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  1. Dru

    So I disagree. I am a HUGE fan of cleansing oils which instruct you to use them on a dirty face. They are more effective this way. They stick to every inch of makeup and remove it. Even using a toner afterwards leaves you with zero residue. It doesn’t “seal in” anything, quite the contrary, it pulls everything out leaving the skin clean and hydrated (assuming you’re using the correct oil).

  2. Zand

    Knock knock! Hello crunchybetty! Your sincere advise please, Quick question: Can I mix more than one nourishing oil to my body lotion because I have got some new stretch-marks on my body… And I’m falling in love with some nourishing oils at the same time… Hope to get a reply from you soon…

  3. Theo

    Yikes, I just combined Grapeseed Oil, RoseHip Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Tamanu Oil in equal parts – is that too much, or can I still use it? I hate to waste it!

  4. susana

    Would this work as eye cream/oil as well?

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  6. Sheila

    Can my oil blend lasts several months even with rosehip oil in it? I thought that oil was perishable. Thanks!


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