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  1. Beth

    I want to try the oil method, but I’m allergic to castor oil, is there any other oil I could substitute that can be just as helpful?

  2. Madison

    Should I use this instead of a face wash, or both? I was going to try your natural face washes but if isn’t necessary to use a face wash with the oil treatment then I don’t want to.

    Basically, is this a subsitute for a proper face wash, or do I need to wash my face aswell?

    • Alice

      If you do it every night (or as frequently as you would ordinarily wash your face), there shouldn’t be any need to wash your face other than the OCM.

  3. Hana

    I have just started the OCM regimen 3 nights ago and i am telling you.. ITS MAGICAL. i have combination skin. i used castor oil and sweet almond. i wake up in the morning and my skin feels and look supple, well hydrated and less oily! and yes it gave me that radiance i don’t knw how to explain. i don’t have to wash my face with facial cleanser in the morning. just warm water. i wear makeup everyday to work. and the OCM has definitely wash off all my makeup without a trace. i am still continuing the OCM method. and i hope to see more positive results on my skin.- Hana from Sunny Singapore

    • Julia

      Hana, I too have combination oil so I will be trying the oil combination you’re doing. I have a question for you though. Do you use any kind of moisturizer in the morning before applying your makeup? Thank you! -Julia

  4. Nichole

    I have been using the ocm for almost three weeks now. The weather here has been very cold and dry and I have noticed my skin has become dryer and I am still dealing with breakouts (per my skin adjusting) it seems like my skin is getting worse with the dryness which I am sure is partly from the cold dry winter air. Is there something I could add to my oil blend to help with my break outs and dry patches? I haven’t tried switching up my oil blends just yet but I am currently using castor oil and avacado oil. I feel like giving up but I know I shouldn’t. Any suggestions are helpful!

  5. jessie

    It is suggested to not wet your face before applying oil. Since oil and water do not mix, it will not be as effective. Also my favorite oil to use is Hemp oil/Hemp seed oil. It is the closest related to your body’s natural oil. Works great! Good article – thanks!

    • Dee

      I am a bit confused? One step says to wet a washcloth and apply to face for a few seconds, but your saying its recommended not to wet your face? Your face will get wet with the washcloth.

  6. Erin

    I cannot wait to try this! Question though….do you use a homemade moisturizer for the daytime? I currently use Philosophy skin care products during the day but I don’t want to confuse my skin!

  7. Jayde

    HELP. I have been doing the oil cleansing for about 2-3 weeks now. I use 20% castor to 80% sunflower oil for my combination skin. I would now class myself to have oily skin! I have been honey cleansing in the mornings, using toner and then sweet almond oil with vitamin e as my moisturizer, then OCM at night. Why has my skin gone crazy with oil production? Do I add more castor and just keep pushing through? I’m getting forehead bumps and on my chin.. feeling very oily during the day as of 2 weeks in…….

  8. MommyAlpha

    I have only been using the Citrus Clear Face Wash product for 10 days, but have had remarkable results. I actually noticed a difference after the first 3 days. My skin is smoother and clearer. I am so happy. Something that works and doesn’t cost a fortune.

  9. I’ve read about starting with mineral oil. Have you heard of anyone using that, and if so, what do you think?

  10. Julie

    Hi – I started the OCM in October and love it. I can tell such a difference, just wish I would have started 10 years ago!! I was told to use castor oil and organic olive oil. I noticed you have olive oil crossed off the list of recommended oils. I am curious as to why? Wondering if I will have better results if I try something different! Please let me know.

  11. Chloe

    I usually wash my face with a store bought cleanser or facial cleansing wipes every second day when I don’t have a shower and when I do have a shower, I’ll use wipes to remove my makeup before going in and I’ll use a cleanser in the shower. I want to start using the ocm, so what should I do on shower days? Could I just use a regular cleanser then, because you said that your skin wouldn’t know how to deal with that? Also, if I use it for a while, could I still switch back to a traditional cleanser if I’m not happy with the results?

  12. Emily

    Hello! I was wondering why you crossed out olive oil from the oils you listed? Is it not good for ocm?

    • Dee

      You dont want to use kitchen oils due to them actually clogging your pores.

    • Nadine

      You should not use olive oil because it is comedogenic, that means it may clog your pores and exacerbate blackheads. (Like she wrote above)
      That is exactly what my skin-doctor in Germany told me year ago, better don’t use any products with olive oil for your skin.

  13. OdaLisa Nelson

    So if you don’t use this method every night or day, how do you cleanse your face between times?

  14. mansy

    Girls as much as I love to promote oil cleansing or our anything for that matter it is as with anything “not for everyone”
    It is true that certain oils and oil combinations will feel beneficial on.some people’s skin and not others and short of sounding like a nag I would recommend getting a qualified aromatherapist to mix up your skincare if adding EOs
    A wee note: Olive oil works perfectly fine on the skin and not just in the kitchen… In face almost all carrier oils used with the right amounts all have therapeutic benefits.
    And “jojoba oil” is the closest to the skin own natural sebum.
    (exercise caution when applying essential oils especially to the face)

  15. Ree

    I am a 20 year old south Asian female with visible facial hair all over my face. Will castor oil make it thicker and darker and encourage further growth, while using the OCM?

  16. Ashlee

    Good post. I started researching about this oil cleansing method about a month ago, and started doing it. I’m doing it now with the castor oil and olive oil. I haven’t had problems with the olive oil, but thinking about switching that for the sweet almond oil instead! Also I was doing the whole towel under the hot water and then leaving it on your face at first, but then I read that steaming your face is very bad for it just like taking a hot shower isn’t good for your skin neither. So now I just use the towel under warm water and gently wipe the oil off and its been working better. :)

  17. Tarrah

    What is the best way to wash the washcloths used for the OCM?

    • Trisha

      I use microfibre cloths for the best removal of the oil and they don’t seem to get gunky just throwing them in the wash with regular laundry. After a few months, I throw them in hot water with dish soap to remove build up and they feel good as new. Hope it helps!

  18. Rachel

    Is it okay to pair the OCM with a natural sulfur based face wash?

  19. Rachel

    Is it okay to pair OCM with a natural sulfur based face wash for the nights you don’t have time/want to do the OCM?

    Thank you!

  20. Rachel

    Is it okay to pair OCM with a natural sulfur based face wash for nights your don’t have time/want to do the OCM?

  21. Sara

    Hi, I’ve been doing OCM for about 2 week now and I love it though I am breaking out a little. I want to try hemp seed oil in my mix however this has to be kept in a cool place aka fridge. If I blend it with other oils for OCM does this mean I have to keep it cooled in the fridge? Or if its mixed it should be fine in room temp?

  22. Debbi meredith

    Hi,I’ve been using the ocm for 2 weeks now. Started off using sweet almond oil with es oils to wash every morning and night ( while waiting for my unrefined coldpressed tamanu,macadamia nut and castor oil to come in) I just received my order and washed with 30% castor oil and 70% macadamia oil twice a day and rub in tamanu oil with my es oils on my hyperpigmintation. I noticed a couple of days ago my pores are all clogged up, all over, It’s bad! I then looked up “ocm clogging pores” and read countless horror stories one after the other of the same problem but so much worse. I usually have extreme oily skin but since starting ocm I have normal which I love!!! No more oil slick face, but all these clogged pores (hundreds) can not be good. I was reading how all these women were getting cistic acne from their clogged pores and had to see dermatologist and be put on antibiotics, topical while taking up to 6 months to heal their usually occasional acne. Plese,do you have any advice for me and my clogged pores? I love not having a greasy face, but isn’t worth a face full of pimples that I can’t control. Btw, i love all your articles

  23. mary b

    I have used Cetaphil for oily skin in the past but wanted something to help mattify my skin better. I now use Citrus Clear’s Control Moisturizer – its thicker than what I had in mind for a facial lotion, but I don’t care because the product delivers what I need. It absorbs quickly and is a good primer before I apply my concealer and foundation. I stay shine free all day

  24. Megan

    I have been using the OCM for a bit now , most of my acne comes from within though. for the past six months I have been dealing with cystic acne on my jawline and cheeks. I am 23 and have never had acne before so I tried everything ! the ocm makes my skin so nice but I am still dealing with breakouts! I have dry sensitive skin but also oily in certain places I have been using 1tsp hazelnut 1tsp tamanu 1 tsp. avocado , 2 tsp. jojoba and 5 drops lavender. I am curious if this is too much oils or if you can use as many as you want ?

    Thanks so much for any feedback or experiences people can share !!!

  25. Erin

    I was skeptical of the oil cleansing method because my skin is prone to breakouts but IT WORKED!! I have dry skin and started with castor oil and jojoba. I sort of eyeball a 1:4 ratio. I’ve noticed that my pores are way less clogged and I get fewer breakouts…My skin also hasn’t been dry since! This is a miracle for me. I’ve tried every expensive cleanser/moisturizer/acne solution on the market but this is the best! I’m even delaying my facial appointments because my skin has been so nice. It totally makes sense that I’ve been stripping my skin with all the pricey/chemical-y products and they killed my skin!! (For reference, I’m in my early 30’s with fair, sensitive skin with pink undertones, dry skin, acne prone).

    I’m nervous to wander from my current oil regimen but I’m wondering if I can get even better results- any recommendations? Also, has anyone tried natural moisturizers that they can recommend?

  26. Samantha

    If you use castor oil,coconut oil, and almond oil as your ocm, which are known to increase hair growth, will the castor oil and coconut oil increase the growth and length of unwanted hairs on face?


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