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  1. […] on blogs like this one and this one that I’ve read, my hair should vastly improve after a detox period during which […]

  2. […] Some very good bloggy sources on the subject are Simple Mom,  Uniquely Normal Mom, and Crunchy Betty. […]

  3. […] common approach to No ‘Poo is using baking soda for washing and an apple cider vinegar rinse (you can learn more about that here.)  I personally do not like this method as the baking soda was so harsh on my scalp. I later […]

  4. […] in water, and “condition” with a solution of diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV) (see the blog post I found it on here). I can’t recommend it highly enough, as without the considerable expense of shampoo and […]

  5. […] saving the money you would normally spend on products, to seriously consider making the transition. Imagine how great it will be to never carry shampoo or conditioner on your travels, to never worry […]

  6. […] stage where your hair looks terrible for about a week, but see it through. I’ve yet to go completely shampoo-less, but some people swear by […]