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  1. BatAttack

    I’m always thinking I should use home made facial mask more often, but keep forgetting or (more commonly) feel too lazy to bother making a mask, putting it on, then holding out for however long it take without getting it all over the floor, then washing it off and hoping you get all of it off, etc.

    Your post reminded me, that it can actually be pretty simple to make a sort of “mask” from vegetables and fruit. After all, I almost always end up with little ends of vegetables I use for making food. Since I don’t like throwing away food, I would usually just eat around the inedible part in the middle of cooking. Now I have another thing I can do with them. :D

    I am just about to make breakfast sandwiches with tomatoes, can’t wait to give my skin a little treat. Thanks for the idea! <3

  2. Thanks so much for this summary of face-loving foods. I admit I have been a ‘clay-mask-lady’ for years, and even though I have had nothing but success with clay masks, I’m curious to try some of your fresh food options (especially since we always have a generous selection of fruits and veggies in the house). Collecting all your tips in one post just made this easier. Thanks!

  3. Pixie

    I decided to give up make up so I love this series. I went to rub potato on my face before commenting. I like rubbing grape on my face and it’s especially refreshing if they are kept in the fridge.

  4. Ooooh, great advice! I’ve just started to use lemon on my face, but I’ve never really used too many veggies. I’ll have to set a piece aside when I’m making dinner for a before-bed beauty treat!

  5. I just rubbed a strawberry on my face..its been a few minutes but I’m loving it already. I smell so good! What a smart idea. I heart you!

  6. I was going to say that I tend to do the “non-fruit” recipes more often, but I think that’s just because during the winter I use your recipes with coffee, almond butter, honey, baking soda, cocoa etc. (pantry items) more often. Now that summer has hit us and we have more fresh fruit on hand, I’m remembering some of my favs from last summer: the cantaloupe, mango, oh and the corn milk and lavender toner (I love that one!)… but that’s not a fruit, oops!

  7. Lindsey

    “How to Slip this Tip in Easily and Painlessly”

    Bwahahaa! Is this intentional entendre, or am I just a dirty old lady?

  8. brittanie

    What about peppers? Bell peppers, cayenne, jalepeno, anything? They seem like they’d kick acne’s butt.

    • DeeDee

      Honey please, please, do not put peppers, especially spicy ones, on your face. Your face will burn and sting something awful, maybe for days and if you get pepper juice in your eyes it could mean a trip to the hospital.

      That said, bell peppers are great nutrition for skin and hair and hotter peppers can be great for cleansing skin from the inside out by eating them – but could still be irritating to people with rosacea and sensitive skin even when eaten.

    • Diane

      Peppers are supposed to be good for pain relief especially back pain or sore muscles because they naturally contain capsaicin which is used in a lot of pain relief creams,

  9. Jennifer

    I’d been wondering if I could do something like this since I found an organic facial cleanser with grape juice as the first ingredient. It’s great to know that I can smear fruit on my face without paying ten dollars for a “special” concoction. Does this work with juice as well? Could I splash some apple or grape juice on my face and get similar benefits? Maybe watered down?

    • Liana

      No…you can’t put fruit juice on your face unless its 100% organic and has nothing added to it. Like regular apple juice has a bunch of sugar and artificial flavours that won’t be good for your skin. However, if you made the juice and swqueezed it yourself it’ll be fine..the juice has a bunch of the antioxidants and stuff and the peels of things are sometimes Bette then the fruit itself…so unless its pure juice with nothing else, don’t use it!!

  10. Wow! I am so so so glad I found you. I have always always thought it would be a good idea to put fruits and veggies on my face. And I have done it, but rarely. But thanks for putting this all together and I am really excited to start putting more fresh produce on my face. Haha!

    I am almost 16 and have super bad acne. I have redness everywhere, oily skin, black heads, and lots of scars everywhere. Chin, forehead, nose but especially cheeks. I have tried everything. Proactiv among many many others. But they all just dry me out COMPLETELY. But since December I’ve been using a natural face cleanser from a health shop with ingredients like coconut oil and it hasn’t dried me out (yay!) but it hasn’t gotten rid of my acne. I definitely will try citrus and cucumber. Today I actually whisked together honey, water and baking soda and massaged my face with it. Then I dried my face and with a cotton ball I dabbed on apple cider vinegar, as a toner.

    I also am going to try your no ‘poo method for my hair. Thanks for your helpful blog! I love it!

    • Liana

      You should try EVOO!! Extra virgin olive oil. It has to be 100% pure though an cold pressed with no additives. Rub it all over your face, steam your face for a few minutes then use cold water to shock your pores cold. Pat dry or air dry. This works because EVOO is the oil closest to our skins natural oil. Whe our pores are clogged they’re filled with oil and junk and create pimples since oil dissolves oil, the heat opens your pores, the EVOO cleans your pores and then you shock your pores closed. Now your fax will be clean and moisturized and super soft and clear. Done daily acne should clear up in about a week.

  11. Jo

    I love doing this! the only problem is when i do my mom says i look like an idiot :/

  12. Victoria

    Dear crunchy,
    Thanks for all your advice. I’m horrible at eating my fruits and veggies but have started to. I love strawberries, blueberries, peaches,apples, etc…. I’m a true skincare junkie and have to buy any new product to see what it does. I’ve recently gotten into making my own and yes, it is so simple and great for your skin. I have aging skin, prone to cystic acne on my chin from stress. The strawberries and orange work well. My skin is pretty tough so I have fallen asleep with them on and had no redness but that is me. I also notice when I feel tired and eat blueberries, I just pep up, it’s weird. I also have been taking apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons a day and using it as a toner after washing. It is helping to clear up my skin. I know many have to dilute it prior to ingesting or putting on their skin but again, my skin is tough. I’ve been using retin a and glycolics on and off from age 20. I think that is what has kept me wrinkle free as well as no sagging. I also wear suncreen.. NO SUN FOR YOU YOUNGER WOMAN!!!!
    Anyway, thanks for your info!!! Do you have any advice on acne caused by stress. It’s only on my chin but I will get 1-3 huge cystic pimples that keep me from going out in public. I’ve missed once in a lifetime events because I had a cyst. Of course they always come when I have somewhere to go, that I want to look my best!!!! I nurse them, end up coming to a head and pop on there own while washing my face. But then I have to put a disinfectant on it and keep doing it, from all the drainage[sorry for sounding gross]! I have found that aloe vera gel, which I’ve used since a teenager 100% pure works wonders with healing. Sometimes if really bad, I pierce a Vit E gel pill and mixx together. I think it helped my chin scars to not be severe. They are pretty mild considering how bad and how many cysts I’ve had on my chin. I also get cortisone injections from the derm , which prevents scarring too because they go down overnight. I do find if the core doesn’t pop out, it will come back again. I used to pick my pimples raw when a teenager to get the core. I ended up with a scabbed planet , which didn’t even resemble a zit. This is why I put the aloe and vit E mix on, which I now see saved my skin. I never pick anymore!!!!!!!! Sorry for the long detailed story!!!

  13. Parveen Choudhary

    I have been reading for sometime about fruit based facial masks. In the end my conclusion was same that whatever fruits I am eating I can put on face irrespective of skin type. Only people with special skin related problems need to be worried otherwise for normal skin everything can be used. So I am doing the same putting almost everything.

  14. Diane

    My sister and I recently did homemade facials and I used an avocado and olive oil mask. The only mask I’ve ever used in my life that didn’t irritate my skin.

  15. rebeka

    well what i do is cut up a few cucumbers , put them in a blender and add some lettuce . it works great .

  16. Bharatbook

     You really provided very good information.

  17. Sweetsmagee

    Has anyone tried fruit (I was thinking strawberries) with honey? Also, my extremly expensive moisturizer is made witg grapes so I think ill be trying it.

    • Amy

      I use lemon and honey, it’s amazing! Lightens skin tone a bit to a nice even complexion. It also helps to reduce acne redness. Also the Nuetregena Pink Grapefruit face wash is very good, and pretty much the only store bought thing id put on my face. Except for the St.Ive’s Apricot Scrub. :)

  18. Monica A

    Golly, I really could use a nice recipe for lightening the dark area around my mouth that never went away post-pregnancy (and my child is now four!!). Any tips? I’m trying lemon with honey and milk right now…but I’m not sure if it will be effective enough.

  19. Serenity Pham

    I just sliced a piece of green lemon and rubed it on my face  and after 10 minutes i washed my face and my face looked like i almost have no acne at all.

  20. Joe

    I get big white heads and redness around them I slice up a red tomato and it works great

  21. Sweets

    Sooooooo. I was dehydrating bananas tonite… there was a sale, I stocked up to dry them for snacks and heard what I sounded like a crunchy voice in my head telling me to rub my face with the leftover banana peels. I had a quite a few, so my elbows and face received a good slime. I finally crunched out… I mean crunched in…. or is it crunched up? Anyways… I did it! I crunchified!!!!!!!!!! Crunchtastic!

  22. rightbacksoon

    I like to use plain but fresh pineapple, just rub all over your face for 20 minutes then wash, I find it really plumps up my skin, and feel that if it’s done semi-regularly it helps to get rid of some smaller wrinkles (I’m 28 and don’t have many wrinkles yet, but I have a few “laugh-lines” that I only see when I’m looking close at my face).

  23. Guest

    now I have been having a lot of fun with these. I have honey and kiwis and even aloe vera gel. theres also cayenne pepper masks you can do which make your face feel like a jalapeno, i let those only stay on my face for upto 2 minutes or so they get hot. but, i feel like these natural products from the ground will keep your skin looking and feeling and being healthier then any of these products they sell on the shelves at stores. also use coconut oil mixing them into the masks. just have fun!

  24. ellen

    i rubbed slices of pineapple on my right cheek, and that was yesterday. but now my cheek is swollen, will it go away?!?

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  27. TOTTIE

    I just recently moved to Dominican Republic. We purchased a friut farm (Finca)in the mountains.
    When, I arrived four cherry trees were in bloom and now Mangoes are harvest ready. I juice the cherries and eat and use the Mangoes on my face and body. We have many fruit trees Soursop, Bread fruit, Coconut, Orange, Lime, Avo, Cashew, Bananna and some I cant pronouce, :&)
    Thanks for the blog I shall bathe in all the fruits of Nature. All Praises~~GOODTYMES~~

  28. Anonymous

    my mum and their mums have been using tomatoes for getting rid of blackheads and i’ve tried and it actually works. not much to do either, just slice a piece of tomato and rub the juicy side or the pulp on your face, concentration on the blackheads and make sure to wash it off about 10 mins later. if you leave it on for more than 15 mins, you can get facial wrinkles so just make sure to wash it off. :) just thought i might share my natural ways too. :))) happy tomatoes!

    i love this website, its simply MARVELLOUS!

  29. Judy

    Wao! This’s amazing, i just used lime juice thou irritating but as i washed it off after some mins, my face feel like a baby’s own. I love this blog, keep it on.

  30. Jazz

    Just rubbed kiwi all over my face and all I can say is WOWWWW! Feels like it’s working and smells great!

  31. theawokendragonslayer

    me likey!!!post moar!!!

  32. Hello, my name is Shirley and this might sound crazy and i even got carried away with a recipe. I used virgin olive oil with lemon and oatmeal, egg white, mango, avocado, Yogart and even used a vitamin that had c and e, also, a few biotene cap gels and some carrot juice. Wow, i noticed my skin felt so soft and plump, i also put some on my neck. I will continue this mixture for a few more weeks and see what more results i might get out of it. I will let you know soon. My age is 49, thought i would through that in there. Thank, Shirley From Maryland

  33. Lillian

    I love here, it feel so natural. Am a Nigerian lady and i have tried tomatos, water melon and cucumbar on my face it all felt great, but i learnt a new thing here, the timing. Keep it up dear.

    Thanks and God bless.

  34. tshytah

    I’m gonna try it just now… Does it work for albinos with acne??

  35. Rose

    For Acne & Acne Marks :
    Blend some fresh mint leaves & apply the juice on the acne / acne marks. If possible leave them overnight. This has worked great for many of my friends. Hello Clear skin !

  36. Debbie

    would drying out the peels of fruit and veggies make a difference on skin. like can they be grounded like a paste after drying them?

  37. How about 100% organic carrot juice? I drink it everyday, but maybe good to add to my skin for a bit?
    Thank you

  38. Hi everybody friends!
    I want to keep my face very young then my age so let me to know which fruits and vegetables it will be usuful ?
    Regards for everyone dears

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  46. gabriella

    Tank U̶̲̥̅̊ F̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̝̇̇̇я̩̥̊ saving my face from pimples,,am gonna try it right away…

  47. love the strawberry and kiwee and lemon juice just started it a couple of days ago will let you know how it works

  48. Mariam

    I use lemon, tomato and papaya sometimes. I find tomatoes the most reactive for my acne-prone skin.

  49. Chilli Milli

    Plxxx can anybody tell me which fruit can be use instead of strawberry and cherry in some homemade creams.nd also give me some tips for removing acne marks nd whiten the skin complexion

  50. Corinne

    I am older. What do you suggest for eye troughs. And saggy skin ?

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