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  1. C. B.

    This sounds wonderful! I really should invest in some herbs for oil infusions to try some of those recipes out… :) Thus far I’ve been lazily sticking to an easy body butter lotion that does wonders for my feet.

    Men are by far harder to DIY for. Hard to crochet for, hard to craft for in general.

  2. Question…What part do the EOs play in the healing part of the salve – or are they just to add the manly scent? Also, since Melissa EO is SUPER expensive and I have it growing out my ears – well, not actually out my ears, but all over the yard because it wants to take over the world like Hitler, but in a wonderful, healing kind of way… Anyway, couldn’t I harvest the Lemon Balm and infuse it into the oil with the other herbs and get the same benefit?

    Great idea, BTW!

    • KarinSDCA

      I infuse the herbs of expensive EO plants all the time! The results are supposedly more subtle, but I find them to be wonderful! Just be sure to let the fresh plant dry in a shady, airy place for awhile first. The plant material has a lot of moisture and will create ‘ickies’ in your oil if infused fresh.

  3. First, I have to say I got your tropical deodorant cream and I LOVE it! It seems to be working, smells good, and eliminates my fears about harming myself with aluminum-based products.

    Secondly, I just might try this recipe for the important men in my life.

    Third, I don’t find it any harder to DIY for most of my guys. They all seem to appreciate things like homemade jams/preserves/fruit butters, and some of them like hand knits like fingerless mitts. Maybe I’m just lucky!

  4. Nicole

    Ooh I am so trying this! How long would it last? Awesome recipe as always!

  5. KarinSDCA

    I handcraft items for my husband and father quite often, not just gifts. They like and use my “potions” and ask for more! Speaking of which, I need to infuse more lemon balm for my cold sore formula lip balm…

  6. aisha

    Where do you get the 1 ounce jars from…is that from Mountain Rose Herbs also?

  7. tameka

    I’m going to try this with fresh herbs — thanks for explaining it to the above commenter. Also, I’m so happy you’re back!

  8. Molly

    It is so great to have you back. I have already learned so much from you.
    These are not happening for father’s day, but this would be the perfect stocking stuffers. ALL the men in my life love hand/homemade, so they will be thrilled.

  9. Jennifer Kirkby Tatro

    Now I will be waiting with suspense to find out your father’s reaction… Will you share it in a future post? I imagine it won’t be, “Oh work, okay, this is great, thanks”!

    Thank you as always for all the awesome legwork you do to share these fabulous recipes!

  10. iryna

    I tried this recipe out yesterday. didn’t use any EO but infused lemon balm. But my problem is with equal amounts of infused oils, coconut oil and beeswax it comes out like a hard lotion. so I have to use my nail to scoop it out. Any ssugestion about making it less hard or easier application? Other than that, I love it. Works wonderful on my hands, cuticle, elbows and feet. Thanks for so many great recipes ans useful information.

  11. sarah

    Is it okay to use heat to infuse oils with dried herbs? Not just for the man salve, but just in general? I make a face oil with argan, evening primrose, and rosehip oils, some vit E oil added to preserve, and rosewood, palma rosa and chamomile EOs. I made a huge batch a couple of months ago, and have about half left that I would like to infuse with thyme. I moved across the country and changed my diet (for the better), and my skin HATES me. Tamanu oil as spot treatment helps with the aftermath, but my cheeks are a mess of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads and bumps. I made it to 28 without any skin problems, and now I don’t know how to deal with blotchy, bumpy skin.

    • sarah

      oh yeah, the reason I ask is because I don’t want to wait two weeks!

    • Emily

      hey sara!

      oil washes are NOT meant for everyone!!!!! my sis and i follow a lot of the same sites for natural recipes (just like this AMAZING one :) but her skin is SO different from mine! she uses oils to cleanse (but still breaks out sometimes and has drier skin than mine). i have innately oilier skin and i use antibacterial soap (DIAL, from the pump bottle, yes) and it is amazing for me!!!! sure its not all natural but sometimes, eh, i’ve learned i have to pick my battles. thats one i’m not going to mess with. i use olive oil under my eyes for wrinkle prev. and coconut oil if i happen to have a dry spot but other than that, leave it alone after the antibac handsoap wash lol!

  12. Tina

    The oil infusions have begun:). One for my soothing deodorant and one for a bunch of MANhand salve!!!

  13. Amy

    Thanks for this! My dad is a gardener in his free time and always struggles with dry skin on his hands. I made him some of this salve using rosemary and mint from my garden, infused into grapeseed oil. The scent turned out a bit more…herbal…than I would have liked so I added a bit of (fake) peppermint fragrance I had from some prior soapmaking experiments. I had so much infused oil and my tins were so big that I made four batches of this at double the recipe size. Looking forward to enjoying it myself!

  14. elle

    What is the shelf life for this recipe, and some of your others (face oil, deodorant, etc.)?
    Can’t wait to try them all!

    PS I’m going into week 3 of “no poo”…it’s difficult, but now that I’ve discovered cornstarch to be the perfect dry shampoo, it’s getting much easier!

  15. Laura #2

    Just now trying the deodorant recipe from this site. Tried one about a year ago, somewhat similar & did not have good luck with it. However, have since learned that I can adjust this & add more coconut oil & less baking soda which I think will help as I had very red & sore pits the first time around. Hoping it works cause I would like to get away from the commercial junk.

  16. WHAT is he going on about???!!! And WHY???!!! Take a breath and breathe….

  17. Naomi

    Is it all right to use metal containers? Or would that negatively affect the salve? Thanks so much for the recipe!

  18. Crystal

    Hello, I would like to know about the texture of the salve. Is it easily spreadable at room temp? OR is it more like a harder, oilier substance?

  19. Cara

    The sale of dried comfrey is illegal in the US apparently. What can you use as an alternative?

  20. Zilla

    So I made this salve and was really disappointed when it cooled off and was hard as a rock. I thought perhaps I had put to much bees wax in but I used what the receipe calls for. Is it supposed to be like this? Super frustrated that it didn’t work out.

  21. Nadiya

    This is awesome! Made some last night for my mom and my sister. Mine turned out to have yellowish-greeny color I guess because i used olive oil as a base. Also, I have a question- the salve i made is really hard. Should it be that way or did i maybe use too much wax?
    Thank you so much for this recipe! Wearing Mocha-Frappuccino Mask while writing this post. Love love love love love it!!

  22. great a wondrful gift

  23. Very good tip, thanks for your work

  24. Amazing write up.. My husband love to make skin care products at home. Tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties and Eucalyptus for relieves congestion are his favorite ingredients.

  25. Great.. I like the blend mentioned above because it looks refreshing and reminds me of the Defense Salve, which I love.

  26. Rhonda Gilbert

    My daughter is so excited to try this recipe for her dad. But, as I was reading the article again, to prep, I was confused. Is it 7 oz. each of herbal infused oil, coconut oil, and beeswax, or .7 oz each? Thank you, we love your site so far. Nutmeg-milk exfoliating is awesome!

  27. I’m going to try this for christmas gifts along with a Masculine Scent Jar Idea I got on motherearthliving.com – but I want to make it without doing the infusion. Do you think it would work to just use grapeseed/coconut oil instead? That’s how I’ve made my other salves… I’m assuming it just wouldn’t be as strongly scented?

    Thanks so much! I love your blog =D

  28. Kristen

    I have a question about the coconut oil. Do I use the liquid or the solid when melting with the beeswax? I am making shaving cream for my hubby as well and it called for the solid coconut oil and I used the liquid and it’s not coming out right. Wanted to check before I start this! Thanks!!

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  30. Emily

    Do you think you could sub out the beeswax for shea butter? Thank you for sharing your awesome recipe! Cant wait to try this! :)

  31. This looks great, and sound very interesting! I will definitely try to make this for my boyfriend. He’s a guitar player, and has to nourish his hands. Thank you for this recipe, and keep up the great work!

  32. Dara

    I did not find an answer about the hardness of the salve, is it supposed to be hard or is there an adjustment I should make?

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