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  1. Rebecca

    Nice to have you back! OMG. I will have to jump on this deal. :) xx Bec

  2. Marsha

    You can’t possibly have any idea how much we all missed you. Glad you were able to take a break! This sounds like an amazing deal, thanks for letting us all know about it. :)

  3. Hele anderson

    so very glad you are back!

  4. Welcome back! I just bought this. What an awesome deal! So happy you are back and you’ve definitely been missed. I’ve been re-reading your old posts and even whitened my teeth with activated charcoal this morning:)

  5. I said, “Husband, may I please get this?” (baby face included). He read your whole post then said, “I think you have to.” HAPPY DANCE! Got mine :) Thanks, Leslie! And welcome back.

  6. mamie

    Glad you’re back :)

  7. Lynne

    So…I would really really love to buy this but I’ve got no idea what a paypal account is or how to pay online…would a prepaid card work?

    • Actually, you don’t have to have a Paypal account to order, Lynne. All you need is a credit or debit card. As you go through the checkout process, you’ll see an option that says “Don’t have a Paypal account?” or something to that effect, and it’ll tell you everything you need to enter otherwise. Hope you get a chance to purchase it! If not, we’ll be talking about some of the ideas in a few of the books here soon. Mwah!

  8. Guest

    Oh my gracious, guess I know what I’m spending the fun money on… :)

    So glad you’re back! And that you got to take a good, healthy break. Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna post in the next few weeks!

  9. Megan

    Oh my gracious, guess I know what I’m spending the fun money on…

    Glad you’re back, and that you got to take a good, healthful break! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to post in the coming weeks!

  10. Nutbunny

    Yayyyy you’re back!! Also, can’t wait to dive into all of these great books!!

  11. Beth

    Never leave for that long again!!! :o) You were missed!

  12. Beverly

    Is there a number to call to buy this with? Or does it have to be online? I don’t like ordering things online.

    • Hiya, Bev. Unfortunately, you do have to purchase it online, but it’s done through Paypal (even though it takes you to the e-junkie checkout, AND you don’t actually have to have a Paypal account), which is very, very, very secure. Paypal is also very incredible with any concerns you may have about fraud. Nonetheless, you should ONLY do it if you feel comfortable with it. Sorry there’s no telephone ordering. Bummer!

  13. It’ll take 3-5 business days for the funds to transfer from my bank account to my paypall account. Hope they can process it in two…

    • I’m 99.9% sure that once you place the order, and it goes to “hold” for an e-check, it saves the order for you. There should be no issues at all – you just might not get the “e-delivery” until the check clears, but you’ll get it. If not, I’ll eat my hat. It is not a tasty hat.

  14. Neva

    Hi, my name is Neva. I am 62 & retired. Just checking to c if his is going to post. I typed a big comment & lost it.

  15. Neva

    Ok here goes…I am wanting to know, is this Healthy Living eBook Bundle is it a cookbook to make foods to eat? I have so many pain problems, I just need to find something that will help me. I watched how to make lotion bars, something good for my skin. Then i read all about this Book. Some people say, that certain foods can STOP pain. I just need to know, feel like a walking pain factory..lol..RLS in my legs, Phborlagia in my feet, arthistic EVERYWHERE. Now as I type this I am having sharp pains in my thumbs. Just woke up with that one. Every day it is a surprize. Found out from my Doc. that I can’t hav SALT ONLY SALT SUBTITUTE. I can’t hav any kepsup or dill pikles if I eat anything that has a lot of salt, my left leg will swell up, burn like fire then 2-3 hrs. later I hav water blusters on my leg. Doc said that was caused by my body it is trying to get the water off my legs. so many meds. I take at least 40-45 pills a day. That is just to many..I know in my heart that there r some foods out their u can eat that will stop my pain..That would be a God Sent..I Pray someone will read this & answer me please…Thank U, Lov Neva

    • Marsha

      Well, it is actually 34 different books. Some of them are cookbooks, though. You can click on the names of the books above to get a description of each book. I got the bundle…it’s a LOT of information, and a great deal, to boot!! BTW, if you are taking that many pills, it’s pretty much a given that you are probably having some drug-drug interactions. You would probably do well to talk to your primary physician about the different drugs you are on, side effects, and possible alternatives. Good luck!!

  16. Gabrielle

    Hi! I am trying to purchase this bundle and when I click “Buy Now,” I receive a pop-up message saying this product is no longer available. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

  17. KarinSDCA

    Hi and welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your break. Everyone deserves a break now and then. :)

    It is Nov 1 and I’ve clicked on every clickable link. ;) They all say this is no longer available. Is there a secret passage to ordering this fabulous bundle?

    Thank you!

    • I don’t know what’s going on! I’ve emailed the setter-uppers of it all – the link SHOULD be working, but it’s not. It WILL be back, though. It looks as if what you stumbled upon was that the affiliates who aren’t authors of any of the books, their codes work. But the authors’ codes do not, temporarily. Weirdness. Waiting to hear what’s going on, though …

  18. Tina

    Thank you for your wonderful ideas! I am so going t make lavender sugar and the face scrub with this. Christmas shopping all done!!!!

  19. I set up my paypal account, and when I purchased the item, it didn’t ask for my name or address or anything… is that normal? I got a confirmation email. (yes, I am the exact opposite of tech savy). I’ve have always have to input infomation when using a credit card…. I’m confused.

  20. Laura Snell

    Welcome back! I missed you! I just bought the bundle and have my fingers and eyes crossed for the dehydrator.

  21. YAYYY!!!! I JUST PURCHASED MY BUNDLE!!! better late than never!!! (:

  22. I have to say this bundle saved my Paleo diet experiment. I was on day 10 and getting very bored I almost ordered pizza for dinner! The Well Fed cook book inspired me to get in the kitchen I am eating moroccan meatballs right now and they are so yummy! Awesome deal can’t wait to dig into all the other books. What a great way to come back we missed you.

  23. Kaci

    Thanks soooooooo much!!!! I’m am so excited to start digging into these books!!! You have totally given me the boost I needed this week. I’m also excited for my sourdough starter that’s already on its way!!!

  24. andrea

    First, welcome back!

    Second, I’m trying to purchase this and it is saying that the product is no longer available. It is still the 3rd – any idea why it won’t work?

    • Thanks, Andrea!

      The sale’s over (it was supposed to be over at 8 a.m. EST, but for some
      reason it extended a couple of hours). However, there are plans in the
      works to bring it back around Cyber Monday to give those people affected
      by Sandy an opportunity to purchase (this has been a pretty big issue).
      Subscribe to Crunchy Betty via RSS or email, or like Crunchy Betty on
      Facebook if you haven’t already, and I’ll keep you updated!

  25. It’s November 3rd, 11AM Pacific time. I’m trying to click the link and buy it but the site says the product is no longer available. Is the deal over or is there a website error?

    • Sadly, it’s over (it was supposed to be over at 8 a.m. EST, but for some reason it extended a couple of hours). However, there are plans in the works to bring it back around Cyber Monday to give those people affected by Sandy an opportunity to purchase (this has been a pretty big issue). Subscribe to Crunchy Betty via RSS or email, or like Crunchy Betty on Facebook if you haven’t already, and I’ll keep you updated!

  26. Any chance it’s still available? I tried several times over the last several days, and I kept getting the “This Item is no Longer Available”. Now it’s only 8 on November 3rd and it’s already closed? Penalizing customers due to faulty programming seems unfair.

  27. Alena

    I was able to download all my books last week but wasn’t able to order my free stuff yet cuz I didn’t have the money for shipping. so today I went to order it (I had the page bookmarked) but it said the deal was over. :( I thought I’d still be able to order my free stuff at any time.
    is there still a way I can get my things from Redmond and stuff?

  28. Sandy Hall

    I bought this bundle and thought I had bookmarked the confirmation page to go back and get the bonuses from Redmond and cultures for health (already signed up for plan to eat :)) but I can’t find the codes. Is there anyway to receive the codes again? After reading the other posts it seems like a few others may have had this problem as well. If there is a way to email an order confirmation w/the downloadable books attached (or website link) and the codes I think that would be wonderful for when you offer this type of deal again. Thanks!

  29. Aww, want this deal!! will you be bringing it back?

  30. claudia

    I will love to buy the healthy living ebook bundle . It will be an sale again soon ?

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