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  1. Kim

    Ok, today is day 1 of the OCM. I am 42 and I still get mild acne but have been using salicylic acid based products (proactive, neutrogena, etc), diuretic for keeping hormonal cystic jaw line break outs under control and buying all the “spa” cleansers. I have had it. Last night I prepped with the blackhead baking soda wash, this morning honey wash (much to my surprise my skin felt great all day ) Now I mixed 1/3 of castor oil, jojoba oil & tea tree oil. I feel like I just stepped out of a spa! I have to admit I am a bit hesitant and hope this doesn’t horribly backfire. Based on majority of the comments, I might have success. I told my local holistic store owner and she can’t wait to see how it goes. Soooo I can’t wait to see what happens. I live on O’ahu on the beach but we have a lot of salt & moist air. Wish me luck!

    • asdpasokd

      you always find people with acne use proactive and neutrogena, and/or salicylic products. there’s a reason they’ve still got acne. if you are not willing to find what it is in your diet that causes the acne then the only solution is topical drugs (precription). all the oil and natural remedies will not help, only give temporary radiance to the skin

      • carlito

        Sir ung Olive Oil po ba na ginagamit na pang tanggal scars ay ung pang Cooking oil??eto ba ung Olive Oil
        eto po # ko 09167337640 at 09498088656

        Many tnx po sa reply..Hirap po kc ng my scars tnx po

    • Tiffany

      Hi Kim,
      It sounds like we have similar skin. Sensitive, easily breaks out, aging (just turned 37!), very dry in the winter, oily in the summer. How has your skin been doing? What are your thoughts on the Tamanu oil? (not sure how much to add here either – suggestions anyone?)
      Thanks and take care,

    • Kieri

      Hi Kim!! It’s been a couple weeks, how has OCM worked for you?

  2. KittyJules

    Upfront: I haven’t read posting or comments yet. Just saw so many references to site I’m jumping in with question first because I must go to bed! Which is my problem. The recommendations I have seen all say to use OCM at night time. Here are my issues: The pores on my nose are large and oily, but only occasionally have a whitehead. I also have red bumps on my lower cheek/jawline and my chin which would probably become whiteheads if I left them alone. I am 49 and through menopause. I’m also a picker (blush-hardest thing to admit). Problem is if I feel any kind of bump on my skin I have to pick. This is a problem from last 2 years, and I have horrible scars now. Currently I have several open sores on my chin area that I’m desperate to heal. Then going forward I would like to take better care of my skin, going natural. Now, other horrible problem, which relates to the using of OCM at night time. I sleep with a C-Pap mask on. I’m not sure what if any affect putting the mask on after washing (OCM) will do to my skin. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions to help me make the best decisions? Thanks so much for your help!

  3. Alex

    I just started using OCM a few days ago, and so far so good! The only thing I’m a little worried about is frequency, I guess. I’m an athlete and a student, and several times a week I go right from practice to shower to class, so I’ll sometimes wash my face more than once a day. Is it ok to use OCM twice in a day?

    • carlito

      Sir ung Olive Oil po ba na ginagamit na pang tanggal scars ay ung pang Cooking oil??eto ba ung Olive Oil
      eto po # ko 09167337640 at 09498088656

      Many tnx po sa reply..Hirap po kc ng my scars tnx po

    • brittany

      I don’t see why not. You might need to adjust the castor oil down a bit so your face doesn’t dry out from over-cleansing. (On the other hand, if you have super-oily skin, you might need more castor oil to combat the oiliness)

  4. Christina Sequeira

    Hi there,

    Doing a little research after learning about oil cleansing on another blog. I noticed the list of your Good Oil Cleansing Varieties that Olive Oil is crossed out and the is a note at the bottom of the list with regards to not using coconut oil as a cleansing oil. Are both oils unfit to use as cleansing oils? I ask because I am considering this method but with all of the info on the internet it gets quite confusing as to the best oils to use for this method.

    Thanks very much for your help!

    Christina Sequeira

    • Logan Russell

      I use both oils. Coconut oil in the summer and olive oil in the winter. But I do use coconut oil to remove my makeup. Just depends on your personal preferences and how your skin reacts to it. Just keep in mind that diet can affect hormones which can affect how your skin reacts to the ingredients you use.

    • brittany

      Christina, I used oilve for quite a while, but my skin was still broken out. The olive is just not gentle enough or cleansing enough for my skin, and i think a lot of people feel the same.

  5. Kelly

    I would really like to begin doing the Oil Cleansing Method, but is it really necessary to use a washcloth each time? As of now, when I was my face, I either let it air dry or use a paper towel as I don’t have a washing machine. It will honestly be too difficult for me to use a new washcloth each night. Can I just use warm water to rinse my face and open my pores?

    • Anne


      I haven’t tried OCM yet, just reading about it, but regarding washcloths, I suggest buying a couple dozen to have for daily use if you can’t do laundry every week (I have loads of them myself, as I use one at night to wash my face and another in the shower). Sounds like the cloth is the best way to steam and remove the oils. Good luck!

    • michelle

      perhaps cotton disposable face cloths. there is a 500pk for $22 on amazon.

  6. Kylee

    I summoned up enough courage to give the OCM a go, and so far it hasn’t agreed with my skin. I did notice the first two nights it made my skin soft & supple, but it came with an unwanted army of tiny pimples that are peppered all over my face :/ it looks awful! I’ve been using a ratio of 2/3 grapeseed oil & 1/3 castor oil w/ a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. I’ve only used this method for about 4 days, but I’m pretty terrified to continue the regimen. Tips or feedback, anyone?

    • Logan Russell

      You might have a sensitivity to either of the oils or the mixture of oils. Maybe trying just one oil for a few weeks and monitoring your skin and gradually adding 1 oil at a time might help pinpoint which is the offending oil causing the reaction. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, mixing tea tree and castor oil might be causing your pores to dry out and causing the breakout. And some people have reported the skin getting worse for as long as 30 days before the skin got better, that’s typically for people that have acne prone skin.

    • I had the tiny red bumps after trying a blend with grapeseed oil, try another blend.

  7. Logan Russell

    I’ve been doing the OCM going on 2 years. I have combination skin and on top of that I have sensitive skin and have always had constant mild acne. The castor oil is too drying for my skin to be used in combination with a carrier oil but great for spot treatment for wrinkles and age spots. I like to use organic coconut oil (tropical traditions) on a cotton pad to remove my makeup and repeat until the cotton pad no longer shows makeup residue. I then rub cold pressed organic olive oil on my face and lay a hot wash cloth on my face for 1 minute, rerun wash cloth under hot water and lay cloth on my face for another 60 seconds, and lightly wipe my face clean. I have to stress the lightly wiping because if you’re too vigorous when wiping the oil off it can damage your skin as well as leave it with a very dry striping effect or leave your skin inflamed. Both coconut and olive oil are great moisturizers. I’ll be honest it took 3 weeks for my skin to be completely clear, and another several months to stop mindlessly touching my face or resting my face in my hands without washing my hands prior. You just don’t realize how much stuff you touch in a day. I do switch my oils as needed, winter is olive oil because it is so dry out here and in the summer I just use coconut oil.

  8. Carol

    Good Morning

    I’m thrilled to have discovered your website…..SMILE. Now, at the risk of embarrassing myself with this question; can I use just one of the suggested oils to cleanse my face? Or do you recommend the mixing of three oils? I’m a little confused…..
    But, I’m so anxious to try

    Thank you

    • Amanda

      I think it is best to use at least two oils. Most sites/articles will always have castor oil listed as an option because of its astringent qualities – but this alone can dry out your skin, so some people recommend mixing it with another oil like jojoba, olive or grapeseed, which are more nourishing. If your skin can handle just one oil alone, then go for it. Everyone’s skin is different so you just have to find what works best for you.

  9. Cindy

    Hi! Sorry if I missed something in this blog and posts BUT why is olive oil crossed out? Is it TOO thick? :) Thanks! I am in Colorado where skin cracks off and am going to try this.

  10. Tasha Pedro

    Hi there, I’m very interested to start the oil cleansing method but have heard that it shouldn’t be used daily, what would you use to cleanse your face on the days that you are not using the OCM? Also, What is the reason that you shouldn’t use coconut oil?
    Thanks in Advance

  11. Andrea

    I have oily skin so I was planning on trying the castor oil and grapeseed oil, but could I add tamanu oil to my oil mixture? If so, what would be your recommended ratios for the three oils and what size bottle? Thanks so much!

  12. Liz

    I’ve been using OCM for about 2 or 3 weeks now…lost count and I LOVE IT!! My face has never looked this good. Even my boyfriend comments on how clear my skin looks. My question though is can you use a serum or retinol cream with the OCM. I’m still trying to work out my routine. Right now I use the oily skin recipe with olive and castor oil with a few drop of tea tree oil for acne. I have been wanting to try a hyloronic acid serum though with a thick anti wrinkle cream at night though. I am only 22 but it’s never too early to worry about wrinkles. Would it be ok if I added the serum and cream? Would it actually do anything for my skin since I usually have a small layer of moisturizing oil on my skin afterwards. Thanks for any help with this.

    • Alex

      Hi Liz,

      If you’re concerned about wrinkles you may try to add Wild musk Rose oil to your daily routine. It also helps with acne scars.

  13. jasmine

    Should the OCM be done everyday? If not, how would you recommend I cleanse my face on “off” days?

  14. Taylor

    I’ve been using the ocm for about a week now, and I love how soft my face is, but i’m still breaking out. My face is combination (very oily, yet pretty dry in certain areas) and has always been prone to mild acne. I’ve been using about 75% tamanu oil and about 25% castor oil. I really want to keep using the ocm because I believe in it, but I really want this acne to go away! Should I adjust my oil percentages? And about how long does it normally take for acne to clear up? Thank you!

  15. Katrina C

    I feel like I have to share my story. I first saw this post about two years ago and I laughed. I’ve suffered from moderate to severe cystic acne since I was 12 years old. I have had acne so bad that I was almost hospitalized for it once. It took me awhile to figure it out, but my acne was hormonal. I would have these vicious breakouts while on my period and it took me a month to get rid of them and then the cycle continued.

    Almost immediately after starting YAZ birth control I was almost acne free (with the daily use of topical acne meds). But sadly, I had to stop taking yaz because it caused me heart problems and rapid hair loss. So here I was a desperate 27 year old, face full of acne with very thin hair and heart problems. On top of that, my topical acne meds were aging my face and my acne scars were worse than ever. It caused me so much sadness. Then I read this article and decided I had nothing to lose.

    I’m going to be completely honest. The oil cleansing method is a pain in the butt at first. I almost gave up like 10 times, but I’m glad I didn’t. If you have acne like mine, what you just read is not going to work for you. The reason: Everyone’s skin is different. You have to go through trial and error like a boss to find out what works, but when you find it, you will glow like never before.

    I started out using olive oil and castor oil because they were the only oils I had on hand. DERRP. Don’t do that. And don’t even think about coconut oil, no matter how much it is touted as a holy grail. After a few days of using castor oil and olive oil, I went to the store and got grapeseed oil. I can’t remember my exact measurements, but I mixed it with a little bit of tea tree oil and I would spot treat with tea tree if I had breakouts. It really didn’t work, but somehow it was still manageable. My skin hurt for the first month. And then about at the second month, it just stopped working. So I caved and decided to use my topical acne meds. It actually worked for awhile, but I still wasn’t happy. After a few months of that regimen, my skin was really dry. So I eliminated tea tree oil. I changed my mixture of grapeseed and castor oil like 20 times. But I just wasn’t happy. I was still breaking about and my pores were huge. It was at this time that I found out my insurance would no longer cover my topical acne meds. I had a complete and utter breakdown. I was thinking about buying proactive, yeah I just went there. Then one day, I took a deep breath and decided I would do some research about oils and alternative acne treatments.

    First thing I found, castor oil is most effective when it’s brand spanking new. I had a massively huge bottle of castor oil that I had for a year or two when I started OCM. I went out and bought a small bottle of castor oil. Something about this really worked. I also bought some jojoba oil. I stopped doing a mixture in a bottle, because sometimes my skin would be oily and sometimes my skin would be super dry. Instead I would squirt a small bit of castor oil and jojoba oil in my hand, depending on how my skin was doing that day. Without my acne meds, I still had acne, but it didn’t sting like it normally did. I think that’s because of the jojoba. Then I decided it just felt weird to wake up and not clean my skin. So I did OCM 2x a day, which is normally not recommended. It really worked for me for some reason. Then I read about brewers yeast. This stuff is amazing for acne, both internally and externally. I mixed some brewers yeast in grapefruit juice and drank it about once a day for a month. WOW. It really seemed to clear up a lot, but I still had some small breakouts around my mouth. It was then that I found a topical over the counter acne gel called acnevir that has sulfur and some other natural acne killing ingredients. It is very mild.

    So a year later, this is my method. Castor oil as a carrier oil with jojoba, that I mix in my hand depending on how my skin is doing that day, but it’s normally half and half. I use REALLY hot water, as hot as I can make it (be careful here kids). Afterwards I use a witch hazel toner and acnevir. I do this twice a day. And I’ve gotten to the point where I use brewers yeast once a week, because it gives me a little stomach ache sometimes and also because it’s gross :) It also works as a exfoliant and if you leave in on with the oil for a few minutes it makes your skin glow.

    The last time I had a whitehead was like six months ago. My acne scars? Almost gone. My pores are super small. I used to have a nose full of blackheads and they are almost all gone now. I have lost about 5 years off my face. Wrinkles have diminished. I have some natural acne sometimes, during my period, but very very minor.

    So overall, I would give OCM 9 out of 10 stars. For those that truly suffer from acne, it’s not for the faint of heart. It requires months of trial and error, but once you find your groove you will be very happy with the results.

    A few things here, I’d like to add. YES, You can use acne meds with this method. I don’t recommend quitting cold turkey if you have cystic acne or even moderate acne. Be careful. Also, a lot of people have asked how they can not waste water as much. I use a tea kettle and fill er up. Just be careful not to make it too hot. I wait until it starts making that crackling noise and then let it sit for a little bit.

    I hope this wasn’t too TL;DR. I just had to share my success story.

    Crunchy Betty, thank you so much for this article. You are the only person who has ever truly helped my with my acne.

    <3 Katrina

  16. Laurie

    Hi everyone ! I’m new to the OCM (about a week in) I have combination skin and the odd breakout (sometimes around my mouth) I’m using 2/3 Castor and 1/3 jojoba. I haven’t experienced any breakouts from the oil so far but I’m noticing I’m a tad dry still so I plan on lessening the castor. But my question how well should I be rinsing the oil off of my face at night? I have been leaving it fairly oily only because I feel dry in the morning (all I do is rinse with water in the morning) should I switch carrier oils or begin an oil moisturizing regimen? Will cutting down on the castor fix this problem? Sorry for all the questions :) but thanks !

  17. Elisabeth

    I’ve been using OCM for about 3 weeks, almost 4. My skin has definitely cleared up! No more uncontrollable breakouts, no more deep cysts, not even really many white-heads. However I still have acne, like small bumps, ALOT of them, and a lot of blackheads. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for these things, as well as some good acne-scar remedies? Thanks so much! (:

    • Isabel

      Hi Elisabeth

      I(32 years old) also did the oil cleansing for three months now. Oil mixture that suits my skin best is 1:1 grapeseed and apricot kernel. I use two to three drops of jojoba oil as moisturiser. Still had breakouts, although the OCM made my skin look and feel better. I eliminated wheat(gluten) from my diet and skin got a little better, but still had bad hormonal acne around my jawline. The past three days I started to eliminate all diary from my diet. Wow! In just three days my skin is almost cleared up! Just old scars and sores, but no new blackheads or cysts! It is now my opinion that diet plays a huge role in adult acne, no matter what doctors and dermatologists suggest…

  18. Laurie

    I’m now noticing my face is becoming really dry and flaky. Is it the amount of castor I’m using (2/3 castor 1/3 jojoba) or do I need a different carrier oil? I have combo skin so I’m not really sure what to use. I was planning on trying sunflower but I really want to use up the jojoba first. Should I do a 2/3 jojoba and 1/3 castor instead? Please help ! I am not loving how my skin looks so far !

    • brittany

      Laurie, Your ratios are off. try using 1/3 castor and 2/3 jojoba. But you can always continue to decrease the castor (that’s the drying agent).

      • Laurie

        Thanks !! Can I ask what you do in the morning in terms of cleansing your face? I wake up slightly dry so I rinse with warm water in the shower then I’ve been rubbing a drop or 2 of jojoba between my palms and rubbing it on my face.. maybe I won’t need to do this once I adjust my ratios?

        • brittany

          Laurie, I don’t do anything in the mornings. When i first wake up is when my face looks/feels the best, so i only do OCM every night. The couple of drops of jojoba thing is what i did for the first month, though, while my face was adjusting. Try 1/4 castor oil in your mix first. Then, in a few weeks, if your face is oily, use more castor. If your face is dry, use even less. You might also look into hempseed oil as it is really great for dry skin. The key to OCM is to allow yourself a couple months to adjust BUT also keep playing with your ratios until you are happy. I hope that helps!

          • Laurie

            That’s all really helpful ! Normally my skin is combo but winter doesn’t help with the dryness. I also started exfoliating with baking soda cause of the flakiness I’m experiencing. So hopefully that helps. Thanks so much I appreciate it :)

  19. jacki

    I started using the OCM almost a year ago, and I have to say it is the best thing I have ever done! I have struggled with acne since I was 12 years old, I’m not 29. I have tried everything under the sun in the past and nothing worked. I used to be so embarrassed from my skin and nothing I did ever helped. I used Biore ice cleanser for a few years and it was the closest thing to “working” that I have found, until I tried OCM! It literally changed my skin, and my life! I feel great, I have had maybe 5 pimples over the last year…if that! People comment on how great my skin looks and when I tell them I use oil they seriously think I am lying! It sounds scary but it is so worth it! I will never go back to normal “cleansers” again!

  20. Blanca

    When you put the washcloth under hot water, do you strain it before putting it on your face?

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  22. kellilicious

    I have been using the oil cleanse method for over a year now. I am 39 yrs old but most people think i’m in my late 20′s. Ive always had dry/combo skin that would be oily by the end of the day- especially my forehead and chin. My makeup would never last or look fresh for long. I had sporadic break-outs on my chin, mostly hormonal acne. I was a bit apprehensive to try this method, but went for it due to this article. Since I have dryer skin, I used a ratio of 1 part castor oil to one part jojoba and one part avocado oils. I have never been happier with my skin! It feels so soft! I don’t get the random dry , peeling patches anymore and I have virtually no wrinkles. My skin stays nice and plump throughout the day and my make up stays on all day now! I don’t get home with my eyeliner having slid down to my cheeks anymore and my foundation stays put. I don’t even need to use a setting powder anymore or blotting papers. It has not aggravated my acne on my chin, if anything it’s better. I pre-mix my oil beforehand in a plastic container I bought at the drug store and keep it by the sink. I cleanse every night with this method and still follow up with a night cream/moisturizer. I definitely save money too as the oils cost far less than my pricey washes I was buying. I highly recommend this method!!

  23. Ann

    I’m fairly new to this “crunchy” thing. I’m doing the no poo shampoo method AND the oil cleansing. I’ve gone through every facial cleanser known to help with my combination, aging skin to no avail, including doing at home chemical peels. I’m sick of spending the money on over-priced ineffective products. Anyway, my questions (to anyone really) are:

    1) is it normal to have dry, flaky skin near my hairline that typically was always oily?
    2) is it normal for my sporadic acne spots to “scab”? Gross!
    3) I’d really like to help the wrinkles around my deep set eyes any suggestions on either oil cleansing combos or essential oils I could add? My oils now 4 days in are castor, avocado, and evening primrose.
    4) is it overkill to cleanse in the morning? I’ve been only cleansing at night since I haven’t been wearing make up and using only water in the mornings.

    I appreciate any help thanks!

  24. Julia Broeders

    I’m sorry to be SUCH a detail person . . . I try to use it as a tool and not a weapon . . . LOL . . . but what is a carrier oil? And what makes it a carrier oil? And is there a specific ‘grade’ of oil that should be used . . . like some oils are food grade while others are craft grade (soap, candles) . . . can I really use what I find at the grocery store? I’m very interested in trying this but don’t want to spend money on unhelpful products. Thanks so much! J.

  25. karen

    I am 49 and have been doing the OCM for 8 weeks now. Before I started, I still had to fight zits. Not since I started OCM have I had a single one! I usually use a much quicker method than most, about one minute total time, and my skin has never felt better! OCM and the use of Tamanu Oil and a few drops of castor oil for moisturizing has changed my life. Thank you, CB.

  26. Marie

    Hi there ! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful method. I had been expierencing a lot of break outs and over active sebum glands that let to a lot of bumps on my T zone and on my chine area. I had tried numerous methods to remove them even got an RX from my doctor. that worked for one week and the following week they were right back where I had last seen them. To make a long story short I started searching for methods to stop my over active sebum glands and I found this website. I am on my 4th day of the oil cleansing and I have to say ITS A TOTAL LIFE CHANGING EXPIERENCE ! Haha yes that serious for me, because I’ve been dealing with this problem for such a long time. From the first night I tried it I did say this is crazy but it must be worth it. I woke up the next morning and I felt and saw my skin with such a glow and reduced bumps on my face, and I haven’t seen a break out yet! I’m using 1:1:1 ratio of castor, jojoba, and tea tree oils. So far my skin feels and looks moistarized but at times can feel a little tight, not sure if it’s the tea tree oil.

  27. Marie

    Hi there ! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful method. I had been expierencing a lot of break outs and over active sebum glands that led to a lot of bumps on my T zone and on my chine area. I had tried numerous methods to remove them even got an RX from my doctor. that worked for one week and the following week they were right back where I had last seen them. To make a long story short I started searching for methods to stop my over active sebum glands and I found this website. I am on my 4th day of the cleaning and I have to say ITS A TOTAL LIFE CHANGING EXPIERENCE ! Haha yes that serious for me, because I’ve been dealing with this problem for such a long time and stress didn’t help as well. From the first night I tried it I saw results, I woke up the next morning and I felt and saw my skin with such a glow, reduced bumps on my face and I haven’t seen a break out yet! I’m using 1:1:1 ratio of castor, jojoba, and tea tree oils, I did do Betty’s method of 1 1/2 castor 1 1/2 jojoba and so on but I felt it was too much oil so I’m just using a tsp of the oils and a drop of the tea tree. Still trying to find the right ratios for me but still the oils, it’s doing it’s thang! So far my skin feels and looks moistarized but at times can feel a little tight, not sure if it’s the tea tree oil. Overall I am enjoying this method very much I feel like I’m getting my early twenty glowy (I am only 26) haha skin back and I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend this method to anybody! It’s pricey but instead of spending money on highly expensive facial products that will irritate your skin more, and let’s not for get age it by stripping it, (beauty industry have to continue making money some how right they say “let’s put more stripping agents”) save that money and give this method a try !

    • Stephanie

      I tried that same ratio tonight for my first OCM. It seems i have the same skin you do. So glad it’s working for you, gives me hope! I bought Argan oil to use a moisturizer later once i work out the ratios for my skin. Hope it continues to go great!

  28. sheryl

    I only have wheat germ oil. Used it as ocm every night. Rinse with warm water and that’s it. I feel great. But I need your comment about wheat germ oil. Thanks.

    • Tess

      Wheat germ oil is very comedogenic, so I’d be wary about using it. If it works for you though, that’s great!

  29. Wendy

    Hi there! After reading articles and testimonials about OCM, i gave it a try last night. I used oil cleansing method for the first time and i used 1/2 part castor and 1/2 part olive oil and i can feel that my blackheads were removed upon massaging my face.I tried Virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer. This morning when i woke up i found my face with little red bumps and with zits on some on it all over my face particulary the T zone. I think it was where the blackheads were removed. Is it normal to have that since it was a first time? Or shouldnt use the coconut oil?or lessen the amount of castor?.waiting for any suggetions..thanks for the help!

    • Maja

      Both olive oil and coconut oil can be comedogenic, so if you have acne-prone skin it could be a good idea to try using other oils. You could for example try jojoba, grapeseed or almond oil for both cleansing and mosturizing.

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  31. Katja

    If I use the OCM at night time, what should I use in the morning? Only water? or should I use the OCM in the morning?

  32. Katja

    If i use the OCM at night time, what should i use in the morning? Only water? or should I use the OCM in the morning and not at night time? or both?

  33. Julie

    Recipe for women over 50 with acne prone skin? Would be much appreciated. =)

  34. Stephanie

    Do i really use 3 tsp of combined oil for every cleansing? I could only fit 2 tsp in the palm of my hand. Yikes! It seemed more than enough for my face. Any tips? I used 1 tsp of Castor oil and 1 tsp Jojoaba oil. My face feels amazing and i want to continue this but jojoaba is not cheap :) Thanks all for your help!

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  36. Tendayi

    Can someone please help me with which oil I can use in the place of hempseed oil as any form of hemp is illegal in my country?

  37. Amanda

    Hello : ). Do you know if just plain old hemp oil would work as a cleanser? Every oil I tried… and I tried a lot…. seemed to make me breakout/dry out, even after weeks of use. I also get sebhorreic dermatitis on my scalp which started getting worse. When I looked it up, I read that every oil except for hemp oil can cause a worsening of seborrheic dermatitis. So I switched to hemp oil about 6 weeks ago and that issue did get better, however I still find myself getting zits here and there. I have some tea tree oil laying around that I was thinking of adding. Do you think hemp oil isn’t a good cleanser or that I just need to add more oils to the mix? I have such sensitive skin, I’m scared to add much else. I also read that hemp oil is a 0 on the comedogenic scale, which is great for me. I’m also noticing it’s not moisturizing my skin enough unless I put it on my body 2-3 times a day. Could this be an adjustment period? Or do you think it’s just not strong enough! Thanks in advance for answering my 500 questions!

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  39. Agnese

    How do you wash the washcloth? I just put it in my washing machine with other towels Mine gets really hard afterwards and it feels like the oil is still in it… :(

  40. Joe

    I’ve been using the OCM for a few months and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done to my face! I still don’t have the radiance that some report (most likely due to my less than balanced diet) but my acne and redness have almost completely dissipated.

    The problem I’m having is creating a convenient face wipe that doesn’t make my skin freak out: I go to the gym in the evenings after work. In order to remove my make up I tried tons of brands of face wipes: all of which dried out my skin and caused breakouts that the OCM did such a great job of abolishing.

    I thought a DIY solution would be a fast find, so I tried the recipes all over Pinterest which typically included coconut oil some type of soap. The coconut oil clogged up my pores while the soap dried out the skin worse than before.

    I tried using my daily oil blend on a wipe (castor, almond, and tea tree) but quickly realized leaving oil on your face and then sweating up a storm does not happy skin make.

    So now I’m a bit stumped: Does there exist a fast, convenient, travel friendly way to remove my makeup in a gym locker room with out freaking out my pores? Has anyone tried to create one with any success? Assistance is greatly appreciated on this one. Thanks!

  41. Nat

    I have very oily acne prone skin and started the oil cleansing method about 2 weeks ago & I LOVE IT! I have been using proactive for the last several years as I could just not find anything that would combat my acne. I always wanted to get away but every time I tried my acne just came back worse – finally I’ve found something that’s given me the confidence to completely get rid of my nasty proactive stuff!

    I use this method every night and use a natural cleanser in the morning as I’m not prepared to use just water in the mornings yet – is this a good idea? I use a cleanser by the brand Elemental Herbology which I love & I use tea tree oil from the body shop as a spot treatment if needed. The oiliness of my skin though continues to be a issue as I still get extremely oily a few hours into the day. Any recommendations or advise would be highly appreciated :)

    I’ve also made my own natural apple cider vinegar toner which seems to be working great too (except the smell!) which I use at night and I use a with hazel toner in the mornings. Cheers to nature!

  42. Joanna

    I have dry sensitive skin with moderate/severe hormonal acne. After trying multiple over the counter and Rx regiments with horrible results, I’m ready for something else! My sensitive skin responds best to natural products so I’ve decided to start the OCM method! Honestly, I’m rather nervous about starting. Part of me says, it probably couldn’t be worse but the experienced part of me says things can always get worse. Anyway, I’m thinking of starting with a 1/3 Castor, 1/3 Camellia, 1/3 Grapeseed or Jojoba once a week. Can anyone suggest or comment on what might be best for my skin? Also, I was thinking of adding a touch of Pomegranate Oil or maybe Frankincense? Thanks!

  43. Chana

    Hi I’ve been using olive oil and castor oil but I was wondering if I can do a mixture of castor oil and tea tree oil? Is that a thing, like do people do that? Any info would be great thanks :)


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