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  1. Ashley Strachey

    Ha very good post. ;) Figured you were just taking another break. Hope it was a good one!

  2. Marsha

    :) HOW DARE YOU!!!??? Hahah, hope you are having a good break!

  3. Angel

    Wishing you wisdom and peace in your sacred space.

  4. Jocelan

    Glad things a good with you,we all need a breather once in a while.
    Love your blog,Jocelan

  5. leslie

    I am so so sad….will you be making more of the kokomo cream deodorant soon? I tried to order on Etsy and they are out. Hope it will be back soon.

  6. Ayesha

    Wise, funny words – loved them! I WAS wondering where you were as a matter of fact. Which is a bit of a cheek considering I never leave comments and show appreciation for all your wonderful posts! Please know that I love your blog, wish you a peaceful and inspiring break and look forward to the next time your update lands in my inbox.

  7. manda00

    I agree…we all need a breather at times! I mean, I ain’t gonna lie, I was like, “Umm, when is she going to post another blog with her brillant ideas!?” lol. It’s just cause I look foward to your posts. Your blog is AMAZING! I know I speak for all of us when I say, “It’s one of my favorites ever.” Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and time into this site. Enjoy your break very much!

  8. Artchoo

    Hey, cool! This just hit me in the perfect way because sometimes people forget that bloggers might need to step back and recharge every once in a while. Enjoy yourself and do something besides staring at a computer. Like napping. Napping is good.

    • manda00

      Agreed. I’m not a blogger, but they sure do put A LOT of effort into what they do and it absolutely shows for CB.

  9. Patti

    I hope all is well with you and wish you the very best as you take a break to breathe. As you say, “The wind and the rain don’t go on forever.”

  10. Ayshela

    Hope you’re doing well. Miss you.

  11. leslieeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~ come backkkkkkk!!!!!!! school holidays are coming and if you don’t update with awesome crunchistry, i won’t have anything to do D:

  12. Zaggora Girl

    Can’t wait till your next post :)

  13. love this, needed this. love your blog…. cooking up some nutty butt butter bars right now (actually steeping the oils) my sweetie is excited!

  14. A teen girl

    I just wanted to pop in and say, thank you for this awesome blog! I realized that I never comment even though this is probably my favourite blog ever so here I am commenting to say enjoy your break, and I am excited for when you come back. In the mean time however I am reading old posts and browsing the crunchy community to get my Crunchy Betty fix.

  15. e.lambert

    we miss you!!!

  16. Lindsayat82

    I miss your posts.. Do you have any man-friendly ideas? My guy loves all the stuff I make, but thinks it’s too frilly for him. I made a cleansing bar, but I was wondering if you have any good cleansing stuff (besides the oil method) that can be kept in the bathroom. The cleansing bars melt and have to be kept in the fridge… Makes it hard to remember to use it…….

  17. I miss reading your blog! Hope all is well in the world of Crunchy Betty :)

  18. kerri

    Woke up thinkin’ of ya and wanted you to know. Peace be with you, Leslie.

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