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  1. megsy

    So I am wanting to try this, but im confused. Is it going to dry my oily skin out? Because I dont want to dry it necessarily, but cure my adult acne issues. I know my oily skin will help me from prematurely aging…dont wanna stop that!

    • Kay

      I had adult acne for a couple of years and had tried so many things. This is the only thing that actually made a difference. My skin isn’t perfect but it’s soooo much better and I can go out in just concealer now, I needed full war paint before! It will replenish your skin with clean oil and will not dry it out. Before bed I use a cotton pad after doing my OCM, with cool water to close my pores, then I add a tiny drop of oil and dab it on my skin to keep it moisturised. That’s it. All done. Def try it, and give it a week or two. I see it as my skin was bad anyway, if the adjustment gives me a couple more spots then I have them anyway. My patience paid off. Good luck, hope it works for you too

    • milla

      This will not dry out the skin! i have adult acne and have just started to use this. Wow i have had great results. i have done everything Proactive, accutane, teas, everything!! Tanda zap
      7000$ blue light laser therapy, skin peels….The crap they say will work birth control pills, rentin a.
      I get so mad when i think of all the money i have spent at some of the top dermatologists!!!
      No one has ever say to try something natural like oil. i have never liked oils and was told oils clog .

      This is the best thing that i have found to work and i discovered it on my own. Surfing the internet.
      Thx for this wonderful article.

      Ps i love jojoba oil but i read it is actually a wax.

      i use in my mix caster oil / jojoba oil / tea tree my skin is super oily and this combo has worked for me. does not over dry. I also put a drop of tea tree and rosehip after !!!

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  3. Natalie

    Great Post! I am really considering trying this method. I have tried everything to help with my skin, however I feel it is just getting splotchier and splotchier as I get older. I also have hormonal acne which is a huge bummer. I feel that nothing works so why not give this a shot. I was wondering if you could give any insight to the oil brands that you prefer? As a newbie to the OCM I want to make sure I am purchasing a reliable brand and I am getting what they say I am getting. I have to order offline, because I am really not close to any natural organic store…Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  4. dedicated oil user

    I’ve been using this method for over a year now. I’m almost 19 and my acne during high school was terrible. All the cleansers that I tried would either make it worse or work for about a month and then stop. When I found this method, I was totally skeptical but I was desperate and I’ve stuck to it and it’s worked this entire time. Sometimes I don’t even use it as a cleanser, but more like a moisturizer on the days that I exfoliate. The oil method has been the perfect solution!

  5. Lauren Turner

    I started the oil cleansing method this week!! Thanks for informing me of the benefits!!! I do have a question for you, though- do you dampen your face and hands a bit before rubbing in the oil? Or is everything dry when you put it on?

  6. Trina Hill

    Hi! I did OCM two summers ago. I used a castor/olive/argan oil mixture. I have a always had super shiny skin in the summer. It worked amazing to eliminate the shine! It cleared up the acne that had been on my chin for the last 10yrs. It also got rid of these annoying red bumps I always get on my forehead from using natural cleansers (not sure why that happens. No red bumps when I use the chemical stuff)…Only downside was the increase in black heads :$ So much so that I stopped doing it. Interesting that you mention not to use olive oil or coconut oil because they are comedogenic. I think I’ll give it another try and replace the olive with another oil you mentioned. Thanks so much for blogging about this.

  7. Monica

    Thank you I have been using your suggestions for less than a week and my skin is clearing up so well. I was afraid I was going to have to start using toxic stuff again to get rid of my zits. I am thrilled with the results and my skin feels amazing! Thanks for the breakdown you made it really easy to start.

  8. Thomas Skaalvik

    Loved this post. However, I would like to know if there are any difference between male and female skin since our hormones are different? And how would you account for that?

    • Gina

      I am new to making my own product so I want to ask if by “carrier oil” you mean the oils listed above? So….castor oil + one of the other oils listed in the proportions listed?


  9. Stephanie

    I like to use coconut oil as a moisturizer at the beginning of the day because it has small amounts of spf, so therefore I’m protecting my skin from the sun. Is this bad? I also use it as an eye-makeup remover at night. I trust that this cleansing method will get rid of makeup, but does that include eye makeup? Thanks!

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  11. Adele Buyze

    I have tried the Oil cleansing method for the past 3 weeks now. I have never had a problem with acne but have always had quite sensitive and dry skin. Since changing over my skin has become clearer and smoother, but it is excessively dry.
    I really need some help with suggestions!
    I inititally cut out Castor oil and using Avocado oil and Jojoba oil, after cleansing I have also been putting on extra moisturizer which is a combination of : Vit E oil, Beeswax, Avocado oil and natural unfragranced shea butter.
    It seems that the longer I am using this method the dryer and dryer my skin is becoming, now at the point where it is starting to hurt.
    I really do not want to go back to normal face wash and moisturizers. Please help!

    • Jessica

      Hi, I stumbled on this article, and use the oil cleansing method, and saw your comment, and I just thought I would mention two things that can help with keeping your skin from drying out. First, try using water that isn’t quite as hot as what you are using, and second, if you are using a microfiber cloth it’s absorbing too much oil, switch to a regular wash cloth. Hope this helps.

    • Barbara

      I read in another article online (at that too much Castor oil can dry the skin. The formula they recommend (for dry skin) is 10% Castor oil + 90% carrier oil (they recommend Sunflower Seed oil for the carrier oil). For balanced skin, 20% Castor oil, and for oily skin, 30% Castor oil.
      As already suggested, try having the washcloths hot but not scalding hot. Also, if needed, you can pat a few drops of oil onto your damp skin after using the wash cloth. Last, you don’t have to use this method every day; experiment with doing it less frequently and see if that’s better for your particular skin. Be well!

  12. Ingrid Marongiu

    I am vegan and don´t want to use any animal produce as castor oil. What can I use instead?
    Thanks for answering me!

  13. Ingrid Marongiu

    I am vegan and don´t want to use any animal product so what could I use instead of castor oil?
    Thanks for answering me

    • Use coconut oil, that’s what I use! I can honestly say this is the best my skin has ever been (without Roaccutane) and refraining from using any foundation at all – nature’s always the best.

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  15. You are supposed to leave your face dry. You don’t even have to take your makeup off first! :)

  16. Stephanie

    I’m having trouble finding the oils: castor, sweet almond or grapeseed. Where do you get yours? At a regular grocery store?

  17. Andrea S.

    I’m trying to switch to all natural products for skincare because I feel like my skin needs the change. I started a month ago with daily honey face masks (as a cleansing method)and my skin has cleared up so much, I used to have really angry hormonal chin acne and now it’s down to just scars and a couple blackheads. I still used cetaphil moisturizer afterwards but I noticed how much my skin improved from the honey that I want to go natural with everything. My actual question is what do you mean by “it takes a couple of weeks for your skin to get used to OCM”? Does skin react to it or it gets worse before it gets better?

  18. pev

    hi, i really want to try this method. if i do this method every night, what should i do in the morning? should i wash my face with soap or just splash it with water? thanks!!!!

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  20. Juliana

    Do you wash your face every morning and night either with the oil cleanser or another way, or do you leave it as is when you wake up? I guess putting makeup on top of an untouched face after sleep and oil production all night is strange to me…

  21. Sophie

    I’ve been using OCM for awhile now and it does help the oiliness. Just recently found out i’m diagnosed with Rosacea though. What is the best suggestions for the oil mix??? I’ve been doing research online, some say replace castor oil with grapeseed oil, and some say jojoba and olive oil are both good for Rosacea. Any suggestions pleaseeeee???

  22. selina

    How long does it take to remove the clogging and blackheads, I thought it was supposed to be immediate but my oils didn’t take anything out yet is been two washes. The clogging is hard sebum that comes out with a hard deep sqeeze, but I was trying to avoid that by starting the oil method. I use castor and hemp seed .

  23. Rachael

    I have my own version of OCM that is working for me. Right now the weather is extremely hot and humid here and my skin is producing so much oil! However, I have Rosacea and extremely sensitive skin, so being too harsh with a washcloth and hot water just makes things worse. I tried it for a few days and had much clearer pores, but I was also very red and my face was burning.

    So, I just get the water warm but not hot, get a washcloth wet and then press it gently on my face. I then massage a generous amount of nothing but pure emu oil on my face for at least 5 minutes, concentrating on my t-zone and chin. I then use the washcloth and warm water to very gently remove most of the oil and dirt from my face. After that, I wash the rest of the oil from my face with a gentle foaming cleanser with just my hands.

    My skin looks amazing! Not a single visible blocked pore and so smooth.

    I choose to not wear any makeup on my skin whatsoever and only use sunscreen (mineral only) if I know I’m going to spend more than 10 minutes in the sun. I absolutely hate the sun, so most days this isn’t an issue.

    I recommend this method for those with Rosacea.

    • breanna

      is pure emu oil good for acne/blackheads too? i do have sensitive skin but after my recent facial, my bumps worsen, similar to symptoms of rosacea .. so i need OCM to address my acne/blackheads and possibly rosacea..

  24. nmadd

    Hi, quick question!

    I’ve been using a toner that includes witch hazel for about as long as I can remember… and whenever I discontinue use, I get pimples. Will using a product like this interfere with the oil cleansing method, or will I be able to use both?


  25. Katie Stukel

    What about coconut Oil? I was really surprises it didn’t make the list!

    • amy

      coconut oil is comodegenic, meaning it wil absolutely 100% clog your pores, so stay away from it entirely! try castor oil & sweet almond oil instead, it works a lot better!

      • Tracy

        I use coconut oil and it works amazingly well for me. I’ve been using it for years and I’m 42 yrs old and don’t have even one wrinkle and my skin looks amazing.

  26. Rebecca Masters

    I first learned of this through your original post on the topic (and it was a perfectly FINE post! :)) and I can’t tell you how much I ADORE this method. Not only does it keep my skin clear and balanced, but there’s something soulfully lovely spreading oil on my face. Spa-like, sorta-kinda! Thanks for the great site!!

  27. nouha

    hey! I’ve been trying this and it worked GREAT…at first :/
    I used just almond oil first (didnt do much research just did what my sister did, as she gave me the idea)
    I was in a very hot and dehydrated area at that time.
    so when I came to india i felt the need to change the oils soo I USED COCONUT OIL WITH ALMOND OIL, I know big mistake.
    But now I’m using almond oil and castor oil.
    I kinda broke out alot since i came to india ( monsoon season)
    and then i felt the need to go backi to facewash which was a a big mistake and then I came back to OMC but im still breaking out :(
    my point is…do I need to change the ratio or something? Does the weather has any affect on OMC?

    last question. what should I do in the morning, if I’m doing OMC nightly?

  28. Emily

    Hi I have dreads and am currently using Dr. Bronners lavender soap to help keep my natural oils in check. I have had my dreads for about a year and was told that essential oil’s would help them form better and be good for my hair. Any way you can help me or point me in the right direction?

  29. Thank you for outing coconut oil! I’ve read so much about how moisturizing it is and yet whenever I’ve used it I find that my skin doesn’t react so well. I thought I was doing something wrong but now I’m just going to stick to using it in the kitchen :)

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  31. Mandy

    Can I use Avocado oil that has been centrifuge extracted?

  32. shelly

    Do you really leave the tap running from the time you start until the time you need the hot water? A running tap uses about 6 litres a minute which equates to 15 litres of water for your cleansing regimen.

    Why not try boiling a small amount and adding cold?

  33. Christina

    I didn’t see an answe to the question- are you supposed to do the oil method morning & night? If I wash with the oil method every night, or even every other night, how do clean in the am or the other nights? I have oily skin so I’m thinking I won’t need an additional moisturizer, but if my skin doe end up feeling dry, what oil do you apply after? Tea tree oil? Thanks for your help!

  34. Ruthers

    You say that one shouldn’t interchange this with shop bought cleansers but also that the oil method shouldn’t be done every night; so what should I use in between taking make up off with the oil?! Thanks x

  35. Heather

    I have been doing the OCM for a couple of weeks. It seems like most people use the OCM every other day or 2-3 times a week? How or what should I clean my face with on the days I don’t do OCM. Leslie says not to go back and use your old cleansers but I wear mineral makeup every day and can’t imagine just using water. I can’t seem to find any answer to this question. Can anyone help?

  36. Angela

    I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks and haven’t noticed a difference yet. I have combination skin and here’s my ratios: 1 Tbsp of castor oil, 3 Tbsp of sunflower seed oil, 1 tsp of vitamin E, 5 drops of lavender oil. I use it twice each time, once for cleansing and once for moisturizing. Both times I use a hot washcloth to clean it off, I’ll leave the washcloth on my face until it cools then clean off the excess. I don’t wear makeup and didn’t have a cleansing routine before so I didn’t really have a transition to get through. I also do this after my shower each night so my pores are nice and open.

    I’m not actually breaking out but my blackheads haven’t changed at all. I’d love for them to go away since I’ve had them for nearly 20 years (I’m 30 next spring). Each time I clean it looks like a lot of them have vanished but when I check the next morning they’re still there and just as bad as before.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to adjust my ratios or change how I’m cleaning? Have I just not given it long enough? Thanks for the help!

  37. beezelbub

    Didn’t see this addressed in the comments, so sorry if I missed it. But, will the OCM work on one’s back too? I assume it will, just wondered if anyone had tried it. Thanks for the excellent article!

  38. Danielle

    I have been using the OCM for about two weeks and LOVED it. My skin never looked better. At week three, it got extremely dry and tight feeling so I started using a 1:9 ratio of castor and jojoba. I have been using this for two days now and it’s still dried out around my nose, forehead and chin. What do you suggest doing to help this? If I don’t use the OCM every night to wash my face, how do I remove makeup? I have acne prone skin and started breaking out a little but I assumed it was because of the time of month and my skin going through the purge. Now the dryness is driving me nuts!! Help!!!

  39. cammie

    I love the method but I’m lazy when it comes to making the mixture. I found a product called Castor Vera Butter made by Heritage Store. The first 4 ingredients are Olive oil, Castor Oil , Cacao Butter, and Vitamin E. I must say it worked just as well as the home made mixture. So if your lazy like me give it a try. I got mine from the health food store. 2oz jar was 12 bucks but I recently found it on amazon for 7 bucks. A little goes a long way. A jar lasts me about 8 months, and I use it every night. I also wanted to ask why was Olive Oil stricken from the list of recommended oils?

  40. Shelby


    So I thought I’d leave my comment here just in case I could possibly help anyone!
    I have acne prone skin that breaks out very, very easily and scarring from using many different doctor prescribed products (including ProActiv which made my face 100% worse than it ever was).
    I was turned onto the oil cleansing method by researching a bit about natural cleansers after getting tired of the crap my doctors had given me.
    So I started the oil cleansing method! I started about a month ago and I am so in love. I use castor oil & jojoba oil to cleanse, an apple cider vinegar and water mixture as a toner, and then a homemade moisturizer consisting of jojoba oil, aloe, witch hazel, tea tree oil, lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, and possibly one other ingredient (I can’t remember – I was like a mad scientist in the kitchen making it).

    Since starting the OCM my face has reduced in redness, oiliness, and more severe breakouts. I was VERY hesitant to try this because my face does get oily fast and oil on oil scared me. But alas, my face is noticeably less oily during the day (all day!).
    I have since started to use the moisturizer (and I know I have started using way too many products in one but I am so impatient to finally have clear skin) and although my skin is clearing very slowly, this is the most it’s cleared in years.

    I’m still very, very new to this whole natural beauty product routine but it is 100$ worth the time, dedication, and money I’ve had to spend and I plan to continue with it!

  41. Unicorn

    With the OCM I’m wondering if you can just use one of the carrier oils without adding the castor oil?

  42. Jessica

    Hi there! I have perioral dermatitis any advice on if this is a good cleansing option and what oil might be good to use?

  43. Garrett


    I just started the OCM a few nights ago. So far so good. but my face feels tight and dry afterwards, and upon waking I’ve noticed that my face has produced much more oil than usual over the night. I’ve been applying my usual moisturizer (Neutrogena’s daily moisturizer for sensitive skin) about 15 minutes after cleansing to help alleviate the dryness.

    Any recommendations?

    My current oil ratio is 2 jojoba : 1 Castor
    I’ve been using about 1 teaspoon of oil all together for each session. Is more necessary?

    Thanks for the help!


  44. Rash

    I just started this routine. I have a couple of questions.

    A) What cleanser do you recommend when I need to wash my face the next morning after OCM?
    B) Are we supposed to use all the oil ( 3 tspn of Castor +jojoba oil mixture) at once, I mean is that the amount of oil I need to use to do the OCM? I actually used only half the quantity and it was sufficient, so I wanted to crosscheck if I need to use the full quantity at once.

  45. Brenda

    If castor oil is the most cleansing, how can this be since it is not the least comedogenic of oils. I’m confused, so please explain. Thanks!


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