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  1. Lyz

    I contracted ringworm from work and attempted using prescribed medication as well as over-the-counter medications, which did very little to affect the fungus. After reading this article, I bought a pot of Neem Leaf lotion (which contained 85% neem leaf oil) and mixed it with concentrated neem leaf oil. The contents of the lotion did a great job of masking the funky smell, but growing up in an Asian household, the smell was strangely comforting to me. This concoction of neem leaf products worked better than any prescribed/over-the-counter cure I tried. Plus, I love that this “cure” is homeopathic. Thank you!!

  2. Oh man! I started removing my make-up with honey and baking soda like you say on your website and it sure does stink! Who knew? Baking soda by itself has no smell (to me) and the honey I use smells lovely but putting them together along with rubbing the make-up off my face stinks! lol

  3. Blujamaican

    Love your web site. I’m going to start reading more of your blogs now.

  4. Anna Daugherty

    Neem oil is just so raunchy, I’ll use it, but convincing my mom to try it is another story. I bought an 8 oz bottle from Mountain Rose Herbs and plan on using it as a birth control, but it might work in a different way than I originally expected. I cant keep my nose out of it though because I desperately want to put my finger on what it smells like, perhaps something that’s been left in the skillet for a month, a bit of an oniony-garlicy sulfurous rank. Great post though, I loooooove the smell of tamanu!

  5. K

    I’m the only one in my family who genuinely likes the smell of Tea Tree EO. I don’t know why, but I really do! I can’t describe it.

  6. Jutta

    How about Helichrysum? I get some weird looks with that one, although it helps heal scars and reduces inflammation. Neem is awesome for painful acne and keeps the bugs away, but it’s only something I’d use if I were alone for an extended period of time. I don’t think Tamanu has a horrible smell, either, it’s not something one needs to use a whole lot of, anyway. Perhaps if Tamanu were left in a hot car or in sunlight, it might go bad, though.
    I have Seabuckthorn CO2 extract, which smells really sweet and fruity and has none of that fishy smell, and is great to add to any lotion or conditioner.
    As far as weird natural toothpastes go, I love my anise-smelling toothpaste. At least I can drink my morning coffee shortly after without gagging.
    Is the natural-scent-phobia thing is very particular to Americans? If I go into any “foreign” grocery store (real and virtual), there are usually tons of beauty/health products with essential oils of some type at the top of the ingredient list. For example, if you look up Russian beauty products, you’ll find a lot of Seabuckthorn and Pine. Products from India- Turmeric, Neem. Germany– just about any essential oil.
    Man, don’t get me started on some men (although I’m sure some women do this to) who complain about the smell of natural-based products their loved ones use. My ex would make faces at anything and everything, I found it to be kind of rude and child-like, especially since I never forced it on him. It was almost as if my body belonged to him, and he had a right to tell me exactly what I could and couldn’t use. He never smelled like a rose himself, either, more like a sweaty ashtray. I digress…

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  10. Kat

    I love the smell of tamanu oil! I also love the smell of tea tree, peppermint… I have yet to sniff neem oil but I am curious since it’s at the too of your list. I love the benefits of sea buckthorn oil but oh my, it definitely stinks. To me it smells like natural gas and propane, maybe with slight fishy undertones and some sea water thrown in for good measure; maybe my sniffer is just broken. Tamanu to me smells nutty and earthy and deep with something that I can’t quite figure out. Tea tree smells refreshing to me much like peppermint is refreshing. Oh! I love lemongrass and lemon myrtle, too! I am curious to smell vetiver since you like it so much and your description make me even more curious. I bet it smells interesting. Thanks for the good read :)

  11. Cheryl Carnio

    Started using 100x washed ghee sparingly on my very dry skin. I am persevering with the smell, however would like some advice on what oil would be best to take away the buttery smell. Thanks

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  13. oil-lover!

    Question: I have done some research on essential oils (besides manuka or tea tree oils) that are great as a spot-treatment for acne. Oregano oil, cajeput oil, lavender oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil, bergamot oil and rosemary oil. And I’ve put together a little “spot treatment” batch with maracuja oil as the carrier. However, now I have a “spot treatment” that smells like cigarette smoke and makes me gag! Beside pouring the whole thing down the drain, any suggestions as to what I can add to make this tolerable?? Or could you recommend what YOU would use to spot-treat pimples??

  14. Bryana

    Surprised you didn’t mention Shea butter! Just made my first batch of body butter and I think I ended up doubling (or more) the essential oils and still didn’t tame the shea smell :(

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  17. Lea

    Neem is my favorite oil to moisturize with as I notice the redness in my skin diminish almost INSTANTLY after I rub it on. I’m happy to identify the smell: OLD, RANCID, PEANUT. I can deal with it because I love the effects on my skin, but the husband hates it :( Would love to figure out the idyllic blend that makes it tolerable and still effective !


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