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  1. anne marie

    thx for the blog. i’ve been using fruit among other things on my face for a while now (trying my best to not use any chemicals or surfectants on my acne prone skin) and absolutely love it!! thankyou for saying how often to use fruits on your skin bbecause people dont usually add that info in and when i first started using fruit on my skin (and fell in love with it) i didnt realize how even though its good for ur skin, the everything in moderation rule still applies and used different fruits to wash or mask my face with almost every day. with a bit of trial and error, some serious dedication and a few mistakes ive now learned how to properly use fruit and food on my face ;-) some of my favorites in no particular order… avocado, avocado, avocado, kiwi, rasberries, blueberries, pomegranate, lemon, aloe vera plant, banana, strawberries and last but not least pumpkin. all these by themselves are great but honey, yogurt and buttermilk are are some of my favorite to mix with. thx again! cant wait to try potato never tried that. p.s. i love everything about ur site (name included) and have always wanted to travel the country to different venues and do what u do (sell natural skincare among other things)… so enjoy doing it, its awesome and i will def check ur etsy out

  2. JC

    Thanks for sharing. I make fresh green drinks almost everyday with lots of veggies & some fruit. Occurred to me recently that maybe it would be good to rub some directly on my face…Making it anyway for consumption so it’s not any added trouble to do so. Thanks!


    I think this is stupid…

  4. Rosalie

    Rinse the fruit off of your face with distilled water, that’s good for your skin as well. Love your tips.

    My 43-year-old daughter smokes and eats all kinds of junk food, has acne scars and zits, goes for laser treatments, takes all the vitamins, buys expensive skin creams, and wears a ton of makeup. Her skin is still awful. I drink distilled water, am a vegetarian and eat lots of fruit, smear fruit on my face, and wear no makeup (just a bit of lotion in the morning). She just doesn’t get it that nice, healthy skin comes from the inside (with a little help from fruit facials, of course).

  5. Blythe Ethridge

    Thought I would never find anybody who got it. Squash all kinds amazing chemical peel! The texture of your skin will change and spots will fade. So glad to have found you. I will try some other vegetables and fruits! Bifo

  6. Patricia

    I have just tied my first after wondering about this for years but not bothering trying it or googling it to see if anyone else had Banana and my skin now feels great. Thank you, I will be trying out everything that goes in my mouth, fruits and veggies of course from now on. Thank you

  7. Jackie

    I have red inflamed skin on my face due to psoriasis. It’s extremely sensitive and (I believe) prone to tearing easily. I’ve had great results with oils (olive, avocado, etc)for reducing inflammation and redness both for cleansing and moisturizing my skin, but would love water-based treatment like fruit that I could just wipe off and go. In reading your article I didn’t come across anything specifically mentioned for reducing redness and inflammation; do you have any suggestions? Also I might add that while the psoriasis skin is bone dry and prone to cracking, the rest of my skin is super oily, so caring for the skin on my face has always been a balancing act.

    • Jan P

      Hi Jackie, I use raw unprocessed honey on my face at least once a week. I found an Apiary….bee farm….where i was able to buy raw honey directly from the bee farmer. it really does wonders for the skin. I just smear it on my face and leave for an hour. Also, i have eczema on my hands, and will leave it on my hands as long as possible. It helps bring down the inflamation and redness. I find yogurt is good for the face…the plain unsweetened kind. Some times I use a large grain turbinado organic sugar and water as an exfoliate scrub. The skin loves sugar! I’ve crushed blueberries and grapes and other fruits high in antioxidants and used as a facial mask. I also love unrefined coconut oil. I use it on my skin and hair. On my hair directly before i bleach it. I put the bleach directly on the oil and the results are fabulous and there is much less damage to my hair. Genetics also plays a big roll how the facial ages. My elderly mum age 77 only started getting a few lines around the eyes about 5 years ago. Also, there are facial exercises that we can do that helps a great deal. Search youtube there are several videos. I knew a woman that did them religiously for a few months and everyone thought she had had a face lift. So Happy 2016

  8. Jan P

    Also, I have a recipe for a body scrub that reduces cellulite and stretch marks. It also helps to reduce water retention. I will be happy to share the recipe for free. I am assuming anyone interested can contact me thru this site. Also, skin brushing helps with this also. Using a natural bristle body brush in the shower with some soap. The circular motion of the brushing can make the skin of the abdomen legs and arms expel the fluid and also lessen marks and cellulite.

  9. Anastasia

    Thank you so much for sharing all this! My mother does this all her life and her skin is seriously amazing. Because I have such good genetics I didn’t bother till now to even really look into this, but now that I’m getting fine lines for a few years and they started getting stronger, I am a bit alarmed… My mother is always walking around with fruit or veggies on her face :) and I thought it was silly. Now her advise doesn’t sound so silly to me! Children just don’t listen enough to their parents!

  10. kay pel

    I’ve just been reading how to make my own vitamic c cream which is supposed to be fabulous for the face. then I got to thinking why not just rub an orange on my face so googled that and here you are lol. Off to get some good hair bands and give this a go. i make fruit and veg smoothies every morning anyway, wouldn’t hurt to put a bit on my face.

  11. Fruit mask is the preferred method to smooth white skin, if you are too busy to be able to study these products are serum, I have used several products and found its performance is very stable. Thank you for sharing your post, it means a lot to me.

    Susan K Wilson


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