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  1. So glad you posted this. I started reading more and more about this today and freaking out in my head about how best to protect my family (esp my little 2 y.o. girl!). So thank you for going to all the trouble of finding all of this information, and I’m so glad that cilantro and rosemary are on this list! Those are easy ones for me :)

  2. Oh Japan. I stopped looking at the pictures today because I am saturated. After making sure some family by marriage is alright, I just can’t read or look at anything else. It’s also really solidified my feelings about nuclear energy and I really don’t care what kind of bull they are going to try to feed us about it being “clean and green.”

    I’m not worried about being exposed to radiation from Japan since I live on the East Coast, BUT I also live in a city that doctors have said is having an “epidemic” of thyroid cancer because in a 90 mile radius from Philly there are 7 reactors. Yes. Seven. I only found this out last year and my first instinct was to flee – but my husband will not budge. We do eat a lot of seaweed, so that’s good to know that it is protecting us somewhat.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Actually, it looks as if the links you provided are actually addressing a text message scare that spread through the Philippines a few days ago. It’s not surprising that the governments put these warnings out there, as to avoid a viral panic.

      However, according to this paper published by Loyola University, Betadine (which contains a form of iodine), “offers a certain amount of protection. Iodine is absorbed through intact skin and wounds. Betadine contains enough iodine as to help prevent thyroid uptake of iodine.”

      I think the message in your links is more to not panic, which is a great message. That being said, having all sorts of information at your fingertips only increases your personal power (if used judiciously). :)

      • gpotter

        And, reading between the lines of the Loyola paper, you can infer that treating radiation poisoning with Betadine is not the preferred method of treatment.

        Part of the problem of the hoax is that people are causing a run on Betadine, which is a surgical antiseptic that is really needed for that particular purpose.

        • Crunchy Betty

          It isn’t the preferred method of treatment (which was clearly stated above), but if you don’t have access to potassium iodide, it’s an option. I wouldn’t call it a hoax, even remotely.

          The issue was panic, not Betadine as a possible option (even if it’s not “preferred” as a method of treatment).

          Wouldn’t you agree that, if a person found themselves in potential radioactive situation and had no access to potassium iodide, but Betadine in their bathroom cabinet, that it would be in their best interest to know that it’s an option?

  3. Bear Paws

    what about black walnut tincture made the old fashion way…it turns in to a pure easily absorbed form of iodine and i still make quantities for my family…my mother made the recipe..and i follow it still..alot of her old recipes

    • Bear Paws I’d be very interested in your mother’s recipe for black walnut tincture. I’m looking online and have found some information, but your recipe may be different/better so just asking. Is this a plain alcohol tincture? What part of the walnut did your mother use? Some botanical information talks about iodine in the leaves or in the walnut itself, but there are also entries for the unripe fruits and the hull. Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated! And thanks Crunchy Betty. Great post.

      • Bear Paws

        the only parts my mother ever used were the hulls..in a vodka or PGA or white lighting what ever you preference is..:)

        • Thanks Bear Paws! I’ve been doing some reading and mostly the small unripe fruits are mentioned for iodine. I have some I gathered and dried early summer after a storm. They’re about an inch across. Didn’t know why I needed them at the time. I’m going to try those and some green hulls as well. Here’s to white lightning!

          • Bear Paws

            mmm she used the hulls from the walnut fixing to drop off the tree..she never used the ones on the ground..only the ones that would fall when she pushed on a limb.these she would take home ad hit with a hammer to split the hull and fill a large pickle jar with these hulls add alcohol and let sit for a week exactly…after which it was ready to her standards..

        • Thanks Bear Paws I made some another way last night I’ll try some your mother’s way next. I did learn how quickly those things go bad. I’m going to post about it tomorrow at my site. Please come by and comment so I can learn more! I couldn’t find you by clicking your name. Thanks so much.

  4. BH

    Kennel Kelp for pets-Its All In The Eye of The Beholder!

  5. Jeff Grupp

    Thanks for your article. Crazy times…

  6. Thanks for sharing! It’s something I have thought about. I hope it doesn’t become something that we have to deal with.
    The whole situation in Japan makes me completely sick. I’m so sorry for the people whose lives have changed so drastically because of this. I wonder how those people will ever feel safe again. It pains me to imagine how different their lives will now be.

  7. Thanks for the info. This is a great post. You rock!

  8. Carly

    Thanks for sharing! I live in Oregon so I had a momentary freak out earlier… But on the plus side, I live within driving distance of Mountain Rose Herbs, so at least I can stock up on some stuff.

    I can’t even imagine what it’s like in Japan right now. This may sound awful, but it almost hits me harder than many recent disasters because it’s an industrialized country. I think we tend to loll ourselves into a sense of false security because we’re more advanced than countries like Haiti, so therefore these disasters won’t affect us as badly, right? But as this really drives home, being in an industrialized doesn’t make us any more immune to nature. It still almost doesn’t feel like reality though, it’s so horrible/sounds like a bad apocalypse movie.

  9. Philom

    This is really informative stuff. Thanks for the info.  I was informed by cardiologist that I have too much radiation in my body. I’m due for my annual mammogram and I’m bit nervous knowing I will be getting more radiation in my body.  Aloha!

  10. Cupping


    Oxygen Therapy is one treatment for radiation poisoning but it is expensive and only works while being treated. One of the best ways to provide oxygen to your system is with hijama or cupping that extracts dead blood cells – sort of like flushing your radiator.

    Everyone should have hijama performed as a prevenatative measure before exposure to high levels of radiation.

  11. I found this very informative and helpful. I bought a book all about charcoal and how it can help but was still left in the dark as to what kind and how much. Your article makes me feel like I can handle this. Thank you for archiving the information and for making it understandable. Better safe then sorry especially for those of us who love little ones. Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and knowing I am not the only one, wondering.

  12. John Eagle

    I take borax at 1 tsp per litre of water internally, 1/4 tsp of said solution per day in beverages. I swear that I’m smarter because of it. I feel better. I’m 62 and it plus Lugol’s Iodine are my two main mineral supplements. Borax is also great in my bathwater. I use it in laundry, and the dishwasher. The smoking gun on boron’s (borax) and Iodine’s effectiveness is how the governments and corporations are constantly trying to limit our access to reasonable amounts of it. Nobody trusts them anymore…. and they are the ones most actively trying to demean boron through their controlled media and to reduce it’s availability to us peasants by regulations. We are waking up and they don’t like it! Thank God (Thank Go-o-dness) for the Internet!

  13. Nick Thabit

    Betty, so sad to inform you; the kelp, ch seaweed, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and other chelators you mention very likely have already absorbed dangerous amounts of radiation. I would tell people to avoid them without delay. Apples, I don’t know (sure hope not, I’ve been eating them!) But the others for sure. It’s a double-edged sword with those things, and too dangerous to gamble. If the mushrooms are grown indoors, probably it’s okay. But it’s good to avoid even foods with carageenan, which comes from seaweed.

    All this information about detoxing came from the time of Chernobyl, and was good then. Things have changed now. Fukushima has irremediably poisoned the Pacific, and there’s even signature isotopes found in the Atlantic now (not much, you might enjoy your Atlantic fish for now). It really depend on where you are, but you’d better be sourcing your medicinal foods from a very safe place if you expect them to help you and not damage you. All our food must be re-examined and sourced now. I understand you wrote this long ago, not trying to criticize, just update.

    • Great article with wonderful and thoughtful entries and comments.
      I agree with Nick, the Pacific and areas near are so radiated that it is impossible to assume sea vegetables are radiation free. All food and likely water has been compromised at this point and I would not purchase any exported foods at this time.
      In Japan the workers at Fukushima receive Lyposperic Vitamin C intravenously, with Vitamin E, Selenium and alpha lipoic acid as preventative.

      There are dolphins dead on the shores of New Jersey and friends in Texas and Missouri have found high levels of radiation in their own gardens. The water table is next to be radiated.

      Please pray and send Love to all universal sources, regardless of religion or denomination, we need to raise the frequency of the planet. Pure Love heals all.

  14. I’m indicated this blog with this nephew. I’m now not positive if this post is usually compiled by method of the pup since who else know these specific approximately our problems. That you are awesome! Thank you so much!

  15. Astra

    Thanks! For the info! Yes let’s see a healthy vibrant planet earth with vital living creatures.
    Let’s breath clean air and feel the lively ground beneath our strong feet and clear skies above our heads.
    Let’s really see and feel this. Feel our healthful lungs breathing full breaths and our hearts full with powerful love. Love for ourselves our earth home and her inhabitants. Universal heartbeat of truth.
    We are capable of connecting to this truth and heal.

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  17. Ann

    It’s not widely publisised that if a person has had radioactive iodine injections to treat thyroid cancer the official advice is to keep several feet away from other people for the first few days as they will be exposed to the radiation. This is not easy to do, as even travelling home from hospital on the bus and sitting next to someone, or being driven home by car would affect others. The advice is even given not to sleep in the same bed as your husband or wife for the first few weeks.

  18. Where can I find information about dosage for activated charcoal. Is it safe for children? Generally, I try to buy only USA made products, but I buy a fair amount of fabric as I try to make the bulk of my clothing. I recently learned many fabrics are printed in Japan and China, so I’m concerned some of it may have come from there. I’ve sent emails to the fabric companies, but in the mean time I’m rather concerned. Someone in our home was recently cured of cancer. I want to take all the precautions to keep cancer-causing dangers out of our home.

  19. Sisol Hendrix

    Hi crunchy betty ,
    I did some research right after the triple melt down at Fukushima . I came up up with a similar protocol, with the addition of citrus pectin , sprouted mung beans or mung bean soup . Zeolite, cilantro all good for helping detox heavy metals , toxins radiation from our bodies . Thanks for the advise .

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