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  1. Niki

    I just made this a little bit ago to have for thanksgiving. It is sooooo good!!! I used the walmart brand heavy cream that -is- ultra pasteurized. Only because I didnt want to drive a half hour to a dairy. It worked good though! It took a while for it to go from the whip cream to the butter, but when it did it happened in an instant. It almost makes me want a milk animal on our property, if only someone would milk it for me!

  2. Lisafaye1979

    omg I just made some butter…brilliant! And so, so easy. Next time I think ill add some of my lavender honey!

  3. katie

    My brothers and I made it by filling a jar with cream and rolling it around on the floor for a while.

    When we found that we had whipped cream, we began to think that we did something wrong. So, without sugar, my mom began eating it. xD
    But google came to the rescue, so we continued rolling it around on the floor and ate crackers and butter for the rest of th night.

  4. Adrienne

    Butter! Check! I can’t tell if my stomachache is from the ab workout (I did the shake-it-in-a-jar method) or from eating (a) whipped cream and (b) butter in rather excessive quantities. Ohmygoshit’sgood. 

    I used low-heat pasteurized cream (a brand called Denmark here in Korea) and just did the jar thing — it didn’t take that long, but it was a workout. No marbles necessary. Now I’m eating a fried egg. And I fried it in BUTTER.

  5. Qwerty

    I am whipping my cream right now with a hand mixer at the highest setting there is, but the thickest it is getting is about the consistency of really thick whipped cream, but still, no butter. :-( what am I doing wrong?

  6. Mariah Magagnotti

    Oh my, I’m so excited to try this!  What attachment would you recommend for a mixer?  A whisk?

  7. I found your blog by chance… looking for a homemade oven cleaner and Oh my goodness, I have to do this!

  8. Lynn

    Hi, I just found your post….and I now want to make some butter!!!!
    As a kid….some almost 40 years ago. I lived in Kentucky and we lived on a farm and always had fresh cream. I would make butter and buttermilk every couple of days, we had a real butter churn and butter molds. I always added the salt after the cold water bath, then molded it and would freeze what we didn’t sell to local neighbors. Of course I no longer have a churn or butter molds, but thought that I would use my silicone cupcake baking thingisy to mold my butter….I have differnt shaped ones (would turn out cute as well as delicious)!!!
    Thanks for the idea…takes me back in time :) 

  9. Michele

    Can’t wait to try this! I saw this post many months ago and when I was ready to try it I couldn’t remember what site it was on. I searched and searched, couldn’t find it. Then, just now, I was searching for homemade window cleaner and there it was Crunchy Betty! So I not only got a great window cleaner but I get to make homemade butter too. Very excited. You are hilarious!! :) Love this site!!

  10. GirtyMurl

    While I worked at Starbucks I would constantly amaze my co-workers by putting heavy cream in an iced Grande cup with a sticker over the lid, and shaking it until we had fresh butter. They were so agog at my skills that they didn’t notice I wasn’t really working for the 15 minutes it took to make it. I get butter and slack time? Win-win.

  11. Faith

    I’ve made my own butter. It was a lot of fun, it was yummy, and it DOES make you feel like Eve ;) After I rinsed it, I scooped it into ice cube trays, and when the butter cubes were frozen solid, I dumped them out into a freezer container. One cube was just right for two slices of toast – about two TBS worth. Freezing it meant I had to plan ahead a little bit by thawing a few cubes before preparing a meal. If I didn’t freeze it though, I would always wind up having to throw a lot of it away because it would go bad quickly.

  12. Here’s my question. In the blackhead removal post, it says you can use buttermilk and nutmeg for a scrub, is this buttermilk ok? Or should I use store bought?

  13. Brenda Lucian

    I’ve made home made butter from ultra-pasturized heavy cream before, and have never had a problem with it separating into butter.By the way, I love the way you put it “straight from the moo cow”.That’s what I call them, too!


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