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  1. Holly hill

    I have made 3 of these facials and they are great!i these recipes have saved in the beauty very inexpensive oils to make and much better for your face

  2. Anar Naturals, organic face cream the best i ve used so far. Their Vit E cream left my skin so soft.

  3. A

    So do you use a cream too?
    I don’t use creams because they make me break out. I only use rosehip oil on my face. Would you recommend getting a moisturising cream too?

  4. Heather

    Hello there! I have 4 oz. cobalt blue dropper bottles that I am ready to put my lovely ingredients in. Is this size too big? Any way you can give me an idea how much of each to put into a bottle of this size?

  5. Layla

    Hi! Love LOVE love LOVE your blog!!!! You are helfpul, and funny!!

    I do have a question though. Is the “Sea BuckThorn” the Seed or the Berry oil?
    I am investing in some of your recommended oils right now and am looking forward to mixing them up!

    Thank you!

  6. ChristinaLA

    I have quite sensitive skin, and so finding anything that I can use on it, particularly my face, is difficult. I agree – Evening Primrose is such a critical ingredient to have in a moisturizer. My face has been very happy with using the Somatique Moisturizer – it has evening primrose in it. I apply it after a shower, and I’ve had a lot of compliments on my skin since using the Somatqiue Moisturizer, including compliments from a cosmetologist!

  7. Sinei

    Hi! I found evening orimrose that is 95.5% primrose and 5% vit e. Is this ok??? Thanks!!!

  8. rachel

    Do I need to refrigerate the unused oils? Such as the evening primrose oil?

  9. Katie

    I was wondering what you thought of coconut oil and using it as a base. If you do not like it, could you tell me why

  10. taylor

    I did’nt enjoy this website it only showed one type of moisterizer i did not enjoy it.

  11. Savannah

    Is there a difference between Carrot Seed Essential Oil and the carrot seed oil in your recipe? Also, same question for rosehip oil. I went to Whole Foods today and bought those tiny little expensive bottles of Rosehip and Carrot seed oils ($19 for a tiny bottle) and they were with all the essential oils so now i’m worried I got the wrong thing!! Did I?

  12. Nancy

    Can the 3-ingredient moisturizer be made into a lotion or cream?

  13. Roxanne C. Espinosa

    I made my moisturizing oil with grape seed oil, tamanu, rosehip seed, and lemongrass oils. I used theoustueizer for a little over two weeks and then broke out in a terrible rash. It’s finally healing, I know it’s not the grape seed oil because I’ve continued to use that alone. Do you suggest a skin patch test? Is one if the aforementioned oils known to cause allergic reactions more often than others? Should I just stick to the grape seed and stop experimenting, I’m highly sensitive and don’t have health insurance; I’m still making payments for a hospital visit I made last year. I had a terrible allergic reaction to some Chinese herbal tea I was drinking a lot of during a cleanse.

  14. Roxanne C. Espinosa

    * evening primrose is what I was using, NOT rosehip seed. Thanks!

  15. Nancy

    I’d like to make a face cream or lotion out of these ingredients. What portions of each oil would you recommend?

  16. Candra

    Hey Leslie!

    So I purchased your eBook “Crunch Betty’s Food on your face” and am loving every minute of it. I have only one question…where do you purchase your labels to label your bottles? I tried the Avery labels but they don’t stick to my glass bottles that well. What brand do you use? I need it to stick through all the random oil-dripping that my occur on the outside of the bottle, or from my oily hands when reapplying the top. LOL!

  17. Natalie


    Thank you so much for this great post!
    I was searching for a natural alternative for so long, and seems I have found it :)

    I just used my homemade mixture for the first time, and it feels great.

  18. Randi Jade

    Could you also use kukui nut oil as a base oil?

  19. Rebekka

    I moisturize using a combination of 1/2 cup sweet almond oil, 5 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of lemon oil, and my face loves it! But I’ve also read about the fantastic benefits of rosehip seed oil – how can I add this to my oil mixture? I’m worried about upsetting the balance and possibly causing a negative reaction…

  20. Eva

    Can anyone help telling me how much of each oil I should use???
    In %… Of
    Evening primerose oil
    Avocado oil
    Macadamien oil
    Argan oil
    Rosehip oil
    Want to mix them together with essential oils.

    Also, how many drops of essential oil should I use for
    1oz bottle????

    Hoping for assurance :)

  21. Hannah

    Okay so I’m going to try and keep this short, but I’m having a problem with getting my skin under control. This is my situation. Right now I am in college (I don’t want to reveal my exact age), so I’m still closer to my teen years. For two years, I’ve been using Proactiv and I had recently switched to Proactiv+. I started noticing that my skin was staying clear, but it was super dry, itchy, and red. I knew that this was because of the BP. So I had found some sites about coconut oil and the benefits of it. Especially for skin, so I ordered me some. Well my new regimen at night has been a facial wash (brand- Simple), a toner for blemishes (brand- Neutrogena), and then coconut oil. Well my skin is now really oily, and my forehead, chin, and lower cheeks are breaking out now.
    So that is my situation, and I’m really at a loss at what to do to help clear my skin up. Please help. This site is SUPER helpful!

    • Sparks

      Hey Hannah, I’m also in my teen years, probably a little younger than you. when i was like 13-15 I had oily skin that used to break out so much. I am from Britain though, so i don’t know how your healthcare is in America but I went to the doctor and told them my problem and they gave me a cream called Duac once daily, it contains clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide, both of which are used to treat acne.

      So I found that this cleared up 99% of my Acne. The problem with your regime is probably the coconut oil because after I used this as a moisturizer, I found that I broke out terribly. My regime is this; I wash my face in the morning with Simple face wash (i use the green gel one) and then moisturize with Simple Hydrating moisturizer. If you must use a toner, consider trying out rose water which is very gentle. Then at night, i firstly use olive oil to remove all my makeup and then leave it on for 5 minutes whilst i’m in the shower, and then i use my simple face wash to wash it off. My sister found that she broke out when she used olive oil, so i guess you’ll have to try it. if you do, consider using rose water or another type of makeup remover.

      Hope this helps, a lot of people say aloe vera gel is good for acne and skin so you could try that too x

  22. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d
    like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be
    interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing
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  23. Nafise

    Hello friend,

    Thanks a lot for your great post.
    Can I add tea tree oil and vitamin E oil to this combination?
    I wanna have : jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil (2-3 drops), tea tree oil (2-3 drops) and tamanu oil.
    Is it good?
    Thx so much, I have the acne face for log time and am really tired of that :(
    Thx :*


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