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  1. Marsha

    I just…I just freaking LOVE YOU. And so does my face! Since I started OCM/honey wash a couple months ago, my face has never been softer, cleaner, and just so clear. I use castor/grapeseed/vitamin E/honey to wash, and a couple drops of straight Argan oil afterward to moisturize only when I need it. My face looks fantastic because of you and your posts. **dances around giddily with awesome-faced excitement and coffee overdose**

  2. Beth

    I have gotten away from YOUR recipes for cleansing and pampering my face and…. when the stress and hormones of life hit, my face complained. The itchy, unattractive break outs are unbearable. Off I go this afternoon to get some base oil to re-do my OCM and I’ll be pulling out the raw honey as well. You ROCK!!!

  3. In these categories, where would tea tree oil fit?

      • Helen

        Hey Samantha, tea tree would be an essential oil, castor oil would be a base oil I reckon, although its probably not so commonly used in moisturisers as it can be a bit drying compared to some of the other ones listed here. Hope that helps!

      • DesignerGirl

        Castor oil is usually used as a cleanser, not a moisturizer. It can be very stripping to your skin if it is undiluted, and I think if left on, it can clog pores? Leslie has a post about OCM (oil cleansing method) floating around somewhere on this site–I highly recommend reading that.

  4. Wonderful! Thank you, perfect timing as I was prepping an order at Vitacost. And, I’ve used the maca cleansing grains I ordered a few times and love them – thank you!

    I do have one question – how do you clean your bottles of oil between batches? I’ve been using Ecover dishwashing liquid in hot water, then boiling them for 15 minutes and then dry them out in a low convection oven. But, I seem to still have oily residue in the bottles. How do you cut that oil to get the bottles perfectly clean?

  5. Helen

    Horaaay! I have a non-crunchy facial oil from the Body shop which I love but have said I will not replace when it runs out, well now I can make my own and use the pretty pink bottle and dropper it came in too :)

  6. adila

    hello dear …. hv u try used black seeds oil on ur skins??? can i used it instead of the tamanu ???

  7. DesignerGirl

    Thanks for the recipes Leslie! I have to say, I’m enthralled with one of your recipes in the oily/acne book. I think you call it the kitchen sink? Anyway, I’ve been tweaking it, partly because of cost (chamomile ain’t cheap!) and partly because of sensitivity. Apparently just about any eo doesn’t make my face happy. Carrot oil is okay. Lavender is okay. Anything more than that (thyme, rose geranium) and my face gets really pissed off.

    So…a couple questions for you. Have you tried Macadamia Nut oil? I’ve read it is as close to our natural oil as jojoba is, and it’s less expensive. I have some, I want to try it, but after my recent fiasco with thyme eo (I’m soooo disappointed that my face didn’t like it), I am afraid.

    Second question…do you have any specific suggestions for cystic acne? This is the one that I haven’t been able to solve. Honey makes it worse, as does too much irritation (read: scrubby things). I do OCM at night, and that works, but not quite deep enough (I use 2/3 castor and 1/3 hazelnut), and I use a grapeseed tomato bar from Chagrin Valley in the morning in the shower. My face is REALLY happy when I use your strawberry oatmeal mask recipe (and so is my tummy! yum!) but I can’t really do that every day. French green clay also works, but does tend to over-dry/irritate my skin (and I even put a drop of lavender eo and carrot oil in it).

    And FYI, tamanu oil totally rocks my world, and argan is alright but doesn’t seem to make much difference for my skin. I’m thinking about adding some seabuckthorn to my mix…any thoughts?

  8. Joyous Health

    I am relatively new to reading your blog Betty and I REALLY love it! Your writing is so entertaining and lovely. I love all your beauty recipes. I actually taught a natural beauty workshop in the summer and shared your toothpaste recipe with my students. Thank you for everything you do! You are awesome! Thank you,

  9. Joyous Health

    Oops sorry… your name is not Betty! haha.

  10. Elizabeth A.

    This is how I’ve been making my facial oil for years. My current incarnation: Argan and Coconut oil, with Rosehip oil and Sandlewood and Rose Geranium EO’s. I know “they” say not to use coconut oil on your face, but I love the glow it gives me.

  11. Heather H :) :) :)

    OH, this looks fabulous!!!! I just might have to give this a try…and I have Whole Foods right near my house, too….so I can look for the products there or order them from MRH :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of CAlifornia, Heather ;)

  12. Jennifer

    I’m totally intrigued by the concept, but feel rather strongly about wearing sunscreen on my face daily. What do you do for sunscreen if you don’t use a facial lotion with it?

    • Susan

      You can probably use coconut oil for the carrier..it’s a good sunscreen. Not a big fan of sunblock personally and I have very fair skin.

    • Crystal

      I use Origins “A Perfect World SPF 25” in the mornings because it doesn’t have aluminum in it (which can be one of the really bad things in sunblock) and use a homemade moisturizer at night.

      I can’t put coconut oil on my face because it clogs my pores like mad, so I go for the best quality over the counter stuff I can find.

    • DesignerGirl

      I wear mineral makeup, so it has a natural sunblock in it. Most mineral makeup is made with titanium dioxide, which provides a natural spf…I think it usually ranks around spf 30. I’ve never gotten a sunburn on my face if I have makeup on that day. I only put sunblock on if I’m going to be at the beach all day. I’m with Susan–I’m not a fan of sunblock if it isn’t absolutely necessary. Too many chemicals…

      I’ve also heard about using coconut oil. I don’t know the actual spf of that one, but I do know when I’ve used it on my legs they haven’t gotten a burn (and we were at the zoo or safari park all day those days…no burn).

  13. Aubrey

    Great recipe, Leslie! Thanks. I’m surprised you didn’t mention EVOO, though! Olive oil’s another great one, and it’s been doing wonders for my dry, red skin lately. It makes my face feel and look so normalized. Gotta love it. <3

  14. hairy momma

    Ok, just bought the Crunchy Betty book so yay for me. One thing I wanna ask, what about facial hair? Yep, I have it. I can probably grow a better mustache than my dad. Is there any crunchiness for that?

    • spitefulilsprite

      I’d love to know the answer to this too! Extra hairy myself, from my face to my legs. If I don’t shave every single freaking day in summer I HAVE to wear pants and the dark hair above my lip… well lets not go there. If there was only some crunchy way to solve this I’d be eternally grateful!

      • hairy momma

        I am so glad to know that I’m not the only one with this problem! My dr. said I should go on hormone pills for “balance” well I don’t want to put all those chemicals in my body because I’m pretty sure the birth control pills I used to be on (years ago) is what caused my facial hair anyways. I never had this problem until I’d been on those pills for a few months then hair started sprouting all over my face.

    • lady hairy of hairy

      OH MY GOSH ME TOO!!!!!!! I’ll admit, I’ve been dying to ask this question around but too embarrassed. Women who don’t have this problem can be pretty weird/mean about it. I hate shaving my face but it seems like the only thing to do because dang does facial hair grow fast. It’s a problem and I don’t want to put chemicals on my face and I’m leery of procedures like electrolysis. Some women use epilators, I wonder how long you have to let the hair grow out before it can be pulled out though. The only crunchy way I’ve heard of is sugaring which is like waxing. Like the epilator though, I’ve heard that you have to let the hair grow a little for the sugar to adhere to it and pull it out, which I CANNOT do. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just try it.

      • laura wellman

        Find a salon that does threading
        Its all natural, doesn’t take skin off like wax could, no chance of burning your skin either. And I’ve noticed it lasts longer than waxing ever did!

      • engl

        Omg I totally agree! I have black hair that is so noticeable. Threading and waxing both hurt a lot and cause these little bumps and white heads along my upper lip and the sides of my jaw for me. Laser hair removal isn’t bad but its pricey,,, sigh, if only a magical herb would stop the hair from growing….

        • Maria

          I have heard of Ayurvedic hair minimising or hair removal methods, such as using turmeric and lemon masks (only to be used in the evening becuase of phototoxicity caused by lemon), or thanaka combined with safflower/kusuma oil (combined with regular hair removal methods that remove the hair at the root), that needs to be applied every night and washed off in the morning. If you get no hair removal results at least you will have the silkiest skin ever, because thanaka and safflower have amazing skincare qualities even on their own. I tried laser on my bikini and underarms and it was a waste of money. I went to a high quality salon for 7 sessions and only got about 40% reduction in hair growth by the end of it. Going to try the thanka and safflower myself, I have nothing to lose! You should look it up online! Other things like papaya might help too, because the papain it contains might weaken the hair follicle.

  15. Jacqueline

    Well it’s about darn time! I’m kidding…but man have I been twiddling my thumbs waiting for this post. I’ve been experimenting on my own with my ever expanding collection of oils, but I am very grateful to have this list to help me out. I never asked for your recipe because I figured you already had plenty of requests and this day would come soon. My skin thanks you.

  16. GREAT post!! You need a “pin it” button for Pinterest, btw. :)

  17. Evita English

    This is awesome, i generally just use straight coconut oil but I’d love to expand my moisturizing oil horizons. Also kind of tired of my cat constantly begging for a lick of coco oil, as she knows the sound of the jar opening and will come running from anywhere in the house!

  18. I’ve never used oils on my face, and I’m excited to try. Thanks for this! I love your writing style. I’m also curious how you take such great photos. They always are so crisp and generally have a great background. How do you get such light and a white background? I haven’t quite nailed “great indoor photos” on my blog yet. :)

  19. LOVE!!! Thank you Crunchy Diva! May I ask your thoughts on Tea Tree? Im currently using the oil cleansing method (castor, olive, and tea tree oil) and I apply pumpkin seed and neem after if i need a little love. I will definitely try mixing it up with your suggestions!! xo

  20. Brooke

    Oh I can’t wait to try to make this. I just want you to know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sight…especially your sense of humor. You make me laugh every post. Thank you for helping crunchify the world…it is really helping my family! Thank you so much!!!

  21. Miri

    Leslie, what do you use to moisturize your face during the day? or do you go without?

    • Hi, Miri. Sometimes I don’t moisturize during the day, but I’ll sometimes use my facial oil blend both morning and night. More often, though, I’ll just use argan oil straight in the a.m. It’s such a good all around oil, so light and my skin drinks it up. I’ve also been futzing around with a blend using argan and some other things as a makeup primer kinda thing. So, yeah. Argan. That’s my answer. :)

  22. Long Haired Hippie

    Ok not even related though i do love the oil but i havent been able to log into the community section in 9 days. The notifications go to my aol but that log in didnt work neither did my gmail and those are all i use. It wont send me my passsword either so im going a bit bonkers!

  23. SunnyD

    I have been using plain Almond Oil on my face for a few years. Ever since I got laid off work and found out that a bottle of Almond Oil cost about $5 and would last me almost forever, while my Super Expensive Face Miracle Lotion would prevent me from eating for 2 days and was also not really that great to begin with!

    I’m excited to try mixing oils! I did try jojoba oil once and that’s when I found out I’m allergic to it. What a dumb allergy! That’s like being allergic to air. A wimpy allergy. That did solve the problem as to why Dr. Bronners soap makes me itch! Made me sad. I love Dr. Bronners.

    I really appreciate the suggestions for other oils to use. My face loves the almond oil so I’m looking forward to experimenting with some additions!

  24. Granola Girl

    THANK YOU for this post! And I agree w/the “pin it” button.

  25. Crunchy Doll

    Yay! I finally have a simple and straight forward recipe to make my own face oil moisturiser thing! I am one happy grrly :) :) :) thankyou! xxx

  26. jeri

    Do you think emu oil is the same as what the ostrich guy at my greenmarket sells as ostrich oil? Because I would be a free spokesperson for that stuff. It was a freezing fall day and my hands were just so dry I was considering chewing them off just to get rid of that feeling. Then the ostrich guy put ONE DROP on my hands and as I massaged it in, my scaly claws turned into baby skin hands. And a teeny bottle lasts forever. It also does wonders for those “fine lines” around your nose and mouth. You have to either leave it on for as long as possible or massage it in for much longer than traditional moisturizer, but boy does it work. It also cured the chapped lips that no other product could. Now I’m psyched to try it in combo with with other ingredients.

  27. You are so adorable I can’t stand it!! You have broken down and explained everything and made me laugh in the process!! Your humorous personality shines through!! Thank you for the lift!!

  28. eeiiyyaa

    I have combination/sensitive skin. I break out and have dry skin. Does anyone have suggestions for a combination of oils to use to help with the breakouts, but won’t dry my skin?

  29. Daisy Chain Mom

    Thank you so much for posting this!
    God Bless

  30. melabratz

    Oh, stupid Vitacost! I signed up. I got a $10 off code in an email. I put together an order, I used the code. I realized *right* after I clicked the final purchase button that I had misread something. The $9 bottle of oil was NOT grapefruit scented, it was grapeseed based.

    So, the website claimed I had a 15 minute window in which I could edit the order. I tried it over and over and over – and got through being able to select that item in my cart, and “remove it” – and as soon as I clicked remove, I was sent right back to the beginning of the process, no confirmation.

    I tried calling their 1-800 number and sat on hold for about six minutes. And then I realized I was going to be stuck with something I didn’t want, so I tried canceling the whole order. And that, unlike removing one item, worked.

    I was thinking I could go back and re-order the other things I had in my cart that I DID want. And I can. But not with the $10 off code, which is no good now, since I wasted it on my first order that I canceled.

    And, being stingy and and on hold for phone call number two for almost 10 minutes, I am now fed up and irked and unlikely to ever buy from them. Grumble. Trust me to screw up something that should be fun and easy.

    • Sherry T

      I would just shoot them an email. In my experience, Vitacost has pretty good customer service and would be able to fix this for you!

    • kbrownnc

      That would be definitely irritating, but don’t give up on Vitacost. I have used them for so many things and you have to love that your shipping is going to be $5 (and then free after $49 spent). Definitely try to email them, I have had great success with their customer service. I can’t beat their prices anywhere and there are so many things I can get from there at once (I moved to a place with no Wild Oates, or the like of grocery stores). And no, I don’t work for them, I just order from them every month.

  31. I’ve been using a moisturizer for about a month now (since I randomly developed a sensitivity some ingredient in most store bought facial cremes) made of whipped coconut oil and lavender oil. It’s worked beautifully despite some original concerns I had.

  32. ruth

    OK, but neem oil smells really bad. So if I use that, what kind of essential oil can I use to repair the scent? I highly doubt that only 5-7 drops is going to do any good on this issue. Just saying. And I got my neem from Rose Mountain Herbs, so I think it isn’t a problem of brand here. It’s neem in pure virgin olive oil. Seriously, this stuff smells awful. My husband says it smells like rotten onions.

    • Nope. That’s just how neem smells. It’s not pleasant, to be sure, but it works wonders. Doubtful that you’ll be able to cover the smell completely, but rose geranium or lavender might help a bit. My recommendation? Learn to accept that this is just how the neem smells, and think about all the goodness it’s doing for you. Sooner or later, you won’t even think about it. Luckily, the smell doesn’t “stick around” for long on your skin. (This is the same thing I tell people who swear up and down that they cannot stand the smell of apple cider vinegar … sometimes you just have to readjust your perception of it in order to see the benefits versus the small disadvantage, y’know?)

    • Amanda

      You could try using Karanja oil. It’s a cousin to been oil, has the same properties, and a less potent smell.

  33. Bottomlesspurse

    I love this post! I’ve been using avocado oil, vitamin e oil and argan oil for a few months now but was a bit afeared of adding essential oils . . . now I know I can there’s no stopping me!

  34. Anna

    Thanks for this and all of your amazing posts! I have struggled with rosacea for about four years. I tried so many skin care methods, both traditional/derm-recommended and natural/unconventional. I have had the best results since I started oil and honey cleansing about 2 months ago! (oil at night, honey in the morning). I have also been using a blend of jojoba, sweet almond oil and neroli (orange flower) essential oil as a moisturizer with very great results for the last 3 weeks. The redness seems to lessen every day and my skin feels so much better – no more burning pain! Because my skin is so sensitive, I began with just pure jojoba oil because it didn’t irritate. After a week I added the sweet almond oil and then a week later the neroli oil. This way if I have a reaction to any new addition I will know exactly what to avoid in the future. I plan to slowly build my perfect facial oil, with my next addition being evening primrose oil. I would highly recommend this method to anyone with rosacea, and maybe even those with facial eczema, psoriasis, or seborrheic dermatitis. I have also read that some people with inflammatory skin conditions along with acne/oily skin use natural aloe vera gel with a few drops of their oil blend mixed in as a moisturizer, although the shelf life of that may be different than the oil. I have tried this a few times with really nice results when I wanted a lighter moisturizer. I used Mountain Rose Herbs’ aloe because it does not contain carageenan-which can be inflammatory. I just wanted to put this out there for anyone else struggling with rosacea. There’s hope! and although these methods may not work for everyone, it’s a great place to start. I feel so empowered that I can take my skin’s health into my own hands! Thank you, Leslie, your blog has changed my life!

    • Pollee

      I was able to solve my Rosacea with diet alone. A Paleo diet worked great for me, but it’s important to understand that, really, any diet that reduces gluten and eliminates food toxins will work.

  35. I love you! Can’t wait to try this. I’ve just started the OCM thanks to you and surprisingly enjoy it. I expected to break out but didn’t. I’m ready to make my own moisturizing oil too thanks to this post.

  36. Tinne

    When you say 4-7 drops of EO do you mean 4-7 total or for each EO I chose to put in my personal recipe?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Your website btw. I had used the OCM before to no avail and by reading you I realized that I was just using the wrong kind (coconut oil actually, big no no for my acneic skin). I now use castor and grapeseed mixed with lavender as my OCM and it has done wonders for my skin. Thanks for your hard work!

  37. Kathryn Blubaugh

    I’ve been making my own moisturizing oil for almost a year, I think, with jojoba and sweet almond as the base, and a little lavender and rosemary essential oils. It’s great, I use it all over my body and it’s light enough for my (somewhat oily skin type) face while being heavy enough to keep my fingers from getting crazy dry.

  38. Hope

    made this the other night cuz i was out of my normal, store bought moisturizer. made it with grapeseed oil, 2 drops of lavendar, 1 drop of lemongrass, 1 drop of grapefruit, and 1 drop of clary sage. it is soooo nice and refreshing. i only use 1 drop of my concoction at night, and dont have to use it any other time in the day. my face is clearing up, my pores are shrinking, and it makes me happy. i have even stopped wearing foundation cuz my face has evened up so much! all in all a great experiment.

    bit by bit, my beauty and house-cleaning is getting crunchy!

    face routine:
    honey wash with baking soda scrub
    thyme/witch hazel toner
    cocoa powder/corn starch face powder

    homemade makeup remover wipes (castile soap and EO’s)
    jojoba/sweet almond oil eye makeup remover
    thyme/witch hazel toner
    1 drop of new FABULOUS facial oil

    my face has never been happier!

  39. Naomi

    Thank you for this fabulous post. I’ve gone “clean” for three weeks now and have only been using jojoba or argan oil on my face, but I’ve been looking to take it up a notch, especially for my body oil. Your explanations on different base oils will be especially useful!

  40. ClimbingUnicorn

    Do you have any thoughts on coconut oil for the face? It has lauric acid in it, which I have read can be good for acne (anti-fungal, antimicrobial). I started using just straight coconut oil as a moisturizer recently (at night after my shower) and I LOVE it. I have used it on my face a few times as well. I was wondering if coconut oil might make a good ingredient for a facial moisturizer?

    • kbrownnc

      Coconut oil is great for a facial moisturizer! I use it in my OCM oil as well as body and face “lotion”. I started using it for my body when no lotion was the holy grail, and I knew what was in it (I use Tropical Traditions…gold label…the good stuff). After rubbing it on my body, I would use what was left over on my hands on my face. Soaks in well. Now, I do have dry skin so it might be different if you have oily/acne prone skin. I think probably one of the major factors will be what you wash your face with and any of the “extra” stuff that might be in it. Just like going no poo, if you wash with OCM or honey or some such thing, your face will finally regulate the oil it produces, thus cutting down on acne and making dry skin not as dry. It also means the oil you use on your face will be more beneficial.

      P.S. I am VERY partial to coconut oil and use it in so many ways, and there may be a better oil to use than coconut oil, but you won’t hear that from me! *wink*

  41. Speaking of facial hair (as mentioned upthread), my partner got a free sample of “Shaving Oil,” which he used under the shaving cream before shaving, and it helped make shaving much nicer for him and his sensitive skin. Now, he’s out of it and it’s SUPER expensive. Do you folks think sweet almond oil would have a similar lubricating effect for shaving?

  42. Amy C

    I love this! I work in a nutrition store so i have a certifiable # Of essential oils. I mixed my favorites into a base oil and my skin keeps looking better and better

  43. mamarava

    hello, i really like your post :).. and can i use this before i put make up ? or can i use this blen and mix it to my moisturizer ? thank you before

  44. Andrew

    omgosh i feel you on the whole using alot of oils! i use argan,apricot kernal, kukui nut, tamanu, seabuckhorn, rosehip seed, borage, emu, kiwi seed, meadowfoam , red raspberry, red palm oil. sometimes its hard to keep track! ahha (:

  45. Myra

    Hi CrunchyBetty! Thank you so much for this godsent of a post; I’ve been sitting on wanting to make my own moisturizer for a while now and this, which has been the least vague of all the posts out there, has been galvanizing. I have a couple questions for you, and since I cannot find conclusive information on this elsewhere, I would love it if you could offer your two cents:

    1. Is fruit juice or fruit essential oil a better source of enzymes that could dissipate acne scarring/marks, brighten skin, and/or even skin tone (can they even do this?)? If fruit juice, is there a way to stabilize the juice in the oil? And most importantly, which fruit essential oils/juices do you know that are helpful for skin resurfacing?

    2. Would you suggest any particular way to convert this oil mixture into a moisturizer stably? Would the oils still yield the same benefits (besides moisturizing – I want to do this because straight oil on damp skin feels too oily/moisturizing, and because a cream seems more convenient to apply on the go) in a cream as they would otherwise? Can we heat up these oils?

    I know this is a lot but I would forever appreciate your time and consideration! And if you put out an oil for acne/oleic skin, you better believe I will be all over that, only partly in expression of gratitude.

  46. Weaam

    Thanks for this,its a highly recommended post!!
    But I have a question why U don’t mention olive oil or sesame oil in your recipes ????!

  47. NIIDO

    Since June, I have been going back and forth between crunchy and non-crunchy products because of an allergy. an eczema patch broke out right under and on the sides of my nose. I tried to use my oil cleanser and it just kept getting worse and I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist. She prescribed a steroid that only half worked and gave gave me acne! I stopped using it and started putting shea butter on the affected area and voila…the eczema patch disappeared and faded the dark spot the eczema was leaving behind. Well now I had to deal with the acne. the meds again had crazy burning side effects along with extreme drying and flaking of my skin. I went back to my oil cleanser and again…voila…the peeling was just short of stopping. I have tried the ACV and tea tree oil to get rid of the acne but it’s not working. They would get rid of the Texas sized pimples but it’s the finer, itchy acne bumps that are irritating me—NEVA had a skin problem like this before. The reason I was bouncing back and forth was the dermatologist told me that my “natural” products were probably irritating my condition. the prescriptions were irritaing my face and my pocketbook! I use a combo of grapeseed oil & peppermint oil as a moisturizer. My cleanser consists of Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond OIl and Tea Tree or Peppermint Essential Oil (depending on how I’m feeling). my cleanser is a WOOONDERFUL makeup remover! LOVE YOU AND LOVE IT!!

  48. Roxanne

    How long does this keep? Thanks!

  49. I have been using tamanu and have found that it is very drying to my skin (especially in fall in Colorado). I swithed to Sea Buckthorn Oil in hopes that I could replenish some moisture but the oil is staining and leaves a yellow-ish tone to my face. Any suggestions on a better moisturizing oil or a way to make the Sea Buckthorn less like a bad spray tan? Thanks a bunch!

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