Bath wins. But a nice, deep tub that would fit all of me vs. a cool five minute shower? The shower’s much more conservative, especially if the showerhead moderates the water flow. Personally, I’ve never been able to manage a five minute shower.

        There’s also a difference between a daily bath and a luxurious soak. I can get by with just six inches or so of hot water just for washing (I could probably manage less, but I wait for the steam) and a few seconds under the showerhead to rinse off. This feels less wasteful to me than the 15 minutes I can spend in the shower.

        So really, it depends on your showerhead, your tub, and your personal habits.

      • Lissa

        Oh, hey! To see if your showers use more or less water than your baths, you could leave the plug in and take a shower like normal, then see how high the water is when you’re done.

        • Thanks Lissa! Those are all great ideas/suggestions. I, too, can’t ever seem to manage to get everything done in a 5 minute shower. We have a “stall” type shower in our bathroom (I think it’s a former phone booth). The tub/shower is in the guest bathroom and has a different shower-head, so my hubby is going to rig a bucket in our shower and measure the gallons per minute… then we can compare. I’m giddy at the prospect of even an occasional guilt-free soak!

  10. Alice

    Deep Steep’s bubble baths are all-natural, really do work well, and smell yummy. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t paid to advertise for them or anything :))
    The ingredients:
    Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Infusion of Organic Herbs; Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Coco Glucoside, Glycerin (Vegan), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Aroma (Organic and Wildcrafted Aroma Blend), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Caprylic Acid (Coconut Fatty Acid), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Natural, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.
    (Coco glucoside, if you’re wondering, is a surfactant/emulsifier derived from coconut oil and fruit sugars and is completely biodegradable.)

    • Gabriel Sovereign

      Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been wanting to have some bubble bath for my daughter but we are extremely particular about the products we use. I’m excited to try some of this.

  11. I am a bath girl. All almost 5’3 inches of me. But, I hardly ever use a bubble bath. The thing I’ll take from this post is jealousy. 5’10″! There must be nothing you can’t reach!

    I would like to smell like your homemade vanilla extract though!

  12. When the grend ‘rents aren’t home, I soak in their spa tub (which they use as a plant holder most of the time). I must admit, I do so love my bubbles, but I wouldn’t mind changing it up to soak in something that will make my skin better.


  13. Used to take baths when I was single and traveled a lot for my job. I’d use BodyShop’s Lavender Milk Bath and Kneipp herbal soaks among others. I was more interested in how wonderful the stuff smelled, than how big of bubbles it made. If I get into taking soaking again, I will start with your recipes above rather than buy something (now that I’ve got a little EO collection going!).

  14. Anna

    I hope I’m posting this in the right place – I’d love to win the $35 gift certificate. I’ve been wanting to try a more natural deodorant, but I’d really rather buy one than make it ;)

  15. Would adding coconut milk help? :)

  16. I went the choose-my-own-surfactants route, as you can see via my link. Found combinations based on sulfosuccinates & betaines that make a very dense, lathery foam but don’t irritate even those most sensitive.

    In principle you could use those soap-based recipes (or any soap, really), and using enough of it make as much foam as you want, just like the head of suds people used to get from soap flakes in a washing machine — some people did use to make sudsy baths using Lux flakes or the like — but, especially if water is “hard”, that could be like a ton of soap, and the resulting bath water would be more irritating than you’d get from bubble baths based on other surfactants.

  17. HOlly

    One decently bubbly natural bubble bath is straight up dried milk.  I just pour it under the running water and use my hand to aggitate the water.  I make soap for our house to use and even a good sudsy lye soap won’t give a bubble bath, but dry milk does:)

  18. Lori

    THis something I thought I would share. More of a ‘dont do this! ;o) I decided to add peppermint extract to my hot bath…smelled GREAT…got in and thought OH SWEET JESUS ICE WATER!! Mint is very cooling…go figure.

  19. Hattie

    Hi Crunchy Betty,

    I’m so sorry to say this but I tried making the Light on the Froth recipe and found that it doesn’t bubble at all and makes my skin (and everyone that’s tried it’s skin) really dry. I followed the recipe exactly so what can I have done wrong? – unfortunately I’ve made loads of it for xmas presents so could really do with a way to salvage it all…

    Thank you so much for your help!


  20. Thanks so much for this! I was at Walmart the other day with my 5 year old daughter and she was begging me for bubble bath. I told her she could have some as long as it did not contain chemicals and she was really dissappointed when we couldn’t find any. The bubbles in the picture aren’t super huge or anything but it will definitely make my little ones happy:) oh and just a little curious, maybe someone could explain the “crunchy” thing. I’m not really sure what that is lol.

  21. Leah

    I know this is an old post, but thought I’d share the info. I make my son’s bubble bath with half dr. Bronners, half natural dish soap (read labels to really find a natural one), a bit of glycerine & a bit of sugar. The dish soap adds coconut based surfactants which help it bubble. I usually add a bit of almond oil, too, since dish soap & Castile soap are both a bit drying. I add clary sage because its good for his skin, but you could use any EO for scent. Hth someone :)

  22. Dawn

    Im not sure if this was mentioned in other comments but I just read on another blog that adding an egg white to your mix with make big frothy longer lasting bubbles. I might give it a try next time I pick up some cheaper honey.
    Love your site btw. Always find it a great read & awesome ideas! :)

  23. Mike

    The key is to get some Coco Glucoside, no sulfates, parabens or diethanolamides or any other bad stuff. You’ll notice it’s actually found in all the Deep Steep natural bubble bath products.

  24. Sarah

    Thanks for the bubble bath recipe. One question – why the sugar in the second recipe? I was curious what purpose it serves? Thanks again!

  25. Jai

    I’m more one for baths, and I usually use a bit of homemade bubble bath or some fragranced Epsom salts (I scent them myself with essential oils, of course). My only issue is that our tub is so dang shallow! Being, shall we say, well-endowed but short, only the bits of me left out of the water end up frigid. Very unpleasant, to say the least. I make my bubble bath with natural hand soap and baby oil, and it leaves me with enormous bubbles!

  26. Megan

    if you pour a small stream of shower gel under running water ill make ALOT of bubbles.

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  30. Sue

    I love taking baths & miss the bubbles. I no longer use products that produce the foaming action due to the harmful nature of SLS’s. Upon reading some earlier posts here from 2011, regarding LUSH bath bombs, I felt the need to weigh in here on the subject. About a year ago, my husband came home from a business trip with a bag containing a couple of bath bomb from LUSH. They were fantastic, smelled great and left my skin feeling soft. However, recently I visited my local LUSH store and bought several of what I thought were the same products. I even asked the clerk specifically for them. When I used them, not one of them foamed and more than half of them stained my bathtub very badly. The orange one was the worst followed closely by a purple one with a pink rose poking out of one end. This was very disturbing, having to scrub like mad immediately after getting out of the tub. And it took several scrubbings over several days to get all of the stains out of my tub. I won’t be going back to LUSH for anything in the future. I’ll try my hand at the homemade alternative, minus the colorings.

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  33. maria

    using eggwhites in your bubblebath mix creates big bubble and is also pretty nice for your skin.

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