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  1. bluehairfanatic

    Can you leave it in overnight?? And is it okay for hair colors like blue? Thanks

    • MiniCooperGirl93

      Hi there!

      Bananas are really mild fruits, so I imagine leaving banana in your hair overnight wouldn’t do much more than create a big, dry, clumpy mess. I’d avoid leaving any dairy products in your hair for more than 4 hours (they might spoil and start to smell).

      As for the blue hair question (first of all, I’m jealous), since bananas are very mild, they should be totally fine to use in your hair! Especially since the harsher chemicals used to dye your hair may have damaged your hair in the process (depending on the method and brand and such). I think using the milk and bananas would be fine, maybe even some honey, but I have no idea how the cocoa or strawberries would work. Green tea would probably work wonders!

  2. Crystal June

    just wanted to know if it is okay to use low fat milk, or should i should i use whole milk instead (just to be on the safe side)

    and how many strawberries do i use?

  3. Kusum

    I was really frustrated with my frizzy hair. It used to be smooth and shiny but somewhere along the way after my cancer therapy, it lost its texture and thickness. My hair used to stand on end and fly all over the place. Well, I used this banana and honey mask. The difference is that I used it after oiling my hair and wrapping a warm, moist towel around it for 20 minutes prior to the banana mask. IT has worked wonders for my hair. I can’t quite believe the difference it has made! Yes, there are a few banana flakes in my hair, but hey! Who cares!! Yahoo. Thanks a lot. Strongly recommended.

  4. Jan

    BETTY CRUNCH: I just want to know “WHY” can’t you answer at least some of these questions people have asked you?
    I mean “Bluehairfanatic” has asked a reasonable question. And w/o a reply in almost a month.
    Bluehairfanatic, I guess “YOU” are suppose to “do” (experiment) what you’re asking on your own, then come back here and post your experience doing it.

    I think/believe “Crunchy Betty” is more interested in making money from advertisements from people like us visiting this site, than she is answering your question.
    I also believe, she isn’t the least bit worried/interested about helping anyone, but rather just wait for someone to try out your suggestion and post the results.
    If people were more interested in truly helping others, instead of padding their wallets/purses, this world would be a great place.

    • S.Michelle

      (I’m guessing this applies to hair recipes as well. I’d imagine there is an overwhelming amount of questions for her to answer, making it impossible to do so. I have found the forum to be very helpful. Hope to see you there.)

      Contact Crunchy Betty

      I would absolutely love to hear from you; however, Crunchy Betty no longer answers personal inquiries for suggestions or advice on how to take care of your skin. We have a LOVELY community forum where people get together to brainstorm and share ideas on natural health/skincare, and if you have a question, I really, really, really suggest you visit there. Read through a few threads. Ask your own questions. Get to know each other. Party the crunchy way.

      However, if you’d like to send me a love letter (sans a question), an idea for a blog post, or if you’re a natural business that has a proposal, please use the contact form below.

      (Again, please remember, no personal questions soliciting skincare or other advice. Thank you! <3 )

    • Random Blogger

      I’m agree here with S.Michelle, but because I’m not such a nice person as S.Michelle, I’m gonna be blunt.


      Also, for someone who’s so concerned about helping others and talks about a better place, you sure do have a way of contributing. I guess if everyone else was as cold-hearted and insulting as you are to people who are giving their best to something they love, that would solve the world’s attitude, work-ethic, and depression problems, wouldn’t it?

      Reality check: YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN LESLIE. And posting something on her blog about what a terrible person she is does not make you better, and it does not make her worse. It makes you a power-hungry bully in need of attention that you do not deserve. Go back to middle school.

      As for S.Michelle’s post, it was copied and pasted from the Contact Crunchy Betty section of this blog. Look it up for yourself. And stop looking for people to pick on.

      That is all.

  5. corina

    Manohman, i can’t wait to try this recipe! I do have one question, though. I normally rinse my hair with a mix of ACV and honey (2 spoons/1 spoon), which leaves my hair clean and moisturized. If there such a thing as too much moisturizing? Should i skip the rinsing when i use this mask?

    Many thanks:)

  6. Maddy

    Can i use goats milk?

  7. helooo………………………….my hair is totally turning & its very hard……
    i just to change my hair as very silky & normal

    can anybody give TIPS on this turning hair as wella as hard hair

  8. Erin

    I’m definitely going to try this today. I just wanted to say, how freaking hilarious (and delightfully informative) this post is. Sometimes, I come back to read it just because it’s funny!

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  10. Aisha

    I used this recipe this Summer and OMG!!!! I’m African American with Natural hair and my hair LOOOOOVVVEEDD this!!!! Where’s the Love<3 button for this cause this made my hair sooooooo soft and the scent is awesome. The cocoa powder gives it that extra umph.

    Thank you so much for this! ^_^

  11. Saki75

    Excited to try this!

  12. Karla

    I used this recipe last night:) I added a little too much milk and panicked, thinking it would run down my scalp and into my clothes so I *may* have in my craziness added some random ingredients such as coconut oil and guavas. I love coconut oil so no harm there, guava well I figured it would add even more nutrients and what not to my hair. Fast forward to 30 minutes later when the globs of banana and guava seeds became an ugly tangled (and dry looking) mess in my hair. Needless to say I was very disappointed at this stage. But lo and behold when I was finally done with this (another 15 mins) my hair was a beauty!!!!! I actually wanted to do it again tonight my hair feels silky and looks darker and shinier!! I am soooo impressed by this! Definitely do it! Just don’t add guavas ;)

  13. What to do if I don’t have any (hair)?

  14. Mel Stevens

    wow, loved the “goodies” part =). It is certainly a different mask from most I’ve seen online. Right now I’m using the pro naturals argan oil hair mask and it is extremely good, and it smells fantastic too =D

  15. I made this hair mask with bananas, milk, and honey, but never thought to add the other ingredients! I’ve used it twice and love the results…but next time I will definitely try adding cocoa powder or green tea! Thanks for the awesome suggestions and recipe!

  16. B

    No, no, no and NO. I stupidly gave this concoction a try because I had some spare time and it sounded quite good. It did smell good and I admit I drank a bit of it, but it was holy hell to get out of my hair! I ended up totally washing and conditioning it with regular stuff out of bottles, but before that, more hair than ever was broken off while I tried to comb out the goo. I was really disappointed and shocked at how bad this was and how impossible it was to get out of my hair. Never, ever, ever EVER again!!!

  17. Janely

    I’ve been doing no-poo for almost a year and my hair just gets drier and drier–I’m thinking soon it will all fall out and I’ll have no hair to have to worry about. Any ideas on how to soften it up and still keep it manageable? I use baking soda with water for the poo and ACV for the conditioner. Admittedly, the first few months my hair washed better with ACV and conditioned better with the baking soda and until one week the buildup was crazy and everything flipped, but still it is just getting drier and drier. HELP! SOMEONE!?!?!?

    • Petra

      Try a cleansing purchased shampoo. Just to get the baking soda and AVC out of your hair. You have put together the two substances that are used to breakup grease clots in your kitchen sink! That is why there is no longer the natural oils left i. Your hair.

      I am a scientist. I understand the chemistry and biochemical extremes that you have going on in your hair at the moment.

      If I were you I would try a different shampoo regime, either natural or at this point a purchased all natural shampoo at a vitamine shoppe. You must must condition your hair and scalp!!! You homemade recipes, and hair oil treatments. I pefer to use cocunut oil will the essential oils of rosemary and lavender. Rub these oils in your hair at night then wash out out the next morning.

      Your poor scalp is dry and your hair is even dryer. The baking soda and AVC will be great to reduce buildup one a week or so. However, in your case anymore is not suitable to your scalp and hair type.

      Good luck!

  18. Renee

    I am in the process of detoxing my hair and scalp, it definitely takes time and patience. I tried this mask and it’s something I will be making and using again! After applying I wrapped my hair using plastic wrap and then wrapped a towel around that so that the mixture could warm up a bit on my scalp and I left it in my hair for about 30 minutes. I added cocoa powder and straight powdered green tea to my mix. Next time I will try peaches in it! I love that the ingredients were right in my kitchen! I normally just peel my old bananas and break them into bite sized chunks and bag & freeze them to “pop” into my smoothies at a later time. Now I have another use for them as well!

    Just a note because I have read a few comments about people getting chunks stuck in their hair or saying that their hair felt “dry” after. For the people with the chunky issue – you are not blending enough or need to invest in a better blender/processor.

    For those of you with the dry feeling hair, if you are used to using chemical laden products with sulfates and parabens and waxes, well of course your hair is going to feel different after trying this. It’s not laden with chemicals. The only reason your hair is soft after using typical store bought poo’s & conditioners is because of the chemicals coating your hair. Most likely you need to detox your hair and that in it self is a process, you have to be patient. It takes time for you hair and scalp to come out of “chemical shock” and revert back to normal. Hair detox is an entire other subject and a long one and requires OODLES of patience if your new to it and have been using chemical laden products for years.

    Think of this recipe not as a typical store bought chemical laden bath for your hair but more of “food” for your scalp and hair. Also if you use honey make sure it’s raw and unfiltered – the label will say so!

    Oh one more thing that made it easier for me to apply was to just kneel over the side of the tub, it allowed me to thoroughly apply and saturate my hair with minimal mess and made clean up easy!

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  20. Myke

    Crunchy Betty
    I stumbled upon your website when looking for a recipe for lavender dusting powder. I’m so excited to try the variety of dusting powders, the hyssop face conditioner and the smooth and silky banana milkshake for my hair. I love finding new recipes that you can create from ingredients in your kitchen that is healthy for your body. You encourage me to create new healthy items for myself also. Great job, Keep it up!

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  22. Michelle

    I should have listened to the part that said not to do it on a day you have something important to do. The only reason I ignored that was because I wasn’t worried so much about the effects it had on my hair, and I didn’t think it was going to be this hard to wash it out. So far, I have washed my hair four times, the last time even combing through while the shampoo was in to make sure it all came out (which caused me to lose enough hair to make myself a wig), and I STILL have banana in my hair. If it does’t come out with the 5th was I will be going to work smelling like bananas. It is starting to sicken me. Hopefully when my hair dries, the effects will be worth it. I have super dry hair so I have high hope for this but I’m not sure I will try this again. It’s not because there were chunks in my mix either. I blended it so it was silky smooth and the consistency of conditioner and its still stuck in my hair. So if you try this, be smarter than me and listen to the part where it says to do it on a day where you have nothing to do.

  23. Things have settled down through the 19th century
    but instead of the most common one cravat, men begun using two around their necks.

  24. Lee

    HONEY, is it a natural lightner? What your thoughts on a honey leave in treatment to lighten hair?

  25. nikita

    How many times I can apply this banana maak in a month

  26. All these oils help improve skin the elasticity and condition. It will take about a month for germination to take place.
    All other steps of production of argan oil remain the
    same when using mechanical presses.

  27. Namun bagiku, sesuatu yang telah memikat hatiku, selamanya akan menjadi baru.

  28. Peggy Elaine

    What can I use to die my hair that is not the typical hair dye full of toxins?

  29. cresslyn roberts

    i did one with cocnut oil and milk and 2 eggs and cinnamon and bananas


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