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  1. J.

    Thanks girl! I’m totally trying this :)
    Off to visit your link …

  2. vjb

    I do this! I don’t use distilled water, but our tap water is very good.

    Sometimes, just for a change, I exfoliate by swiping a slice of lemon over my face, leaving to dry for 15 minutes, then rinsing off. (I once had a Dermologica Multivitamin facial with alphahydroxy exfoliation, very expensive, very lovely. But the lemon does as good or better a job.)

  3. Ash

    The one small thing is wonderful. It’s buddhist with a touch of the law of attraction… you can only start from where you are. We are creatures of habit, so the practice practice practice of controlling your reactions and stop worrying about how others are acting — eventually becomes like a “muscle memory” but in your brain. I’ve been working on the declutter, for about a year (looking for my passport, without success).
    Thanks for the post.

  4. I’m going to try this tonight! I am so glad that I found your site! You’ve got great stuff!

    • [email protected]

      Yay! It’s sooo quick and easy. My two favorite things.

  5. Do you hear Bette Midler? Because have I ever told you you’re my hero? This is the best! I love it and it’s so easy! Thanks!

    • Crunchy Betty

      Haha. You – you are the wind beneath my wings.

      Seriously, glad you loved it. So simple, and so effective. Man, I’m going to make some enemies in the store-bought skincare world. Hadn’t even thought of that repercussion.

  6. I WILL be doing this tonight. I love your site and I am so happy I found this!!! I will be sharing it with EVERYONE I know!!



    • Crunchy Betty

      Double yay! I’d love to know how it goes when you try it.

      Better yet, blog about it. And then do a mask. And then take a picture. And then submit it to the gallery. THAT would be awesome.

  7. Prea Persaud

    I have acne scars on both cheeks. I cannot afford any type of treatments, so this is why I am here. I will so be trying this. I just wanted to know how often can I do this? Without doing more damage…thnx

    • Crunchy Betty

      Don’t do this more than twice a week, as the baking soda can be drying and caustic. If you notice your skin starting to get dry or raw at two times a week, step it down to one.

      There’s a bunch of great masks around here for acne (it’s late right now and I’m stuck on tomato juice – have you ever tried washing your face with 100% tomato juice regularly?). Soon, I’m going to come out with a little eBook that’s just for acne, so hopefully there’ll be even more in there to help you.

      • Prea

        I will do as you say! Thank you so much CRUNCHY! Now 100% tomato juice u say? Really? Everyday? AM & PM? What are the benefits of this?
        I am trying lemon juice on my scars. Some are severe. So I apply lemon juice to the affected area and leave for 15 mins then rinse off with cool or cold water. Have only been using it for two days now but I do see that my skin is peeling where the discoloration is and it is much brighter overall.

        Thank u soooo much…

        • Crunchy Betty

          Oooh. So is it just the scars you have issue with? Not acne anymore?

          Tomato juice is really astringent, so it helps with acne (and I’d only use it once a day as a light rinse). But if you’re just trying to get rid of scars, I’d say you’re doing it right. Pineapple – it works to slough off skin, too!

          • Prea

            just scars now. no acne. only when it’s that time of the month. but very mininal. i want to get rid of these scars. they are driving me nuts. and i cannot afford fraxel or any other type of treatment. we pooooeee folks.
            now pineapples? canned? fresh? how long? make a mask of em? what’s the deal.
            btw: i luv u. not in creepy way. nice way :-)

          • Crunchy Betty

            Fresh is best (not a fan of the aluminum in cans). Just rub a tiny piece on the scar area and let it set for 20 minutes or so and rinse. Easy as pie. Pineapple pie, even.

  8. Prea

    Thanks will do. I keep hearing about other things like nutmeg and milk for acne scars. What do u think about this?

  9. Silver

    What about a total body scrub with the baking soda? You say to make sure skin is clean so you don’t push any dirt back in the pores? Okay do the the oil cleaning first then the baking soda scrub?
    Laughs I just imagined myself in the shower doing a total body cleaning with the Oils and then taking a huge hot wet towel and wrapping myself and then cleaning. Then proceed with the baking soda total body scrub.
    I mean we do this for the face what about the body? What do you think?

  10. Tawsill

    We just got back from a tropical vacation and found some really yummy, but REALLLY expensive salt scrub. We all wanted to buy, but no one did.  So, I decided to make it.  But I don’t really like the oiliness of “typical” recipes.  Last night as I lay in bed contemplating my recipe, baking soda popped into my head, and a search this AM revealed this post.  So I am going to make it with baking soda, honey (possibly a little water) and essential oils to match the fragrance.  And make lotion with the same scent.

  11. dork

    And to think I was using baking soda and water to clean my dishes.

  12. meegs

    the box of Epsom Salts lists one of the uses as a whole-body scrub. “Mix with your favorite shower gel, and scrub. Never tried it so if you do, let us know.

  13. Jessica

    Hi! I absolutely adore your site and have been surfing it all afternoon/evening! I’ve been particularly attracted to all the DIY beauty products and wondering what your schedule is with everything. I’m assuming you do the OCM every day, but how often do you do the baking soda microdermabrasion? Or how often do you do the aspirin mask? Or honey mask? Can you just create a good calendar for all this? :) I’m new to the ‘creating beauty products’ and have been OCMing a few days and hoping to start giving up shampoo soon too. I’m 3 weeks into an intense diet lifestyle change and figure I might as well try all sorts of life improvements at the same time!! Thanks for all the awesome information!

  14. Brittany

    I’ve been using this as a daily scrub on both my face and body. (And though it works well for me, from what I’ve read some people can only use it once ever few days, or once a week.) I mix up a large container and add a few drops of Dr Bronner’s peppermint castile soap to it. It actually lathers up nicely, and leaves my face and body feeling SO soft! I follow up with a witch hazel/lemon juice toner on my face and my skin has never looked (or felt) better.

  15. Ruby

    Do you put lotion on afterwards?

  16. Angie L

    Great blog – I found it on Pinterest :) Next time you do this baking soda microdermabrasion, try mixing it with fresh-squeezed lemon juice instead of the water. I mixed up the lemon juice/baking soda combo for a natural tooth whitener (leave on for 1 minute then brush) and used the leftover for my face scrub. Lemon juice is a natural skin brightener!

  17. Megan

    This made me break out really bad, I don’t know if it’s because finals are right around the corner or if I didn’t clean my face well enough but it definitely didn’t work well for me.

  18. rita

    you ain’t lived till you do the baking soda with a slice of lemon !

  19. Billie

    I have discoloration from the sun as well as from pregnancy (malasma). Will this treatment (after several weeks of use) possibly help to diminish the discoloration? After reading other posts, it looks like mixing it with lemon juice instead of water would be my best bet. Any other tips?

  20. Lea

    ive been doing ocm for 3 weeks now and well i almost want to give up because it doesnt seem to be working but then i tried this method and boom instant skin softness
    woah. i wonder though how often this should be done because yeah it stings and for those who have sensitive skin, dont let it sit on your face for more than 2 mins it hurts and youll have red patched on your skin. but all in all this is amazing!


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