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  1. Nelly K

    American Labour Day = WORLD event???

    • Um, yes. Saying “current world events” doesn’t imply that it affects the entire world, but it’s something that affects a nation as a whole. It’s something that happened IN the world. As another example, a current world event would be the earthquake that just happened in Costa Rica.

      “Are you up on current world events?” “Yeah. They just celebrated Boxing Day in Great Britain, but not much else happened. That’s how it is around the holidays in international news …”

      My goodness. Of all the things to focus on …

  2. I so would love to see Washington reading this thread…

  3. Brooke

    Great discussion. I’m a recent blog follower ( I found you like … umm … Yesterday)

    I dare insert a Canadian take on Labour Day ? (hehe)
    In Canada I like to think we haven’t yet lost the true meaning of labour day. We are also in a tough political situation here in BC and will be having a major shakedown of government sometime in the spring. It’s a scary time to be a working chump!
    Yes – labour day is truely a great reason to drink beer
    It’s also a great time to remember that we didn’t always have the working conditions we do, minimum wage (which is $10.50 here) or an 8 hour work day.
    We’re come a long way, but we’ve got further to go!

  4. Deb

    THANK YOU! I’ll just say it – I’m sick of hearing people whine about not having jobs. It’s not the government’s fault you don’t have a job. Sure, politicians have messed with the economy and screwed it up and that makes it more difficult to get a job. But there ARE jobs. North Dakota oil fields have tons of work. Louisiana has a lot of economic growth, and there are jobs. Most people can’t find jobs where they are, and wouldn’t dream of picking up and moving to fricking cold North Dakota. Moving to where the work is used to just be what people did. Now it’s a shocking concept.

    Dh works construction. The past four years have been terrible for us financially. He’s had to travel more to find work and hasn’t made much (we’re considered to be living in poverty, lol. We think we’re doing ok!). We’re in the process of moving to a different state where there’s more work. We’ve struggled and eaten lots of rice and beans, but we’re starting to make some progress! It’s SO much work, but it’s better than sitting here complaining about how politicians ruined our lives (which wouldn’t be true).

    There’s always something you can do to better your situation. It takes time, hard work, creativity and boldness, but there’s always something.

  5. Susan Fine

    I absolutely LOVE this post! You should absolutely be writing a book about politics! I’d read it, for sure! Thanks for this post.

  6. I think you are right about gov’t not making jobs, but gov’t can make it easier by putting less tax burdens on the business and on individuals. And that means by being smaller.

    Also, I do think your statement about Romney’s cash is just in line, sadly, with the mainstream media. He made that money himself and from what I have read, his company, Bain, was successful 80% of the time rescuing failing companies. That’s pretty darn good compared to most businesses and better than the current administration while it throws around money it doesn’t have.

    And if we are to criticize him for being wealthy w/ his 250 million, how about we first look at the present day value of Kennedy’s money. I researched it and it is 6.9 bilion. So enough bad mouthing of Romney’s wealth in my humble opinion. I love your content, by the way, and am glad to talk money and politics, but I think we all need to keep each other clear on the facts etc.

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