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  1. Taylor Thomas

    This post was so helpful!  I started the OCM tonight and decided to keep a Blog about my experience.  http://oilcleansingmethod.blogspot.com/ is the blog if anyone is wanting to hear a personal account of how it’s going!

  2. Shiann Metheny

    I really do like this method! I learned that taking shortcuts in the process will cause breakouts even worse. So, do it right!

    Funny expereince: this morning, I didn’t get all the oil off my hair. When I straightened my hair, it made me crave pasta! Yummy olive oil.

  3. Waterfall_deer

    So I just made my mixture and I’ll be using it tomorrow – about 25% castor oil and 75% sweet almond oil with a few drops of tea tree oil. I can’t wait to try it! I’m worried that the castor oil will  cause some problems though, so I’ll be keeping a very strict eye on it.

  4. Sha'ahn

    My face still feels a little dry on the normally oily part of my face (forehead). can I put more olive oil on my face after I cleanse?

    • Elizabeth

      Absolutely, after I finish cleansing my face I always add a couple drops of olive oil back to moisturize. Just make sure your skin is still damp when you do this.

    • devin

      Maybe try NOT wetting your face before applying the oil and then steam and rinse only twice.  Dropping the 3rd steam and rinse made all the differemce for me.  Oh and I use 4:1 ratio of olive oil to castor oil.  I believe that if you dampen your skin first, the oil isn’t really “touching” your skin as the water repells the oil.

  5. Elimccoy

    So, I have been trying the oil cleansing method now for about 3 weeks, and am wondering if it is for me or not. I am trying not to get frustrated, and know there is an adjustment period when you change the formulation, but I am thinking that I need some advice before I buy even more oils that might not be right for me. So, my skin is quite sensitive and combination, though it very easily looses moisture and becomes flaky. I am also hyper prone to getting bumpy cheeks- I have not been diagnosed with rosacea (has never been so bad as to make me seek out a dermatologist), but I am very pale and redheaded, so I flush easily. But, the bumps and flakiness are both common with rosacea, so I tend to treat my skin very delicately (as though I do have rosacea).

    As I said, I began the OCM regime about three weeks ago with 1/3 castor oil, 1/3 avocado oil, and 1/3 jojoba oil. I wear makeup to work, so I feel the need to do the OCM every evening, and in the morning have just been rinsing with water. Everything was good for about 3 days, then my skin got SUPER dry. So, I cut back the castor oil and started moisturizing with a few drops of jojoba oil. No dice, skin was still so dry it itched and felt crazy tight. So, I cut out the castor oil altogether and replaced it with grape seed oil (which I have been mixing in equal parts with jojoba oil), and still my skin is tight and itchy and super flaky even though I am smothering my face with jojoba oil in the evening. I am afraid not to use a dryer oil (like castor or grape seed) for fear that my mix won’t have enough cleansing power, which will lead to clogged pores.

    I am loving the softness of my skin, the oiliness I used to experience in the middle of the day has subsided, and after an initial couple of blemishes the clarity has improved (redness in cheeks is also reduced). So, there are plenty of reasons to keep on trying OCM, but the excessive dryness is really uncomfortable. I have already purchased like 5 oils trying to get the balance right, and don’t want to keep buying more just to experiment only to end up with a cabinet full of mostly full bottles of oil and a dent in my wallet. ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!!! Again, I am seeing enough benefits that I don’t want to abandon the process, but the flakiness is getting so noticeable as to be embarrassing, so if I can’t strike a good balance I might have no choice but to stop. Thanks for any insight!!

    • Nikkihuff

      I feel your pain, I just started doing the OCM a few weeks ago and I’m still in a transition period. If you’re worried about different oils clogging your pores, check out the list on this site. Both sunflower and safflower oils do not clog pores at all. 

    • Courtney

      I think you should try using 10-20% castor oil and 80% carrier oil.  I have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the start and it has not failed me.  Its nice and cheap and easy to get hold of.  Maybe try using the castor olive and avocado? Avo is great for moisturising. also use a dab of olive oil on dry spots after the steam cloth bit when your face is still damp and massage it it well. 
      Also only do this at night. if its still dry in the morning you can moisturize with a regular lotion or a tiny bit of oil?

    • Courtney

      I think you should try using 10-20% castor oil and 80% carrier oil.  I have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the start and it has not failed me.  Its nice and cheap and easy to get hold of.  Maybe try using the castor olive and avocado? Avo is great for moisturising. also use a dab of olive oil on dry spots after the steam cloth bit when your face is still damp and massage it it well. 
      Also only do this at night. if its still dry in the morning you can moisturize with a regular lotion or a tiny bit of oil?

    • Courtney

      I think you should try using 10-20% castor oil and 80% carrier oil.  I have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the start and it has not failed me.  Its nice and cheap and easy to get hold of.  Maybe try using the castor olive and avocado? Avo is great for moisturising. also use a dab of olive oil on dry spots after the steam cloth bit when your face is still damp and massage it it well. 
      Also only do this at night. if its still dry in the morning you can moisturize with a regular lotion or a tiny bit of oil?

  6. That Girl

    This is the only way I wash my face. I discovered that the oil cleaning method actually clears up my acne. Many think that only oily skin breaks out – a lot of those irritants in traditional cleansers/moisturizers/etc. make my skin freak out. Adding that extra bit of moisture helps my skin to calm down. I find that less is more. The simpler my skincare routine, the better my skin looks. Awesome post! 

  7. I have mine mixed in a bottle in the shower. When I get in the shower I allow a few minutes for the steam to do it’s work, then apply, massage and then continue to let the steam do it’s work. Then I wipe it off with a wash cloth. Easy peasy and works great. I wish I knew about this method when I was a teenager.

    • Jen

      I also use OCM in the shower every night followed by a Turkish bath mitt (brand name Baiden, though there are cheaper ones out there that I imagine are nearly identical) for exfoliating purposes and my skin glows! I think the shower steam helps the oil work and you can leave it on while you wash up the rest of your body then massage it in and scrub it off. It was enough to convert me to a night showerer. I will also add that as a woman I notice that the dryness-oiliness of my skin changes throughout my cycle so I also use a dab homemade oil moisturizer (CB inspired) on a cottonball that I just swipe across my face when it feels a little tight after the shower. So easy peasy once you get in to a routine!

  8. Susy

    I’ve tried it and it works. I’ve had bad skin and visible blackheads all my life and this was the only thing that ever helped me. One good tip I learned is to microwave a towel soaked in cold h20 instead of running the tap. The towel gets hotter, the microwave kills germs, and you don’t have to run and waste water.

    Of course I change the towel every several days– but the removal process itself is much easier using the microwave.

    • Sam

      Ooh, that’s a great tip! I just started using OCM — just past day 3 and already huge plugs are coming out! — and the only annoying part is getting the water hot enough. So I will totally try that.

    • Gruvee

      I highly recommend using a Microfibre cloth, there are many versions out there so find the one that’s best like a gentle face-wash cloth. Why Microfibre cloth? The Oil doesn’t stick around on it like it does with Cotton etc. After OCM at night, I wash the Microfibre cloth with a bar of soap, dry overnight and it’s perfect for the next day.. never have to change the towel.

      • kmcg

        What brand of Microfibre cloth do you use? So far the ones I’ve found are advertised as being for household cleaning.

    • Guest

      Be careful, you can start the towel on fire. I’ve seen it done, even with the towel soaked, and in the Microwave for a very short time. :S

      • Jo

        I’ve seen that too. lol… However, every other day I put my kitchen sponges in the microwave for 1 (one sponge) to 1 1/2 (two or more sponges) minutes to clean them. So I would think a minute should/could be sufficient to heat up the rag?

  9. Lynnette_lala345

    Actually I used the method for oily skin for a few months didnt work quite as well as i would have liked saw alot of oil buildup by morning for some reason, so i stopped. Then i heard on Doc Oz about how Cleansing your make up covered face with things that have coconut oil in them is ten time better than anything else u could use. That worked for me, and for moisturizing thru out the day because my face hates winter summer spring and fall. I rub a finger of Grapseed oil and some drops of tea tree/lavender oil, it made an amazing difference. Love the effects and less pimple some how big plus!

  10. Anna

    thanks for the tips! I’ve been using OCM for a few months now and I feel like my pores on the skin right next to my nose look larger. after using the oils when I wash my face, I can see that the gunk in my pores is loosened and easier to get out but then I’m left with these nasty open pores. what am I doing wrong? I’m only 21 and I feel like my skin looks so much older because of these huge pores. what do you think?

    • Morrigan

      After rinsing your face with warm water, splash very cold water over your face several times. You can also wrap an ice-cube in a cloth and pat it on your face for spot treatments. Warm water opens your pores, cold water closes them. Hope this helps you!

      • Anna

        thanks, Morrigan! I’ve tried the cold water thing before which helps somewhat but hasn’t seemed to make too big of a difference. a year ago I didn’t have this problem so I’m not sure how it got this bad so quickly!

        • Guest

          Are you doing this at night before bed? It sounds like you need to.  That way your pores should close up overnight and look normal in the morning.  Also just rinse your face with cold water in the mornings instead of cleansing it.

        • Lauren Teusch

          You can also try green tea ice cubes, that’ll close up your pores and give them another acne-fighting kick.

  11. erica

    I am SO grateful for your site. Thank you for introducing me to the OCM. I have to tell you, I tried it about 2 months back, with grapeseed oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. I have naturally oily skin that is so dry after using my old neutrogena cleansing bar,(oily and dry- go figure- I realize now how out of wack it was….) that I would have to moisturize immediately. I break out (I am in my mid-30’s) and have visible pores and struggle with blackheads even though I have a clean diet- no sugar, white flour, gluten, dairy…the list goes on. Anyhow, the comdo of those three oils did NOT work for me….I turned into a broken out mess, and was super unhappy, and decided the OCM was not for me. THEN, around Christmas, my skin got really bad again, this on my old cleanser/moisturizer/ visting the facialist regimine, so I revisitied your site and the OCM specifially. I then read that the key to this method is castor oil. I went out the day after Christmas and bought a giant bottle of NOW brand castor oil, and started OCM that night with 1/3 jojoba to 2/3 castor oil. Within TWO days, my skin was claming down….within FIVE days, all of my breakouts were gone entirely, and now, close to two weeks out, I am noticing how my skin gets less oily during the day (I wear makeup every day and it is staying nie and fresh looking much longer than it used to), my fine lines and dryness around my eyes is diminishing, and I have started using this method down my neck and onto my chest in the morning before my shower, while I leave my raw honey mask on! I am a sticky funny oil slick before a shower in the morning, and my kids think I am silly, but I tell you. I am THRILLED. Castor oil is key, you were ever so right- at least for sensitive, confused, break-out prone, hormonal skin like mine. Also, at night, the first few nights I felt like I needed a moisturizer after OCM, but did not, cause I didn’t want to mess up the process, and now, lo and behold, the tightness is gone and I don’t feel like that anymore- just so balanced! I love this process! I have spend so much money since my teen years- seen dermatologists, tried all sorts of natural remedies- nothing comes close to this. NOTHING. Thank you for making a huge difference in my life. I cannot wait to share this with my kids when they are old enough, and hopefully save then from some of the struggle that I went through with my skin as a teen. And, I hope to get to a point with this where I can feel comfortable without makeup everyday. How awesome would that be?

    • Stephanie

      Can I ask you, do you do this every night?  And what is your honey mask?   I have very similar skin and am in the same boat as far as time of life, etc.  I wear Everyday Minerals makeup every day.  In the morning after I work out, during my shower, I use a homemade raw honey/clove/lemon juice mask.  Is that what you are doing?  Sorry…it’s just that I really, really want OCM to work for me (I just started two nights ago) and your comment was SO encouraging!  Thanks!

      • Holly Dykstra

        Hi Stephanie!

        I haven’t started OCM yet (starting tonight!), but I wanted to comment to tell you that my dermatologist in New York said that powder makeup is really bad for acne. She told me that I should switch to liquid foundation. Hope this helps!

        • Larsontk

          Wow! Really??? I have acne due to hormones and I use the MINERAL powder make-up.  Why did your Dr. say this is bad for acne?  I thought liquid would be worse.

          • mei

            actually, i switched to mineral make up a few years ago…my acne didn’t really change, but i kept getting tons of small bumps on my face. (i have oily/normal skin, acne-prone). i didn’t really notice them until my cousin pointed them out to me, so i switched to liquid foundation right after to see if the powder foundation was the case…and my face is so much better. i steered away from my MAC foundation though, i went for Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin with Salicylic Acid. i use it everyday, it’s fantastic!

          • It might be the brand of mineral makeup. I use Afterglow which is completely natural and it has improved my skin a lot. And it last longer (liquid foundation would disappear after about an hour of wear).

          • kmcg

            Thanks for the make up recommendation! I got some and really like it. I do use some Physicians Formula foundation (talc free) on top of the spots that need more coverage but I like how light the Neutrogena foundation is. Physicians Formula covers well but it can be on the heavy side.

          • Mia

            I have mineral powder foundation (very popular brand) and I get a huge cystic zit anytime I use it.  It took me several times to realize what was causing it. 

          • bmarie

            I see you are wanting to be nice and not say what brand… but I am super phobic about new products and want to avoid whatever it is you used! Does it rhyme with ‘hare binerals’? haha

          • amy k

            Any mineral makeup with bismuth in it causes cystic acne if you’re acne prone. I stopped using it and my cystic acne went away

          • Very true! Avoid any mineral makeup with Bizmuth Oxychloride,in it. It is very irritating to the skin and can cause all sorts of reactions, like rashes and/or acne. A pure mineral powder foundation (with out B.O.), like Everyday Minerals (which I have used for years, on my sensitive, oily, acne prone skin), is MUCH better for your skin than any liquid foundation.

          • Millieann

            I was told by my Dermatologist that using Bare minerals was better for my Cystic acne. She stated that any make up with Talc clogs pore and to stay away from it. I’ve used it in the past then switched to liquid only because I ran out and had liquid on hand. I have since broken out. And I have bought more Bare Minerals to return to my regimen. I am eager to try the OCM and see if it will completely settle down. Fingers crossed!

          • Millieann

            I was told by my Dermatologist that using Bare minerals was better for my Cystic acne. She stated that any make up with Talc clogs pore and to stay away from it. I’ve used it in the past then switched to liquid only because I ran out and had liquid on hand. I have since broken out. And I have bought more Bare Minerals to return to my regimen. I am eager to try the OCM and see if it will completely settle down. Fingers crossed!

        • Cyn

          I used bare minerals for a bit but I got TERRIBLE cystic acne. I stopped using it and it cleared up. Every now and then I would use one of the powders when I really wanted the coverage and I would always pay the price for that with terrible breakouts. I Have to steer clear of make ups with bismuth oxychloride..it really messes up my skin.

  12. JenLoving

    I have very acne-prone skin, and only my t-zone is oily. I am a Jojoba oil fanatic (it is the closest to your skin’s natural oils, after all), any advice on how often I should do this? After all the products I have tried, I figured this can’t do any more to my skin than they have!

  13. Saranan4

    Help, I need help!  I started using OCM two weeks ago.  I am 33 and have normal skin, just wanted to start using it b/c it’s natural, to clear persistent blackheads on my nose, and work on old scars and fine lines.  I’ve been using 1/3 castor, 1/3 jojoba, and 1/3 apricot kernal.  So far my chin has had at least 3 huge zits at a time- large, red, and painful.  Also got some dry, itchy spots in other areas of my face.  I want this to work and I don’t want to give up but I don’t know what to do.  I got all of my ingredients at Whole Body so it’s not the quality of them.  Is this normal?

    • Courtney

      Try adding more castor oil.  Castor makes your skin LESS oily.  You can dab a drop of oil onto the dry spots when your face is wet after using the hot cloth, just massage it in well.  If I were you, I’d try 50% castor and 50% carrier and go from there.  if it gets too dry add more carrier oils.

    • Courtney

      Try adding more castor oil.  Castor makes your skin LESS oily.  You can dab a drop of oil onto the dry spots when your face is wet after using the hot cloth, just massage it in well.  If I were you, I’d try 50% castor and 50% carrier and go from there.  if it gets too dry add more carrier oils.

    • Courtney

      Try adding more castor oil.  Castor makes your skin LESS oily.  You can dab a drop of oil onto the dry spots when your face is wet after using the hot cloth, just massage it in well.  If I were you, I’d try 50% castor and 50% carrier and go from there.  if it gets too dry add more carrier oils.

  14. RachelliC

    I’ve been using OCM for about two months now: coconut or almond oil at night. I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve done for my skin in a long time. I’m 45 and basically have normal skin, but I also unfortunately suffer from eczema. Also, I live in Eastern Ontario, which basically means I have wind burn for about 3-4 months every year :o Right now, smack in the middle of January, I need little to no extra moisturizer on my face, I don’t have any itchy eczema patches, and I don’t look like I’ve just gone through the drying section of a auto car wash. I have to add, I also use RMS Beauty products so I’m not drying my skin out further with heavy makeup. I’m definitely going to have to try the honey face wash and the coconut milk recipe.
    Strangely, I’m feeling really hungry reading all these posts!!!

  15. jennifer foust

    Why do you have to combine oils? Why can’t you just use olive oil, or grapeseed or avacado on its own? I’m just curious.

    • Angelajafari

      castor oil is the cleanser and the other oils are called carriers, they are used to lubricate and moisturize the actual skin cells.  Castor oils will draw oils and impurities out of your pores, and also dry it out, the carrier oils have different properties than castor oil

    • Lauren Teusch

      The different oils help people find a balance for their own skin. If you find that straight grapeseed for example does the trick that’s fine. But castor oil really is the kicker here.

      I use castor for cleaning, some coconut for its antibacterial qualities, and grapeseed because otherwise the oil feels too thick. It’s just something you have to figure out on your own.

  16. devin

    I have been washing with 3 parts olive oil to 1 part castor oil for about a month now and I love it!  My method is a little different than yours:  I massage the oils onto my DRY face first and then steam for 30 seconds and wipe 2 times.  I’ve found that steaming and wiping 3 times dries out my face.  I don’t even need to moisturize afterwards, which is new to me.  And 3 days ago I started the soap/poo free adventure!  My fine chin length hair feels a little weird but my skin is already less dry and itchy feeling.  I still take a shower every morning, but skip the body wash in leu of a nice washcloth exfoliation and I massage with scalp with just warm water.  If I didn’t wear makeup I wouldn’t do the ocm facial thing either.  Just like nopoo, nosoap is a process of skin pH and oiliness adjustment plus good bacteria vs. bad/stinky bacteria.  Once it gets back to it’s natural “homeostasis”  nosoap believers can’t imagine ever using soap on their body again.  Yes, soap use is necessary to wash hands post bathroom, but not everyday to strip your skin of it’s natural defenses and healthy pH.   So, so far I’m liking nosoap and nopoo.    

  17. Jend404

    I am 43 and I have had a lifelong problem with blackheads on my nose. I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them, cleansers, strips, creams, astringents, etc… I have spent so much money on products, it makes me ill. This method is working. I started by removing all my face products from the bathroom. I have two oil bottles. One is 30% castor and 70% mix of olive, grapeseed and avocado and the other is 100% jojoba. 

    The first time I cleansed I moistened with a warm wash cloth; applied the mixed oil and massaged for 5 minutes; reapplied the warm cloth; massaged again then wiped the oil off with warm water and cloth. Since, I don’t see so well up close, so I asked my husband to look at my pores. He said “you have big gaping holes in your nose.” I was shocked so I got my reading glasses and checked myself. Sure enough, every pore was empty and standing open. The plugs were gone. 

    In the following days my face did seem more oily than usual and I had to blot several times a day for about a week. From what I read, I expected this. Now, two weeks later, the blackheads are totally gone. The pores are still enlarged but are reduced by about 50% and not nearly as noticeable. I expect them to shrink further. I have added a cold water splash at the end to close them.

    The only issue I am experiencing is, strangely enough, not oiliness but dryness. I have been switching the cleanse from the mixed oil to jojoba now and then and dabbing jojoba afterwards but my skin is still drying and I am searching for something to do to remedy this without returning to skin products that I am now convinced are no good. My skin is clean and clear has a nice and soft texture, the pores are shrinking and the redness is gone. I am going to try a mix of jojoba and aloe but I don’t know how that will work.

  18. Annie

    I just started washing my face with oil this week and the improvement in such a short time is phenomenal. 

    I moved down to FL last year, unfortunately the house that I am renting does not have a water softener and FL tap water is full of nasty sediments.  As a result, I have been dealing with moderate acne.  At first I was at a loss as to what was causing my acne, I’m 27 and had beautiful clear complexion my whole life and had always only had to use Cetaphil facial cleanser.  I thought it had more to do with the high humidity, which I’m sure is also a culprit, though once I started noticing all the buildup in the sink and on pots & pans, I imagined it must have been leaving the same buildup on my skin.  I omitted the water from my cleansing routine and when necessary I used purified filtered water.  I had a combination of oily and dry, scaly skin,  starting to have fine lines and was growing more and more self-conscious everyday. 

    Initially, I was just cleaning my face with cold cream, though this was not helping rid the acne that was already developed and also seemed to make it spread.  My first reaction was to start slathering my face with over the counter facial products and harsh chemical peels & microdermabrasions.  This just made it even worse!  My skin was red, inflamed, and full of pimples, blackheads and large pores.  This caused me to cake my face with a ton of makeup to try to hide it, which obviously made it even MORE worse!  I realized I had to find another solution.  I did a process of elimination and deduced what was different between the products I was using just recently and the Cetaphil.  I realized that it must have had a lot to do with the pH balance of my skin and that I most likely have a sensitivity to salicylic acid.

    I chose to go the natural route so I did some online investigation and found this post.  I started out the first night mixing it with pure honey instead of castor oil, as I did not have it readily available.  The immediate results were astounding!  I had improved skin tone, the redness and inflammation went down, and my skin was so soft.  The next morning I noticed some of my large pimples were starting to go away.   I went out and bought the castor oil right away, I started out 25% castor oil & 75% EVOO at night & the honey wash in the morning & the mix is working wonders for me!

    I was wondering if anybody had a suggestion for an SPF moisturizer, I can’t seem to find a topic about this…I definitely want to keep my new skin protected!

    • Annie

      After doing the OCM & Honey Cleanse for 3 weeks, I have since stopped.  It worked for me at first, but now I’m starting to have worse acne than I’ve ever had.  I had signs of what appeared to be Rosacea & a couple very large, painful pimples, I have never had to deal with before.  I have now been using a cleanser & creme for Redness Relief.  The cleanser has Castor Oil in it as well as Licorice Extract.  Luckily, the acne that was present after doing the OCM & Honey Cleanse has since been clearing up. 
      I’ve noticed that there’s a trend here w/horrible breakouts after using this method for a few weeks?  Perhaps it should be used as a type of skin detox at 2-3 week intervals?  Unfortunately, I have to say now that I would not recommend using this as a way to completely omit your normal cleanser.  I still plan on using it, though not on a regular basis as this method suggests.

      • Susancnw

        Your skin is detoxing. Getting all the crap out of the pores that has been buried. Keep it up and your skin will clear up.

      • Renata

        or are you using EVOO?

      • momof5

        I had similar problems.  I thought I loved using just oils for cleansing and moisutizing but after a month, I started breaking out horribly!  I had been telling everyone how awesome it was with no breakouts and then bam!  I’m not sure if I just was using too much oil – I was using OCM and also moisturizing with different oils.  I’m not sure what to do now.  regular cleanser and oils for moisturizing? or OCM and a regular moisturizer?  serums?  go back to Arbonne or PCA skin?  I wish God or someone could just tell me what to use!  I don’t want to break out but I want to fight aging and I would love to use natural products.

  19. JJPheeny

    Hello! I am planning to start using the OCM… I have oily/combination skin and am planning to use a mixture of castor, grapeseed and little rosemary oil. I have done as much research as I can and have read a couple of horror stories along the way (lots of people saying it’s been great for 2 weeks and then they’ve had terrible breakouts!). I just want to know a few things from people who have been using this method for a while… if you’re not using the method every night, what do you use/do to clean your face & remove make up in between? I am really excited about trying OCM out but could do with a few tips/ words of encouragement!! Thnaks :)

  20. Jj_phoenix

    I have been doing the OC method for a couple of days. I haven’t seen much of a difference yet, but I am just wondering about a few things and I was hoping someone could advise: What kind of moistuisers are people using if any? And also, I have been reading through the Crunchy Betty site and would like to try some of the scrub/ honey mask recipes… can anyone tell me how I could incorporate these into my oil cleansing regime?? I am using a mix of 50:50 castor and grapeseed with a few drops of rosemary & clove bud essential oils… If anyone has any other extra tips, tricks or advice I’d love to hear them!! Thank :) x

  21. Sandy

    So, I started OCM about two weeks ago.  And I have to say that so far I really like it…no more tight, dry skin after washing and no more oil slicks when I wake up in the morning.  I suffer from cystic acne, and while I am still having some break-outs, my cysts have been healing in mere days (instead of 2-3 weeks or longer!).  I don’t need a moisturizer anymore (had stopped using them because of chemicals anyway), and only dab a tiny bit of jojoba oil on if I have any dryness at all.  I mixed up a bottle using 2/3 castor oil, 1/3 jojoba oil and several (I lost count) drops of tea tree oil, which I’d read is good for acne.  I feel like my skin tone is evening out and my old acne scars are lightening up, too.  And I’m not having to blot my face with paper towels all day long!  It’s ridiculous what I just used to go through to get clear skin…chemicals, prescriptions, all the towels I accidentally bleached with my acne products.  I really feel this is helping me and can’t wait to see if all my break-outs completely (or mostly) stop.  If so, this will have been my God-send.  Thank you, Crunchy Betty!!  (I’m sure my local natural-food store owner appreciates you, too, since I will be spending more time and money in his shop!)

    • Sandy

      So two months later and I am still having a lot of breakouts.  Now, that may be because I am about 15 weeks pregnant (yay, hormones!) but I am still not a bit oily during the day.  I have started using Bragg’s diluted with distilled water (1:1 ratio)…put a little on a cotton ball, then add 2 drops of tea tree oil, and the acne is getting better.  I follow up with a bit of tamanu oil.  I do the Bragg’s and the tamanu in the morning as well after my shower, but I’m not washing my face in the morning.

      I was wondering if I should be using grapeseed oil instead of jojoba…has anyone else noticed that jojoba is breaking them out?  Again, it could be the pregnancy hormones.  Any advice from other Crunchistas?

      • Mamarach11

        I just started, using just EVOO and castor, but my pregnancy acne is horrible too… I’ll be curious to see if others reply here.

      • heather

        I’ve been doing this for months (before reading this) and have only been using grapeseed oil. i liked it because it’s not as thick as olive oil and isn’t as hard to get out of my white washcloths. I haven’t ever tried jojoba, but I recommend the grapeseed oil. good luck!

      • leighhughes

        I’m pretty sure jojoba is contributing to my breakouts too, I’m still trying to find the right carrier oil for me, the next ones on my list to try are sweet almond and grapeseed, based on how they’ve worked for others who have commented on this blog post with acne prone skin, so I say go for it! Good luck!

        • kmcg

          What kind of jojoba oil do you use? I wonder if there is an issue with using lower quality jojoba oil (similar to the problems with EVOO). Just a thought. I’m curious myself.

      • Sandy

        Another update: 6 months in and while I’m still having a few pimples they are extremely reduced (like, currently I have 1 real pimple). I have stayed with the castor oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil mixture that I first started with. I dab a tiny bit of tea tree or lavender oil on any developing pimples and apply some tamanu oil afterwards. What seems to have made the biggest difference though is using organic, raw honey on my face in the morning. I started that about 4 months ago and it’s been amazing!!! The combination of OCM and HFW has given me the best skin I’ve ever had. After a lifetime of struggling with cystic acne and oil-slick skin, I finally feel pretty. Thank you, Leslie!!!!

        • Melinda

          I appreciate your updates. I have been doing OCM with a castor oil and extra virgin olive oil mix for 3-4 weeks now and my face is the worst it has been? My husband actually asked me yesterday what was wrong with my forehead and thought I was having an allergic reaction to something. I’m super disappointed (especially since it is Christmas and I don’t want to look nasty!) Anyway, I am scouring the comments to find out if the olive oil is a bad choice and it’s nice to see that you have given updates. I think I might switch my oil and see if that helps

          • Yes, olive oil is NOT recommended for most people (and if you do choose to use it, the brand you use is super important). There’s a Crunchy Better article about choosing an olive oil, but more importantly, if you read the comments you’ll see a lot of people don’t have luck with that oi. Try another oil and hopefully it’ll get better! :)

      • Amanda

        I’ve found that Tamanu oil makes me break out with blackheads and acne. Maybe that’s the problem with yours?

  22. Amy

    Wow, your site makes me feel normal about my desire to have the least amount of fake product in my beauty routine and still look good!! I have been using the OCM for the past month and a half and I have NEVER been happier with my skin. I’m 25 years old, and I developed perioral dermatitis 6 months ago and suffered greatly with a horrible red rash on my face around my mouth (quite common for women who are in their mid-20s actually!)… it was itchy, burned and the more coverup I put on the worse it got… my doctor prescribed an antibiotic cream which did NOTHING to combat it so I decided to look elsewhere… I finally discovered the OCM online and could not believe it could work, since I was a long time sufferer of acne, oily and very sensitive skin (allergies to fragrance and SLS). I didn’t have anything to lose and decided to try it. I use castor oil/almond oil to cleanse, and apply tea tree oil/almond oil to moisturize afterwards. IT HAS BEEN AMAZING… I cannot rave enough about how much better I feel… no more painful zits, no more perioral dermatitis, no tight, dry spots… I recommend it to any girl who has had skin issues like mine, or to anyone who wants a beautiful glow to their skin!! I have never had compliments on my skin, but now only after 2 months people are saying nice things :)

    • Melinda

      I just wanted to comment on your perioral dermatitis…I kept breaking out with that a few years ago and had to use oral AND topical antibiotics to clear it up, until I discovered it was fluoride causing it!  I stopped using fluoride toothpaste and stopped getting fluoride treatments at the dentist and haven’t had it since then.  Just an FYI in case the same thing caused yours :)  After reading all of these comments, I can’t wait to start using the OCM!

      • SarahG

        I had painful, awful-looking perioral dermatitis too, which started after I changed birth control pills (this was about 15 years ago). My derm at the time told me to try switching to toothpaste and cleaners products without sodium laurel sulfates and voila! Try it if your dermatitis is still acting up.

    • Juliana

      I get that rash too, have on and off for 20+ years. In the event someone reading this has a bad breakout…Garlic (raw, you can get it in capsules at the health food store) cleared the infection faster than the oral prescription antibiotics I’ve used. Now, off to try this oil cleaning method, I’m already a believer. Thanks for the info!

  23. I can’t wait to try this! Starting tonight and hope this will be the end of spending thousands every year at the dermatologist’s office on skincare that doesn’t even work. I got a Hydrafacial a few weeks ago and paid $150 and, yes, my skin was soft as a baby’s bootie afterwards but I kept thinking….didn’t they just use fancy pricey machine to just infuse oil into my face? So I can’t wait try OCM and see if it’s just as good or even better than the Hydrafacial. Thanks for the very specific and easy to follow instructions!

  24. Andrea

    Just started OCM 2 nights ago, after thinking about it for several months. I have extremely oily skin and was very prone to breakouts in my teens/early 20’s. Now at 30, I might have a mild breakout every now & again, but I’m still very oily and have lots of discoloration and some scarring from the bad years. I wasn’t sure OCM would work for me. After 2 nights, I think I like it. I have used the only castor oil I could find at Walgreens and the EVOO I had on hand. Probably 80% castor, 20% EVOO. I am sure my skin needs time to adjust…I am having a bit of a breakout right now (some small pimples near my mouth, a few medium red bumps/areas under my chin, and a very large cystic-type in the middle of my forehead). And I know some people have had trouble with EVOO. I’m waiting for a better castor and sweet almond and some EOs to come in the mail. So far, I’ve had some oiliness first thing in the morning, but then just nice, dewy skin the rest of the day! That is totally new for me! I’m usually getting oily 15-20 minutes after a washing, and by midday my face looks like an oil slick. If I’m wearing makeup, it looks like it could literally drip off, and I wear bareMinerals! I’m so excited, and I really hope it continues to work! Any suggestions on a blemish treatment while I’m adjusting? The only thing I have is EradiKate by Kate Somerville, but I don’t know if it’s too chemically…it’s mostly sulfur.

    • Katie23

      For tough blemishes, I add a couple drops of tea tree oil to a cotton swab dipped in Witch Hazel and gently apply that.  Those can be drying and you may need to apply a tiny bit of oil back on those areas. 

      • Andrea

        Thanks! I’ve also heard of some using witch hazel as a toner/astringent in the mornings…anyone have experience with that?

        BTW, so far it’s going well! I started using a few drops of argan oil instead of the EVOO because I definitely did not want to cause a major breakout. I’m excited to see where this goes!

  25. Jessica Fetko

    I started OCM about 3 weeks ago and my skin is drier than ever in my life! I don’t like to moisturize at night because I’ve read that your skin needs time to create its own moisture and this has always made sense to me. I haven’t moisturized at night for many years and while using a gentle, natural soap, my skin was plump and well moisturized when I woke in the morning after cleansing at night. I had a bad breakout ( I think from chemicals in products?) and thought the OCM would help detoxify my skin, plus I looked forward to using just pure oils. My breakout has cleared up, but my skin now makes none of its own moisture. Do I need a heavy cream? Should I go back to using soap?

    • angela

      What mixture did you use?  There are no “chemicals” in these products, per se.  Depending on what your skin type is, oily, normal, dry, you will need to use the proper ratio of castor oil to carrier oil.  Castor oil is essential for the cleansing process, in this method..BUT it will also draw moisture from your skin… so if you already have dryer skin and you are using too much castor oil… your skin, will grow dryer.  More oily = more castor oil, More dry = Less castor oil… I have oily skin, but I found that the general oily skin ratio of 2/3 castor oil to 1/3 carrier oil was too much, My skin was more dry than I liked… it still felt dewy, but it was slightly flaky…could be the dry winter too, but I cut it down to about 1:1. 
      I hope that helps a …  

    • Lauren Teusch

      You don’t have to moisturize exactly, but rubbing a dot of your carrier oil onto your damp face will help your skin from getting so dry it can’t rebalance itself.

  26. Zeet

    Question: I don’t use a washcloth. Are there any other ways to remove the oil off my face? Also, can I keep a jar of the mixture in the shower? It won’t spoil, right?

    • angela

      if you use it within a reasonable amount of time, it will be fine..don’t store it for more than, say, 6 months, tops.  It probably won’t go bad as in rancid, but it is probably better if you use it up more quickly. 
      As for the washcloth, you COULD use Papertowel or an old clean t-shirt or any kind of cloth or cloth-like material, that’s clean.

  27. matt

    Well I do not know how many guys use this method but I am one and I wanted to let you know about my experience in case there are any other guys out there that want to try it. 
    First of all let me tell you that I have always had acne my whole life and while it has not been extreme it has always been persistent even when using Proactive. 

    I have gone back and forth with the OCM method at first I thought it was a waste of time until I found the right mix for my sensitive skin. I am also rather pale (I can’t tan). My best mix for a 3oz travel size bottle is 1/4 Castor oil, and then the rest of the bottle with an even mix of Grapeseed Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

    I put oil in my palm and then massage it on my skin dry for about 3 minutes until I feel the dirt come loose then take a hot rag and let it soak on my face until it goes cold. Wipe off the oil and repeat the hot rag process 2 more times. 

    If you have a beard or stubble it works well to go ahead and rub the oil around (it will soften your beard and keep you from getting ingrown hairs). I can say that if I skip more than a day and try some other product I will break out all over again. If you stick with it and get the oil mix right for your skin it really does work to keep you clean and clear

  28. Lizzy

    I found your site about 3 weeks ago ( I am on a no chemicals in the house DIY kick ). I have always struggled with acne and oily skin. I have also had large pores on my nose that I felt could be seen a mile away. I started the OCM method using castor oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil. I have never been so happy!! My acne, for the first time in years, is practically gone (I’m going on 30, didn’t need that acne crap). The pores on my nose are no longer noticeable and my skin feels like it can breath. My skin doesn’t feel gross at the end of the day and my makeup doesn’t get shiny either! I love it!!

  29. Nadine

    Thank you! I have acne-prone skin with large pores but it is constantly dehydrated by cleanser. I’m ready to try anything.

    What should I pay attention at when buying oil? Should it be extra-bio-natural-something?

    • Lauren Teusch

      Just make sure the oils are ONLY the oils they say they are. Be careful with EVOO if you’re going to use that, it’s not checked very well for purity. There’s a list of good ones on this site somewhere.

      A good rule of thumb is to look at the source: if it says the oils come from like 5 different countries, that’s sketchy. Look for ones that all come from one place.

  30. Samsalmon

    I started using the oil cleansing method on Tuesday. . . It’s now Thursday of the same week, and I’ve broken out ALL over my chin. It’s been a long while since I’ve broken out this badly, and while it may be a purge, I can’t handle having acne like this (even for only a couple weeks, while my skin is getting used to the oil). So, I’ve begun washing with honey (with ground oats for a gentle scrub). Let’s hope this one won’t break me out as well. 

  31. Jenn

    Has anyone that has switched to the OCM found it to be effective in areas of high humidity, high temperatures, and very hard water? I live in The Bahamas, and we have all three, plus the ever-present UV rays which make a daily sunscreen necessary. This method of cleansing intrigues me, but as I’m finally getting over hormonal cystic acne (I am refusing to have more than 3 periods a year to get it under control), I’m more than a little worried about starting something that will be terrible in this environment.

    • Susancw

      You might try using filtered water (wet the rinsing cloth, the microwave it as earlier poster does). Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen. Can you find any elders in your area (natives) who might know something about using coconut oil?

  32. Oscarmeyerweiner01

    can you add the 60%castor oil,20% jojoba oil and 20%grapeseed oil for oily acne prone skin or skip the grapeseed and use if need to moisturize??? I am new to this.

    • I think that seems like a good combination. I’ve been using less castor oil and more of the others, but the same three oils, and it’s helped my acne but it’s been drying (I have dry skin normally anyhow), so I think it would do really well on oily skin.

      • queenie

        my skin in freaking out and i have this huge pimple that hurts and i just want good results soo just going to give my skin time to adjust and be positive. Are you still using the OCM? any suggestions anyone??????

        • Lauren Teusch

          If you’re dry maybe bump down the castor and bump up the jojoba, just a bit. Jojoba is a moisturizing powerhouse.

          I don’t know how kosher this is, but every couple days I do this. After I’ve massaged the oil in, before I wipe it off, I splash just a bit of lemon juice into my oily hands and kind of dab it all over, then massage one more time through. It’s done beautiful, beautiful things! Then I steam/wipe it all off (I don’t do much of the steaming part) and dab a bit of grapeseed on my wet face.

  33. Heather :) :) :)

    This is great. I’m totally going to give this a try!!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of CAlifornia, Heather :)

  34. Nancy S

    Found you through Pinterest, and love the blog!!!  I started the OCM last week and so far so good.  I have pale, sensitive, little over 40 skin with minor rosacea and a few hormonal breakouts.  I started out the first night using Coconut oil (and yes I know I shouldn’t be using it) and it was….interesting.  But my skin dried out so bad!  So two nights ago (I’ve OCM’d everyday) I finished out by moisturizing with EEOV (had on hand).  I also don’t get the water too hot.  My skin is SO much better!  My forehead is bump-free for the first time in years.  The bumps on my cheeks and jawline are even feeling better.  I’ve heard the horror stories with people having a problem after a week or two, so I’m committed to stick with this for at least a month.  Thank you so much for an alternate to chemicals and dermatologists!

  35. Emilee

    I’ve been using the OCM for about a month now, and I am a total convert! It’s so amazing and I would never dream of going back any other drying cleansing system. It is totally worth a try, and another blog I read encourages readers to do a two week challenge to see how they like it. I was a complete skeptic, but I didn’t even need the two weeks to become an enthusiast! 

  36. Melfaulk

    I have been using this method for about 6 months now – and my normally troubled skin has been thrilled!  I have always struggled with acne and lackluster skin – Finally have found the solution!

  37. Arica

    I have a quick question. What do you all you OCM users do in the morning? I have been using OCM for about a week now, but I don’t know what to do in the morning. My face doesn’t still feel clean from the night before and I feel like I am dumping makeup upon dirty oils…even though they are probably okay. Does anyone use OCM morning and night? If you do not, what do you do in the morning? 

    • Angelajafari

       I take a hot washcloth either while in the shower or out, and just steam my face and then wipe it off, a couple times.  Haven’t had any issues..and I only do the OCM every other day.  IF I wear makeup on the off days, I use Almay remover pads to clean off the makeup… but I usually don’t wear any.

    • Samantha

      Depending how my skin feels, in the morning I either just use hot water and a washcloth, or honey on damp skin then wipe off with a washcloth.

    • I do OCM every night, and then in the mornings I rinse my face with warm water, use a little ACV toner, a little almond oil to moisturize around my eyes/cheeks, and then do my makeup as normal! So far, so good!

  38. iSillyKristin

    I use several different face masks from LUSH… I absolutely love LUSH face masks, and they do help, just not to the extent that I have always hoped for them to. And I’ve never really given their clenasers a chance. (However, I love their Breath of Fresh Air toner.)
    Anyway, I used to use Proactiv and it honestly worked pretty well for me. I have always used a liquid foundation with a little bit of powder to hold it all in. Even with Proactiv, my face has always gotten slighty greasy throughout the day and makes me feel like I need to re-apply my make-up.My t-zone seems to hate me and wants to make itself present halfway through the day and I just need to teach it a lesson.

    Will the OCM help to prevent my t-zone from taking over during the workdays and long nights out?
    Also, will it reduce the appearance of the size of my pores?

    • Brandilee West

      I’ve been using OCM for a couple weeks now but before I started I had used Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin for years and it did loads more for my problem skin than proactive ever did. Try it! You’ll love it.

  39. PW

     that link is not working :(

  40. jackyn yuan

    I’ve been using OCM for 4 days now and is loving the result! However, I am still finding little bumps on my forehead.  They’ve reduced in numbers but still not completley gone.  Should I just be more patient?

    I am doing 3 drops of castor and 7 drops of grapeseed oil… any suggestion will be appreciated!

    here’s what I have been doing…

  41. Kat

    I’m in my late 50s and have been using the OCM for about a month now, and my skin has never looked better. It feels so amazing that I actually look forward to cleaning my face every night. Blackheads that I’ve had most of my life are gone, and my skin glows when I’m finished. I’m still experimenting to find the right ratio and carrier oil that works best for me. So far I’ve tried sunflower 1:3 and olive oil 1:1 and liked them both but still felt like I needed a moisturizer, so now I’m going to try avocado oil 3:1 with the castor oil. I get my castor oil at Walmart, and found the avocado oil at Whole Foods. They also have apricot kernel oil, almond oil, and many others – found them right next to the olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I cannot recommend this method enough!

  42. hannah

    Hi! Thanks so much for all of this information, it is so helpful! I have been doing the OCM for the past week (1/3 jojoba and 2/3 castor), and it does make my skin feel so great, but as hopeful as I was, my face looks really red and is even more broken out.  I’m just wondering if it’s one of those things I just need to give some time or how should I change it up? I’ve been reading of almost instant results and that’s definitely not my case! I have  taken pills and put nasty creams on my face for a very long time and I’m just so sick of it! I really want this to work, but I’m not sure what to do?! Thanks so much!

    • reeferleafer

      Give it a few more weeks and see how your skin reacts to it then.. I hope it works for you ! I’ve had a somewhat similar experience with breaking out but I think its just the impurities coming out of the skin.. hopefully. let me know how it works for you 

    • Lauren Teusch

      People who have instant results seem to be people with cystic acne or deep plugs, both of which oil can work out on day 1. If your face is really red you may be using too hot of water. I think the massaging is more important than the heat so cut back on how much and how hot of water you use.

  43. ReeferLeafer707

    I just started doing the OCM starting Thursday night with 50/50 Castor Oil and EVOO… Since then I’ve had a cystic pimple (which is probably just from my monthly gift.. or its because I also used the mixture on over night for an experiment) Anywho… I continued to use this method, some days I used it in the morning, which I don’t know if its a good or bad thing, but I’m going to cut that out because I GOT TWO MORE PIMPLES ON MY LEFT CHEEK, but my other cheek is clear, ALSO I got a few pimples on my chin .. ALTHOUGH! I did notice some pimples on my forehead that have cleared up slightly) I’m thinking maybe its just getting all the impurities out of my skin, since pimples form under the skin days before they actually show up.. So I will continue to use this and maybe cut out my Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer… I really hope this OCM sh*t works for me, since I have relatively normal just a tad bit dry, acne prone skin thats extremely sensitive. No facial cleanser or any type of skin products have worked for me so I’m really wanting this to work for me since I’m S.O.L. 

    I also use a little travel container with water in it and a drop of tea tree oil and i use it on my face with a cotton ball.. Tea tree oil is supposed to be good for acne, but I dunno man… Im gonna stop using it and see how the OCM works…..

     If anyone is around my age (17) Is this working for you?

    • Lauren Teusch

      Hey, I’m 20 (nice to see another teen face).

      Definitely cut out the moisturizer, mixing OTC and OCM seems to make skin go haywire. 50/50’s probably good if your skin’s not super-dry, but check that your EVOO isn’t on the list of impure ones (It’s on this site somewhere . . .) I like grapeseed better, and it’s not as expensive as jojoba. 
      Your skin probably is detoxing. My skin broke out pretty badly for a month after I started OCM and I just had to keep experimenting with oils, etc. till it all balanced out beautifully. I use OCM and then Betty’s ACV/Hazel toner, then I wipe that off and put a drop of grapeseed back on (I live in a desert so my face needs the help). 

  44. I have been using it for about a year now, I have had oily skin for as long as I can remember and attacked it with proactive for a number of years.  I then switched to Dr. Hauschka and found my skin was not nearly as oily as I thought once I stopped the stopped the constant drying out.  My skin was still not quite right though so I thought I would give the OCM a whirl.  I use castor and jojoba oil in a 1:7 ratio, and I use unrefined cocoanut oil as a moisturizer after.  I use the OCM at night only and just rinse in the morning.  I am thinking of dropping down to every other night with the OCM but I am not sure what to do on alternate nights…  I have pimple prone skin and I am really happy with the results, my skin is mostly clear, healthy feeling and most store bought products made my skin burn.  Good Luck!

    • Sandy

      Does the coconut oil clog up your pores? I’m thinking of trying the BalmBalm fractionated coconut oil as a cleanser, but I’ve heard that coconut oil is supposed to be highly comedogenic so a bit scared….

      • Lauren Teusch

        I’ve heard bad things about coconut oil, but so many good things as well! Here’s my takehome message: avoid it if you’re very prone to clogged pores, and make sure it’s warm. 
        My acne seems to be more caused by irritation and bacteria than by clogging, so very warm coconut oil has been doing wonders (it’s antibacterial). It’s a solid so I put the closed bottle underneath hot water until it melts, then add castor oil and some drops of grapeseed. I add grapeseed because I feel that coconut is a bit thick, and grapeseed thins it out. It feels great because the oil is already warm when it goes on my face!If you put oil on your damp face to moisturize, don’t use coconut. I use grapeseed for that, again because it’s thinner.

        • Guest

          Thanks:) I sounds like it could work for me too, guess you just have to try and see since it works differently for everybody.

  45. MEAuten

    I have moley moley skin, always have, always will- I wanted to know what kind of sunscreen or product with spf to use on my skin afterwards? I don’t want to ruin all the natural awesomeness of the OCM by putting moisturizers with spf or sunscreen(both of which abound in all sorts of harsh chemicals) all over my face- but I need to have some kind of sun protection aside from a big ol’ hat.

  46. joan

    I had this site recommended to me by a friend and I was curious. I have fairly normal skin with dryness in the winter. I don’t get lots of pimples but have redness and get occasional minor breakouts I like using natural products and have always sworn by my arbonne fc5 for normal/dry. I was interested after reading the article and gave the OCM a go. I used an equal portion of EVOO and castor oil. The first thing I noticedf was my skin feels tight after. I think I might be wiping it too many times. I just want to get all the makeup off! It doesn’t feel too dry but my cheeks feel tight and my redness has worsened. I also have begun to break out in my thiird week. I’ve tried playing with the ratio and added tea tree oiil tonight to see if it helps. Is it possible I’m wiping it too much after? I’mused to having to apply mosturizer immediately after I wash my face or else my skin feels tight…any suggestions to combat my redness?

    • Guest

      Alert I have broken out like crazy! I have gotten scared. I am now trying the honey wash but am worried that my skin will be too dry. Its always red and tight after…..so frustrating. Very tempted to switch back to the fc5…..

    • It sounds like you might be using too much castor oil, and maybe a different carrier oil would be better for your skin :) (And skip the tea tree oil if you’re feeling dry, that will probably only make things worse, too!)

  47. Tbeck

    How do you remove the oily residue from the washcloths when laundering?

  48. Guest

    I’ve just had my first go ad the oil cleansing method this evening and I must say wow, I’m really pleasantly surprised! I expected my skin to feel really oily after cleansing, but it just feels soft, moist and really, really clean!! I just the jojoba oil alone since I have to wait for the castor oil to arrive with the post.. Can’t wait to see if it will clear up my skin!

  49. Lauren Teusch

    Probably patience will help. :) Just stick with it and remember to massage that oil in deep!

  50. SweetPickles68

    I love love love this method/process… my husband and I have been using the oil cleansing method for over a week and it is AHmayzing!  He and I have very different skin – his is prone to being dry/flaky and generally sensetive, mine is more prone to breaking out and I have more oily and dry areas.  For both of us this method of cleansing the face absolutely works.  We use a mix of castor, jojoba, and avocado oils (more castor for me, a little less for him).  We are converts… now I just need some advice/a good website or place to get bottles/products to store in.  I’ve also purchased some essential oils and I am wondering if there are eyedropper type lids available for 2 oz bottles… or does anyone have any suggestions on how I can easily store these products to use quickly and easily?  Thank you SO much!  Your book is awesome too and I cannot wait to try some of the steams…  ;-)

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