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  1. my comment just got deleted i think…weird. will this work with instant coffee?

  2. ashley


  3. Emily von Euw

    I veganized the recipe on my blog :) LOVE THIS SO MUCH. and the entire site.

  4. shirley

    can’t wait to try it! can i use instant coffee for this?

  5. Amber

    This mask works wonders, but it also induces a lower eyelid twitch for me. I have to follow it with a caffeine antidote if I use it.

  6. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I tried the mask and I loved it. I seriously got like, high, from the caffeine. It was wonderful. Haha! :) I blogged about it here:

  7. Loretta

    Too awesome, Crunchy Betty. Too awesome. It scares the kids though.

  8. yanqi83

    OMG. This is simply awesomeliciously amazing!! Sometimes when I get puffy and/or bloated, I can feel the ‘puff’ under my chin (feels like a double-chin). I spread this mask under my chin, down to my neck. After washing off the mask, it magically disappears. The recipe is enough for me to do a full body mask (over the top, I know) so I did it! <3

  9. Rojeanna

    Can i use fresh and decaf grounds?

  10. Sri

    It sounds exciting reading all these comments. I have had Puffy eyes and lips since 3-4 years. It’s mostly because of Sinusitis, but I think this could help me out.

    I have few questions, which many of you might find funny. But I am a man and I have no idea whatsoever about these face packs. So, here are my questions:

    1. Can I just use those instant coffee packs available in the markets? Because the place where I work is very remote and I am sure coffee beans are not available here.

    2. Does this make your skin dark? I hope not.

    3. why is it not advisable to use this pack often?

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

    -Sri, Male, 25 ;)

  11. Sri

    The most important things I forgot to ask, I only have puffy eyelids and upper lip., this gonna help me?

  12. Mintyfresh

    Oh my gawd, i havent tried the mask yet, but i did try the scrub and it was amazing! i used some yoghurt in it aswell and my skin has never been so soft. :D Thank you so muich for this! Il try the mask soon aswell, i have high hopes!

  13. Labtail

    DARN I was hoping the caffeine wouldn’t affect you quite so much – caffeine gives me migraines, but face oil makes me so puffy! (Plus I hate the smell of coffee) Harumph. Now what.

  14. Marian

    This inspired me to try a new shampoo recipe. I had a mixture of bentonite clay and yogurt left over from yesterday, which was my first time putting yogurt in my hair, and it made me smell like yogurt all day, bleh.

    So this morning I added a small amount of brewed coffee, some cocoa powder, cinnamon, and some drops of peppermint essential oil. Mmmm, it smelled like peppermint chocolate. I left it on for 15 minutes or so. I reluctantly washed it out (I wanted to keep it on forever, it tingled and felt refreshing and smelled amazing, wah) and my hair actually is pretty nice today and smells good.

    I am very new to no ‘poo, and I’m really excited now that I’m making some progress. Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  15. Mandi

    I love this mask!!!! Made my skin so soft and smooth. Took a pic of it on my face and sent it to my boyfriend!!! It scared him!!

  16. I have this on my face right now. From the way it’s tingling, I know it’s doing something good. I’m not a coffee-drinker, but I was so excited to try this that I bought a $15 dollar coffee grinder. But, do any of you have dogs? Mine is so freaked out by this that he’s just sitting in front of me and barking.

  17. Nornie J.

    Just finished with my mocha-frappuccino facial and although I’m not quite convinced it necessarily “depuffed” my face , it certainly made it tingle and glow. Thanks for a fun facial recipe!

  18. Irena

    Fantastic mask, thanks!!

  19. Gem

    This recipe is amazing, I’ve tried other coffee based masks but never with the same results and everything is already in the kitchen. Having recently suffered a very difficult bereavement I spend a lot of time with a puffy red face, this mask makes me look a little less like I’ve been hit by a stinging hex and a little more human. Thank you xx


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