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  1. kate

    Hi Betty, I would really like to thank you for this post! I was always interested in starting no poo, but was uneasy about many factors, mostly, how it won’t bubble up, and make the shampooing process really un-finished. But after having come across your blog, I decided to give it a try, and wow, amazing! I have been using the castile soap and coconut milk formula for about 2 months now, with acv for rinsing, and it is yielding unbelievable result! Now i don’t even look at shampoos any more! My hair that I thought was just hopeless, has significantly improved! It is not so silky smooth, and I still have to wash hair almost every day, but I am really glad I gave it a try, and it’s all thanks to you! I guess I was also lucky because water in my region seems to be the soft type that works well with castile soap.
    For those who are interested, my formula is half castile soap, quarter coconut milk, quarter water. For rinsing, I am using half acv and half water. Only concern is that the manufactured coconut milk that I buy from market, looses its bubble quite soon, so I have to keep buying it whenever I make my routine amount which is rather small, but it only costs about $1 so it is still fine I guess!

    Anyways, Betty, once again, thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate all the effort you have put in for this post! :) Kudos to sorta poo!

  2. Alli

    Help! I have two preteen girls and myslef to make this for. The problem is, they will not remember to go to the fridge for it at every shower. I know it really isn’t a good idea to keep it in the shower but I need a better storage solution that is kid friendly! Ideas please!


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