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  1. anne marie

    thx for the blog. i’ve been using fruit among other things on my face for a while now (trying my best to not use any chemicals or surfectants on my acne prone skin) and absolutely love it!! thankyou for saying how often to use fruits on your skin bbecause people dont usually add that info in and when i first started using fruit on my skin (and fell in love with it) i didnt realize how even though its good for ur skin, the everything in moderation rule still applies and used different fruits to wash or mask my face with almost every day. with a bit of trial and error, some serious dedication and a few mistakes ive now learned how to properly use fruit and food on my face ;-) some of my favorites in no particular order… avocado, avocado, avocado, kiwi, rasberries, blueberries, pomegranate, lemon, aloe vera plant, banana, strawberries and last but not least pumpkin. all these by themselves are great but honey, yogurt and buttermilk are are some of my favorite to mix with. thx again! cant wait to try potato never tried that. p.s. i love everything about ur site (name included) and have always wanted to travel the country to different venues and do what u do (sell natural skincare among other things)… so enjoy doing it, its awesome and i will def check ur etsy out

  2. JC

    Thanks for sharing. I make fresh green drinks almost everyday with lots of veggies & some fruit. Occurred to me recently that maybe it would be good to rub some directly on my face…Making it anyway for consumption so it’s not any added trouble to do so. Thanks!


    I think this is stupid…

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