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  1. Laura

    Glad you’re back to yourself!

  2. BrownThumbMama

    Yay! Nice to see you! (Even if you look like a green alien, heeheehee).
    I’ve made so many things from my ebook bundle and am just getting started. Be sure to try Katie’s homemade granola bars in Healthy Snacks to Go. They’re our favorite and I don’t stress when the kids eat them by the ton.

  3. Welcome home. It’s good to have you back. ;)

  4. Linda

    So happy to see your food covered face again! I found the lotion “shards” interesting. I love making lotion bars. We often use our mini-muffin tin and just pour a small amount in to make lotion “wafers”

  5. Sandy

    So glad to see you back! And so happy that the Healthy Living e-book deal is back on…I just purchased and CANNOT WAIT to starting making healthy things for me and mine!

  6. I got the bundle the first time around and I made a list of all the things I am going to make for people in my family. I made 5 lotion bars for my mom and sisters, but I snatched one and after my Hubby used it, he snatched the other ones for the guys at hid work to try. Now I have to make 5 for my mom and sisters and 6 for his work buddies and their wives! Haha I also am making the chocolate mousse, several different types of body scrubs and lip balms. :) going to wait til closer to christmas because I don’t want them swiped

  7. Glad to see you back, everyone needs a break to unwind!

  8. Ella

    I’m so sorry about how off topic this is, but I need Crunchy help.
    This summer I stumbled across this lovely blog & instantly became Crunchy. While scrolling through Pinterest, I found a link to a coconut oil/baking soda famy ce wash. You use it every other-every two days (depending on skin type), so i whipped up a batch. My golly, my skin is so soft, but totally broken out. I don’t want to give up on it, it’s only been a week. :/ any ideas on how to fix it? Please help & thank you. For you & your adorabe blog.(: again, i apologize for the randomness.

    • amanda

      you may be reacting to the coconut oil (try switching it out for grapeseed or almond oil), you may be purging your skin of nastiness (try giving it another week or two), or you may be reacting to the baking soda frequent-ness (try slowing it down to once a week or so). as always, your mileage may vary! hope you find something that works for you. (also there are tons of acne-fixing suggestions on the forums here.)

      • Ella

        Thank you! I’ll definitely give it try. & of course. I’ve been using the applesider vinegar-water-witch hazel which is helping, too. And again, thanks.(:

  9. amanda

    Yay Betty! That gingerbread scrub looks awesome.

  10. charmaine

    Yay glad to see you are back and feeling revitalized. Loved your ice-chip idea!
    My next project is to make a solid, travel-friendly OCM mix. I’m thinking it will be a nice little hit of luxury on the road :) The only problem is I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for making things that require effort like melting beeswax! So overcoming that will be my challenge for the weekend.

  11. Loretta E

    I’m so glad I have this bundle! I’ve only had the time to look at your book, but they all sound awesome. I really need to make a mask.

  12. Marsha

    I looooooooove my book bundle! I got the Buttermilk Starter from Cultures for Health, and I’ve been using buttermilk in pretty much everything. I’ve been making things like mad. My son’s bottom is probably as soft as your hands, mostly because I use my homemade lotion on him. He smiles and waves his chubby little fists in the air every time I open the container. I think he likes the Cocoa-Lavender smell of it. :) Also, I have missed you.

  13. Heidi Fuqua

    Those moisture chips sound fantatic. And I always love scrubs as gifts.

  14. Haidre

    I was so bummed that I missed the bundle last time, and purchased it immediately when I saw the email about it this time (and this was right after I promised myself I wouldn’t spend anymore money on post Thanksgiving sales). It’s such a great deal, and everything in it is so inspiring and uplifting, even the books that contain things I’m unsure about or that aren’t necessarily practical for my situation right now. There’s so many things I want to try and make and improve, I’m so excited :) I just want to give a big gigantic thank you to you, and everyone else involved in this package.

  15. Katie

    I just made a KILLER face mask last night….unintentionally!
    I had some leftover greek yogurt from a recipe and a liiiiiiitle bit of canned pumpkin. I had just purchased some powdered goat milk, too. So I just threw all that stuff right in the leftover yogurt cup with some honey, mixed it up, and smeared it on my face. The only thing it was missing was something to make it smell yummy, but it was already on my face when I realized it : )
    It was AMAZING! It was moisturizing, exfoliating, and so very nourishing! I don’t have ratios because I literally just threw whatever was close in there…but it was really a wonderful mask. Even my Non-Crunchy Mom loved it! I will convert her yet ; )

    • Megan Norsworthy

      Sounds like a great recipe. A lot like one I do but I didn’t have any powdered goats milk and I added turmeric. Now I have to get some.

  16. New Orleans Gluten Free Girl

    What a great idea for the lotion chips!!! So portable and perfect. I am going to have to give that a try. I have the book bundle too, and I did what you did, a quick look-sie and settled into one or two but now I am motivated to really check them out!

    I don’t know where you find the time to do all of this AND write a blog post about it all, it must be some crunchy power that I haven’t yet tapped into ;)

  17. jen

    hi there, CB! i just found your website, and i love the idea of that book bundle. is there any chance you might be offering something like that again anytime soon?

  18. Megan Norsworthy

    Im sure this is not the right place for this but I couldn’t
    Find my way to the forum community to ask it kept kicking me around when I found the link. I used to love Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean face wash but as I am on a very strict budget as a single mom I have scoured the internet looking for a similar recipe using stuff i already have. Mainly liquid castile, water and tea tree oil are the ingredients. Have you made a product like this? Does anyone have advice on how I can make it for my dry, sensitive, acne prone skin? Thanks so much.

  19. Pam Cooper

    I missed the offer by a week! Sob, sob… When will it be on again? And do you do a notification when it’s on? I have only just found your site as I am a fairly new convert but I have already made so many changes to house cleaning and me cleaning – and I absolutely love it! Looking forward to being able to buy the book bundle.

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