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  1. Hooray for sweet potatoes! I called my sweet potato post “sweet potatoes make you pretty”. On your face and in your tummy- double dose of pretty making.

  2. Yum, this does sound good! I like the “Serves” and “Shelf Life” info at the end of the recipe… that’s really helpful to know!

    Happy Thanksgiving CB!

  3. Although we don’t have thanksgiving here in Australia I just wanted to shout out “MANGOES ARE IN SEASON DOWN UNDER!!!” yippee! I just threw two in my trolley yesterday so come on over for dinner! It’s a birthday dinner in our house tonight too so it should be fun!

    • Pixie

      I’m Australian too! Mangoes and strawberries are in season and can’t wait until the trays of mangoes are heaps cheap. That said I don’t know if I have the willpower to put them on my face. They are too delicious.

      Also does anyone have any home cures for calloused knees? Because I’m an obsessively moisturising twenty year old and it is ridiculous to have such rough knees.

  4. Emily

    I’m going to try this tonight! I already have everything I need and have been looking for a good homemade facial mask for a while. Between this and my decision to go ‘poo free (starting tomorrow) I’m excited to live a crunchier lifestyle!

  5. Kim

    Mmmmm, Sweet Potato – and you look GOR-GEOUS with food on your face!!

  6. Lucky

    LMAO @ the caption “omg-obble”!

    Great article, girly! If I’m correct, sweet potatoes are a good source of Vitamin A. Isn’t Retin-A comprised of Vitamin A too? Hmmm…..my wheels are a-turnin’!

  7. Allie01092

    I tried this last night and after awhile, my face started tinglig.. but I thought it was just that ‘kick’ of ginger so I left it on for 20 minutes and I washed it out. My face felt very warm when I rubbed it and like it was burnt! The next morning I noticed that my skin broke out and had many small pimple like dots on the cheek area. :( is it just me?

  8. lillschoolgirl

    Im 12 and would like to try this but am a little worried about it making me break out. Should it?

    • Helen

      Hey, I would try it anyway, there’s nothing in there which is bad for clogging pores etc, and the ginger and honey are pretty antibacterial & spot zapping. If you’re worried about extra oiliness, maybe skip the olive oil moisturisation step at the end and just use your regular moisturiser if your face feels like you need it, as quite a few folk find that olive oil can make them break out. Hope that helps!

  9. Elle

    OMIGOSH! I had mangoes for Thanksgiving….. well obviously because… no reason, really. I just kinda wanted mangoes :)


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