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  1. Kellie

    I am SO GLAD I found the oil cleansing method! I started about a week ago with 1/3 Castor Oil, 2/3 EVOO, and a few drops of Tea Tree oil. It felt great, but after a couple of days, I got some minor break outs. I did some research and decided that castor oil from the pharmacy wasn’t the best choice. So, I went to my local health food store and picked up some cold-pressed, cold-processed castor oil and some jojoba oil as well (I wish I could have found some organic oils, but these will do for now). But now, I seriously LOVE this. I am glad I got the jojoba oil too, because I think the EVOO was a bit heavy. The few break outs I did get are now gone, and my skin looks beter every time I cleanse. This has made me want to go all natural in other aspects of my beauty regimen and overall lifestyle. I am doing the ‘poo free hair cleansing, and that is going extremely well too. When I tell people that I have transitioned to these natural methods, they sort of turn their nose up, but WHO HAS THE GLOWING SKIN HERE?! Me, that’s who ;) I try to explain the method, but it just doesn’t click with them… their loss.

    I was once a “philosophy girl,” but with tough economic times and a starving college student’s lifestyle, I have little money to maintain high end products from places like Sephora. I don’t even know what is in that junk anyway. If you can’t pronounce it, or EAT IT, don’t put it on your skin!

    Love you blog, love love love!

  2. Christina

    This is the first time I’ve ever commented on your website. I found it a couple of months ago via Stumbleupon and I love what you have to offer.
    So since I was about 13 I’ve had horrible (and I mean HORRIBLE) acne. I am the typical “I have tried everything out there and nothing works!” kind of girl. So I saw the oil cleansing method here and I decided to try it. The first two nights were amazing! My skin felt so smooth and the bumps were going away. However, after the third night of doing this I’ve begun to get really bad red bumps that hurt like heck on the bottom sides of my face. I have really oily skin and it’s a bit sensitive so I went with 2/3 jojoba oil and 1/3 castor oil with 3 drops of tea tree oil to kick it up a notch.
    I guess my question is…should I tough it out? I truly believe in this and I really think this could be my acne eliminator. I just hate being 20 years old and being the only person in my circle of co-workers and friends who has such bad skin. Any advice at all would be wonderful. Thank you!

    • Dan

      Cut out the tea tree oil. It can be a skin irritant and the bumps might be a reaction.

      • Jill

        I read somewhere else to make certain you get the oil off your face, because after steaming it contains all of the “gunk” from your pores…so if it stays on your skin, it will just cause breakouts. She said she makes sure to get her hairline and around her jaw

        • Miss

          Use a toner afterwards such as Witch Hazel or raw honey mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs is best, it has the Mother in it).

    • Mara

      Stop using the oil cleansing method all the time. Find a pH balanced, mild foaming cleanser with soothing ingredients. When you do want to oil cleanse, make sure there is no castor oil or fragrant oils in it at all. DONT STEAM OR SCRUB YOUR FACE!! To remove the oils, rinse face with warm water a few times and then use a water-based cleanser. This is called double cleansing and can be done 3 times a week or less.

  3. Christina

    I started commenting on this on another section. I tried it, and decided to take it to the next level by using oil in place of body wash. Loved it, but it it terribly time intensive, and the shower felt oily. Not even Alvin Corn could handle the shower door, but I scrubbed it with baking soda & vinegar first, and followed with Alvin Corn, and the shower doorls look great!

    Just not sure I can manage the entire oil cleansing process, followed by the scrubbing-the-shower process, but here’s hoping!!!

    Is there a better body wash soloution?

    • Lisette

      I’ve been experimenting with the OCM for about a week now. Had the same problem with using it all over and came up with this solution: Mix 1/2 cup of sugar (white or brown) with enough olive oil to make a peanut-butter-like consistency. Use this as a body scrub and your skin will feel AMAZING. I don’t have to use any lotion after and my skin is glowing. For a morning perk, add 1/2 cup coffee grounds to the mix!

  4. Taylor

    Can you use this method on your entire body for cleansing?

    • Lisette

      Absolutely. In fact I don’t recommend it for your face, it may be too harsh. I use this an an all-over body scrub every two or three days. If you want more of a latherish feel and a more gentle exfoliation, use oat flour instead of sugar. Then you can use it on your face, too.

  5. Your post on Face Massage and Accupressure the other day (plus that video) finally got me started on OCM and as of today (day: 10) I am hooked on it 100%. (Actually I totally loved it from day 1 but that makes me sound fickle.)

    I started with EV Olive Oil alone ‘cuz that’s all I had. At day 5, I bought some Sweet Almond Oil ‘cuz I only remembered that the one I wanted started with an “A”. Two days ago I finally got hold of some Avocado Oil and Castor Oil and have started blending the two 75/25.

    My face is soft, clean, and *glowing* (as opposed to patchy, flaky, and clogged). If anything changes, I’ll let you know!

  6. Crystal

    I’ve been using the method for about a month (75/25 castor/evoo) & have seen a big difference in my skin. However, I have noticed a bump or two showing up. What do I do to minimize them? Also, I still have scarring from previous bumps, acne, etc., & have been thinking about using something over-the-counter. By the way, I am African American & the spots are really dark, although I have noticed that they are a little bit lighter since I’ve been using the OCM.

    • Arielle

      I’ve heard of OCM a while back ago and did it every day. I stopped in the winter cuz my skin ‘likes the cold’ now that its summer, my forehead has become a warzone. I started back up last night and I instantly, and I mean instantly! saw that my pores were smaller. Mr. Pimple is still here but hey its one day.
      I use:
      1/2 Castor
      1/2 EVOO (and when I can afford some jojoba I’ll throw that in there too)
      **I let the hot cloth lay on my face for a bit to create a steaming effect

    • Arielle

      Oh to Crystal, I forgot.. I still use the Ambi fade cream 2x a day. And my sis says that Vitamin E oil works well for fading dark marks.

    • Felicia

      Crystal, I to am African American. When I first started using the OCM I used 75/25 castor/Jojoba. Once the acne cleared up I went to castor oil 25/ Jojoba oil 75 because my skin got very dry. Once I made the change I rarely get a pimple but when I do I just dab a little lemon juice on the spot. I also stopped using fade creams for the dark spots and started using a high SPF sunblock. Since I’ve gotten the breakouts under control the old spots are fading.

      I hope this helps.

      • moet

        I just ordered some oils online & I cant wait to get started using this cleansing method. How often do you do it? I am an african american 30 year old woman. I plan on using 75 castor oil 25 jojoba with a few drops of tea tree oil. Also what type of sunscreen do you guys use? I was thinking of using cetaphil moisturizer with spf 15.

    • Mara

      Castor oil should only be used at a max of 10% as it will literally attack the moisture in your skin. It’s a very powerful humectant like glycerine and can cause big time irritation when used at high levels or on its own.

  7. Roxie

    I had never heard of the OCM…Crunchy Betty is quickly becoming my favorite website!
    I am new to all of this and want to know if the OCM is to take off eyemake up, too?
    …a little confused and don’t want to slather oil on my eyes if I’m not supposed to!

    • Nona

      Well I’ve heard of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) as an excellent eye (and everywhere else) makeup remover so i’d try it. Be warned the more castor oil the dryer your delicate eye area will be so i’d try to make a special eye makeup remover. Olive oil is a really good choice for this. Another quirky thing I’ve found to take off makeup (and it DOESN’T burn my sensitive skin) is…. conditioner. That’s right, straight up hair conditioner :) weird right? lol my friend taught me it. I like using suave but any kind will do, I’ve found Aussie a little too moisturizing to my eye area… But really any cheap conditioner will do :D
      With love, Nona :)

    • Tigerlily8510

      Castor oil can be drying, but it really just depends on your personal skin issues. It’s also recommended for growing hair, especially eyelashes & eyebrows. Personally I would use the OCM as usual, and adjust if you have any adverse reactions. I’ve heard of others who use it to remove their makeup as well.

      Or like Nona said, you can continue your OCM but use a different oil on the eyes such as olive or jojoba. :) Good luck!

      • Andrea

        Will castor oil encourage/increase the growth of (unwanted) facial hair? I’m soon to start laser hair removal treatments, and I definitely don’t want the hair coming back!

  8. Lady T

    I have a question…I just started the OCM and it does feel great…but you said people do it at night and that you shouldn’t use OTC cleansers it can confuse your skin…what should you use when not using OCM in the morning to wash?

  9. Allison

    I’ve just discovered this site, and I adore it and everything it stands for! Anyway I just had to say that before making my inquiry :) I was wondering if, as a teenage girl with very oily skin (as in, I will wash my face at 8 and it’ll be oily by 11) I could just use EVOO and maybe the grapeseed oil? I don’t know where to find castor oil and my monetary resources are limited… I do have peppermint essential oil that I could add but I’ve got no clue how that will work! Thank you for this!

    • Lisa

      Castor oil is super cheap (1.25 for a bottle). You can find it anywhere, including the local grocery store. It is tricky to find, though, because it is usually with the anti-diarrhea and laxatives.

    • Diane

      I have heard that peppermint oil may irritate your skin if used in the cleanser. Castor oil is in the pharmacy section of your grocery store or walgreens if you want to use organic check your local health food store, close to laxatives and mineral oil, and it is very inexpensive. The most I have seen it for is $1.75. I Have been using 10% castor oil and the rest an equal mix of extra virgin olive oil and grape seed oil. I have very dry and sensitive skin so I find that less castor oil is better for me

  10. Moet

    I’ve been using the OCM for about two weeks now & I don’t really see a difference in my skin. Although I’m not giving up on it yet I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see the instant glow everyone else raved about. I’m using 50/50 jojoba & castor oil with a few drops of tea tree oil. I think I’ll try 75/ 25 castor/jojoba to see if that works. I’m also going to try washing with honey in the morning & adding some honey to the oil at night. My dermatalogist told me to continue using epiduo well doing OCM-which she never heard of. Any ideas/suggestions on if I should start back using epiduo? I stopped once I started doing OCM at night.

    • Mzriley

      Keeping it real–epiduo is a prescription which means the doc is making more money! Go online and research the ingredients in epiduo and decide for yourself. That’s why ocm is so great, it’s doing naturally what chemicals are trying to mimic.

      • Moet

        I’ve done my research on it when I first started using it a while back. I like OCM but my face doesn’t look any better. I’ve only been using it for about a month now so maybe I will give it some more time before I go back to prescriptions.

        • Diane

          If you’re not happy with your results yet you should try cutting back on your castor oil not increasing it, and make sure you’re really massaging the oil into your skin well to clean out your pores and moisturize at the same time.

      • Moet

        I’ve done my research on it when I first started using it a while back. I like OCM but my face doesn’t look any better. I’ve only been using it for about a month now so maybe I will give it some more time before I go back to prescriptions.

  11. Mandy

    Hello, I am not good with math here as you can see. What do you mean by the ratio of 75/25…how much is that? Does 75 means 3/4 of a cup and 25 means 1/4 of a cup?

    Please advise, thanks!

  12. Shalini


    I’ve been reading about the oil cleansing method on numerous sites/blogs and I am kind of confused. After I do this, I don’t have to wash my face anymore? Not with Cetaphil or anything? Hehe I am so used to washing my face, so it seems quite strange… :)


    • Mzriley

      After I steam and wipe my face of most of the oil, I do apply a thin layer of cetaphil liquid cleanser (Walgreens knock-off), steam and wipe a final time. I use aloe Vera juice as my toner. My moisturizer is 3 drops of grapeseed oil and a tiny amt of cetaphil moisturizer (Walgreens knock-off). Hope this helps!

    • Diane

      I haven’t been washing my face with any type of cleanser since I’ve been doing the ocm just oil cleansing at night and using a wet washcloth on the morning

  13. Christina

    My friend and I have just started trying the oil cleansing method. Its been about a week now, and we absolutely LOVE IT! We have both suffered form adult onset acne (hormonal). We have tried EVERYTHING there is out there for acne and nothing has ever helped the way this has. In just a week our faces are starting to clear up and our old red acne scars are beginning to fade! We are both using castor oil with organic jojoba oil. I use the 2/3 caster oil and 1/3 jojoba because i have oily skin. It has even helped my oily shine though out the day. I so happy I decided to try it! Thanks to all the people who wrote comments, if it weren’t for you I may have never tried the OCM.

    p.s. We have been using raw organic honey to cleanse in the AM…LOVE IT!

  14. CatherineE

    I LOVE your site!! I’ve been using 3/4 caster oil to 1/4 E.V. Olive Oil since the end of June 2011 – – my skin looks great. I have very oily skin, but this cleans and is not to harsh. Best of all, at 40 something, my skin looks very well hydrated and I just need to splash with water in the a.m. to be ready to go.

  15. Deanna

    So sorry if this has already been addressed, but can you still use the ACV along with the OCM???? I recently started doing the once a week nutmeg/cream treatment and have been using the ACV after daily face washers for about a week and LOVE it!!!! I mean LOVE IT so much that I am willing to try any of the recs here! I am so loving this site! Anyway…if I start OCM once per day, can I still ACV post oil cleanse or does it counteract the moisturizing aspect? I have fairly dry skin…thanks for any info!

    • Collins

      I’d also like to know this as I just started using ACV on my face 3 nights ago and I’m already loving it. I’ve just been adding a little water to the ACV and applying it with a cotton ball, rinse and then I use a regular moisturizer. I’d love to know how to properly combine the ACV and OCM!

      • Moet

        I found a recipe on acne.org for an ACV toner. I think it contains ACV, green tea, chamomille tea & aspirin. I normally do OCM at night and use the ACV toner and then go to bed with no moisturizer. In the morn, I wash with honey & use ACV toner & then jojoba oil as my moisturizer.

  16. Danielle

    I’m only about a week into the ‘OCM’ obsession and I’m hooked! I’ve had acne, dry patches and troublesome pores all my life and, while it will take time to see my skin normalize, I can already see and feel a difference. My skin is tighter and softer. I’m using just EVOO with about 10 drops of eucalyptus oil for cleansing until I can find castor oil. I don’t see any reason to put all that commercial junk on my face (or my budget) ever again.

  17. Mzriley

    I am 40 yrs old with combo, acne-prone skin. After suffering for years with mild to moderate acne, I tried the ocm in April 2011. It’s now august, and there is not a day that passes that a stranger doesn’t ask me what type of makeup I use!!! I only use a little undereye concealer. There are no blemishes or old scars! My skin is clear and re-textured and no longer super-sensitive to everything. My mix is 2/3 castor, 1/3 jojoba and grapeseed oil (mixed) with a capsule of vitamin e in a 4oz bottle.. I shout to the hills that ocm works! Experiment with ratios and do it diligently at least once a day, you’ll be shouting too!

    • slpcowgal

      This gives me hope!!! Thanks for sharing! I know you posted quite a while ago, but if you happen to read this, I’m wondering….Did your acne get worse before it got better? I’ve seen in other posts that some experienced this…

  18. Collins

    Hi….I can’t WAIT to try this! I might be a little dense but what do you mean by “carrier oil” in the section about the oil cleansing ratios?

  19. Kathy

    I’ve been using OCM for the past two years. I love it. I used to have problems with the skin around my eyes being very dry, red and irritated from normal store bought cleansers. I also had really bad acne. Now my face is mosturized and clean with no irritation and doing OCM every night has helped tremendously!

  20. Stacy

    I’ve been doing OCM for about a month now (combo skin) and my hubster mentioned a couple of days ago that my face is looking younger (I’m 49). THe dark circles are going away as well. LOVE OCM!

  21. Chelsie

    I just started doing this; it’s only been twice but i love it so far. My skin feels so soft and no need for moisturizer afterwards, but it also doesn’t become greasy later. I tried just filling my sink up with hot steaming water and putting a towel over my head to steam my face instead of using the washcloth. I think I like the sink method better, feels like its doing more. I also am combining this with the honey wash in the morning, but I’ve only done it once for far. I did like it a lot though; again, no need for moisturizer and no greasiness later. I am looking forward to seeing the long term results of both these methods!

  22. Allycen

    Hey CrunchyBetty! First let me say that I love your site! I love reading what you’ve put on here and can’t wait to try your recipes. But I have a confession to make… sometimes I need a shortcut because I’m so busy I just can’t make everything I want to make. I hate to admit it, but there it is. So, my shortcut is a little company called Foam on the Range. I’m also from Kansas which makes this little gem even more important to me. They use all natural ingredients and even have a bar of soap that would make all OCM-lovers proud. I wanted to tell you about them because they have fabulous products, they could use a little PR, but also because ya’ll are like kindred spirits with the whole “food on your face” thing so I thought you should know about them. They also make amazing perfumes out of ingredients like lychee, red tea, sage, blackberry, almond, etc… So, check ’em out – they’re on Facebook or just online! I think everyone who is going “back to nature” to find their beauty products deserves a little PR and networking with others who are trying the same thing. Anyway, that’s all.

    Much love!

  23. This cleaning method has SOLVED my adult acne problem. It’s pretty much a miricle if you ask me. I love it. I did 1/2 castor and 1/2 jajoba and I use it when I take a bath…..spash on warm water, run in oil for a few minutes, splash water on my face again and when I get out of the tub and towel off I just wipe my face off too. My skin looks better than it ever did before and I could tell a difference after only 2-3 OCM washings. THANK YOU! I am just so excited to have a clear face, no joke, I think my acne was worse as an adult than as a teenager. (almost all my zits were around my chin…..) This is by far the best natural remedy I have found.

  24. DesignerGirl

    I’ve been doing OCM for a whopping 4 days now, but I think I’m going to be doing it for life. My skin has already made such an improvement, I can’t even begin to tell you.

    Day 1 I used about 2/3 EVOO and 1/3 castor. That was good, but my skin did feel a little over moisturized. Day 2-4 I’ve been using about 2/3 jojoba and 1/3 castor (I’m mixing in my hand as I go, so not totally sure on that ratio). My skin doesn’t feel greasy, and in fact feels a little dry. I’ve ended up moisturizing around my eyes, nose, and mouth (my most sensitive spots) with a few drops of jojoba afterwards. So far this has been great, no new breakouts and my skin looks fantastic. I can’t wait for the acne scars to fade so I can quit wearing makeup altogether (that’ll be a first…been wearing it for 20 years!). I have been able to stop wearing the oil-absorbing powder (yay!) already. :-)

    So my question is: Since I’m having some dry spots, should I be using a different oil? Or should I mix a little avocado in it and see if that fixes it? Or should I just keep doing what I’m doing?

    I’m also washing with honey in the morning, and still having to do the jojoba oil on the sensitive spots after.

    Oh, and one more question…what kind of bottles do y’all use to keep your oil(s) in? The bottles from the store (the ones the oil are sold in) are messy, and I need something that can travel w/o leaking…

    • Diane

      You can use your you caan mix avocado oil in there or even a little extra virgin olive oil. I usually keep my oils in travel size bottles like the ones for shampoo or a bottle for color application with a cover, you can usually find them at sally’s

  25. Alicia

    Love the site- so many useful tips and recipes!! I never post on sites but I have to share my OCM experience (thus far). I’ve been on a make-it-myself kick for a few months and, of course, came across this site and eventually the OCM. So I mixed together (eyeballed it) some hemp seed oil, avocado oil, and a lesser amount of extra virgin olive oil in a 3oz travel shampoo container. Let me first say I have pretty oily skin and hair and for years I had been using the St Ives apricot scrub, feeling that the only way to clean my face was to sand it off. I would still have oily skin literally within 20 or 30 mins of taking a shower, but havent had a big problem with breakouts, mainly around that time of the month and every now and then a renegade monster, but nothing compared to what some people have to deal with so I wasnt complaining. So reading about this oil business at first made my skin crawl- but the science behind it is sound, and I remember my Dad (history buff) years ago had told me how the Romans and Greeks way back in the day would take oil baths and do oil scrapings… which is essentially what your doing with the washcloth…anywho, so I gave it a whirl. It’s been a little over two weeks and I can definitly see a positive difference! Heres my routine- Im only pointing out because its somewhat abnormal but makes it quick and easy- Im a dog groomer so I take a shower after work in the mid afternoon. I start the water and get it nice and hot, get my face wet, put a nickel sized amount of oil in the palm of one hand, rub hands together then massage all over face in upward strokes for two mins, while that sits for 30 secs or so get the wash cloth soaked and hot, lay it on my face for several seconds, let it steam up the face and melt the oil, then i “scrape” oil off with the cloth, rinse it and wring it out (i guess i think im getting the initial dirt off but i dont really know) then I put it back on my face and put face under the running hot water, let it soak through the washcloth again then “scrape” the rest of the oil off the face, then shower as normal.It sounds like a long process but it really takes only a couple extra minutes. I do it every day and after the shower my skin actually feels tighter, and although my face still gets shiny, the amount of oil is dramatically less. Weird right? On top of that is seems to leave the right amount of moisturizer on my face. I’m still coping with the fact that I am not scrubbing my face anymore, but when I feel that tightness and cleanliness afterwards, I’m a believer. Also, no breakouts and much fewer blackheads. This 3 oz bottle seems to be lasting forever (a little over 2 weeks and have barely used a quarter of it) but when it does run out I’m going to try castor oil, sunflower oil, and hemp seed oil. I am also going to start doing acvinegar as an astringint in the morning- right now i just rinse with water and pat dry, which does ok. Whew, sorry so long winded but I hope that helps some of those who are terrified of oil (as i used to be :D )Thanks to all!

    • Megan

      I’m just starting OCM and got all the ingredients so I hope it works!  I also have acne prone skin and although never did OCM I have put tea tree oil in other cleansers I have bought and it works wonders cleaning out blemishes.  Also try sea salt/sea kelp.  I found a great website Mountain Rose Herbs that tells you about all the different oils and their value.  You can order online from them or just go to a health food store and find the oils without paying for shipping.

      • Megan

        update – it’s been 3 weeks from starting OCM and finally got a great mix going for my skin! Hope this info helps for anyone having issues trying to find out something that works for them – I have more normal/oily skin and acne prone. I started with Castor about 30% and Jojoba 70% plus lemongrass, orange and tea tree essential oils – found out I was using too much tea tree and it was drying my skin so I decreased it. Then reading other posts I decided to increase the mix to 50/50 and just using a few drops each of the essential oils. I started OCM during that time of the month (probably not the best idea in hindsight as my skin had already started breaking out and more oily) the ratio seemed pretty good and was clearing my acne but then after this stopped in about a week my skin was drying out and getting irritated. I got little bumps all over the sides of my face and jawline – very frustrating :( This article says for oily skin to use 2/3 and I can tell you I have oily skin and even 50% was drying me out too much – plus since my skin was drying the oils didn’t seem to be clearing out of my pores well causing all these little bumps. I cut down the castor oil to 30% again and exfoliated a couple times and some of the bumps started going away but a little stubborn. Then, I decided to add grapeseed and hazelnut oils to my mix as I read both are slightly astringent so they dry up any excess oil, the grapeseed oil helps with inflammation and hazelnut oil is a natural sunscreen and wow did this work! The oils are a lot lighter on my skin and soak up so well without leaving an oily feeling. My mix is 25% castor, 25% jojoba, 25% grapeseed and 25% hazelnut along with my essential oils. After cleansing my skin it does feel a little tightened and slightly dry on the surface but then after about 20 min. it relaxes and my natural oils come up to the surface of my skin leaving it so soft and relaxed. All my bumps went away in just a couple days leaving my skin so clear! I really suggest using a mix of a few different carrier oils for a better balance. I read that some oils should not be used at full strenth and work better if diluted with other oils. If you find that too much oil is being left in your skin even with wiping off then definately use the grapeseed or hazelnut oil and the hazelnut smells pretty good like toasted nuts :)

    • One of the key elements that isn’t mentioned is that you need to apply the oil to a dry face. Oil and water don’t mix, so you need to apply to oil to a dry face in order to not create a water barrier that the oil can’t penetrate. I have been using this method for months and love it. My face has never been better.

  26. Oakie

    I tried the oil cleansing method for a month. My combination was jojoba oil and castor oil and occasionally olive oil or tea tree oil. I loved the routine and seeing how clean my pores looked. However,try as I might I kept getting acne from it. I’ve never had problem skin so I was extremely surprised. I figured my face needed time to adjust but it never did. The acne was also a bit scarring. Be careful as this method is unfortunately not for everyone. I wish it had worked.

    • Diane

      You have to be careful with the oils you choose, you have to make sure your oils are virgin and cold pressed. An oil that says pure is usually refined, make sure you are reading the labels before you purchase anything. Refined oils loose their antioxidants and a lot of their benificial properties.

    • Rachel

      I had the same problem. I tried the OCM and the dermatologist I went to said I had the worst case of acne he had seen in at least a year. I broke out like crazy, and now almost a year later, am still dealing with major scarring. It was so bad that I would have people walk up to me, point to me and say “what’s wrong with your face?” I really wish it had worked for me, but alas, not so much. HOWEVER… HONEY is my savior! I love washing/masking with honey and I think it’s also helped the scarring fade faster, so my suggestion is to check out Crunchy Betty’s honey challenge post. I think you’ll be happy with the results :)

      • Lala

        Hi Rachel, I have had few blemishes in the first 2 days I use ocm, then I realized that I didn’t steam and wipe away the oil enough so I make sure I steam a few times more and wipe in more details so now it’s doing very well for me too. Also you may need more castor oil in your mixture.

    • Whimsy

      OCM won’t be for everyone (nothing ever is, right?), but there are a couple things in the post that hint you might just have been using the wrong oils for you.

      You mention you’ve never really been prone to problem skin, but Castor & especially Tea Tree Oil are highly recommended for acne prone skin precisely because they’re effective cleansers, to the point they can & will irritate if used when they’re not needed. I DO have acne & even still Tea Tree is usually too strong for me.

      It’s also a good idea to look up how clog prone the oil you’re considering is. For example, many people will swear by Coconut Oil, but it’s highly comedogenic (a 4 I believe). Jojoba, Olive Oil, and IIRC Avocado are all scored a 2, similarly to our own natural sebum. Emu Oil usually rates a 1. I think Argan is 0.

  27. stephanie

    I’ve been trying this method for about 2 weeks. Love it. I don’t have to use lotion and my skin is clearing up. I have a question. My 8 year old daughter just got her very first pimples! Yikes! It seems young to me, but then again she is very tall for her age and I expect her to hit puberty on the early side. I want her to start washing her face more regularly. Would this method work for an 8 year old child? She also has very sensitive skin. She gets lots of dry patches on her body and we have to be careful about what she puts on her skin.

    • Diane

      This method works for all skin types from what I’ve heard about it. I’ve done a bit of research before trying it. Just try different oils and see what works. I have very dry and sensitive skin amd I like a combo of grapeseed oil and extra virgin olive oil. I do plan to try avocado oil since I am so dry. I don’t think any age is too young to train your kids to take care of their skin. It’s difficult just to get them to wash their face at all.

  28. Diane

    Is it possible to use this method without castor oil? I’m wondering if that’s why my skin is still so dry. I’m only using 10% castor oil and I actually cut that down a little more because I added more olive oil to my mixture. I’m thinking about switching to avocado oil though, I just need to find it.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Yep – it sure is, especially if you’re using that little castor oil already and still have dry skin. I’ve heard from several women who don’t use any at all, and they’re doing just fine with it. iHerb has a few pure avocado oil options here: http://www.iherb.com/Search?kw=avocado+oil <- AND, if you use my coupon code of OZE706 at checkout, you get $5 off your first purchase. So almost all you'd end up paying for one of the smaller bottles is shipping. A great way to "try" it on the cheap to see if it works. (PS – I like the Nature's Alchemy better than the NOW brand for this purpose.)

      • Diane

        Tonight when I cleansed I left out the castor oil, just used grapeseed oil and extra virgin olive oil and my face is not red at all. I still felt my skin clearing out too. (When you unclog pores you can actually feel it on your fingertips, little gritty things). So I’m guessing that I’m sensitive to the castor oil. But I’m going to keep trying without it since it seems to work just the same.

  29. Diane

    Since in the article you mentioned nit using coconut oil, I was doing some research on that because I have heard otherwise. Pure coconut oil which is actually refined is comedogenic but virgin or extra virgin coconut oil is noncomedogenic. The same with olive oil, if your olive oil says pure olive oil on the front of the bottle when you look at the ingredients on the back it says refined olive oils. A refined oil loses it’s antioxidant qualities as well as making it comedogenic.

    • Lynn

      Thank you Diane, for your research.  I was confused by that info as well, as I have been using it as my moisturizer for a long time, and loving it.
      It actually has helped my skin immensely (I’m 52), without clogging it.
      I am speaking of the coconut oil, BTW.  

    • Mel

      Coconut oil causes painful cystic-like acne on my face. I used unrefined cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil. The unrefined coconut oil was definitely comedogenic for me. It depends on the person’s skin. Some people can use coconut oil with no problem while others, like me, suffer horribly from it. It does make for a great hair treatment though.

  30. Chelsea

    Question for all your Crunchy Bettys (Betties? Bettys? Ah well!)! How do you know when all the oil’s off? How do you judge that “okay, I’m done” feeling? I tried the OCM out last night (eyeballed half and half castor/jojoba) and while I know you are supposed to leave the washcloth on your face for a bit (which I did), after I finished wiping my face off, I still felt super oily. So I did the same thing again… four times later, I suppose I got all the oil off? I wasn’t sure, and my skin JUST got all nice and clear with the honey wash (AMAZING btw), so out of paranoia of breaking out again, I washed once with cetaphil to get rid of anything left over since I’m not used to how my skin is supposed to feel after using OCM. Is there still supposed to be a slight film of oil left over? Or should I use my ACV toner afterwards to cut the remaining oil? Thanks a bunch!

    • I have the same problem – I am never quite sure when it is off “enough.” However, while my skin is sometimes a little dry a few hours later, it is never unusually oily. I would say just stop after you have given a few good wipes and see how it ends up. If you want to know more about my experiences with it, you can read my blog entry on the topic: http://spinnergal.blogspot.com/2011/09/oil-cleansing-method.html

    • Diane

      I think we are just so used to our skin feeling dry after cleansing that we don’t know how it’s actually supposed to feel. I usually wipe the oil off with a washcloth until it doesn’t feel greasy but it shouldn’t feel like you just used a facial cleanser because you are getting out of the habit or drying out your skin

  31. Christina

    Hello from Germany! :)

    So… I need to leave a comment, because I still can’t believe it… it is SO easy, but SO effective.
    I started a few weeks ago right after reading this article, tried some different oils and found myself very comfortable with combining honey and oil.
    So I start with rubbing honey on my dry face, I prefer the more “solid” honey (I’m sorry, I don’t know the right word) because it scrubs very gently and is sticky enough to remove the blackheads. Then I rinse it, apply some grapeseed oil, massage for about 1 minute, and take it (and the make-up) off with a microfibre make-up-remover-towel.
    My skin is soft, smooth, shiny, and all the pimples and stuff is gone. I have never been able not to use any make up for years – now I can, I’m without make-up for about 4 weeks now and need to look in every mirror, admiring my skin :)

    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much,


    • DeeM83

      Hello Christina- Do you mind giving me an update on your experience. I suffer from ALOT of clogged pores. Oh my, I’m embarassed to even look into a mirror my ENTIRE face looks clogged, but no red blemished. Just a bunch of bumps. I started the OCM (castor and EVOO) two nights ago and I don’t really see a difference. Still have clogged pores, and the big ones. I massage for a long time, prior to putting on the hot cloth, but it doesn’t seem to take the blackheads out. I’m loooking into Manuka honey, but from what I’ve been reading, seems like a lot of people breakout after 3-4 weeks of honey. Did you ever experience any breakouts from the honey? Thanks for any help you can provide.

      • Shelly

        I tried using solely organic, raw honey instead of face wash, morning and night, with a diluted apple cider vinegar toner after, and I broke out pretty badly after about 2 or 3 weeks, so I stopped and went back to Cetaphil for oily skin, so doing JUST honey didn’t work for me. But this last week I dried out my face with prescription acne medication and salicylic acid face wash and it was horribly dry, flaky, red and irritated but still really oily, so I used the honey last night and it is so much better this morning. I am now going to try the OCM and maybe use the honey once every few days if my skin is feeling dry or irritated.

  32. Jen

    My dermotologist told me I have rosacea (its only on one side of my face so he was confused). Anyway I really don’t want to apply the stuff that he prescribed as it is expensive. I’ve been washing with the castor oil and jojoba oil and the honey in the morning for about two weeks but I think there may be something else I need to add? My skin is still red (though a little less so) and have some bumps still but I do believe it looks a little better. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

    • Crunchy Betty

      I’ve done some researching on rosacea (and just did a little more now for you), and here are some ideas from the sites I like (especially EarthClinic, where people who’ve found remedies that work post):

      It sounds like apple cider vinegar directly to your rosacea areas might be extremely helpful. Of all the researching I’ve done, that sounds like it’s one of the best bets. Many people use it undiluted to the area after they wash their face. Another option is emu oil (if you’re not vegan/vegetarian). Emu oil is kind of expensive, but you wouldn’t need to use much each time. A teeny tiny bit goes a long way. Lastly, it sounds like oil of oregano (not topically, but internally) is also helpful. If you’ve never used OOO before, be careful! It is POWERFUL, POTENT stuff. Makes your eyes water, and if you get it on your skin, you smell like pizza for hours afterwards. They do sell OOO capsules now, so you can take it internally without dripping it all over the place. I love the stuff, just for general antibacterial/antibiotic purposes. I used to take it years ago (not sure why I quit) and didn’t get sick for an entire winter. So if you take it internally, you might not just see improvement in your rosacea, but in other things too. Who knows? Good luck!

    • Diane

      From what I’ve read about oils, grapeseed oil is supposed to be good for rosacea. Grapeseed oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps minimize redness and inflammation. If the castor oil bothers your rosacea I would use the grapeseed as your cleansing oil. My skin is very sensitive and I can’t use castor oil so I have been mixing grapeseed oil and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

    • Dottie

      I also have rosacea, and have tried the oil cleaning method. I absolutely loved the way it made my skin feel, but after a week or so I had the WORST rosacea outbreak in my life. I really think it was from using the hot water to steam and remove the oils. (Heat can substantially inflame rosacea) Now that my skin has finally calmed down I’m trying to decide what to do. If there is a way to do it, I’d like to use oil cleaning again. Can the oil be removed genitally without hot water?

      Any responses would be appreciated. :-)

  33. Fraoch


    Brand new here – found you through the Jezebel column Worth It. Money is tight for me so I started with just EVOO. My skin has been in full-on freak out mode for while now – I’m turning 34 in a few months so it’s “in transition”. Blech. Currently, I have a few cystic acne bumps, and major clogging on my nose but also gnarly dry skin on top. A hot mess, in other words. I know that skin likes to purge but how long does this usually last? My face looks the worst it’s ever been right now!

    • Diane

      Try adding some castor oil, that’s the one that’s more cleansing. You van find it in tbe pharmacy section by laxatives usually on the bottom shelf and it’s only $1.50-$1.75. If your skin is dry use less and u can try different amounts until you find what works best fir your skin. Make sure the oils you are using are virgin and cold-pressed. Those are the most natural and beneficial for your skin since they don’t lose their moisturizing and antioxidant abilities

      • Christine213

        Why did a tiny bottle of castor oil cost me almost $7 at Walgreens??  I thought it was a crazy price…

        • I paid $4.99 for a 4-ounce bottle of castor oil at Walgreens here in the Atlanta area. Not $7, but not as inexpensive as I thought it was going to be.

          I have 40-something skin that’s prone to clogged pores and the occasional pimple; in younger years it was very oily and I broke out a lot more. In recent years I’ve gotten dry and flaky in the winter. Things have improved with regard to both oiliness and flakiness as I quit using harsher cleansing and exfoliation.

          Was trying it with just EVOO because that’s what I had on hand and couldn’t seem to find the castor oil anywhere. I did develop a few tiny pimples, but overall my skin looked and felt better.  I finally bought the aforementioned bottle of castor oil last night and mixed it with equal parts of EVOO. Everything felt pretty much the same. I’ll try it for a week or so before I make any adjustments to the mix. Hopefully some combo of castor oil/EVOO works because they’re the easiest for me to buy.

    • I rid myself of my terrible cystic acne in my T-zone area by taking Turmeric capsules, Garlic capsules, and Olive Leaf capsules. Gone, and never came back. Expensive but worth it. I continue to use all 3 because excellent for overall health.

  34. Omne

    I need to exfoliate like crazy- on my body, scalp and face- i have been using a topical prescription retinoid at night and really like the way it’s working, can i use the OCM and continue use of the prescription? My skin can really handle alot of exfoliation- i still use an organuc scrub 3 times a week with no irritation, but i still do get alot of blackheads and deep, painful cysts.

    • Moneeeq

      You may be getting blackheads and cysts because you’re over-working your skin; OCM might be really great for your skin. I’d see what happens if you move to a more gentle exfoliation method as well, like baking soda or oats in honey. It’s amazing how much these gently go deeper to do the real work where abrasives don’t.

  35. Eliz

    I just started the OCM method a week ago, using an equal parts mixture of castor, EVOO an jojoba oil. I had mild to moderade acne but was having a lot of trouble with being dry and oily at the same time (ie greasy with flakes peeling off – awful)! My esthetician told me I was washing my face too much and to try a gentler face wash, which is how I found OCM. I’ve been doing it once a day, using Cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and OCM at night. I can definitely tell the tone of my skin is improving, but I’ve started to get these red clusters of tiny whiteheads (I think) in the area between my upper lip and nose and a few on my chin. I’ve seen some of the “horror stories” about the OCM working beautifully for a few weeks and then suddenly causing even worse acne and I’m almost afraid to keep going, for fear my skin will end up worse than I started.
    Do you have any suggestions about what these tiny red bumps are, and if I should stop OCM?

    • KJM

      i’m having this exact same thing. OCM was working perfectly for about 2 weeks – my dry skin cleared up, my pores were shrinking, my skin was softer, and i had no new breakouts even though i stopped using my prescription acne med’s when i started OCM.

      then just yesterday i noticed these small red and white bumps exactly where you have them – chin, sides of nostrils, and upper lip. i also have a few on my forehead. did you have any luck clearing them up?

    • Courtney

      you shouldn’t use cleansers.  Even in the morning.  Just rinse with water and a face cloth.  Your skin will get confused.

  36. christine

    I have very acne prone skin for which I use a prescription topical cream. This in turn makes my face peel very badly and look awful! I also have very oily skin by the middle of the day with the awful peeling skin…lovely! What ration of oils would you suggest I begin with to solve these problems? I would love to get rid of the prescriptions. Thanks!

    • Diane

      Usually it’s recommended to start with 75% castor oil and 25% of whatever other oil you choose; for oily or acne prone skin. If your skin seems to be getting dry then cut back on the castor oil. You should start out by mixing your oil in your hand each time you cleanse until you figure out what ratio works best for you.

      • Mcocroft

        I think you have the ratios backwards….Castor oil is great stuff but very drying.   I’d start small on the Castor and build up.

        • Diane

          Less castor oil is for dry or sensitive skin. I don’t use castor oil at all. I use grapeseed and olive oils half and half

  37. sam

    Ive been doing alot of research into this OCM method and i think ill try it out
    but i heard castor oil can make your hair grow faster 
    and also if u put it on ur eyelashes and eyebrows it can make it grow thicker and more full ect
    so if ur putting castor oil on ur face or body wont it make unwanted hairs grow?
    or because ur washing ur face off after does it not apply? 

    whats the best carrior oil for combination skin?
    i was thinking of mixing abunch of oils together 
    1/2 castor, alil argan, coconut &jojoba as well, is tht too many oils for my face? 

    • Courtney

      Be careful using coconut oil on your face. It makes a lot of people break out.  Should be fine aside from that, as long as you get it off properly afterwards

  38. Natty725

    I have been doing this for about 4 weeks now and i absolutely LOVE it.  I was very hesitant at first because I have very VERY OILY skin, and I do get breakouts.  Since using the OCM I have seen drastic improvements in my skin clarity and in the oiliness.  My skin looks clearer, its softer and flake free, my make up goes on smoother, and my skin glows.  My breakouts clear alot faster, and  I absolutely recommend the OCM to everyone!!!

    • Amariebeauty127

      Yours sounds JUST like mine, what regime are you using, like the types of oils and how much and when etc. :) thanks!

  39. Joy

    I see now that the OCM is not just for oily/acne skin.  I don’t see sweet almond oil listed or used by anyone.  Is it not a good one to use as a carrier oil?  It’s one I use on my skin and to mix with essential oils.  FYI, I have dry, aging skin.  I’m 60 and my skin is pretty good for my age, but I want to slow down the aging as much as possible. 

  40. Madeline Zepeda

    i just started the OCM a few days ago and am having a SERIOUS breakout. before OCM i was breaking out all along my chin and now it’s worsened. could this just be everything coming to the surface?

    i am doing 3/4 castor, 1/4 evoo, a few drop of tea tree every night. I drying out on cheeks and breaking out on chin. i am going to use less castor oil and do jojoba instead of evoo, any thoughts??

    • Madeline Zepeda

      Update: I switched to 1/2 jojoba, 1/2 castor oil, with a few drops of tea tree. I am already noticing a big difference, hopefully it will continue to improve!

  41. Enginerdlisa

    I just started OCM.  I just wanted to comment on the point that it is more costly.  It may not be.  I bought all the ingredients plus a little plastic bottle to mix it in for $13.  I can make a total of 6 oz of oil blend, plus have a nearly full bottle of evoo for the kitchen.  Cleansing this way also eliminates the need for a moisturizer (at least for me).  If it clears up my acne, it will be eliminating cleanser, moisturizer, and acne cream.  $13 for 6 oz of something that replaces 3 products is a pretty good deal in my book!

  42. stravs

    can anyone weigh in on using the OCM with a tool like the clarisonic?

    • angela

      I use my clairsonic after about a minute of rubbing the oil into my face with my hands, I do a minute with my hands, then jump in the shower and use the clairsonic for a minute, let the steam do it’s thing for a bit, then wipe my face with a warm washcloth in the shower… I am sure to clean the clairsonic brush thoroughly after using it with the oils…I always start out with a dry brush, and never wet it til I am done cleaning my face.  I haven’t seen a major appreciative difference since using the clairsonic, I think it just makes me at least think I’m reaching deeper into my pores..but there’s definitely no ill effects from using it.

    • kmcg

      I hear ya. I’m unsure of how to use my clarisonic with my OCM + honey wash routine. I was using it up to 2 times a day before I started OCM (I think contributing to the general over worked quality of my face). Now I’ve barely touched the clarisonic. I’m going to try it on a low setting with the baking soda for exfoliating. I’ve tried it with the oil but was still messing with my oil mix and I think it was too thick for the clarisonic to do anything. Or maybe I’m still used to the feeling of my face after stripping it with the clarisonic and regular soap.

      Currently, I’ve added drops tea tree oil and more jojoba to my mix which has made it thinner. I might try using it every other day after using just my fingers. My worry is that the brush head may absorb the oil not allowing my face to fully utilize the benefits. Do you think that is a legitimate concern?

      I’m also looking for suggestions on the best way to clean the brush head after using it with oil. Ideas?

      I like the clarisonic, it’s a great machine and I’d like to figure out a way to continue using it in my new routine without over stressing my skin. Suggestions are appreciated!

  43. I have been washing my face with jojoba oil for years. I don’t mix it with anything else.

  44. Rabzzz2004

    I really want to try this method but am too afraid to do so because I’ve read the stories of it ruining not that bad skin =..!

    I have congested skin with some pigmentation due to skin peeling :( always had clear skin & so this has put a eal downer on me decreasing my self confidence further :(!

    I’ve tried everything from natural to medical and still no luck!

    I am Asian but with light skin so I need advice as to whether OCM will rid me of my scarring and congested skin and not give me any nasty side effects??

    Thanksss! R.

    • Whimsy

      Rosehip oil & emu oil are both supposed to be good for clearing scars or redness. Olive oil has a reputation for being heavy but is a good moisturiser. I’m acne prone & was able to cleanse with regular kitchen extra virgin olive oil this week with minimal pimpling compared to other skin care routines I’ve played with. (My face will pimple at any new routine)

      I’m going to go against the grain here and be one of the few people to suggest starting with a single oil so that you know how it interacts with your face without any complicating factors. Since you haven’t had a history of acne, don’t go for Tea Tree Oil, and I wouldn’t use Castor until or unless I felt like a regular oil wasn’t doing the trick.

      I think a lot of people think they have to have the scrubbiest most astringent oil they can find because we’re used to soaps & sulfates, but the truth is that oil will break up the other oils (and dirts) and remove them from your face.

      You do mention that you’re Asian, so as far as certain skin tones or ethnic groups might better benefit from one oil over another, it did seem when I lived in Japan that there were a lot more products for dry skin than oily skin, and usually an emphasis on anti-aging end-goals as well. Lots of rosehip, olive oil, jojoba, etc… So again I think something like Rosehip might be safe for you to try.

  45. Amandab

    I’m interested in trying this, but since you don’t recommend switch it up with a store-bought facial cleanser that contains sulfates or sulfides, what cleanser do you recommend I use when I’m not Oil Cleansing? I have combination skin, dry some areas, slightly oily in others and after many many many years of adult cystic acne am experiencing some kind of repreive- I don’t know if it will last, but it’s heaven. I still get a few pimples here or there, and def monthly ones but nothing close to what it was.  I have no idea what brands to buy because for years I used only prescription cleansers. I’m off those now and using Aveeno for sensitive skin.  

    • stravs

      Hey, Amanda!

      I have combination skin as well, though not the history of cystic acne. Once I made the switch two weeks ago to the OCM, I started mixing it up with other recommendations from this site, since they all sounded so rad. Here’s how I roll:

      a.m.: honey wash
      p.m. ocm

      I am training for a half-marathon, which means I often need to wash my face in the middle of the day after running. When this happens, I do the Non-Nonsense Daily Scrub in the morning (which makes my skin feel AMAZING!), the honey wash when I get home from working out (since it’s antibacterial/antimicrobial, it seems like the right thing to use after getting all sweaty and gross), and the OCM at night before bed.

      My skin’s looking excellent. I know it’s probably too soon to tell yet how well my skin will react to this regimen, but I’m very optimistic at this point. My cycle starts later this week and — hope I’m not jinxing myself here — I haven’t seen any hormonal blemishes creep up.

      Hope this helps!

  46. microfiche

    I have suffered with mild to moderate acne since I was 15.  I have spent thousands of dollars on cleansers, toners, moisturizers, spot treatments…blah blah blah.  I came across this website about 10 days ago and it has changed my life.  I now use a combination of castor oil and jojoba oil to clean my face at night.  It works amazingly well to remove makeup.  The BEST part is that it is my only step!  No more 3 step time sucking “programs”. Then in the morning I use a combination of honey and oil.  Guess what?  1 step!!  My skin feels great.  I have not had a breakout since starting, and I am anxious to try adding baking soda (occasionally – for exfoliation),ACV, and tamanu oil.  I am pregnant so the idea that I am not using any crazy chemicals makes me feel wonderful.  Thank you so so so much.  I am a crunchy betty :)

    • microfiche

      OK, update time. 4 weeks into my routine and my chin completely broke out.  Like, has never looked worse broke out.  I tried for 3 weeks to naturally combat the breakout.  Nothing worked.  I had to go back to my old routine :(.  I will still certainly use natural products in addition to my routine, but it looks like the oil cleansing method didn’t work for me in the long run.  Bummer.

      • microfiche – Don’t completely rule it out! Pregnancy hormones can do some crazy things. :) I’m five months in and have always had oily skin, until a couple of weeks ago. Now my face is so dry that I have scaly, flaky patches where my worst oil spots used to be. I’m hoping that everything will go back to “normal” after the boy gets here, but who knows? Later on, it may go back to working, if you’re still willing. Good luck!

        • Susancw

          If your skin is drying out, change the balance of castor oil to ‘secondary oil’…castor oil is drying so add more of the other oil.

          • My skin is way to dry to use any castor oil so i cleanse with grapeseed oil and moisturize with a tiny bit of avocado oil or organic pure extra virgin coconut oil. I also disagree about being more costly that using regular cleansers especially because my skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful with what I use

      • Kade

        Could be the combination of honey and oil you’re using that caused the breakout.

      • I’m on my second pregnancy, and no matter what I’ve tried, my skin just ends up looking like it did in junior high for most of the time ;) Maybe try OCM again after the baby is born and your hormones have balanced out (don’t rule it out entirely just because you tried it at a time when your skin might have gone nuts anyhow!)

      • Zlhna

        I’m in the same boat. I gave it a go and liked it for the first week, then it all went downhill after 2 weeks. I’m now battling with the aftermath of the worst skin of my life! So disappointing :^(

  47. Cera.L

    I’ve just started using the OCM and so far am having ok results… I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an alternative to castor oil? i think i might be having a reaction to it. I’m curantly using around 10%castor oil and the rest jojoba. Thanks for the help!

  48. Renata

    So, being new to this site I must say Oh My GOODNESS.  I am going to get myself some castor oil and jojoba ASAP!  Right now I am taking accutane a second time, it cleared me up for about 6 months but then it came back… and now I am on low dose, but I don’t want this POO in my body anymore.  I am defenitely willing to try this, if you had any idea the expense I have spent on my skin, some oils and apple cider vinegar isn’t going to hurt me!  The worst thing that could happen is it doesn’t work, like all the other things… the best would be me commenting like all these others saying how their scars are healing so fast and their skin is so nice!!  I may have to hit my natural store up tomorrow I feel so compelled, if I time…

    • Jessica


      Have you noticed any difference in your skin since using this method? I have also taken accutane (just one time) but my acne is starting to come back.  I was thinking about going back on it but I want to try the OCM first.  I would love to know how it works for someone else who has had moderate to severe acne like myself.

      • Renata

        I DO notice a difference using this, also combined with honey washing in mornings.  I still get a bit of cystic acne,(there were moments I thought it was going to get worse at first with OCM, got some bumps all over one evening, but they were gone in the morning ) but I am no longer afraid to look in the mirror in the morning.  I think part of my acne was dehydrated skin now, from cleansers and accutane drying it out!  I had the between the eyebrow wrinkle as well as forehead wrinkles (I am just 30!)  and those have gone down SO MUCH!  I am actually starting to like my skin!  I need to make completely sure it is the cleansing, I can promise the radiance is from the oil cleanse at night, and honey in morning.  But I am on low dose accutane right now, so twice a week I take it, sundays and wednesdays.  I didn’t take it this week, I want to test this out thoroughly.  But oil cleansing did not make things worse, it made things better!

        I am glad I am not the only one here who has (and is) in the accutane poo.  I am  hoping to get out of this… I think this may be it finally :)

        PS- I still

        • Renata

          3 months and still wonderful skin!  I can always tell when I haven’t been doing it (falling asleep in makeup)  because if I do this every night my skin is so clear and lovely!  Everyone I know notices!

    • Aileen

      I, too, went on Accutane twice but the acne came back both times (my sister went on Accutane twice as well, but her skin stayed clear after the second time).  My acne, it turns out, is caused by food allergies (for me, they’re gluten, dairy, and soy).  I went to a naturopathic doctor to figure this out.  If I avoid my allergens, my skin clears up completely.  If you’re still unhappy with the results from Accutane, it’s worth exploring other approaches.  The other thing the naturopathic doctor figured out was that my intestines were in bad shape.  The gluten allergy (which I’ve known about for a long time) and the years of antibiotics left my intestines pretty wrecked and less able to absorb nutrients.  Probiotics and some short-term supplements are helping a lot (I’ve found I don’t even need a multivitamin anymore).  I haven’t specifically tried the oil cleansing method, but it’s on my list for things to try in the winter when everything gets so dry.  I use oils on my face all the time and I love them!! Good luck!!

      • Renata

        my dermatologist put me on low dose accutane for the second time(first time was heavy duty lab every 2 weeks taking that stuff everyday, and that sucked).  I think a naturopathic doctor is a great idea, I need to look in to doing that.  People have always had so much advice about acne and it’s overwhelming I find.  I have heard to quit drinking milk, eating cheese, basically give up dairy, you don’t wash your face enough, stand upside down while peeing in a cup.. well yeah, you probably know all the crazy remedies.  And, yes I am a bit shallow in the way I bought arbonne because my friend with perfect skin said it would help me, when all it was, was a more expensive version of proactive, I got that drying cream the doctor prescribed… twice… I got tired of it all, and never did check in to the allergies.  But I probably tried everything else and probably ruined my skin more doing all that!!!

        I will now.  I am more open to natural ideas.  I have tried oil cleansing and I do love it.  I love honey cleansing.  I am finally open to the idea of natural living.  I am not ready to give up my makeup (maybe I never will be) but everything else I am now open to. 

  49. Mariahchrans

    I have been doing this for two days along with a honey wash in the morning and I am SOOOOOO happy!!!!! I have had adult acne since I was pregnant with my son 10 11 years ago. Nothing has helped, somethings have kept it at bay.. well sort of… but nothing has left my skin looking and feeling like this. I know it has only been two days, but I am sold. I do not think I will ever go back, and I will have my teen start using it, and my preteen will soon as well. 

    Next I will try the nutmeg and milk, and baking soda scrub… more to come….

  50. Bdwirka

    I’m 46 and though my skin is not oily, I have a problem with clogged pores. In the winter months my skin actually goes toward the dry side. What are the best oils to use for clogged pores? Thanks! Beth

    • Courtney

      Castor. It gets the dirt out, I mix with olive oil as its inexpensive and convenient to grab when doing the groceries.

    • Courtney

      Castor. It gets the dirt out, I mix with olive oil as its inexpensive and convenient to grab when doing the groceries.

    • Courtney

      Castor. It gets the dirt out, I mix with olive oil as its inexpensive and convenient to grab when doing the groceries.

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