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  1. Lissa

    I have to say that I love the title for these posts. And the sticky thing is super helpful to me—I think I managed to use permanent sticky-stuff. Hopefully this will help!

  2. Oh Crunchy Betty you’ve done it again. I adore the coffeground sock idea-making mine this weekend. My husband is going to think I’m crazy…I can’t wait :)

  3. Heather :) :) :)

    This is fabulous…and I didn’t know about coffee grounds getting rid of musty refrigerator smells. I know coffee grounds work great in smelly trashcans!!!  Fabulous list ;) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. DesignerGirl

    Awesome post!  I’m going to try that hair dryer thing tomorrow…we use a lot of those sticky squares in hanging things here at work.  :-)  And the coffee-ground sock is ingenious!  Definitely trying that one when I get home!

  5. Alicyn

    ceramics are actually insulators, not conductors, so the hair dryer would probably work even faster if you attack the sticky things from the sides instead of through the tile. but still an awesome tip!

    as someone who is always getting stuff stuck on other stuff, i love this compilation of tips! thanks for sharing your genius. :)

  6. When we moved a few weeks back, there was this Ikea mirror that we had
    put up on a wooden door with the double sided tape that came with, and
    we were really scared that it would ruin the door when we took it down.
    First I “cut” the mirrors down by running a a plain knife along the back
    to make sure it wouldn’t take the wood with it. First we took some of
    the sticky stuff off with a hairdryer and a rag dipped in soapwater, but
    it wouldn’t remove everything. The rest we actually used an eraser to
    remove! With that, it came off really easy.

  7. Great stuff! I always struggle with labels on jars :) Thank you :) 

  8. Well us crunchy folk do save a whole lotta jars and bottles. I actually stopped buying Garden of Life coconut oil, because it has glue all the way around the glass jar and takes me 30 minutes of cursing to remove. Why? Jordan Rubin if you are a secret Crunchy Betty reader, I want to know why all that dang glue? Why?

  9. Mauri Gibson

    Fabulous ideas as always!!  I do wish you had posted about removing the sticky tape a few weeks ago…maybe I wouldn’t have torn my paint off the walls, lol!  Thank you for your awesome tips, I can’t wait to try the coffee ground sock :)

  10. Thank you soooo much! I had already given up on the jar labels…

  11. Annette

    This might sound like a dumb question and you may have answered it before…but, how does one dispose of body wash that one no longer uses? Because, of course, we’re “crunchy” now…doesn’t seem prudent to pour it down the sink, or send it to the dump, or dispose of it outside…where does old soap go to die?

  12. Kaitlynellis99

    i love the honey, baking soda, and apple cider vinger acne treatment its amazing!! ive been doing it for 5 days now and my skin looks amazing and the redness from the chemicals from proactive are lightening and my skin is brightening!! this idea is better than proactive!! AMAZING!!

  13. I love your style of writing! I’ve been following your site for a little bit now and, for some strange reason it causing me to be more domestic. Weird, huh? All I know is my house smells better now. I guess that’s a good thing. :) Thanks for the awesomeness.

  14. Abigail Cossette

    Happy moving!

  15. Debbie Mahder

    I love the coffee grounds sock idea!  A rental house I lived in years ago had the stinkiest cabinet interiors.  No amount of cleaning got that smell to dissipate.  Baking soda wasn’t doing the trick either.  Someone told me to try coffee.  I didn’t drink it so I didn’t have any grounds.  I bought some beans and ground them at the store and put the coffee into little paper cups inside my cabinets.  Miracle!!  I have used that trick a number of times since but never thought to put it in a sock in my freezer ;)

  16. Debbie Mahder

    I make my husband a coconut oil (or olive oil) and sugar scrub for his winter hands and I’ve used that before to take off labels.  If you don’t have a scrubby sponge handy…

  17. Partycraftsecrets

    thanks for the cleaning bottles tutorial – I’ve linked up to it on my facebook page – 
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Partycraft-Secrets/239045209469228 – best wishes, and stay clever!

  18. Aspiring2bCrunchy

    I’ve dawdled away 2 hours enjoying, searching, bookmarking in the hopes of finding a DIY recipe for fruit and veggie wash to REMOVE dirt, wax, manure, and pesticides from my produce. Oh where can it be??? Anyone know?

  19. I’m about to try the coconut oil trick, but another easy tip for removing labels from glass is simply to scrape it with a razor blade. If you soak the labels in hot water first, you can use a duller scraper like a credit card edge or the back of a butter knife.

  20. S

    Never thought of coffee grounds that way. I cannot remember the name of this store but somewhere that sold perfumes and perfumed various things – they kept coffee beans to sniff at. After smelling 2-3 perfumes, this helps one start smelling more perfumes again. Bath and Body Works or something like that.

  21. I really like this guide! You found an easy way to do things, which are usually considered quite difficult to clean or remove. The hack with the jar labels is quite genius and easily achievable. I would use something abrasive to remove the rest of he label, but this wouldn’t guarantee the removal of all the parts. Your way is definitely better. And you gave me a great new idea on how to use my hair dryer, so thanks!


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