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  1. Tracy

    I started getting interested in food – quality, that is – right after high school. Unfortunately, the popular info at the time was from Susan Powter (“Stop the insanity!”) and I delved deep into low fat vegetarianism… not good for a yet undiagnosed celiac eating lots of hearthealthywholegrains!

    Once I found that out, I moved to a more WAPF/traditional/paleo focus – good, natural foods, local if possible, as much from farmers as possible. I started making my own deodorant (coconut oil, starch and baking soda) years ago, and it’s never failed me (and I am much less smelly and sweaty now anyway). Also started using honey, sugar and oils on my skin… I figured if I cared so much about what went in my body, I’d better pay the same attention to what goes on it. Also started using baking soda and vinegar for almost all my cleaning.

    Finding your blog inspires me to keep going… laundry soap is my next challenge! Maybe getting rid of dish soap too and just using my castile – soap is soap, right? My busband (boyfriend/husband hybrid) is eyeing me sideways while I read your blog, bc he knows something else is going to change, and soon!

  2. T

    Seriously, you are such a huge inspiration to me. My mother has taught me to eat well and question food and its labels ever since I could remember, and Ive watched her struggle with convincing everyone around her how nothing is natural anymore, and Im really coming to understand all her suffering. Ive just recently gone gluten free and dairy free, and every day Im adding and subtracting foods from my diet from doing more research. The hardest part for me is being surrounded by people who look at you like youre fucking crazy when youre just trying to spread the knowledge, feeling like youve discovered a fascniating secret about health and why so many people suffer from illness when all they need to do is change their diet and become concious. Its like talking to a brick wall when youre talking to someone who just wants to call you a smelly hippy and stay in totaly denial. Ive recently had a severe problem with ovarian cysts and after getting nothing but a surgery and painpills to patch up the first problem and now with them getting twice as worse, I am convinced it is all the chemicals Ive ingested and been exposed to since I was a child and Im only 21 years old, I shouldnt have to worry about losing my ovaries so young. So I am on a mission that is only snowballing and I cannot explain what a relief it is to find a community that can teach me well and fight the good fight. Seriously, youre amazing.

  3. Ash


    I don’t even remember what got me wondering about quitting using shampoo but once I found your no poo article here things started to escalade (And boy oh boy I am GLAD they did) Just a few days ago I began using Baking Soda and ACV which as you know is a complete pain but hopefully the results are good… WELL I just couldn’t stop there–one day I spent well, literally, a DAY reading all the different articles here. Now look what you did! I have a list, an actual list written out that has all of my common household products, beauty products, pet products etc that are downright awful for me and my best feline friends. I wrote this list with a purpose: I am slowly filling in all the ways I can replace these chemical infested things that we as 21st century human beings have been raised to believe are necessary. So far my bathroom cabinet is wiped clean of chemicals and replaced with Coconut Oil, Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil AND the heavenly Thyme and Witch Hazel tincture. Already I can tell a difference–for once in my life my skin is thanking me (I think it would kiss me if it could) Seeing how much these things have made a difference I’ve moved on to COOKING at HOME ‘gasp’. I’m serious I’m actually cooking meals with organic/Non GMO ingredients. Soups for days in this home of mine. Next step?? my GARDEN.. I’m spending this winter planning my future garden which will house all these ingredients that I can use in my household and beauty products along with ingredients for my increasingly tasty soups. Crunch Betty you have absolutely inspired me I always knew I needed to change my devilish ways—you my friend have put the boot to my butt so to speak. I can’t even thank you enough. <3

  4. Polly Esther

    Over a year ago, a friend made a Facebook post about her adventures with OCM. She was always really smart, kind, beautiful (inside and out), and she’s a nurse in a PICU. So I thought, while part of me was only thinking Eww, why, I should look into this. So I started reading anything and everything I could find on Oil Cleansing.
    Then I decided to try it. What’s the worst that could happen, right?! After all, my skin is worse now, in my 30’s than it ever was as a teen. And, holy crunchy crap, it worked so well that my husband, who is totally adverse to anything even slightly “hippie”, tried it too. Although, he did so in secret for a while, because he’d given me such a hard time about it at first. I think my super soft, beautiful skin after a few weeks of OCM, convinced him.
    Then I kept reading (mostly this wonderful website, and a couple of others), wondering what other unnatural things I could replace in my life and get better, not to mention healthier, results. So I started replacing other bath/body products. It’s better for me, they work better, and, by golly, I am actually having fun making them.
    Not sure what I will try next, but I have an ever growing list of things to try. I can’t thank you enough! Crunchy Betty, you’re the bee’s knees!

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