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  1. I have everything to mix your mask up. Can’t wait! And I’m sorry about the chill in FLA. Doesn’t seem fair.

  2. I’m in FL and I agree — it’s way tooooo cold down here!!! Thanks for your recipe — gotta get the heavy cream! Trying to get to your holistic acne cures site, but the link isn’t working — can you help? :)

    • Hi Clara,

      I’m glad you liked the recipe! You’re right about our crazy weather…the other morning 30, now in the late 70s!!

      There was an error in the acne website so here’s the correct link: http://myorganicacne.com.

      Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think!


  3. Your Honey Cream Mask sounds yummy and luxurious! Definitely on my to-do list. I made a cream soup the other day but I used half-and-half instead.:( Ordinarily though this would be the perfect thing for using up any leftover cream in the carton.

    And might I just add, that is some freakishly cold weather for Florida… I’ve been there in December, it’s usually hot and muggy! What’s up with that?

    • Yes, Stephanie, my skin felt so soft and velvety afterward, just what it needed after feeling the cold and bite of the wind earlier in the day! A cream soup sounds yummy right about now…I’ll have to give that a try.