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  1. Shanna Sambola

    6 years ago I discovered that I was allergic to antiperspirant. Ive used Tom’s, Crystal stick and Arm and Hammer Natural deodorants (term “natural” used loosely for arm and hammer) and I still smelled pretty funky after a few hours. A couple of weeks ago my husband got into some poison ivy while clearing some brush. He was covered from his knees down and itching like crazy so i made him a natural spray to help with the itching. I mixed about half Bragg’s ACV and half alovera gel and added in some teatree oil and lavender oil. It helped a good bit, teatree oil apparently helps break down the urushiol faster. We had some leftover in the fridge after he healed up, and to make a wordy comment short, I decided to try it out as a spray deodorant. It works fabulously. I was working at the computer yesterday and suddenly realized that I couldn’t smell my arms pits lol. I could never use the homemade deodorant recipes I found because they all try to replicate the drying properties of antiperspirant with added clays and baking soda but they made me dry and itchy. Once you let your body adjust, you won’t sweat as much. Besides, We’re supposed to swea, its how our body rids itself of toxins, and now I can detox without smelling like I’m smuggling cheeseburgers. ; )

    • I use tea tree oil and witch hazel and spray under my arms. I have also used tea tree and aloevera gel. Also use ACV. I will now have to try them all together!

  2. becky

    Zinc Oxide cream (10%) works quite well, you can buy it at the store as diaper cream, or as natural sunblock. I tried a bunch of natural store-bought and homemade deodorants, including using baking soda, and this works better. The baking soda was the only one that worked halfway decent, but it gave me bad skin irritation after awhile no matter what I did. This doesn’t irritate at all, and does work, at least for me. Inexpensive to buy a tube of Zinc Oxide cream at the drugstore, and it’s worth trying.

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  4. Jenn

    I’ve tried reusing old deodorant containers, Dove to be more clear, and when I got it out of the fridge to harden it up a bit, it wouldn’t move the deodorant up while I turned the bottom part -_-

  5. Samantha Cindrich

    What if before you fill the toilet paper tube, you dip it in candle wax? Since it doesn’t melt at room temperature, it might keep it from seeping through if the mixture isn’t too hot? I haven’t tried it, just a a suggestion I thought of while reading.

  6. mikee

    i am using a deodorant that has lots of natural goodies but concerned about the beeeswax clogging the sweat process.

    sometimes i just use a couple drops of tea tree along with a couple of drops of eucalyptus, works great. i also do the same for afer shave,covering my entire face with the oils, i can breatheeee e! M E Mayes

  7. Andrea Todd

    I absolutely love using natural deodorant but the Kokomo Cream version is literally burning my skin. I plan to cook up the recipe for the “Not so Secret” deodorant with my teenage daughter and if it works, I’ll have her make her own so she stops using the store bought stuff full of aluminum. Thank you for the recipe!!

  8. Summer

    Don’t-Fail-Me-Now Cream Sachet

    (this my personal formula developed out of desperation, through trial & error and field tested by dozens of friends and clients, over the course of 6.5 years)

    Use only 100% organic ingredients:
    4 TBS Coconut oil
    2 TBS Cornstarch
    2 TBS Baking soda
    1 Tsp White clay
    1 Magnesium capsule (open capsule, sprinkle over dry ingredients)

    Essential oil blend: 4 drops lavender, 3 drops sage, 2 drops tea tree, 1 drop peppermint + mixed with 1 capsule pure Vitamin E oil (prick vitamin with sterile pin, squeeze contents into essential oils)

    Directions: Spoon coconut oil into glass mixing bowl, heat slightly over hot water, stir together dry ingredients before adding all at once and mixing until smooth. Add essential oils and blend thoroughly. Use cosmetic spatula to pack into small glass cosmetic jars.

    To Use: Spritz or wipe underarms with pure witch hazel and allow to dry. Apply cream sachet with fingertips, massaging well until product is mostly absorbed.

  9. Kahriz

    Just finish making this deo, but mine has a darker color. It turned dark when i began mixing the bentonite clay. Any suggestion on how to make it white? I’m scared it might stain the clothes

    • Katie Meyer

      I’ve found some bentonite clays to be different colors. The white or light grey works the best without staining.

  10. Kay Reece

    I’ve been reading over your receiptshoulder for natural deodorant. I’m apparently allergic to bees wax & can’t stand the smell of Shea butter, is there anything else that could be substituted for these?


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