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  1. hisladyinwaiting

    Can I only use the baking soda and ACV every few days or can I use it more often if/when my hair gets greasy? I normally wash my hair every day or every other day. Thanks!

  2. So I have been doing no poo for about three months. I wash my hairy once a week because it would be ridiculous looking after all the things I have tried. But I found my personal solution for oily hair. I take baking powder and dust the while head. I MN powder it up and let it soak up my oil. I pick out my outfit for the next day, or that day, futz around. Then do the honey on my face, leave it on while I brush m teeth, then I hop in the shower and rinse everything. No shampoo or conditioner or vingar (I dye my hair and the vinegar takes the color right out, but I learn to make perfume with it but anyways) I just rinse it all out and my hair is fine. Excess oil is absorbed from the bs and I don’t need conditoner bc of my sebum. Coconut oil as face and body lotion and voila! I am clean.

  3. sara

    I’ve been wanting to try this but haven’t for a few reasons. I have thin oily hair, and wash my hair daily. I switched to a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, but it would be cheaper to go the BS/ACV route. I usually blow dry my hair a few times a week and flat iron, can you still do that in this method? Also, what do you do on the days you don’t wash? Do you rinse or not get your habit wet at all? Also, what about working out and sweating? Does that cause you to wash more?

  4. Man, I’m totally lost as to what to do with my hair. I want to try no ‘poo but I’ve been dying my naturally light/medium brown hair black for several years. What will this do to the color? My hair is so limp with no body or volume when I use a heavy conditioner, but if I don’t its dry and dull… :( has someone had the sam issues? Hellllpppp!!!!

  5. Kelly

    I have been excited to try this for the last month, ever since I stumbled upon this clever blog! I am 20 years old. I have long (waist length), stick straight, dirty blonde hair that I have lightened using hydrogen peroxide and a blow dryer (or sunshine). I’ve tried box-dying it auburn but it didn’t hold the color. I usually shower in the mornings and my hair is usually oily by the end of the day, never holding any volume and hardly any curl, even if I use sponge curlers or braids the night before. Over the past couple years, I did start using baby powder to help stretch shampoo mornings (using Aussie Confidently Clean) to every other day.
    But not anymore. I’m on day 6 of No ‘Poo. I BS and ACV every three days and use baby powder on the days between. I wear my hair in updos to help disguise the oil so I can look presentable at work and school, and I brush my hair in the morning before styling and at night before bed to help spread the oil. This seems to help.
    I’ve got a hair-enthusiast friend doing this with me to support each other, and another honestly blunt friend to tell me if my hair smells funky. Once we’re ‘Poo free, we’re moving on to Henna.
    The transition is hard, because people always complimented me on how nice my hair looks, and it didn’t look too hot for a few days. But It’s definitely improving. I just did my second BS and ACV wash and I have volume. It’s so soft. I have shine. And I cannot wait to see how my hair looks after this transition phase. Gorgeous, here I come.

  6. Very new to no 'poo!!

    I haven’t actually started the No Poo method yet as I have a few questions first if anyone can clarify them for me??

    First, ok so when I start my first day, I’m obviously washing with the BS and conditioning with the ACV. After that day, from what I’ve read from other posts, am I to NOT wash or condition for as many days as I can stand until I wash and condition again? Or, am I supposed to water only wash and ACV condition on my days in between the BS washes?

    Secondly, when the transition period is over, which is hopefully sooner then later, ewww!! I will hopefully have shiny, glossy hair as most people have reported and at that point am I mostly just water only washing and occasionally using the BS and ACV?

    Lastly, I know most people have said that once your hair is dry, the ACV smell disappears but I am still a little concerned and self conscious and know I’ll miss my nice smelling hair so I was wondering if anyone can recommend an essential oil smell that I can add to the ACV. I know some people have added the tea tree oil or I think lavender oil, neither of which I am a huge fan so if anyone has any other suggestions I would really appreciate it.

    Also, I have colored blonde hair, fairly straight with a very slight wave and fine but I have alot of it.

    Thanks a bunch from a hopeful no poo newbie!!

  7. Mary

    I LOVE that pic of your great-gramma! What an awesome shot!

  8. limbo_101

    I am very excited about this method of washing hair!! I have yet to go no ‘poo, but I have been training my hair to withstand the abscense of being washed. I am up to a week and half without washing my hair- I just rinse it, and condition the ends every few days with organic conditioner by 100% Pure. So NOW I am for sure going no ‘poo!! YAY!! I will be saving so much money by not ordering super expensive conditioner. weeeeelllll I might spluge every once in a while, because I LOOOOOVE the coconut smell, but I find I do not need to shampoo it out, so I will still be no ‘poo-ing. lol!

  9. Abigail

    Hi Crunchy Betty and No ‘Poo-ers! :)
    I live in Dublin and I’ve been unable to find Baking Soda, so I settled for Baking Powder. Since I’m only on my first week, so far the result is exactly as I expected- awful! Is this the normal path of No ‘Poo, or is it because Baking Powder won’t do the trick?
    Please advise so I continue further or I’m just losing my time and kitchen stuff! ;)

  10. Savannah

    Probably a repeat, but it’s hard to sort through the many comments. I’ve tried this for 2 weeks now and still hate what my hair feels like. I’ve only ever washed my hair 1-2 times a week anyway, so maybe my adjustment period will also be long. As you can tell, by how not often I wash my hair, I don’t have an oil problem until it’s been about 5 days. So what’s happening is my hair …during the wash, after the wash, after dried and for all the days after the wash until I wash it again…feels very gross. It is SUPER SUPER tangly. Impossible to get a comb or brush through. The ends are especially straw-like. The top does get a nice shine to it on the 3rd or 4th day after, but the ends are still straw, stiff and dry. It also feels gross when I touch my hair.
    I washed with 1 tbsp baking soda in an old shampoo bottle. And then put 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar mixed with water onto the ends of my hair. Again, it never feels “clean” or soft or anything.
    What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help a girl out here?

  11. Sofie

    I have a question too. I’m trying to go no poo but I have “small” problem – I can’t get my hair clean. I have used baking soda soluiton (1 cup of water, 1 tbsp of baking soda) and washed my hair with it. First time I tried I got my hair clean and soft, all other times my hair dries to greasy sticks. I have tried to use less baking soda, still the same results. If I’ve used more of it, my hair is still dirty and ends get extremley dry. ACV rinse makes it even worse. How did it work at the beginning but now is impossible to get lightweight and clean hair? I try to wash my hair every other or every two days.

  12. Susie

    I’ve checked out a lot of no ‘poo tips as I’m hoping to go this way too but I have a question. You know when you mix the water with baking powder, do you use the whole mixture in one wash? And what about the vinegar?

  13. Meghan

    Does anyone still continue using hot tools to style hair? I usually straighten my hair everyday, although I am about to start the no poo method and I don’t plan on styling it until I’m out of the gross, oily stage. Just curious if hot tools are still usable?

  14. Meghan

    Does anyone continue to use heat tools for styling? I usually straighten my hair every day but I’m about to start the no poo maid and its summer so I don’t plan on styling for a while; at least not until I’m out of the greasy, oily stage. Just curious if styling with heat can resume once I’m a couple months into it.


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