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  1. I’d like to find out more? I’d like to find out some additional information.

  2. Ed P.

    I use a simple spray that works wonders.
    I used to use Antiperspirants (yes I know , yikes) … then I learned about aluminum.
    Also not keen on the stuff in normal soaps so leads me to …
    Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap.
    Use that stuff for everything (not usually full strength).
    Deodorant …
    (1 part) ETHYL Alcohol (NOT Isopropyl) or Witch Hazel
    (1 part) Distilled water
    (Half part) Dr Bronner (any scent)
    (10 drops) TeaTree Oil
    (5-10 drops) Essential oils to taste / scent ( lavender, sandalwood, etc )
    Put it in a spray bottle (like the ones in the travel section)
    Shake before each use .

    Warning: Side Tangent : I use it as shampoo, body wash, part of toothpaste, washing dishes, etc … The stuff is amazing.
    I think the part I like most is even if you do not get it all off your skin, it NOT drying or damaging . All made of Oils and Glycerin .
    /Side Tangent complete.

  3. Robin

    I started making my own deodorant over a year ago… and never had any problems with itching, skin darkening, or odor… but my husband never used it (itching) and I found I felt “soggy” on warm Texas days… not smelly at all but definite wetness. Not a great feeling. I tried replacing some of the liquid oil in the recipe with honey. (I read about honey being used in the Civil War as an anti-bacterial ointment.) I thought I’d give it a try and MAN, what a difference! It helps keep me dry even during hot summer days. I still haven’t found a good recipe for my husband… though I just mixed up the calendula oil infusion and will try it in a few weeks when it’s ready. Thanks for continuing to work on a formula! I’ll let you know if it works…



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